Letters From Alisa

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Letters from Alisa

Hi Rick,

It was good to hear from you after all these years. We have both been through a lot of changes since we were lovers back then.

I enjoyed our talking about our fantasies, and my pussy was so hot after that phone call that I had to have three orgasms before I could sleep. I should warn you, I’ve become a little more assertive in the bedroom when it comes to seeking my pleasure.

When we were together, I liked it when I sensed you were about to ejaculate. I loved that passionate look on your face as you surrendered to your orgasm, calling my name. I want to see that passionate look on your face more often – under my control.

I have decided to take you up on your offer to have me fly over to visit you for a week. I will fly out from here two weeks from today.

I will have intercourse with an ex-boyfriend just before I leave for the airport. I’ll try to get him to ejaculate inside me more than once. When you meet me, we will immediately go to your place and you will eat my pussy. It turns me on knowing this will be your first creampie experience. After that, we can go to dinner and talk.

I got so hot after you mentioned your idea of asking permission to ejaculate inside me. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but did some research and found that a lot of women have that rule. That’s going to be my rule, too, and if I say no, you’ve got to control your cock. When I give you permission to ejaculate, you are to look into my eyes and call my name as you cum. That’s going to be so sexy. I need another orgasm now.

I want you to refrain from ejaculating for seven days prior to my coming over there. Every day, you are to edge yourself until you are about to cum, and then stop. I know it will be difficult for you, knowing how much you like your orgasms, but that’s the way it has to be. And I’ll know if you don’t honor my request. You don’t want to endure the consequences of that.

Every time you spurt inside me, you’ll eat the pie. Every time. Since you have not eaten your own cum from a girl’s pussy before, I’ve got to make sure you’ll follow through, even if you’re feeling the post-ejaculation blues. Until I’m confident that you’ll voluntarily give me creampie pleasures, your hands will be bound when we have intercourse.

I want you to have the following items at your bedside – several binding straps, a twelve inch wooden ruler, and a leather belt.

By now you know I’m not the passive girl that you used to fuck. I’ve learned to go after my own sexual pleasure. Don’t worry, though – you’ll experience a lot of pleasure, and you’ll get to cum. But it’s not going to be whenever you want to. I want to know that your balls ache for me.

I’m looking escort kızılay forward to re-igniting that spark that we used to know.




Dear Rick,

Just a short email to let you know that I’m about to get on the plane to visit you. When I told my ex that I was going to spend a week with an old boyfriend, he fucked me three times. Oh my God, he couldn’t get enough of my pussy!

See you soon!



Hi Jenn,

I had a fabulous week! I can’t stop jilling myself thinking about all the new things I did with Rick.

Although we didn’t say much on the drive to his place when he picked me up at the airport, I know he was so aroused he almost couldn’t stand it. He was nervous, too, wondering about his first time licking someone else’s sperm from my pussy.

Oh my gosh, when I had him take off his clothes, his cock was purple! I always liked his beautiful cock, and knowing that sticking it in me gave him pleasure. But this time he had to wait! He was so horny that he would have agreed to anything.

I loved it when I straddled his mouth with my ex’s sperm inside me. What a feeling of control it gave me! And the sensations, oh my gosh, it didn’t take me long to cum. I’d never had that done before. Knowing that he was sucking on my snatch after my ex had cum inside me – what a trip that was!

Afterward, he asked me if he could go inside me, and I said no, we’re going to dinner first, get dressed – I never realized I’d enjoy hearing a man beg me to let him cum. It got me so hot I almost gave in.

He was good about it though, and we both enjoyed dinner. Of course, I couldn’t help teasing his cock and getting him even more desperate!

Back at Rick’s, we both got undressed, and I bound his hands behind him like I told him I would. Then I put pillows under my hips to give him access. It felt so good with him inside me just like years ago! After he pumped in me a little while, he asked permission to cum. That was the first time anyone had asked that during intercourse, it was such a rush I almost had an orgasm right then!

I said, “No, not yet, Rick,” and I could see him trying his best to hold back. A couple minutes later, he said, “Alisa! Please, may I cum?” I just said, “No, not yet!” That was making me so hot! He kept saying “Please, I can’t last much longer,” and I kept saying no. He struggled so hard, and I was in heaven!

Finally, he said, “Oh my God! I’m sorry, Alisa! I can’t help it!” and spurted and spurted. It felt good, having him fill me up. I wanted to just cuddle and all, but I had a role to play and I wanted to set the tone escort kolej of our bedroom play.

So I had him stay inside me for a few minutes, knowing that the post-ejaculation blues would grab him. And that’s what happened. I told him to pull out and clean me with his tongue. Oh my God, seeing him struggle with himself was such a turn-on! Still, since that was his first cum in a week, I guess he got the strength to do what I told him, and he ate the pussy cream pie. Jenn, the orgasms are so intense from that! Have you tried it with your boyfriend? By the way, you haven’t talked about him very much.

So I told Rick that he didn’t keep eye contact when he ejaculated, and that he came without my permission. I tied him to the bed spread-eagled, and gave his balls ten whacks with the wooden ruler. He jerked wildly and said it hurt, but by the time I’d given him the ten whacks he was almost hard again.

Then I mounted him and rode him until he was about to cum, then I stopped and pulled out. I had him eat my pussy to orgasm. I did that three more times, putting him inside me and stopping before he had a chance to cum. Jenn, that was such a rush! He was begging me to let him cum!

Before I mounted him again I told him, “Remember my rules about permission and eye contact.” Then I slowly rode him until he had begged me several times and was at the end of his endurance. I said, “You may ejaculate now,” and he went wild. He called out my name like I told him, and he really tried to keep eye contact as he spurted and spurted. I guess it’s hard for guys to keep their eyes open during an intense ejaculation. My gosh, it felt good!

With him still tied to the bed, I had him eat the cream pie. More good orgasms for me. During the night we cuddled a lot, but I wouldn’t let him fuck me. I knew his balls ached for me, which was what I wanted.

The next day we went to the coast, and had a good time seeing the sights and dining. I know he’s a “leg man” so I wore a short dress and subtly teased him. God, what a trip, knowing how it’s so easy to tease guys without their suspecting that it’s deliberate! Anyway, we got back to his place and he suggested that we have intercourse. I played the cock tease, and delayed for some time. Just as he thought I wasn’t going to let him enter me that night, I bound his hands behind him (I still didn’t have full confidence that he would willingly eat the pie) and gave him access to my pussy.

What a difference from before! He took it slow and easy, and pulled out several times to lick my pussy. I about melted by the third time he did that. He even told me that he was looking forward to licking his cum from my pussy. I just kept creaming and creaming, and we had escort maltepe fucked for more than a half hour.

When he asked permission, a zing went through me, but he’d been so good and attentive to my pleasure that I immediately said yes. A couple minutes later, he erupted inside me and spurted a huge mess of sperm inside me. He called my name as he started to cum, and looked in my eyes as best he could. I had him stay inside me a few minutes afterward, and then told him to pull out.

“You made a big sticky mess inside me,” I told him. “Are you still looking forward to licking it up?”

“Oh yes, Alisa, I want to!” he answered. “You have the sexiest pussy I’ve ever been inside. Can I lick you there now?”

Whoah, I thought, what accounts for the change? I had to practically force him before, now he’s asking me if he can eat the pie! Jenn, I think it must be that I kept him horny all day, and his nuts ached for me. What do you think?

So anyway, I had him fuck me again and I stopped binding his hands. This time he was able to last almost an hour before he asked permission to cum. I loved being able to be held in his arms as he pumped his cock inside me.

There was one night I didn’t let him fuck me. I wanted his nuts to ache big time – and they did!

The next day, I left to come back home, and I had him fuck me as much as he wanted. I always said yes when he asked permission, and one of the times he didn’t keep eye contact. So I gave him ten ball whacks with the ruler. I didn’t tie him down – I wanted him to accept them because it gave me pleasure. The ball whacks did wonders for his arousal, though, and he fucked me four times that day. He sure ate a lot of sperm, and my pussy was well fucked.

Before I left I told him not to ejaculate again for seven days.

Now tell me about your boyfriend.



Hi Alisa, this is Jenn.

I loved hearing about your trip. It’s been a few days since I read your email, and I had to do a little investigating.

Your ex – the one who fucked you three times before you went to see Rick – he’s my current boyfriend. I know you had no way of knowing, since the three of us have not kept in touch.

I’m not faulting you at all. In fact, I’d like for us to have lunch this week so we can plan a scenario for him. He has never eaten a creampie, so what I’d like to do is tie him to the bed, tease him like forever, and then have him watch Rick fuck me after he hasn’t cum for a week or two. In fact, he could fuck me three times. Then my boyfriend – your ex – has to eat the pie.

What do you think?

Love, Jenn


Hi Jenn,

Oh, I LOVE your plan! Rick is coming to visit in two weeks. I’ll tell him to not cum for the entire time. I’ll let him know that it will definitely be worth his while, so I might have to tell him a little bit of the plan – just enough to get him to go along!

I’ll call you this evening!


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