Lesbians first time college bus


Lesbians first time college busI’m Riya. I’m 22 years doing my Engineering in one of the top private colleges a top city in Tamilnadu. This is the sensual lesbian experience of me – us girls – in a moving vacant bus.About myself, I’m Riya (22) doing a 3rd year and my friend/classmate Pritha is 22 years. Shalu (23) is one year senior to us. (All real but nicknames). Shalu is a senior – in the sense – only in our academics. We three have been friends since the beginning of our college. Shalu and Pritha know each other for years as they live in the same neighbourhood. So there was no senior – junior between them. And in college, after I became a close friend with Pritha, all three of us have become inseparable friends in every sense. We three have been the dearest of all in each of our lives for the past 3 years. Life was so smooth and sensual and it had a surprise for us, especially for me – a juicy – sweet surprise!On this particular day in our 3rd year, where the sun was scorching for the past month, that morning it an unexpected dark cloudy sky filled with a pretty chill breeze. As usual, it was already time for my college bus to arrive at my bus stop that morning, so I was walking fast or kind of jogging to the bus stop, for I have to catch my college bus. Just a casual jog. But doing so I could sense the cold dense breeze caressing my face making me feel fresh.Also I could feel the same cold breeze over my neck under my banded hair at the back of my neck – the part which was open to air above my Chudidar, and if I give a little more space for my feelings, the air that went through the opening for the sleeves on either side of my Chudidar almost tickled me in my shaven armpit. The breeze was not that strong, but the ‘chillness’ in the air did kind of tickle me. Enjoying the unexpected chillness in the weather, I reached the bus stop, took the college bus. The bus was completely empty. That’s a usual scenario because mine is the first stop for the bus in the morning and last stop in the evening in this route. Our college is some 22 km from my home, and mine is the last stop. So in the morning, the bus starts from my stop and I will be the first person to take the bus. Pritha and Shalu take the bus in the next stop some 1 km from my stop. They board the bus from the same stop as they live in the same neighborhood. After picking them, the bus stops in 6 more stops before it reaches our college. But the distance between the second stop (where Priya & Shalu board) and third stop is too far – like some 10 km, as our houses are somewhat out of the city – town.And on that cold day, I took the bus and sat on the window side seat in one of the seats at the back of the bus. And in the next stop, as usual, Pritha and Shalu boarded the bus. Pritha sat next to me in my seat and Shalu sat in the seat in front of us for the ‘window side’. Till then all other seats were all empty. There was the driver in the front, even the checker of the bus usually boards the bus in the 3rd stop. We were in our travel enjoying our chat mostly on the chilly weather. And after a pretty long distance, the other students boarded the bus from the 3rd-4th… and other stops.We reached college. We had our usual classes till 5:00 pm. And all the students boarded the bus to go home. The weather became still more cloudy than it was in the morning, with mild thunders with dark clouds. The bus started towards home. As it was in the morning, myself and Pritha we took a seat and Shalu was sitting in front of us with her friends from 4th year. (They were just her “class friends” – Myself and Pritha and Shalu were all time close friends anyway) And all the students got off the bus in their stops, and the checker too got off with the students in the 3rd stop, with only the 2nd and the 1st stop remaining. (The Checker usually gets off at the 3rd stop, as he lives in the city and it is waste of him to come to the last stop – almost another 8-10 kms, and that too for only 3 more students on the bus) Only the driver drops us three in our stops usually and he leaves for the bus station. He never cares about what is happening inside the bus, who enters or who leaves. He simply stops the bus at the stops for a minute and leaves)So after the (last) 3rd stop, there were only 2 more stops remaining but there is almost some 10 km still to go, with a chill breezy air, with an almost drizzling weather with mild light under the dark clouds in the sky – with THREE OF US GIRLS in a vacant bus.The bus took a smooth travel in the highway (kind of) road out of the city. Now all three of us sat on the same seat so that we can chat. Shalu was sitting on the window side, I sat next to her, and Pritha next us me in the same seat. And in a while, Pritha said she feels a bit of ache in her head (may be due to the sudden change in climate that day) and so she left our seat saying that she would like to lie down flat on an empty seat in front of us. So she went some 3 or 4 four seats to the front to avoid the incoming air flow noise from our seat. (The windows of all other seats were completely closed except the seat which we were sitting. The checker usually does that in the stop where he and everyone else gets off – as he is not going to the bus station at the last to close the windows). So Pritha was few seats in front of us lying down. The air was just dashing inside the bus on Shalu’s and my face through the open window of our seat. With one strong air, the dupatta of the Chudidar which Shalu was wearing flew of off her body caressing my face to the other side of the illegal bahis bus, and I leaned sidewards to collect it, folded it and gave it to Shalu. Shalu was wearing a radiant vivid blue Chudidar with white bottom and dupatta. She always wears vivid dresses, and anything she wears looks gorgeous for her excellent white skin. She is Gorgeous by herself, for her perfect body figures.And as I gave the dupatta to Shalu, she took it with a smile saying “this is why I always prefer wearing simple tops and bottom” and tucked the dupatta in the gap between the seat and the bus instead of wearing it. She is someone who wears simple (but scintillating) attires (but our college only allows churidar), and on occasion where she goes for modern dresses, even a girl would love to propose her.Now Shalu asked me laughing “You don’t feel uncomfortable sitting next to me without me wearing my dupatta, do you Riya.?” She was k**ding me. Laughing. I was like – “Hey, this is too much”. I said, laughing. (meaning, we were just girls and friends moreover.) And in some time, the rain drops started falling on us, inside the bus. But just one by one, here and there. And when one drop fell on Shalu’s hand (on her wrist), instead of wiping it, she took her hand near her mouth and gave a quick sip of the rain drop. Just playfully.And I was like, “Hey why do you want to take in that ‘one drop’?”“Just summa.. It is a pure drop of water you see”, Shalu said giggling.Then I said, “so then, put your hand out collect some “pure” rain water in your palm and drink it.”“No, I’ll take in only those that are really interested in me. That which really reaches out to me,” Shalu said, this time with an interesting face – kind of biting her lower lip trying to control her laugh/smile or other expressions on her face.I just smiled (openly) and we both laughed. And we were sitting calm for another 30 seconds and there was another drop that fell at the back of her palm. She again gave a sip (sucking the drop with air in the mouth) to drink that drop. And later another drop came in the window passing her and fell on the thumb of my right hand. Now I said, “Look, now this drop came for me, so now I’m taking it like you. “Suuup” I did and I took that drop in. And we laughed.Again a drop fell on her, but this time on her face. I did not see that coming but I noticed that only when she shrink her eyes/face and turned left to my side, as the drop fell on her face. Now I laughed again, “Ok, now how are you going to take this “pure” drop of water into you?” I asked. Shalu was like, “aahhh.. Ok alright, let this one drop go”, she said smiling.” And I was like, “Aaahaan… Ha Ha Ha! just k**ding you…” Then we were smiling at each other for another 4-5 seconds. Then I asked her, “What if that drop was coming for me all the way down from the skies, and you sitting next to the window interrupted it from reaching me?” And she replied, “haaa.. don’t over react, that’s not true.” But I continued,”No, what if you were sitting a bit more leaning backward or to the front, the drop would have come on to fall on me, then it is “my drop” isn’t,” I said laughing. She replied, this time with a killer face, “If you feel so much that it is your drop, THEN TAKE IT !” I was like, “What.. how can I take it?” And she said, “How were we taking the drops earlier? Just GIVE IT A SUCK!” she said teasingly. I was like, excitedly smiling and gave a slow node off my head, asking her if she really meant what she just said, with only our eyes seeking and granting permission.She leaned away from me (to her right) to place her face on the side of the bus resting herself at the window side corner of the seat, looking at me with a calling/seducing face. I lifted myself a bit, slowly tucked my left hand between the back of her neck and her loose hair and brought her a bit towards me, took my face closer to her face (the smell of her perfume from her dress – ohhh myyyy!) I gave a soft – deep – intense suck on the drop of “pure” water below her eyes and just over and to the side of her lips. I thought I will only give an air suck on the drop of water on her face but by then I just caressed my lower lip on her velvet soft face, wiping the water, and I felt her tender rosy cheeks, and it was like running my lips on a box of fruit jam. Red – soft – sweet – jelly bouncy cheeks of her. It definitely had a taste. I COMPLETELY LOST MYSELF in everything that was around me there. Not just that single drop, I wanted to take in the air, the aroma, herself into me and tuck myself into her. I lost myself when I found her, “completely”!A sudden intense blow of air from outside the window and the dashing sound it made brought me back, I.. ohhh! I was there that close, leaning (almost vertically lying) over a girl I knew, with whom I was just a friend. Perplexed I zoomed out my face off Shalu to check how she was reacting to everything I just did/felt with a friend. Oh My God! She was left with a face of pure intense LOVE! The love on her face was more than me. I was more than relieved now.Not knowing how to react or what to say, I turned twice or thrice to the window just quickly – out of shy and shame, but finally accepting everything that had happened there between us as I sat next to her. There was a real minute of silence between us. Then I saw her face again and she was like giving a “soo, that’s it.?” face. Now after these one or two minutes I was completely back to my senses with the silence, and more importantly with Shalu being with her “completely accepted” face.Now as I was sitting on the seat illegal bahis siteleri I leaned on her and she gently pulled my head and made it rest on her breasts, sidewards, as if consoling me. In few seconds as I lifted my head of wanting to please her with love for “further permission”, and she immediately ‘signed it’ in the air. Again neither I nor she spoke a word. Only our eyes conversed. And it was a deal of sensual love now.She signaled me to rise up, and we both came out of our seat and she walked me to the last seat of the bus and made me sit on the last seat. She took a bottle of water from her bag, went to the stairs inside the bus (used for getting in and getting off the bus) on the right side just in front of the last seat of the bus and removed her slippers and washed her feet cleanly. The water drained out of the bus through the closed door and she pulled the rain mat down over the door. So now the door was completely sealed for the outside and all windows of the bus were already closed. Then she sat on the last seat at extreme left back side corner of the bus. It was around 6:00 pm then, and with the dark raining sky, and the door and door-mat and the windows closed, the corner of the bus looked just like a perfect dim-lit room except for the occasional hiccup of a moving bus.Sitting in the last seat, she then asked me to come in the leg space between the last seat and the seat in front. I, there, knelt down in the leg space facing the back side of the bus – so that we were facing each other. With me kneeling down in the leg space, and Shalu sitting on the seat, we were at the same height, with Shalu had to bend forward slightly. That was again a perfect position. And my first Lesbian exploration began.I took her left hand with my right hand, kissed her palm, then held both my hands by the side of her face to bring her face closer to my face and our lips were now only inches away. With complete love on both our faces, we brought our lips closer but took it back at least twice or thrice and it was purely sensual and suddenly we both gave each other’s lips into other’s mouth. A deep passionate smooching of lips. That remained a kiss only a minute or two and later we almost went on to “eating” each other’s lips out. In fact, we went a bit more than just lips, to cover at least half of our tongues and mouths. A heavenly sensual feeling that was, for both of us. And with my left hand still holding her head in place, I held her left hand with my right hand, inserted my right fingers between her left-hand fingers and gave a tight hold and grip showing my belief and love for her as we were kissing.After minutes of sensual kissing, we came to a position adjusting ourselves and now she removed the lengthy zip of her Chudidar from behind, that for all day was holding her tight and exposing the frame of her perfectly sculptured curvy body. She loosened it and she almost laid down herself resting slantingly on the left side glass window, with me still kneeling there in the leg space. She completely adjusted the tops of the Chudidar down to her hip, and now she was lying there with her shimmy and inside it was her bra. A red sleeveless shimmy and inside it was visible the strips of her dark violet bra.After she found a comfortable position, she pulled my head closer to her upper body asking me to feel and enjoy her body over her inners. I bent down and went for a quick soft kiss and almost dumped my head into her breasts over her inners. Ohhh…the smell of it! Heavenly! I smooched all over her upper body over her shimmy. I licked her breasts over her bra and shimmy, I ran my tongue over everything that was there as a part of her body, I sensually bit her shimmy and bra with my teeth, and later I did that playfully loving as the elastic bra’s strips and the waist band hit her body in repulsion as I released it after biting. I then found her nipples that were rising and identifying itself over her pink bra and shimmy and I tried sucking it to the maximum possible as it was under her inners.Then the teasing smell of her took me to her exposed underarm. When I found her armpits it was like I found another treasure in the underworld. It was with a slightly grown hair. And that was like the epicenter of smell – the body spray – the body odour – the seducing sweat of her – all gave a combination of arousing smell that puts you in a completely another world of lust. I almost ate that surface on both sides of her arms as if a cattle on green pastures. And a tank of juice that was already dripping down me from within broke, and it was a gush of juice that had wet not just my panty but also the pants I was wearing for my Chudidar. She too was enjoying that equally and she was almost on a high – I could sense from her bodily vibration and suddenly she got up and sat on the seat. Maybe there was a pain in her back bone as she was leaning on the window and lying slantingly on the seat all this time.She then adjusted herself, twisting and relieving her body, and went too down in the seat lowering herself, completely lying on the seat, facing front, going a bit diagonally to accommodate herself and she raised and rested both her legs on the seat in front of her. So now, she gave herself a position where only her head and neck were vertical, with her body completely lying on the seat, putting her legs on the top of the seat in front of her, and I was there in between her raised legs. (thanks to the highly cozy luxury bus provided by the college, the seats were lengthy and cushiony). She was wearing her canlı bahis siteleri pants undisturbed, only her Chudidhar lowered. She then asked me to play with her stomach saying that she is too sensitive to tickling, and she would feel high when her stomach is teased.I raised her shimmy that covered her stomach to the bra band and was kissing her stomach and licking it and ran my fingers to the side of her stomach – teasing – tickling – and pleasuring her. Doing so, I ran my fingers under her bra band from the bottom and when I went anywhere up to her breasts she was quick to tap my hand asking me to move away. She was doing the same when I was running my fingers under her navel inside her pants. She laughed taping my hand out as if telling me, “No, not to those treasure vaults in this situation”, reminding me that we are in a moving bus. But she never came out of the pleasure I was giving her all through her body. And finally, I raised my head up, leaving her body. But she suddenly held my head and pushed me again into her body not letting me go off her.I saw her face and realized that she was wanting more and may be for the little more distance we have to travel in the bus yet to reach home.So now, I again kissed her navel but thought of something to do to satisfy her. I leaned up and gave her a kiss deep in her mouth and collected a lot of juice from her mouth. (Everything is “juice” in Lust) I collected a lot of juice from her mouth, secreted a lot of juice of my own and spit it all over her exposed stomach very sensually. I did not spit, in fact, I drew “pictures” with all the saliva/juice I collected in my mouth on her stomach. – like circling the navel, dropping a line of juice just below her bra band and letting the juice flow down the sides of her waist that would tickle her. Ohh! I could see her turning in pleasure as it tickled her. I let that flow all over her stomach, sucked it again and let it flow all over her. Again I went for a deep kiss of her mouth collecting the juice again and poured it right on her navel till it overflowed. Oh, she was moaning and enjoying it and I poured the remaining juice from my mouth right over both her nipple over her bra and shimmy. That would have definitely reached and wet her nipples as I poured a lot of my own juice. Then I cleaned all the juice flowing in her stomach and her navel and again kissed her deeply letting the juices to flow into her and drinking the rest myself.Oh… What a Pleasure did all these give me! Everything was “very first time” for me, but thanks that I watch a lot of Lesbian Porn, that I knew what to do when a girl like Shalu was asking me to do! I slowly lifted my head up after the final deep kiss on her lips. Now Shalu gently smiled and pointed her finger to something behind me. I was eager in looking what she was pointing to in the bus…Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I was SHOCKED! Pritha was in the seat behind me – the seat just in front of the last seat we were in – on the seat in front of Shalu to where she was rising and resting her legs. But my point of shock was not finding Pritha in the seat in front of us, or that she found us making out. I was shocked as I saw Pritha kneeling on the seat (facing the back side of the bus, like me) facing Shalu and very erotically kissing and licking Shalu’s feet that she was resting on that seat. Pritha was giving a deep sensual “feet job” to Shalu all the while in the travel since myself and Shalu began making out. And Shalu knew everything, she should have known, that Pritha was in the act as well. That was why Shalu pulled my head back to her stomach when I raised up the first time. She wanted Pritha, who should have joined our act half time after our change in position, to enjoy as well.I thought the mood and the climate and our smiling chats set “love” between myself and Shalu and so we came to the last seat for the act. But since it was happening casually between Shalu and Pritha (to the extent of a feet-job) are they both already hooked up? So this is why she cleaned her feet with water before she sat on the last seat? I was in shock – surprise – and awe realizing what was happening there. Oh, My!!! My friend Pritha has never quipped a word on anything for all these years. What was happening there? I was left with a pleasant surprise!To wind the story up, after we (now I have to say all three of us) making out, Shalu and Pritha left at their bus stop, both of them speaking nothing after our act and just smiling at me for whatever I asked about them both. And at that point I was only in shyness of what I just did, and also surprised and wondering what I just saw, so I could not ask anything openly then. And they left in their stop and I went home slightly drenched as it was raining mildly still then, I was very careful that I don’t drench completely (there was a reason).After reaching home I called Pritha over the phone several times to ask about “it”, but she did not attend my calls. She then sent me a text over WhatsApp saying, “You will explore a lot from now on, dear!” with a lot of love, surprise, and laughing smileys in the text.That was the story for that day. And that night I quickly had my dinner and slept very early at 8:00 pm, in my room. I slept with an interesting “object”! “MY WET PANTY” that was completely soaked in juice as I passed all my juices out when I was making out with Shalu on the bus. I imagined a lot about Shalu, and I had constant images of Pritha crossing into my imagination. In excitement, I even put the entire wet panty into my mouth a couple of times when I was aroused off the imagination. I slept with my wet panty on my face as a symbol of my future pleasures I’m going to explore and of the surprises that Shalu and Pritha are going to give me! I became a completely excited Lesbian!

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