Lesbian Land’s End (Part 6)


Lesbian Land’s End (Part 6)-KEA-Kea entered the inn, and saw the innkeeper (now she knew his name was Tano, and that he was Landra’s godfather and Dena’s’ uncle) serving breakfast to some people. She went into the dining hall, “Good morning, Mr. Tano!” The innkeeper lifted his head to see her, “Oh, good morning Miss Kea! Did you enjoy your stay with Dena?” Kea smiled thinking to herself ‘you don’t know how much!’ and answered: “Oh yes, I had a great time, thank you.” Tano finished setting some trays with croissants and toasts on the table he was attending and walked to Kea, “She is a bit peculiar, but she’s an extraordinary girl. Do know she’s my niece?” Kea agreed, “Yes, she told me yesterday; she told me your name too. And yes, she is indeed a great girl. Well then, could I have some breakfast?” Tano, with his usual smile and politeness, responded: “Coffee with country toasts and olive oil, Miss Kea…?” Kea smiled too, “Yes, please. And… please, call me Kea.” The innkeeper went off to prepare her breakfast, “… and you can call me Tano.”Kea took the morning newspaper from the shelf, chose a table near the window and sat down. The people at the other table were talking in the local language, which everybody spoke in this region even though everybody also knew the country’s common language, which was hers as well. Some words were similar to the common language, but the overall result was quite different. And even when they spoke in the common language, the people here had a strong accent and sometimes it was hard for her to understand. But, now that she had been around for several days, she was starting to get acquainted with it. Tano came with the breakfast, “You know Landra’s brother is better now…”, he said. Kea smiled, “Oh yes, I spoke to her last night. I’m so glad about that.” Tano thanked her and left her alone.When she finished breakfast, Kea went up to her room. She was tired and still sleepy in spite of the strong coffee she just had, so she decided to take a nice hot shower. “It’s so paradoxical: I came here escaping from the metropolis, looking for an isolated place where to spend my holidays and have a lot of rest. And what I’m getting is all but rest… but I love it.” After the shower, Kea went to her suitcase to take out the white quilt she and Landra had shared the night at the shed, laid naked on the bed and covered herself with it. Landra’s and her own scents could still be noticed on the fluffy cloth and there were even several small cherry stains that fell on it when had been having their fruit feast. Kea cuddled herself under it and started sniffing like a puppy finding traces of cinnamon, spicy cinnamon, cinnamon pepper…Landra. And also traces of herself, her lemon-lime perfume, her sweat, her pussy moistures. She sniffed deeply all around and started to recall all the sensual moments she had lived in the past four days: the first sunset with Landra at the beach, her solo session in front of the mirror, the night at the shed with Landra, the trio encounter in the whaling factory, the masturbation session with Dena in her living room, the mind blowing Landra pic&vid show in Dana’s bedroom… The scents and the evoked images were flowing directly from her brain, all the way down her spine, to her pelvis and then extended wide throughout her skin to all the rest of her body. Warmth, high sensitiveness and deep, horny emotions invaded every square inch of her nakedness. She leaned to the right and stretched to the night table drawer to get the black silk blindfold Landra had used on her and led it slowly to her pussy. She started to softly rub her little blond bush with it, then up to her breasts and then down to her bush again. Then she took one end with one hand and the other with the other, sliding it softly back and forth through her butt crack and pussy slot. Now she slid it deeper and harder in her crack and between her labia, moistening it with her first nectars. She was definitely turned on, sweaty and wet. She took the blindfold up to her face to sniff her own pussy aroma and stuck it between her teeth, then she led both hands down to her pussy allowing them to do the rest of the work. First she moistened the tips of her fingers with the liquid treasure in her vagina and started to pamper and rejoice her clit, labia and vagina; slow and soft in the beginning, going faster and harder by the second. Then she took her left hand to her butt, on her cheeks and down her crack pointing directly with the tip of her middle finger to her asshole and introduced it slowly, drawing tiny circles while she put it deep in -to the knuckle- just like she saw Landra do it in that awesome photo before. She left that finger deep inside, while the other hand played joyfully and lustfully on all the magic spots of her pussy. Wiggles of joy in her fingered butt and praises of pleasure in her flooded vagina. She kept wigglin’, rockin’, shakin’, swingin’, sweatin’ and sighin’ with scents and scenes blowing her mind with desire. Her volcano was about to erupt and she helped it come fitting in three drenched fingers pressing hard up and down, in and out, back and forth against the ceiling of her love shaft “Oh….my….god….” and froze with bliss biting the blindfold hard. Then she let her teeth loose, her hands loose, her breath loose, her feet loose, her butthole loose… and relaxed. Last but not least, she took her both hands to her face, sniffed the fingers and licked them clean. Then she fell sweetly to sleep repeating in whispers “…my body is hers, her body is mine.”-DENA-Dena woke up at noon. When she opened her eyes, she realized Kea wasn’t there. She called for her, thinking maybe she was downstairs but no answer. Then she saw the shell Kea had left on the pillow, “This girl is awesome; it’s a pity she’s so much into Landra…” She started to remember what had gone on between them since yesterday and began to feel a warm, ticklish feeling in her pelvis. Dena realized she was having an urgent call for self-pampering, so she laid face down and shoved her pillow beneath her tummy and deep between her legs. Then she grabbed the pillow Kea had used and pulled it under her face. She began sniffing it deeply, noticing Kea’s lemon-lime scent, and started to hump on the other pillow slowly put deeply. For each image she recalled of Kea, or of Landra, or of both of them together, or of herself with one of them or both of them… “Holy shit! I can’t deal with all this…” she humped hard, wiggling her pussy down on the pillow, helping to give more pressure with her right hand. In a couple of minutes the pillow was damp with her juices while she kept sniffing out the scents from the other pillow. The humping and the breathing were getting faster and deeper. When she was reaching limits, she put her left index finger in her mouth, filled it thoroughly with saliva and stuck it in her butthole making circles. The images were flashing at high speed through her mind, her hips were rocking with frenzy on the pillow and her finger was helping her ass go up and down with frenzy. Her giant wave of sensations finally crashed on the rocks and split into millions of drops of joy and pleasure. Full stop. “Whew, that was really good!” she sighed. After letting herself stay for a few minutes enjoying the bliss, Dena smiled, gave the shell a little kiss, and got out of bed. She looked at the clock and saw what time it was. She didn’t have anything important to do this morning, but she thought it was about time to get started. While güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she showered, she was having thoughts about the things she had been sharing with Kea. She had hardly ever talked to anybody about her sexual orientation or her behavior as a tomboy; only with Landra and only a couple of times. It wasn’t easy for her to talk about how her edgy attitude and her sarcasm were tools she needed for facing the difficulties of everyday life for a girl like her. She never talked about how she was tried to be forced by a guy who came in from town for the local feast a few years ago and how she had to give him a huge kick in the balls to get rid of him and how he never came back again to the village. She never talked about why she had left the boarding school because one of the nuns made her life impossible, nor about how she had to fight to be accepted in the fishing crew. But, in the end, she finally succeeded in gaining everybody’s respect in the village and she felt quite proud of herself. When she got out of the shower, she went back to the room and picked the clothes she was going to put on today. She noticed it was a bit chilly and she felt a bit extreme today, so she chose her black leather jacket and pants with metal studs, a purple t shirt and black sneakers. As soon as she was dressed, she had a cup of coffee, put on her helmet and set off on her motorcycle, “I gotta go for a ride…”-LANDRA-Landra spent the night at the hospital, sitting beside Terio’s bed. Everything went quite well. She even had snoozed a bit every now and then. Now she was at the hall, waiting for the doctors to come out of Terio’s room to speak to her in order to have more information about how her brother was evolving. While she waited, she looked out the window wondering how things were getting along at Land’s End, how Kea was managing Dena and how Dena was behaving with Kea. After the telephone conversation last night, she was sure that Dena wasn’t going to, so to say, harass Kea. After all, she and Dena were linked by a special bond, with some sexual tension at times, but mainly with a long-time friendship. And Kea had proved to be honest and loyal, in spite of the experience she had lived yesterday with Dena. She was missing both of them very much, each in a different way, and was anxious to get back home as soon as possible. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a voice calling her: “Miss Landra…” The doctors were finally coming out. She went towards them to hear what they had to say.The doctors told her that Terio had responded very well to the operation with no complications. All the explorations they did to him yielded no inner damage and all of his vital signs were perfect. The only thing now was to stay in bed for some weeks with his plastered broken ribs, arm and leg. By tomorrow, they would discharge him so he could leave the hospital. Landra felt relieved and full of joy. She ran to the room and gave Terio the good news with kisses and hugs. “Careful, Landra, you’re going to break my other ribs!”, Terio joked with Landra. They were both laughing with joy when somebody knocked on the door. “Come in!”, they said at a time. It was Iria, their godmother. They quickly informed her of the good news. She was greatly pleased, “I took a break at home to spend the morning here at the hospital so Landra could go to Terio’s apartment to shower up, change her clothes and maybe get some rest. I’m getting the late bus back to the village, so you can take your time, Landra.” Terio approved, “Well, I think that will do her very well; she hardly got any sleep.” Landra appreciated Iria’s offer, gave her and Terio a kiss, took her bag and set off to Terio’s apartment.The apartment was on the other side of town. Terio had been living there by himself ever since he got the job at a Pharmacy in town three years ago. It wasn’t very big: two rooms, an open-plan kitchen/living room, the bathroom and a small balcony with views to the bay. Landra opened the door and let herself fall on the couch; it was the first time she laid down in 24 hours. Now that Terio’s situation was under control, her mind drifted focusing on what was going on in her life. She had met Kea only four days ago, and she still didn’t believe how she had been able to hit on her so daringly from the first moment. Landra’s attraction to girls had started in high school, with a couple of roommates with which she shared a few lame smooches. Her definite step to lesbianism had been with Dena that evening they planned to go to the movies at town. After that, they had shared some masturbating sessions, but her relation with Dena was basically a strong friendship. On the other hand, she had never been interested in boys. In general, she didn’t like their attitude, nor did she have any sexual interest in them whatsoever. Now, this ‘thing’ she was having with Kea was more like a crush, a strong crush; something she had never felt before. She found her beautiful and hot and, the more she knew her, the more she felt how much she was getting enchanted by her. Landra’s self-esteem was quite strong: she knew she was intelligent, attractive, appealing, fun, a hard worker and a good person and with Kea, all these qualities seemed to increase. And she was missing her a lot. While she was having all this mind work, she suddenly realized that she hadn’t changed clothes since she left Land’s End. Besides, she needed a nice, long, hot shower.Landra took her clothes off and turned the shower on. While she waited for the water to get hot, she looked at herself in the mirror, at her naked body, at her cute tired face. She suddenly started to remember her first encounter with Dena, there, at that same spot when the steam surrounded their bodies and led them to their first lovemaking. Then she started to remember her first time with Kea on that rock on the beach and how she licked the drops of salt water from her lips, and the night at the shed, and how beautiful she was at the feast with the red dress she had lent her… The steam was in fact filling the room and she was completely horny. She got under the shower and started rubbing her body with the soapy sponge, while she recreated all those sizzling moments with Kea and Dena. When she got down to her pubis she was already sizzling and put the palm of her right hand on her pussy, rubbing it softly. Then she opened her labia, letting the water flow down the slot while she pampered her clit slippery with the soap. Standing as she was, she leant against the wall and made her left hand join in from behind, sliding down her butt crack. She was watching herself on the mirror, standing with one hand working her pussy and the other exploring her ass, alternating both of them like a swing. She was imagining Kea there with her and she lost control. Her back went slowly slipping down the wall until she sat on the floor, she opened her legs wide and let her index and middle fingers slide in her vagina. Her left middle finger was playing around her asshole, until she let it go inside as well. She worked out an amazing pendulum between her two hands, rocking her ass and pussy back and forth, faster and faster, deeper and deeper and she finally started to shake like crazy under the shower. All her fingers attained the same deep pressure to reinforce the waves of pleasure that were shaking her whole body while her awesome face, covered with her black curls, reflected her ecstasy. When she finally finished güvenilir bahis şirketleri quivering, she let the water fall on her back until she was completely loose. She tried to get up, but her legs were still shaking, so she had to grab the water knobs to stand. She turned off the water, took a huge yellow towel and dried her joyful body. “Oh my god, what a relief; I really needed this!” she said, when she laid down in bed to get some sleep.-KEA, LANDRA AND DENA-Kea woke up and she didn’t know where she was nor what time it was. She was confused due to the fact that she had actually gone to sleep two times in a row in two different places. After a few seconds, she became aware of the situation: “Wow, what a hell of a nap!” she thought. She had spent the night with Dena and now she was in her room at the inn. She looked at her watch; it was 3 pm. Landra had slept like a baby. The fantastic orgasm she previously enjoyed had helped her calm down and get the rest she needed. Even the dreams she had where like being in paradise. She woke up with an excellent sensation of wellbeing, due to the fact that her brother was recovering well and that she was going to be able to go back home soon. She sat on the side of the bed and looked at the alarm clock; it was 3 pm.Dena had set off on her motorcycle with no specific destination. She just wanted to go anywhere, feel free and let her mind loose. She took the road to the lighthouse and drove along the coastline by the cliffs to the Chapel of Offerings, the highest point of Land’s End, and sat there losing the notion of time, watching the ships crossing the horizon. When she finally looked at her watch; it was 3 pm.====Dena had a sudden thought that she wanted to share with Kea, “God dammit! I wish we could get for once a cellular phone signal at Land’s End. I have to get home to phone Kea…” She put on her helmet and set off on her motorcycle.Landra got on some clean clothes and made some coffee, “I’m dying to talk with Kea…” She went to the phone and dialed Dena’s number, thinking that Kea was probably at her house. The phone rang and rang, but no answer. She also wondered when the day would come that they got a mobile signal at Land’s End.Kea doubted about what clothes to choose. She went to the window to see how the weather was, noticing it was a bit chilly. While she gazed towards the pier, she had thoughts, “How I wish Landra would call! I wonder why nobody has mobile phones here at Land’s End…” She decided to put on her tight jeans, a white shirt, her black blazer jacket and patent-leather shoes. She was starting to get dressed when she heard the phone ringing down at the reception desk.Dena rushed home and went directly to the phone. She dialed the inn’s number, but the line was busy. Five more tries, but the line was still busy. “Fuck!” She put on her helmet again and set off to the inn on her motorcycle.“Kea…” It was Tano calling her from below. She ran out of the room and down the stairs. “Yes, Tano?” The innkeeper was at the reception counter holding the phone, “It’s for you…”-“Kea!”-“Landra, thank God you called!”-“I needed to talk to you so hard! I called Dena’s place first, thinking you might be there but nobody answered…”-“Oh, I left there early this morning. Dena was still sleeping…”-“So, you slept with her?”-“Well… (stammering) actually I did, but we didn’t…”-“…It’s OK, Kea, I rely on you. We’ll talk about all that in another moment. Now I have good news… I spoke to the doctors this morning and they told me that Terio was probably going to be discharged tomorrow!”-“Oh, Landra, that’s some great news! So, are you coming back to Land’s End?”-“Well, Iria, my godmother is here and I have to talk to her about the plans…”-“Oh, I didn´t know she was there…”-“Yes, she came this morning to stay a while with Terio so that I could rest a bit at his apartment.”-“Poor thing… you must be done up!”-“Well I had a great nap…”-“Oh, so did I…”At that very moment, Dena entered the inn taking off her helmet.-“Hey, Landra, Dena just came in!” “Hey, Dena, I’m speaking to Landra. She’s coming back tomorrow…”-“No she isn’t. I have a plan…”-“What is Dena saying, Kea?”-“Well, I don’t understand very well…”Dena went to the phone and put on the speaker…Dena: “OK you two, listen. I want to propose you something…”Landra: “What are you up to, Dena?”Dena: “You two deserve to do something else than hanging around at Land’s End, so I thought you could spend a couple of days together. I volunteer to stay with Terio (we get along quite well) so you could spend some time enjoying yourselves around town and Kea could know something else than our village life. What do you think?”Kea’s face was full of joyful surprise.Landra: “Would you do that for us?”Dena: “Of course! That’s what I’m saying.”Kea: “Do you think that would be possible, Landra?”Landra: “Well, I would have to talk with Terio and my godparents, but I guess there shouldn’t be any problem…”Kea: “That would be awesome! Oh, Dena, you are…”Dena: “…I am a good friend and I love you guys; I want you to have the time of your lives.”Kea hugged Dena real strong and kissed her on the face.Landra: “OK, so I’m setting off to the hospital to tell Iria and Terio about this plan. I’ll call back as soon as I can. Kisses.”Dena and Kea: “Bye, Landra.”Dena looked more gorgeous than ever in her leather outfit with those cool metal studs. Kea was staring at her, when Dena asked: “What are you looking at, do I have something in my face?” Kea blushed and stammered, as usual, “Uh… no… I mean… you look so hot!” Dena smiled, “And you look so chic! …are we flirting again, Kea?” Kea blushed again, “OK, cut it out. You have been very generous giving me and Landra this opportunity. Let’s hope Terio and your uncles agree.” Dena was quite sure about it, “Terio and I have a very good relationship and my uncles adore me so…” Kea was really excited and hug Dena again, “Thank you so much, Dena!” Dena hugged her back, “I don’t know you, Kea, but I’m fucking starving to death… let’s ask uncle Tano if we can have something to eat.” Kea smiled, “Aye, aye, captain…”Tano prepared a potato omelet, a big mixed salad and a tray with local cheese and cured ham. He also brought a jar of home-produced thick red wine. Kea and Dena dined while talking about Crownsbridge, the town everybody in Land’s End constantly referred to. It was the main town in the area and, even though it was an hour and a half ride from the village, everybody in Land’s End had to go there frequently for shopping, leisure, high-school or whatever. Dena was sure that Landra and Kea were going to have a great time there because, besides the facilities, it was a very nice town with a beautiful bay and Kea was very excited about the trip. Once they finished eating, they decided it would be better for them to stay at the inn just in case Landra called, so they went up to Kea’s room.Dena sat on the chair and Kea stood up leaning on the windowsill. They were both looking at each other, admiring their mutual beauty. There was a lot of sexual tension between them, even though they knew their limits: Landra was their bridge, but also a wall that marked the line that shouldn’t be passed. It was pure lust; they just couldn’t avoid it. Dena put her helmet on the bedside table, “I’m going to be honest, Kea. I want to watch you.” Kea didn’t blush. Neither did she stammer. She bent her right leg back resting her foot on the wall, “And I want canlı bahis şirketleri to show you.” Kea turned on the radio on that all-jazz station she had found, shut the curtains and locked the door.Kea’s silhouette profiled against the light filtered by the curtain was awesome. “OK, Dena, no touching each other… but you can watch all you want and touch yourself as much as you wish.” Dena was getting aroused just with Kea’s cheeky voice and attitude. She was sitting there, waiting to see what that gorgeous girl was going to do, not believing her eyes. Kea took off her blazer and slowly unbuttoned her white shirt all the way down, showing a nice, white bra. Then she lifted one foot and took off her shoe and sock; she did the same with the other foot. The music was cool, very suitable for the occasion. When Kea started to lower down her unbuttoned shirt, Dena was already turned on and began to touch her nipples over her t shirt with the tips of her fingers noticing how hard they were getting. Then Kea took off her bra and exposed her perfect sized, gorgeous freckled tits. Her nipples were erectly pointing up and she let a thread of spit fall down on them, giving her fingers the slippery texture for a nice and yummy fondling. Dena took off her leather jacket and pulled off her t shirt, letting Kea see her cute small titties, giving them tiny bitty squeezes. Kea was also getting very turned on and started to suck on her fingers very lustfully, slowly in, out and around letting her tongue play sensually with them. She felt more and more naughty, noticing how Dena was watching her so lustfully, and started to talk:“So you like what you see, huh” she kept licking and sucking her fingers lusciously. “I like how you squeeze your titties, keep doing it, like that…” Kea turned around showing off her perfect back, sticking out a bit her butt highlighted in those tight jeans. “You like my butt?” She slapped it twice and started to wiggle. “It turns you on, huh”Dena was turned on, indeed. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled down the zipper, showing the upper part of her black panties.“Oh… so you’re eager to get into your pussy… but wait, wait to see more…” Kea unleashed her belt and slipped it off her waist throwing it in the air, then she unbuttoned her jeans, one by one, and pulled the pants down stopping at the end of her cheeks “Better now? Do you like my panties? Cute, huh…”Dena’s restlessness was getting uncontrollable. While she watched Kea, she also glanced to the closet mirror every now and then, watching herself.Kea looked back at Dena, “Hey… you like to watch yourself too… I also like to watch you, you’re hot, very hot. Lick your fingers… that’s it… more…” Dena obeyed.“Stick them deep in the mouth… deeper… mmmmm, good” Kea was starting to drip inside her panties. She took off her jeans completely, leaving her panties on, and turned around facing Dena again. “Here I am… standing in front of you…” She arched out her knees a bit, “You see, Dena, my pussy is getting wet for you… you see the wet spot on my panties?” She pointed her finger to it. “Go on, get your wet fingers in your treasure…”Dena obeyed and stuck her hand deep into her panties, feeling a fiery relief.“Good, that’s it… now, look how I pull my panties down… there they go… oh, what a nice wet pussy I have!” Kea started to squeeze the sides of her labia, popping her red juicy clit out. “I want to see yours, Dena. Show it to me, please, please…”Dena obeyed, quickly pulling down her pants and panties. Then she spread her legs open wide and Kea saw that beautiful flower oozing dew all over.“That… is… awesome. Open it, open it for me.”Dena flipped her lips open. Kea could almost see that precious clit throbbing with heat. Dena opened a bit more and the rose, yummy vagina exposed its shiny, moist inside.“Oh my god, Dena, that is the Flower of Paradise! Pamper it, touch it, answer its call for pleasure watching mine…” And Kea tore off her panties, squatting down and showing off her precious jewel. “Look, it’s drooling for you. Look at those delicious drops of nectar making their way out for you…” Kea picked up the drops with her finger and led it to her mouth, tasting her own juices.Dena was already out of control, diddling her pussy in all possible ways. The sound of her fingers gushing in and out of her twat was like music for Kea’s ears.“Keep doing it, I love that sound…” Kea started to take care of her pussy with both hands. Then she walked towards Dena, leant down a bit and sniffed the scent of her body, of her juices, and stuck her fingers deep in and out herself without stopping to sniff Dena’s aromas. “The way you smell drives me crazy, Dena. Sniff my pussy too, please…”Dena leaned forward to sniff Kea’s hands and pussy. Her aromas were like an explosion to her senses. They were both sniffing like hounds searching for a trace, Dena sitting and Kea standing, without stopping the work of their eager fingers. Then Kea stood up completely and turned around.“And now I want you to sniff my butt, please, do it” Kea stopped working on her pussy for a second and opened her cheeks, folding out her crack, exposing her sweaty asshole. “Do it, please!”Dena leaned to get closer to that priceless secret and sniffed slow and deep in Kea’s crack, without touching, of course. That scent was even more mind-blowing… “And now, please give me yours, I beg you…”Dena got up, turned around and put her knees on the chair, lifting her ass and pulling her cheeks apart as well. Kea got her nose as close as possible to Dena’s hole and took a deep, deep sniff.“Oh god, your scent is bewitching, Dena, fucking bewitching. Turn around, please, I can’t hold it anymore… Let’s face each other and come together, let’s do it.”Dena obeyed again. They both sat down on the floor facing each other, with their knees up and wide open. Kea cupped her hand upwards and led it towards Dena.“Please, give your saliva.”Dena spat a good amount on Kea’s hand and offered her cupped hand to Kea too.“Good, you want my spit too… Now I want you not to take your eyes off my eyes. I want you to watch my lewd face while I come.”Kea stuck four fingers of her cupped hand slowly in her twat, half closing her eyes and softly biting her lower lip. Dena did the same, but opening her mouth with a gasp.“Yes, good, that’s it. And I want to see your lustful face going to bliss watching me go to bliss…”And they both started to sway their fingers and jerk themselves, keeping their eyes mutually fixed. Their bodies synchronized their quivers and waves as if they were dancing together. Their frenzy took over, with sweat falling down their foreheads, backs and between their breasts. Their breathing was getting convulsive and they began to approach their faces and eyes right up to the minimum distance possible without touching.“I….. am….. coming….”Kea gasped.“and…. I….. am….. watching….. you…. come…..”Dena gasped.Their eyes united in an explosion of sparks, and they saw how the deepest, strongest, most intense energy of their lust passed from one to the other.The movement ceased. The gasps and hums silenced. The energy drifted through the air. And their bodies eased off and relaxed.With no need for words, Kea removed her hand, Dena removed her hand, Kea opened her mouth, Dena opened her mouth, and they both introduced their drenched fingers in each other’s mouth and sealed their lips sucking deeply as if they were sucking the entire sexual energy of the Universe, swallowing all the nectar with a gulp. Then they exchanged their hands, savoring their own fingers with another gulp and they both leaned back on the floor.Dena finally spoke: “I loved obeying you…”Kea smiled, “And I loved giving you orders, for a change…”Dena stretched back her arms under her head, “Aye, aye, captain…”And silence fell.

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