Lesbian Co-Worker Changes My Life


Lesbian Co-Worker Changes My LifeI work at an Eye Doctor’s office as the Senior Nurse and behind the scenes I run the place. Basically, I’m married to a Navy officer who had “seen the world” so we did some kinky sex now and then. All in all though I am kind of naïve about sex. Well my first day at work I was introduced to Brenda. She was the most muscular women I had ever seen. She had the physique of a bodybuilder. After a few days I was told that Brenda was a lesbian and I thought to myself, no k**ding, like it wasn’t obvious to anyone who looked at her? A friend Kathy told me her girlfriend was an absolutely stunning beautiful “lipstick fem lesbian” whatever that is. Apparently, Brenda’s female lover was into masculine women. After a few weeks I began to notice that some of our female patients would just stare at Brenda, like a guy would look at a sexy woman. She sure was one manly looking woman. One day a patient commented to me “I would love to be fucked by that butch”. Well Brenda and I worked closely together and I am very petite and attractive. Although I was in my mid-thirties I looked 25 and had a movie star face and a body that perfectly matched my petite figure. At first Brenda stared at my body every morning, checking me out when I came in. Then she would hit on me by saying things like, “honey one night with you and I could change you forever”, or “I’d give up half a week’s pay just to see you naked”. I finally warned Brenda I would get her fired if she didn’t knock it off. However, despite our sexual preferences I grew to like Brenda, under the tough Butch exterior was a really nice person. Well one day Brenda came to work and was really depressed, the Doc noticed and said “talk to Brenda she looks terrible and can barely do her work”. That’s when I learned that Amy her longtime girlfriend had left her. Brenda was devastated and a week later she said “Anne I’m lonely, how about you forget about the old man for a night and you and I party at the Biz Bar”. I didn’t tell Brenda my husband had deployed on an aircraft carrier for six months and I hadn’t been laid in three months. I said sure is Saturday at 8:30 OK.I met Brenda at the office and we drove to Biz Bar. I had never been to a gay bar so I knew this would at least be interesting. Brenda told me dress as a “fem” with a nice blue short skirt, dark blue nylons and a while silk blouse with a blue bra underneath that was visible to everyone. My hair and make-up were perfect and I looked like a girl “on the hunt” and maybe down deep I was. Brenda showed me the lay of the land; there were obviously gay men there some feminine and some super masculine. There were some real “hunks” there. Brenda introduced me to some of her friends and let them know I was just there for a drink and that I was straight. A few of her manly girlfriends said “good thing Brenda said you were just curious, canlı casino or I would fuck you in a minute”. Then I saw Jane, she had semi-short hair and was casually dressed, but wore a nice turtleneck blouse and obviously worked out, she had a fabulous body. She came up to Brenda and I. Brenda introduced me to Jane and Jane offered to buy me a drink since mine was empty. Then Jane asked me to dance and I said I have never danced with a woman before. Jane replied “you never know if you’ll like it, until you try it”. Well maybe it was the three months with no sex or something else but when I danced with Jane and felt her body against mine I felt an excitement from my head to my toes. I was enthralled by the soft feeling and touch of a women’s body against mine. I thought to myself what is going on!!! This woman is exciting me in ways I never felt before. Jane and I sat down and all we did was look in each other’s eyes with admiration. Jane sensed the same feelings that I had for her and asked me to dance again. It was a slow song so are bodies were even closer. Then I gave in, I placed my head on her shoulder like lovers dance and I kissed her softly on her neck. Jane reciprocated by moving her hand lower and lower until her hand was massaging the back of my skirt. I thought to myself I have never been this sexually aroused in my entire life!!! After this dance I went to the ladies room to calm down. Jean said to Brenda “I don’t know what you talking about but Anne is not straight”, I could ask her to go to bed with me tonight and she would be in my car in a New York minute. Brenda agreed and she said “go for it, she is one classy lady and I would fuck her in a minute if she would let me”. Do you know what it’s like to work next to someone that beautiful all day!!! That woman drives me crazy!!!Jane and I sat and talked for a while and I could tell we were both becoming more and more sexually attracted to each other. Soon I felt Jane’s hand on my knee and I gave her an approving look as she slid it under my dress all the way up my leg to my pussy. Jane started to rub my pussy and I was a little surprised by her forwardness. I said “let’s dance” again. Soon we were on the dance floor. Again a slow song came on and Jane took me in her arms and held me close once again. This time Jane kissed me right on my lips and said “you are absolutely beautiful”. We had had our first kiss. I looked at Brenda and she was in shock. Jane and I went up to Brenda and I said Jane and I are going to her place for some wine, and Jane would drive me home. Brenda thought to herself you just never know about some people, who thought this classy housewife was about to spend the night with another women for the first time. Jane and I drove her condo and she turned dimmed the lights and lit some candles. Jane said Anne the bedroom is this way and I think that’s güvenilir casino where you want to go. I said yes, and Jane said you know I’m the dominant partner here and you are the fem, you understand? I replied yes, and that’s the way I want it. Jane pushed me back on the bed and roughly pulled my skirt off. I rapidly unbuttoned my silk blouse and unsnapped my bra revealing my firm milky white breasts. She then roughly pulled my panties off almost ripping them off me in the process.Jane then said “undress me” so I did what I was told. I took off her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Then I raised her turtleneck shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra. Jean’s breasts were twice the size of mine and I kissed each nipple. Then I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down revealing her pussy. Jane had a great body with a small patch of neatly trimmed brown pubic hair in the shape of a “V” above her pussy. Jane whispered in my ear “I’ve been a lesbian since age sixteen “I’m going to make love to you like never before”. She slowly French kissed me. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth which no women had ever done to me before. It would be the first of many new things I would experience that night. She slowly kissed my chest until she arrived at my breasts and sucked each nipple into her mouth. I have incredibly sensitive nipples and I slowly moaned as she sucked each one. She sensed that I liked this so Jane spent a long time on my chest as her hand slid down to my pussy and began massaging it with first two and then three fingers. She began to softly bite my nipples, the feeling was incredible. We returned to kissing each other and I reciprocated by slowly massaging her breasts and kissing her nipples. Her hand continued to go deeper and deeper inside me. She whispered in my ear “you are the most beautiful women I have ever made love to”. Then she kissed me slowly all over my body as she moved down to my pubic mound. Jane slowly massaged it with her palm as her tongue began to explore my pussy. I didn’t know that an experienced lesbian always kissed and examined a pussy to see from their past experiences how to approach making love to it. Jane said “I love you” as she began softly licking my outer labia as she flicked her tongue lightly over my clitoris. I just lay back writhing on the bed with my legs spread as far open as I could to give her full access to my body. I began moaning in pleasure as her tongue went deep into my inflamed pussy. Soon she moved to my clitoris and kissed it several times before she sucked my sensitive nub into her mouth. She sucked on it softly like it was a small cock. No one not even my husband had ever made love to me like this before and soon I exploded in a dynamic orgasm. Jean then put two fingers in my pussy and search for my “G” spot and found it. Soon my whole internet casino body shook and trembled as her fingers rubbed it. At the same time she licked and sucked my pussy. I looked down and her short brown hair was between my legs as she devoured my body. The pleasure I felt during my first lesbian experience was overwhelming. Jane continued driving me to orgasm after orgasm as she made love to me. Finally I put my pillow over my face to muffle the screams from my oncoming full vaginal orgasm. Then my “G” spot exploded and soon my clitoris and pussy did the same. My cunt was feeling every sensation possible that a woman could feel. I screamed in agony as Jane just kept doing this to me. She withdrew her hand from inside me but continued to suck my clitoris into her mouth. Finally, she sensed the sensations had turned from pleasure to discomfort and slowly stopped making love to me.We both fell back on the bed and just held each other closely. We exchanged soft kisses as I basked in the glow of our sexual encounter. After a few minutes I asked Jane “what can I do for you? Jane replied “well have you ever performed Analingus on someone”. I said “yes my husband loved this”, and I want to do something special for you”. Jane rolled over and her small firm ass cheeks glowed in the candlelight. I really enjoyed eating ass and began to softly massage each of her ass cheeks and I softly kissed them.I liked to spend a lot of time before I begin probing my lover. I took my hands and placed them on each cheek and spread them apart so I could go deep inside her. Her small rosebud appeared and I poured the some lube on my finger and inserted slowly and gently into her rectum. I inserted one and then two fingers into her anus. I could tell she really enjoyed anal stimulation as my fingers went in and out of her anus. Then I withdrew and put my mouth deep into her ass. I began by flicking my tongue around her sensitive rosebud. Jane just purred like a kitten as I inserted as much of my tongue into her anus as I could. I tongue fucked her time and it was like I was fucking her with a small cock. Then I placed my mouth over her anus and began slowly began lightly sucking it. Jane began to moan loudly as I continued to suck her anal entrance. She had an intense orgasm and yelled “Oh my god that was incredible”. I had just made love to her anal orifice in every way I could think of. However, I was not finished. I put three and then four fingers and then my whole hand inside her and slowly turned my hand as it went in and out of her rectum. My fisting her ass led to her having another intense second orgasm. I withdrew my whole hand from inside her ass and inserted my tongue into her again. I kept it inside her for as long as I could. She came again but my mouth was getting sore. I knew I had had enough. I slowly kissed and massaged her ass to calm her down. I had never done this sexual act as intensely as I did with Jane. We fell back and rested. Tonight I learned who I really was. I was bi-sexual and from now on I would enjoy both men and women. Brenda would me my next bed partner.

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