Leila – The First Level Ch. 02

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— This is the second part of the story and even though it can be read alone, I would recommend to first read the the beginning —

I had to swallow a couple of times pretty hard and downed a whole glass of water to clean my mouth of all of my sperm but then I felt really turned on by the whole submission she sent me through. Leila had me completely under her spell. I was curious about the other levels she talked about and really could not wait for them. But I learned that I had to be patient and that she was the one setting the pace.

She pet my cheek and gave me a kiss. “I think you should go home now.” I was a little bit puzzled by the immediate cut of the situation. From my point I could have stayed for the next couple of weeks just in her apartment but I realized by now that she was calling the shots. She could see my disappointment. “Don’t worry, we will see each other again” she added with a smile.

I put back on my clothes and she brought me to the door in her bra and undies. She gave me a deep kiss and if I ever had cooled down while I was in her apartment, now I was back to complete horniness again. Just the touch of her lips made me crazy. Without being asked I quickly dropped to my knees and gave her a kiss on her panties. Her warm sex and her odor made me almost insane and I gave her a quick second kiss before I rose to my feet again. She was a little bit surprised but smiled at me.

“I have to watch out that I don’t get addicted to you in the end.”

“Bye Leila. Hopefully see you very soon.”

She kissed me another time. And while I was almost on my way downstairs, she almost casually said “Promise me not to touch yourself when you’re alone.”

I was kind of stunned but replied “As you wish!”

“Promise it!”

“I… I promise it!”

I walked the whole way to my place and was thrilled by what just happened. The last hours just happened again in my head and by the time I was home I was so incredibly horny that I could have jerked off straight away. However I remembered the promise and put cold water over my erected penis, ate a bite and tried to sleep. It took me a while…

The next day I was eager to go to the library since I realized that we did not even exchange numbers. To my disappointment she wasn’t there. I could not concentrate on my work at all since I looked up every time somebody entered the library or just walked around in the hope to see her. The day was long and unproductive. At 6 p.m. I realized that it made no sense to stick around for longer since I did not get anything done anyway. I debated with myself if I should just walk up to her apartment but was afraid that she might see it as rude or overly willing. So I went home and when I felt my erection I was tempted to wank off and think about this few beautiful hours I had spent with Leila. Somehow even if it was impossible for her to know I felt bound by my promise. So it was the shower head with the jet of cold water again.

The coming days went by pretty much the same way. I could not see Leila anywhere but did not dare to just walk to her apartment. I started to worry if she might have forgotten about me altogether or that something had happened to her. Then unselfconfident doubts came up: she can really have any guy and maybe she wanted to play with me once and that was it. However this “we will see each other again” gave me some hope.

The fourth evening after our few amazing hours together I was so hot that I started jerking off but somehow felt bad about myself and stopped before I came and put some ice cubes on my balls.

I was just heading downstairs for my Friday lunch when suddenly from behind a “Did you miss me?” made my heart beat go up by at least 50 beats.

I turned around escort eryaman and there she was in an amazing tight top and jeans, showing her beautiful teeth with that capturing smile of hers.

“Of course… I wondered where you have been the whole time. It drove me crazy…”

“Schhhh. Pack your stuff and meet me outside afterwards!”

I hurried upstairs and put my few books in the locker and rushed down in less than 3 minutes.

“Where have you been the last couple of days?”

“Let’s not talk about it. Today I just felt like seeing you” and she added with a smile “I really need to feel your tongue!”

Just this comment of hers made me rock hard. She took my hand.

I am not a virgin and actually had quite a few girls before but somehow just the touch by her hand made me shiver. She led me to her apartment and as soon as the door was closed I dropped to my knees and frantically started kissing the crotch of her jeans. She quickly pulled down her jeans and panties and forcefully buried my face in her love hole. I pressed her against the door, my hands were firmly placed on her perfect ass and my mouth, lips and tongue were just sucking, kissing and licking on this beautiful, well-smelling vagina. Her hands were firmly placed on my head and guiding me to exactly the spots she wanted to have me. Her moans grew stronger and louder. Suddenly she pushed my nose in her. “Move and wiggle it around! Harder, deeper!” I nose-fucked her for half an eternity before she pulled me a little bit back and I understood immediately that she wanted me to suck on her clit. Apparently I was a bit too rough and a hard pull on my hair indicated that she wanted me too slowly and softly worship her holly button. After a while she was moaning so loud and hard that I pressed her closer on my face. I wrapped my arms around her butt harder and pulled her so close on my face that I could not breathe anymore. She exploded in a huge orgasm. I slowed down but did not stop to kiss her very lightly and softly on her pussy till she pulled my head away. She was still shacking when she told me

“Pull up my jeans!” I carefully pulled up her panties first and then her jeans. She was all hot and looked me in the eyes. “Jack, you are gorgeous!” and added giggling “You are a natural-born pussy eater!” Her words filled me with a strange pride.

Suddenly her voice became very strict and serious “Get me something to drink and come to the living room!” I did not know what had caused this sudden change of her mood but as always when she told me something I hurried to comply. When I sat the drinks on the table, she looked at me coldly. “Strip!”

“Leila, ahm, what is going on? Why are you so upset suddenly?”


I knew what was good for me and took off my clothes as fast as I could. Completely naked and fully erected I stood in front of this furious, mysterious, absolutely gorgeous woman. She did not say a word and I had the feeling that it was better to remain quit as well. After what felt like an eternity, she finally broke the silence.

“Come here and kneel in front of me.” I did. “I told you that I want to take you to another level. Are you still ready for that? Before you answer, let me tell you something about myself.” –Pause Smilingly she continued “You might have noticed by now that I love to be in charge. But it goes further than that. I get a huge kick out of it when men obey me. All the boyfriends I had, no matter how macho they thought they are, obeyed me when we were alone. I always had this urge to control guys, it already started at a young age when the boys kissed my feet to get the permission to play with me and my girlfriends. In highschool I told a whimp to hit his bully. The escort elvankent little guy was very scared at first but somehow he took the confidence” giggling she added “maybe he was also more scared of me. When the bully wanted to trash him afterwards I just told him to stop immediately and even with all his buddies around, he stopped. I was quite young but from that moment on, I ultimately knew that power over men is an incredible turn on for me and also easy to achieve. I was not in a single relationship where I did not make the guy kiss my feet and pussy, no matter how reluctant he was at first”

I listened to her in astonishment. It was not just what she was saying but how. She talked in this nonchalant manner but at the same time the confidence of somebody who just killed a lion with his bare hands. She scarred and turned me on at the same time.

She continued “And you… honestly… you are something special. I just felt it when I talked to you and when you first touched me. This willingness to please me didn’t just turn me on but gave me such a secure feeling I never had with any guy before. I know that I could do anything and you would always come back. Some girls might find that unattractive but for me this vulnerable, sensitive attitude with your unconditional submissiveness is just what I love. Your instant obedience turned me incredibly on. I want to not just have a relationship with you, I WANT TO OWN YOU!”

I could not move when I heard her last words. Here I was sitting naked, 25 years old, with quite a bit sexual experience and traveled quite a few countries in the world, about to get my master’s degree and this 22ish years old woman did not just completely captivate me in her aura but made me rethink my whole life and what I wanted out of it. I hardly knew her but I just had the feeling deep down inside me that she was exactly the woman I had been looking for in all this years of unsteady relationships. I would have married her and spent the rest of my life if she would ask me this instant. Her voice brought me back to reality.

“I don’t want an answer from you right now. Actually I want you to leave now and come back in a week. We will not see each other till then. If you have the feeling by then that this is what you want and I cannot even guarantee you what it exactly means and how it will be, then we will go on, but just then!”

After half a minute or so I was only able to repeat the easiest instruction in all of her sentences “So you want me to leave right now?”

“Yes, after you came on my feet. In fact I want you to jerk off every day. I want that your vision is not blurred with horniness. You should fully grasp the idea what it means to be owned by me. One last thing you should remember: I will always be caring.”

I sat there watching her beautiful face getting blurry since I could not even blink with my eyes. I felt like shouting out that I wanted to be owned by her and I already made up my mind but I knew that she wanted me to think about everything. As a displacement activity I just lowered my head and kissed her feet and toes.

“Stroke yourself slowly!” I immediately did as I was told. “A little bit faster” I was getting horny so fast that I had the feeling to shoot my cum out any second. Her voice brought me back in line “DO NOT COME! Don’t get me angry!” Even though her words turned me on even more, her authoritative voice had become a kind of law written in my subconsciousness. I continued stroking and with almost superhuman effort tried not to come. She smiled at me proudly. “Faster, faster!” I hardly could hold myself back. “Please Leila, please, let me come! I beg you!”

“Not yet! Slow down a bit! I know that you can hold out longer for me!” I escort emek tried to think of everything else except her angel-like face and her goddess-like body. I closed my eyes and tried to picture some distracting images like I used to do when I had my first times of intercourse and was afraid of coming too quickly. I even started counting backwards.

“Look me in the eyes! Stop imagining something else!” She seemed to read my mind. I knew that I was about to come but tried to activate all of my mental strength to avoid the unavoidable.

“Do you want to disappoint me? Do you want to give me the feeling that you do not care about me enough? That my control over you is weak?”

I could only press out a “Noooo! … Your control is total … but…” She cut me off “Then DO NOT come until I tell you to! Do not think about your selfish urge to come but about my wish!”

Even though it was somehow just a sex game, when I saw the expression on her face, I realized that for her it was much more than that. It was a test of her dominance, her capability of controlling me. And suddenly the strong urge to come was overtaken by the even stronger urge not to fail her. I got the feeling that it was my duty not to come. Through my eyes she saw that I had understood her. After another 30 seconds of eternity she said the releasing words.

“Alright, you can come now! VASY! Jack, VASY!” A second later all this cum which build up over the last days shot out in four or five streams. Both of her feet were covered with my sperm. I was moaning loudly when she finally had given me the permission.

I was still breathing hard when suddenly a whole other feeling overwhelmed me. All this emotional tension was suddenly released and burst free. I first started sobbing and then crying. Tears were running down my cheeks uncontrollably. Even though I felt ashamed, I just couldn’t stop crying and sobbing. Leila put her little beautiful hand on my head.”Let it all out. It is okay, don’t feel ashamed!”

After a minute or so, I could finally control myself again. She was holding my face in both of her hands and bringing hers closely to mine. She gave me a passionate kiss. Afterwards we looked each other deep in the eyes. “It is all good. We can protect each other from everything!” Whatever she meant with that, it gave me a good, warm feeling. As soon as her hands let go of my head, I remembered my duty and only a second later I lowered my head to her feet and started licking and swallowing my cum from her feet. I felt by far less disgusted than last time. I could hear her moan quietly and feel her feet and whole body shivering. “Even without my command” she groaned. She lifted her right foot up, I moved backwards, held it in my hands and continued licking and sucking on her almost clean big toe. After her right foot was clean I put it carefully back on the ground and lowered my head to her left one. After a while she lifted her foot and I held it with my hands like a delicate and fragile object. I sucked and licked every last drop off of it. While my mouth was busy cleaning my queen’s foot, I watched her how she had put her head back, her eyes closed and softly moaning while playing with her right hand in her panties. It gave me a huge turn on and I was stiff again.

After I put her left foot back on the floor and placed another kiss on each foot, I reached for the glass of water on the table and washed my mouth with it, swallowing every last bit of sperm.

Her face looked very contempt. She gave me a passionate kiss. Then her tone changed to serious again. “Go now! And come back in a week and tell me how you have decided. As a warning: I will be caring but also very strict and demanding!”

I hurried to get dressed, gave her a quick kiss on her mouth and her pussy, before I rushed to the door and left. I walked home joyfully and confused at the same time.

— Since I am not a native English speaker I would be grateful for feedback on the content as well as on grammar, use of vocabulary and spelling. Thank you —

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