Leather Store

Ariella Ferrera

Leather StoreGoing into town to pick up a new leather jacket, my former having been ripped to pieces when I fell with my bike. Using my car since my girlfriend would not let me ride my bike without proper protection. Being new to town I finally find a shop selling leather clothing, the man behind the counter is in full leather gear which I find rather odd but I figured it’s to show off the merchandise to customers. He is slightly taller than my 6 feet and more muscular by a fair bit, not small myself by any means being a former military, but he had me beat. He looks to be in his thirties, at least a decade older than me. He has short hair, somewhat blonde and a slight stubble in comparison to my jet black hair and stubble. I have to admit he is quite handsome, even though men has never been in my interest. He was wearing a leather jacket fitting snugly against his large frame, the jacket collar hugging his neck. He wore black leather pants and boots, a pair of leather gloves and sunglasses completing his outfit. “Welcome, I’m Dave, how can I help you?” He greets me as I step through the door. “Matt’s the name, I’m in search of a new leather jacket, my old one was ripped in an accident.” I reply. “Any specific type you have in mind?” He continued, moving out from behind to counter and moving closer to me, the strong smell of leather filling my nostrils. “I will use it while riding my bike, so it needs to be sturdy, but would like to avoid it being bulky.” The smell was pleasant, though it was making me slightly woozy, it being so thick with all the leather clothing inside of the store. Dave lead me to a rack in back of the store, picking out several jackets that looked to be my size. “Here, try these on and see if any is to your liking.” He said as he handed me the jackets, his gloved hand brushing mine. Something odd stirred inside of me but I brushed it off, thinking it was the dizziness from before. After trying several it seemed I was not going to find what I was looking for and I was moving to leave the store, when he stopped me. “Try the jacket I’m wearing, it’s the only one in your size so unfortunately I can’t let you try a new one, I’ll just use one of the others while you try it on.” He said as he started unzipping his jacket, I noticed he was not wearing anything underneath, most likely because of it being too warm while inside. “I don’t know, it looks a bit too soft, I’m looking for something more sturdy” I responded as he handed me his jacket. He then picked up one of the biker jackets I had been trying on, pulling it up over his muscled shoulders, only zipping it halfway still showing off his sizable pecs. As I started pulling it on I noticed that most of the leather smell I had been feeling before came from this jacket, mingled with another smell of sweat and musk, normally the scent of other men is not very pleasant to me but this time the smell was quite enjoyable, maltepe escort even erotic. As I finished putting it on I felt the material with my hands, it was very supple and shiny, feeling smooth to my touch. The leather was creaking as I moved in front of the mirror, it was a perfect fit showing the broadness of my shoulders while not being too wide in the waist. It wasn’t what I was looking for but I didn’t really want to take it off, the snug fit and mixed smell of musk, sweat and leather making me feel relaxed, the thought of wearing the leather jacket of this older man turning me on. “It fits you perfectly, boy.” Dave said, placing a leather clad hand on my shoulder, close to my neck. I didn’t notice him moving so close, distracted by the smell of the jacket as I was, now ever stronger when the man the musk was originating from was standing so close. I was feeling small next to this taller man, not used to being the short one he felt overpowering, strong, superior. “I-I, I don’t know, maybe I should try the others again.” I stammered nervously. “I think you should keep it on boy, it really does look like you should be wearing it” Dave said, slightly less friendly and a bit more commanding than before. Having been in the military following orders was nothing new, but I was still suprised over how easily I complied, suddenly not wanting to take it off anymore if it meant I would please this man. “Kneel, boy.” He commanded. His hand traveled up to my neck, feeling his leathered fingers taking a firm grip and gently but firmly applying pressure. I could feel my knees buckle, any thoughts on trying to disobey this man swiftly disappeared and I soon found myself kneeling in front of him, staring at his boots. His hand left my neck and instead grasped my chin, tilting my head back so I was looking at his face as he towered above me. “You like the feel of my jacket on you, don’t you boy? The scent of my musk invading your senses.” He said sounding satisfied. I hated having to admit it but he was right, any will I could muster to fight his influence was swiftly crushed as I got another whiff of the now all too familiar scent of musk, sweat and leather emanating from the jacket I was wearing and the leather clad man in front of me. “As the scent continues to invade and change your mind you will start to feel the need to submit, to obey, to serve. You will find that you no longer hold any sexual interest in women, serving your master will be the only thing that can bring you pleasure. Once enough time has passed the changes will be permanent, and you will forever be my slave.” I reel at the thought of this, quickly betrayed by my mind as once again the scent makes me accept this as truth, want it, even desire it. “You will be made my property, wearing my collar, marking you as mine. I will be your owner and you will call me either master or sir whenever you are adressed. You will escort maltepe be used however and whenever I please, having your hole violated and gut filled with my cum. You will be put on display at the local leather bar where you will serve my cock in public.” The truth of these words are hammered into my brain as he keeps speaking, his voice firm and entrancing. He unzips his pants and reveals a 7 inch, thick cock which he rests in front of my face. The source of the musk being this close to my nostrils blanks out any thought I might have had, my cock becomes rock solid and all I wish is for a taste of his rod, to swallow it deep into my throat and to please my master in any way I can. My master grabs the back of my head with his hand and thrusts his cock into my mouth, rhythmically pounding the back of my throat. His other hand still holding on to my chin, my beard making rasping sounds when brushed against his leathered hand. “With each stroke, with each taste of my pre-cum you will feel the memories of your old life fade, replaced with the need to obey your master, your world will revolve around pleasing me, all your other memories being completely wiped.” The salty taste of his pre-cum was yet another stimuli, forever changing my brain. I could feel my c***dhood memories disappearing, my first kiss, my first job, girlfriend, vanishing one by one. Soon all I had left was fragments. My mind wasn’t completely willing to submit, feeling in the back of my head this wasn’t right, my master seeing this took out the final piece of my submission. Letting go of my chin, still pushing my head onto his throbbing cock, he pulled out a leather collar out of his jacket, shining from the dim lights of the store. He holds my head still, holding the collar in front of my face. “This will mark the end of your old life, and the beginning of your new life as my subservient slave.” My master took the collar and brought it to my neck, I could feel the thick leather push against my throat, then against the back of my neck as he wrapped it completely around my neck, locking it shut. As I heard the clicking noise of the lock I felt the rest of my fragmented memories vanish, left was only the image of my master in full leather gear. “Cum.” He ordered. Cum burst forth from my cock, covering the boots of my master, each pulse of my cock spilling yet another glob of thick cum onto his leathered soles. “Clean.” He ordered this time. Somehow my mind instantly knowing what to do I fall forward, down on all fours. Slowly I start licking my masters boots clean. Still wearing my masters leather jacket I could feel its tightness over my shoulders in this position, while simultaneously feeling the thick, leather collar around my neck as I was moving my head around, not wanting to waste a single drop of cum my master had allowed me to consume. “Undress, boy.” He finally commanded. A pang of regret hit me as maltepe escort bayan I followed my new owners commands, removing the leather jacket that had been the start of my enslavement, I stripped down completely now only wearing the leather collar my master had seen fit to have me wear. The dim lights played with my muscled pecs and abs, though that thought now seemed somewhat wrong, they weren’t my pecs and abs, they belonged to my master. My master then knelt down and attached a leather leash to my collar, tugging on it slightly and led me over to a bench in the back room. Realizing what was about to happen I start feeling an intense itch deep in my hole, my mind going insane with the need of having the itch scratched. My master puts me on the bench and walks behind me, still tugging on the leash forcing me to bend my head backwards. I can feel him place his cock on my ass cheeks, teasing my hole with his large cock. Feeling eager I push my ass towards him which only earns me a tug on the leash and a slap on my ass. Eventually I can feel him starting to enter, my hole being untouched until now stretching unwillingly until finally accepting the foreign object, waves of ecstasy spills forth as the itch is suddenly being satisfied and I can feel my hole adapting and forming itself after my masters cock. A gloved hand caresses my hips and I can feel the tug on my leash lessen. As he keeps thrusting his cock into my virgin hole, he leans forward onto my back and I can suddenly feel a mix of leather and naked skin, his breath warm, his stubble scratching the side of my neck, a leather covered arm wrapping around my body. “With this, your enslavement is complete.” My masters body convulses, his massive arms squeezing me tight while his cock starts to fill my gut with his cum, the feeling of satisfying my master is without compare and I cum once again, the changes done to my brain locking in place and the odd feeling in the back of my head finally disappearing completely. My master pulls out and I kneel once again, he places his cock in front of me again and I happily suck it clean, not leaving a single drop of cum to go to waste. EPILOGUE Susan is driving through town two months after her boyfriends sudden disappearance, she had received a letter saying he was leaving and to not look for him. As she was driving past the local leather bar she couldn’t believe what she saw. In front of the bar a group of men wearing full leather outfits was casually talking which in itself wasn’t a surprise, she had driven past the bar several times before. What shook her was the man kneeling in front of the man wearing sunglasses, it was Matt. He was wearing tight leather shorts, a pair of leather boots and a tight leather shirt was covering his upper body. Around his neck a thick leather collar was attached with a leash leading to the hand of the man he was kneeling in front. Matt had a look of bliss on his face as he was sucking the cock of the leather-man, the man not even paying Matt any attention, as if this was any other Tuesday night. Susan, not knowing how to react, turned her car around and drove home wearing a face of confusion.

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