Leather granny fuck buddy. Part 2


Leather granny fuck buddy. Part 2The next few days after the fun I had had with this leather clad granny my head was all over the place of how I should play the next move. Did I go round there? Do I message her? Do I just leave it as I one of night of drunken fun?And because we didn’t have a number for one another that ruled out the ease of her contacting me that way too.But once again luck was on my side. I was driving back from work one evening and it was heavy rain when I noticed a lady wearing a pair of tan leather, flat knee high boots and a short leather jacket in a tan colour as well. (I’m always looking to spot a leather wearing woman when I’m driving and nearly had a few accidents too if I’m honest).It wasn’t till I was closer and stopped at a red light that I realised it was Val.I got to admit I thought for a second of just driving on and pretending that I hadn’t seen her to save that awkwardness but I had to talk to her soon so I could eventually fuck this leather wearing granny. Plus, I couldn’t just leave her carrying a load of bags in the rain.So I pulled over next to her and opened the window.‘You got some nerve Mark.’ She snapped. ‘What the fuck was that about the other night?’‘Look!! You still want this don’t you?’ I snapped canlı bahis şirketleri back with an act of anger. ‘So get it and let me take you home and we can finish this there.’With a bit of a huff and slight sulk she got in the car. ‘You look good in those boots and jacket’ I smirked.I saw her mouth twitch into a small grin. ‘Well it’s yours if you want it’ she replied.I knew it. She was still up for it and all mine.It wasn’t too far from hers but that still gave me enough time to start getting her worked up. I started to rub her thigh and worked down her calf so I could rub the leather boots. I worked back up again but went onto her inner thigh and gradually worked my way up to her old pussy. As I was doing this she then began to rub my dick and realised it was already rock hard. She didn’t say anything but she knew, and I knew, that she was going to get it as soon as we where home.Unlocking the front door, I was already rubbing her pussy with my right hand and carrying her bags with the other (still got to be a gentleman). We dropped the bags as soon as we was in and she turned and grabbed the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair. Kissing hard and fast, I picked her up with my hands under her arse, and canlı kaçak iddaa as I did she wrapped her leather booted legs around my waist and we stumbled into the front room. Getting to the sofa I laid her down and started to caress her sagging tits through the leather jacket. She was undoing my jeans and pulling up my shirt to get better access to my dick.‘Fuck me. I want you to fuck me’ she said as she yanked down my boxers.My dick sprang out and she was straight on to stealing it before I couldn’t even blink. I pulled at her jeans, ‘pull these down’ I said.We separated and she undid her jeans and slid them down as far as her boots. ‘Turn over. I’m fucking you from behind’ I said as I helped flip her round. As we got in to position I made me dick nice and wet with some spit and lined it up with her pussy lips, and to my surprise she was so wet already I didn’t really need it. I held my cock in my right hand and grabbed the collar of her tan leather jacket and slowly pushed the head of my cock in to this horny old grannies snatch. It was a bit tight but I was determined.‘Oh god!! Ohhhhhh my…. that… oh god!!’ She mumbled and groaned. I also took this as a sign that she hadn’t had sex in a long time. So to let her know that canlı kaçak bahis I was in control of this situation I pulled out just a bit, then grabbing her waist with both hands I shoved my full length straight up her in one go and pulled her towards me at the same time. Man, I went balls deep, literally!!‘Arghhhhhh!!’ Fuck!!!’ She screamed.But I took no notice and she didn’t tell me to stop so I just carried on. I was pumping away for a few minutes all the while switching between rubbing and holding her leather jacket and grabbing her leather boots. I knew I couldn’t last too much longer.‘I’m gonna cum.’ I moaned.I was ready to pull out when she told me to shoot inside her. I was game, so with a few more thrusts I felt it come and I fired my load straight in to this old, leather wearing grannies twat. She was moaning too but didn’t orgasm.God, it felt amazing. There must have been a massive amount because I felt like it just kept spurting out. But I didn’t stop until I knew for sure. Once I’d finished I slowly pulled out and spunk just poured out. ‘Fuck that was good’ I whispered breathlessly.‘Mmmmmmmm so good’ Val replied.I collapsed back onto the sofa but she stayed in a doggy position but was now leaning over the arm of the sofa catching her breath. I could still see cum seeping for her pussy hole. A couple of minutes for her to recover and she turned round and to my surprise said,‘Let’s take this upstairs. I want more. But bring those shopping bags up for me’Time for round 2….

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