Learning to Ride a Bike


Learning to Ride a BikeMy buddy Jason has been married four times, now. I’ve known him for more than a decade, from about six months before he met his third wife. We had some fun with her, and we’ve had fun with his current wife, as I’ve been called in to participate in threesomes with both. I fucked his third wife, Shanna, on a few occasions after they split up, as a matter of fact. He knows this and doesn’t mind. She was fun, and now remarried herself, although that isn’t part of this story.Jason is a hound. Always has been, and always will be. We’re both in our mid-to-late 40s, with him being 47 as of this writing. He’s a good-looking guy, about 5-11, under 200 pounds, and is in decent shape. He’s admittedly better looking than I am, although not quite as aggressive in the bedroom with his partners as I tend to be.All this is brief background to this story. About a month ago, Jason texted me to meet him at a place called PK’s Pub, a kind of old-school Irish pub where soccer is the sport of choice on television. “PK’s tonight? Got someone I want u to meet,” it said. Obviously this wasn’t Stephanie, his wife. I showed up at about 8:30 and it certainly wasn’t Stephanie – a gorgeous woman, in full disclosure, who doesn’t look nearly her age of 38. Instead, sitting with Jason at a booth near the back of the bar was a much younger girl, who he introduced as “Abbie.” She smiled, said hello in a gorgeous little sing-song voice, brushed her blonde hair away from her face and revealed two of the darkest brown eyes I’ve seen in ages. “Have a seat,” Jason said. “We just got here, and have a pitcher on the way.”We sat there, Abbie and I got acquainted and then the question of how Jason came to meet her came up. Well, I finally asked because while we had shared wives and others we had met, Abbie was 21, and easily the youngest prospect we had ever had.She was a junior at her university, majoring in civil engineering. I was impressed. She’s quite smart, funny, and as it turns out, can hold her liquor pretty well.The answer about Jason finding her, however, was a bit of a surprise. “She’s Anissa’s daughter,” he said flatly, then grinning.Anissa was Jason’s second wife. I never met her, and only heard little about her over the course of time we’d known each other. I certainly didn’t know she had had k**s. “Last time I saw her she was still pretty young,” Jason said. “We always got along, though, didn’t we?” he asked her.”Absolutely,” she said cheerfully, almost as if to say they got along despite Anissa’s presence.At one point after our second pitcher, Abbie got up to use the restroom. Jason groaned, canlı kaçak bahis which confused me a little. I thought I knew where this was headed well before now: We’d go back to my place or a hotel and double team his former step daughter, have a laugh and that would be it.”I can’t fuck her,” he said to me. “I just can’t, and she wants to fuck. I know she does.””She’s flirty – and cute as hell – I’ll give you that,” I said. “How you know she wants to fuck?”Jason presented his cell phone and slid it across the table.”Other than the fact she’s had her hand on my cock for the last 20 minutes, how about that? Read.”I looked at his cell and there it was, plain as day: “Drinks 2nite? Been wanting Ur dick so bad I dream about it”I gulped, then chuckled.”Yeah, that uh…..Yeah, I’m not going to challenge you on that. So, why the apprehension?”He looked around to see if she was coming back yet. The coast clear, he leaned in.”Do you think I haven’t thought about that forever too? Damn, man, look at her. But before I do, I’ve just got to get the idea in my head that she CAN fuck, you know? It’s a little surreal for me still. What do you say?”What did I say to what, I asked.”Fuck her and let me watch you fuck her.”I looked up and Abbie was coming back. She sat down, burped hilariously, chuckled, and refused to play the shy little girl.”So Damien. You wanna come to a hotel with me and Jason?”There wasn’t much question of that. Abbie just didn’t know at the time that her former step-dad didn’t have any intention of having sex with her. Yet.”That sounds like a great idea,” I said. The details about us leaving the bar together are immaterial, I suppose. About 30 minutes later Jason and Abbie had checked in to a room at a hotel just on the fringe of town near the interstate, and Jason came to a side door to let me in and up to the room.When I got upstairs, Abbie was in a white babydoll gown, crouched on her knees on one of two queen-sized beds. “Damien, I’m glad Jason got you to come with us. You want to come over here and get ready for my step-daddy?”I gladly obliged, and immediately began rubbing her pussy through her white panties while Jason sat in a chair in the corner. While I began fingering her, Abbie unbuttoned my pants, slid my cock out and began stroking and kissing it.I grew so quickly it was almost embarrassing. 5-4 and barely more than 100 pounds, her tits are small but her nipples just perfectly pouty, and grew hard as I bent over to lick and nibble on them.”Jason, do you want me,” she asked.”So bad, baby,” I heard him say. “I just want to watch you just yet, though. casino firmalari Get comfortable.”It was then that things took a bit of a turn that I can’t say I regret.”Ok daddy, I will play with Damien for a while.”I know, “daddy” has become so commonplace in porn and even real sex, but to hear it out of her mouth, with the guy who was really her stepdad in the room was chilling in the best way. My pants now off, she turned on her knees so that her tight, cute little ass was facing him, her pussy now visible as I moved her panties to the side as I finger fucked her while she bent over to suck my cock. Her moans were too much for my buddy, who undid his pants and started stroking his dick watching us.I wanted to taste her so bad. I rolled Abbie over onto her back, with her head falling over the edge of the bed so she could watch Jason masturbating. I wrapped her legs around my shoulders and began lapping at her clean pussy, which had just a small tuft of hair above her puffy lips that, when I separated them with my tongue, were holding back an amazing amount of wetness.She moaned, and began to talk. “He’s eating my pussy daddy, don’t you want to,” she asked playfully, moaning. Jason sat silent. He was just stunned.”I bet it tastes better than mom’s ever did,” she giggled.I don’t know about Anissa’s pussy, but Abbie’s is fantastic. Her little ass isn’t bad either, and I ground my nose into her clit, working her close to orgasm, while i pressed my tongue into her butthole.”Come here, Jason, I want to suck daddy’s dick…please…” she begged.He wouldn’t get up. He slowly kept stroking. Very slowly. He later told me he about bust when she said that. But then Jason got an idea of how to flip it on her, and I think it struck her to the core even though it kind of insulted me. I got over it real quick.”I want to make sure you’re ready, baby girl,” he said. “Think of it like learning to ride your bike, remember? We had your training wheels first then let you go without them.”Abbie laughed the sexiest laugh I’ve ever heard at that.”Ok, daddy. I’ll do my best.”Dear God, did she ever.It wasn’t long after that until my tongue had her on the verge of orgasm. She ground her pussy into my face, smearing her juices all over me from ear to ear and bucking wildly on the bed, lifting her ass up and arching her back as she flooded herself.My cock was as hard or harder than it’d ever been in anything we’d done with a girl before, and it was about to get better.She collapsed, collecting her breath on the bed for several moments before I centered myself in front of her, sliding my dick between her güvenilir casino lips and slowly filling her pussy. She moaned, that high sing-song voice again, and raised her ass off the mattress as I entered her. I grabbed her little ass and began pulling her little body onto me. Slowly at first, but soon quicker and harder. She whined and wailed, looking behind her numerous times and asking, “is this good, daddy?””Very good, princess,” Jason said. “keep going”Abbie looked me in the eyes, and I swear I about came right there. “Show daddy that I can take it, Damien. Please????? Please fuck me as hard as you can?????? I can take it, I swear.””Let her look at me,” Jason said.I flipped her over onto her hands and knees, grabbed her by her left hip and shoved my cock back into her from behind. She whimpered again, and lowered her head to the mattress before raising it again to watch Jason in front of her, about 5 feet away.I slammed into her pussy over and over and over again, soon wetting my thumb and pressing it against her asshole, slowly pushing it inside. She talked like she’d been studying for the moment.”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yes, Damien….shove that thumb in my dirty asshole. I loved the way you eat my ass, get it all the way in there and fuck me hard for my daddy,” she ordered/begged me. I began to fuck her ass with my thumb and she groaned again.”Nnnnnnnnnnnng fuck yes, I’m a big girl.”My hand went to her left shoulder, holding her in place while I reamed into her. Jason was nearing his breaking point.She couldn’t help but encourage him.”Stroke that dick for me daddy, please? Abbie’s a good girl I can fuck good for it, stroke that dick and make it cum for me!”I could feel her pussy tightening. She was going to cum again, and I thought she was going to lose it this time.She bucked ferociously back into me, my thumb still in her ass, and said she’d be my whore for as long as her daddy would fuck her too.That was enough for Jason. He stood up and blasted a load of cum right into Abbie’s face. She opened her mouth just a fraction too late, as it went everywhere. All over her cheeks and nose, and even onto my stomach he shot so hard. As soon as he could, he shoved his dick into her mouth and she milked every last ounce of jizz out of him.I kept ramming but I wasn’t long in cumming after that. On the pill or not, I pulled out of her pussy and removed my thumb from her ass, pressing the head of my dick against her hole. I began to spurt into her, shoving my cock into her butthole and filling it with semen as most dripped down her pussy lips, still on her hands and knees.After collapsing onto each other and getting out breath, we got up and I cleaned up. Abbie stayed in her babydoll gown, and Jason put shorts on.I left about 20 minutes later. The story I got from Jason the next day let me know that Abbie had got rid of the training wheels.

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