Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 06

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The darkness of the Brazilian night accepted Laura like a welcoming friend. Slipping through the shadows she made her way swiftly through the back streets. She was approaching her destination when a sound ahead stopped her. A soft pattering noise was coming from the alleyway ahead. With a smile on her face hidden beneath her face mask Laura stealthily approached. Sneaking a quick peek around the corner she discovered that her guess had been right. Situated to the one side of a set of rubbish bins and old crates, two women had let down their skirts and panties and were now busily decorating the paved stone flooring with the combined flowing stains of their piss showers.

Laura’s night sensor brightly illuminated the two fast flowing streams of the piss flowing from the pussies of the two women. Their spent pee pools glowed hotly in her bright green display as did their urine showers as they rained downwards between their legs. Wanting a more lifelike taste of the women’s toilet Laura flipped her night lenses upwards and stole another peek at the two women. There was just enough light in the alleyway to betray their actions. A much better indication of their deed was the sound of their combined pissing which echoed loudly in the confines of the alleyway. The two pissing women were both young and attractive, the first with dark flowing curls, the second a short cropped blond. Between their knees, both had equally skimpy underwear on display whilst between their legs their pissing pussies were hidden by the darkness.

Laura flipped her night filter back into display. She felt cheated that between her expensive equipment and her own superbly trained night sight, she could not discern the women’s vaginas. She loved watched people pee, men and women alike. However she especially loved looking at the way in which piss would squirt from a pussy. She adored being naughty and squirting her own golden streams in naughty and exciting places. Most of all she loved looking at the different shapes and sizes of women’s pussies. Also, there was the indefinable pleasure of viewing the almost infinite different styles in which women would shave (or leave untouched) their mass of pubic hair.

The sound of flowing pee was being to die down now. With one final, green tinted looked at the urinating beauties, Laura stole away. Spying on the two women whilst they relieved themselves in a back alley had stirred up Laura’s sex drive. Now she had a clear idea of how to exact her revenge in Montier’s base of operations. All that remained now was to reach her destination.

Ten minutes later and Laura’s black clad athletic body was sliding in through an open window in the side of the street level warehouse. Broken glass littered the floor easily identifiable with the bright moonbeams streaming in from outside. The windows ran the entire length of the far wall whilst another bank of larger, frosted glass covered the opposing wall. Casting off her night vision and black hood, Laura shook her hair free. Long brown tussles fell down her shoulders as she reached for the central suit zipper. Undoing it down her body she then started to peel back the black fabric and exposing her soft creamy skin underneath. Her large breasts fell free of their restraint, large and firm on her chest. Bending down, her tits jutting forwards, Laura exposed her wide naked buttocks and the clear outline of her pubic mass as she wriggled free from the last constraints of her stealth suit.

Once completed naked she stepped away from her outfit and started to steal around the room looking with interest at Montier’s gathered notes and artefacts. Sheets of paper and notes lay littered everywhere. Idly she lifted up a discarded folder escort dikmen and quickly scanned through its contents. Not finding anything of interest she placed it back on the table where she had found it. By now the ache in her bladder had grown quite uncomfortable and she knew it was now time for her to have a wee. Padding softly over the cold floor Laura approached the doorway. She was going to leave Montier a nice large piss puddle on the floor for him to discover in the morning. Squatting down Laura brought her bum cheeks and pussy lips to within inches of the flooring. With a delicious initial squeeze Laura sent a hot thick stream of piss squirting over the office tiles. Her peeing was accompanied by a loud hiss and patter as her urine splashed down onto the floor.

Startled by the noisiness of her piss Laura decided it might be safer to find a quieter location to relive herself in. Standing up from her squat she admired the surprising large damp stain on the floor. She really had been bursting but now she really needed to continue her piss. Practically hopping from foot to foot Laura approached a rank of filing cabinets. Sliding out the bottom drawer of one such cabinet she resumed her squatting posture, this time allowing her pussy to hover immediately over the combined sets of files and folders insider. This time when she started to wee her escaping piss made a much softer noise as it rained downwards. Between her legs, her golden shower jetted from out of her open pee hole and sprayed the paper inside the cabinet with her hot deluge. This was much more fun than simply peeing on the floor and Laura continued her new wee for several long seconds.

The hiss of her escaping pee shower began to dwindle as Laura slowed her toilet of hot piss into the filing cabinet. With one last long and delicious squirt of pee into the open drawer beneath her form, she ceased her peeing. Standing up she grabbed a small stack of papers from off the top of cabinets before proceeding to wipe her pussy dry. Throwing the discarded pee stained papers to the floor she resumed her walk around the room.

At the far end lay a large wooden desk. Behind it was a dark chair made from leather and wood. Placing her bare buttocks down on its surface Laura found it quite comfortable once she had got past the initial chill. Sliding open the drawers she started to ransack the desk looking for clues as to Montier’s next assignment. It wasn’t long before she found the Vodka bottle. Undoing the top she took an experimental sniff. It smelt good so she took a quick swig. The drink felt like a smooth liquid fire as it slid down her throat and into her belly. Laura was tempted for a second dose but common sense advised against it.

She was just about to return the bottle to its home when a very naughty idea came to her. Moving the still uncapped bottle down her hairy vagina she parted her legs and allowed the bottle mouth to come into contact with her pussy lips. With a look of deep satisfaction on her pretty face, Laura started to have a piss. This time when her hot stream of fast flowing urine escaped her pee hole it immediately shot into the whisky bottle.

Staring down at the spectacle going on between her legs Laura enjoyed the show of witnessing herself pee into the bottle. Her fast flowing piss squirt was flowing over the glass walls and flowing downwards to mix with the Vodka. There wasn’t enough light to allow Laura to see the colour of her wee, but she knew that as long as she limited herself to just a quick piss then her deed should go unnoticed.

After capping the pee contaminated Vodka bottle she slid the drawer shut with the evidence inside. The next drawer escort elvankent proved to be a little more interesting although it took Laura a few seconds to absorb the significance of the paperwork. Her brain and hormones were still racing from her recent deeds. Piss vandalism was such an intoxicating way of extracting her revenge and she already begin to think of new ideas of where to have her next pee. The sheer sense of freedom of being able to spray her pussy shower where ever she liked, was already proving to be an incredible turn on. In fact her fingers were already exploring the region about her moist pussy hole as she held up the new papers into the moonlight streaming down from the wall windows.

Suddenly the significance of her find impacted on her brain. Her left hand came up to join the right that was holding these now so important pieces of paper. Laura had immediately recognised the picture of the artistic impression of a tall throne of skulls. This was the famed centrepiece from the ‘El Teatro de la Muerte’ or ‘Theatre of Death’ belonging to an Inca king named Atahualpa whose taste in cruelty knew few bounds. Laura had been looking for evidence of the existence of the throne for many years and at last she held the proof she needed in her hands.

Her hands were shaking as she placed the documents on the table top. Running back to her suit she extracted her small spy camera and quickly returned to the desk. Flicking through the important notes she snapped away until all the images were safely stored in her camera. By now she was feeling something close to rage at the fact that her nemesis had discovered the location of the throne before her. What remained to do now was to destroy Montier’s notes so he couldn’t follow her into the depths of Mexico as she sought out the ruined temple and its legendary contents.

Grabbing a permanent black marker pen from the desk she decided she would leave Montier a suitable note. In large letters she wrote the following on the wood of the desk; ‘Montier. I would rather take a piss on the Atahualpa’s throne than have you defile its home with your presence. Now that I have your notes I intend to do just that. Love Laura’.

Putting the pen down Laura stared at her handiwork. It seemed a suitable taunt but there was still something missing. Gathering up the notes that referred to the tomb and the sacred throne she placed them in a pile on the desk top. Without wasting another second clambered up onto the desk and carefully lowered her body down into a pee squat above the notes. With a satisfied check as to the distance between her pussy hole and the paperwork Laura started to pee.

Immediately a thick squirting shower of hot female urine splattered downwards. The initial impact point of her wee on the wood was accompanied by a loud pattering as she continued her toilet. Hot golden relief splattered over the desktop and the paper notes staining them immediately with her piss. Laura squirted harder ensuring that the main point where her piss hit the desk was in the exact centre of the notes. Splashes of piss bounced into the air with the force of her urine shower splashing down on the paper work. The notes themselves were already a piss soaked mess, the edges turning inwards as they absorbed more and more of Laura’s hot wee.

Laura was enjoying herself immensely with her latest piss. She remembered the women in the alleyway and how turned on she had been after witnessing them pissing over the alleyway floor. She wondered now what they might have made of her own antics in pissing over this desk in such a deliciously naughty manner.

The hot stream of pee was still flowing strongly escort emek from her pussy lips when suddenly Laura heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning in the office door. With horror she looked away from the display going on between her creamy legs to instead stare at the door. She had only just managed to hold her pee back in when the door opened and in walked a monster of a man. He had to be six foot ten at least, his massive bulk filling the doorway. Laura felt like she had been frozen in place as the guard took in the spectacle in front of him. There she was, completely naked with her large breasts and pussy on complete display. Between her parted legs the evidence on the table betrayed her actions. The piss soaked note paper and the pee puddle on the surrounding wooden top was a sure telltale sign. As was the soft dripping sound her spent wee was making as it fell off the edge of the table and onto the floor.

Slowly the guard eyes moved up Laura’s naked form. No expression betrayed his thoughts until their eyes met. Suddenly his ugly face took on a grimace of rage and he sprang to life. Charging at Laura’s position he roared out loud, a dark metal prod appearing in one hand. This broke Laura out of her trance just in time. The prod like device flew through the air as the burly guard slammed it towards the spot on the desk she had been occupying. At the last possible moment Laura leapt from her squatting posture, her naked body arching backwards as she somersaulted.

The metal device slammed into the wood just missing Laura. A loud flash burst from the desk and as a Laura landed she could clearly smell the unmistakeable stench of ozone in the air. Her body roll brought to her feet within seconds and she curled like a cat ready to pounce whilst her eyes sought out her opponent. It took a moment for the facts of what had just happened to register in Laura’s brain. Slowly she stood up tall, pale moonlight washing over her nude form.

The guard lay in a unconscious heap on the floor, the metal device he had been holding still clutched in his hand. She recognised it now as an electric shock prod and that proved her initial suspicion about the events that had just unfolded. The electrically charged end of the prod had missed her by bare inches as she had leapt clear. However the device had continued downwards bringing the prod into contact with the pee puddle she had made on the desk. The resulting mixture of urine and electricity had reacted badly together as the guard had immediately discovered.

With a satisfied grin on her face Laura walked over to the crumpled form of the man on the floor. Parting her legs in front of his head took great delight in sending a squirting shower of her piss downwards and all over his face. ‘That will teach him to attack a nude woman having a wee,’ she thought. Staring past her large hardened tits at the spectacle of her pissing pussy and the sight of her pee hitting the unconscious guard, Laura decided she would finish the rest of her wee all over him.

Moving up and down the unconscious hulk of a man, she enjoyed the thrill of having a quick pee over him from different positions. Finally Laura exhausted her bladder’s amply supply of urine and she finished her toilet with one final little shower over the guard’s pants. This made her laugh out loud as she finished her leak as it gave the convincing appearance that the guard had wet himself.

Dressing back into her stealth suit, Laura hid her nude body within its tight fitting confines. Snapping the night visor back into place she slid like a ghost out of the window and returned to the Brazilian night. She was already planning her trip to Mexico which should prove to be a pleasurable experience. If nothing else there was a particular fetish night club that she had frequented in the past that she now had every intention of returning to. Softly padding her way across the moonlight street she reached an alleyway and then vanished into its welcoming shadows.

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