Laughlin fun


Laughlin funI had spent most of the afternoon on the craps table, havingsome good luck I might add. After awhile, I started talkingto the others playing along. The guy next to me started towin pretty big too. We started talking while we were playing,after a while my wife came up to ask if we could go get somethingto eat. Since I was on a roll, I asked her to wait for awhile.During this time the guy next to me started talking withher. She kind of got caught up in the moment because everytime we won, she would give a high five to both of us and “buy”us drinks. She finally got me away from the table to get something toeat, then we heading up to our room for some good sex! Afterwe were finished, we were laying around having a smoke whenshe mentions the guy at the craps table. She admitted tome she thought he was cute, and wanted to know if I would liketo watch her fuck him!! Of course I said SURE!! She got up, put on a pair of levies, leaving the top two buttonsundone, put canlı bahis şirketleri on a small top that tied in the front and headeddown to the casino to look for him. It was about 20 minuteslater when I heard talking by the door to our room. I couldtell he was a little nervous about coming into the room,when I looked out the peep hole, I saw him lean into my wifeand place a nice kiss on her, she responded by putting herarms around him and pulling him into her. Once the kiss was over, I moved away from the door just intime for it to open. They walked in, we laughed a little,and then my wife went to the bathroom. We chatted for a coupleof minutes and I offered him a beer. When my wife came outof the bathroom she had opened her top, exposing her nicebreasts! Without saying a word, she walked up to him andkissed him again. This time his hands wondered over herbody, stopping at her tits that were now fully exposed.They continued to kiss as he pushed her top canlı kaçak iddaa off her shouldersand it dropped to the ground. After a few more minutes ofkissing and rubbing her tits, she sat on the edge of the bedand started undoing his pants. While she was doing this,he looked over to me and asked “ are you sure your cool withthis” but by the time I could answer, my wife had pulled outhis cock and in one motion slid it into her mouth, down her throattill her bottom lip was pressing against his balls. Shejust held it there, sucking him for a minute or two, she startedto rub his balls, his eyes were closed, and his head was tiltedback. I sat there and watched my wife suck this guy’s cockfor about 5 minutes or so, at about this time I notice hiships moving with my wife’s head, he was fucking my wife’smouth!! This only lasted about 20 seconds or so, then withhis cock still buried in her throat he tensed up and begancoming in her mouth!! Her eyes opened as he canlı kaçak bahis pumped his loaddown her throat. After he stopped coming, my wife lifted her head up and removedhis still hard cock from her mouth. She pushed herself uponto the bed and lay down on her back. He quickly moved himselfon to her and gave her a huge kiss. He then moved down her body,liking and kissing her all over. He got to her pants, andshe lifted her hips up to allow him to pull then off of her.Once off, she spread her legs, pulled him back to her andstarted kissing him again. I could tell by he way his asswas moving that he was pushing his cock into her. Then shebroke the kiss and let out a very load moan. He began pumpingin and out of my wife, slow at first, nice long strokes. Shewas being very loud; she put her hands on his ass and pulledhim deeper. He began moving faster; I could hear the suckingsounds of cock pumping in and out of my wife. Then, as my wifestarted to cum, he pushed himself all the way in her, stopped,then I heard him grunt, and knew he was dumping his secondload of cum in into my wife. After he was finished, he pulledout, got up, got dressed, gave her one long last kissed, said thanks and left. This all happened in less than 30 minutes.

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