Lat at night…………………………..


Lat at night…………………………..It’s late evening. You’ve just left from having a night out with the girls. You are driving down the road, not quite paying attention. You’re adjusting your make-up in the rearview mirror and chatting with a friend on the cell. Your vehicle is ‘drifting’ slightly in your lane. You bring your car back to your lane. Your distraction has caused you not to see the car parked on the side of the road. The vehicle pulls out behind you and follows you for several blocks. Now you finally notice the car behind you, it is following you, and you start to get nervous. Several scenarios fly thru your head. You’re not sure what to do or where to go. You start to get nervous, and your driving starts maraş escort to suffer. You turn your car off onto a side street hoping that the vehicle won’t follow you, but It does. Your heart is racing, not knowing what is about to happen. The red and blue lights of a police car come on in your rearview mirror! A huge wave of relief washes over you.”It’s a police car” you realize….”Oh no, I’m going to get a ticket!” are your first additional thoughts. You pull your vehicle over to the side of the dark, untraveled side street. The spotlight comes on, the uniformed Officer is approaching your car. “What did I do?” you are thinking. “Am I going to get a ticket? Is my license Valid? Is my insurance current? Where IS escort maraş my insurance??” Your mind is racing, “Am I going to jail for something?” The Officer has reached the window, he taps on it. asking you to role it down. You comply. “Good evening Ma’am, do you know why I’ve stopped you this evening?” he asks. Your mind is a blurr! You are not sure what to say. “No sir. What did I do?” you reliy”Ma’am you where weaving in your lane back there on Main Street, and I also noticed your attention was not on the road. I observed you on the cell phone.” Now you think “I may just get away (maybe) going to get away with just a ticket.” You unconsiously adjust you low cut blouse, brush your hair aside from your face, and look maraş escort bayan up at the Officer. You can’t quite see him. He is sillouetted against the spotlight. You now realize you’ve not answered the question he asked. “I’m sorry!”. You stammer out Now your heart is starting to flutter again, your pulse is elevated. The Officer is asking for your license, registration and proof of insurance. You are not quite listening again, off in your own thoughts of what might happen. You bring your focus back to the Officer’s questions. “Here they are, sir” you reply. The Officer asks that scary question.”Ma’am, have you had anything to drink this evening? We are having a problem with drivers under the influence here lately. I will need you to step out the vehicle, please. Due to you driving I’m going to have to have you submit to a few tests……………………………………..”Will you pass the ‘tests’? What are they? What’s going to happen NOW?!

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