Last Sex

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We were in the process of divorcing. Married 23 years.

Neither of us blamed the other for the divorce. Neither one of us was ever unfaithful. Guess it was just the wear and tear of 23 years.

I was home alone taking a shower. My wife and I tried to time our visits to the house to avoid sad, messy interactions during this period of separation. So I was surprised when I got out of the shower to find her in our bedroom.

She was on our bed. She was naked. Her legs were spread. All the muscles in her body looked so taut as she fingered herself in front of me.

Her hand movements were a blur. I couldn’t help but be aroused by her display.

Funny the things you notice – how hard her nipples looked, the sound of her rapid breathing, how perfectly pointed were her toes as she came.

There was a brief moan of satisfaction when she finished.

Didn’t know what to think – did she want to try to save our relationship or just have one last fling?

She motioned me closer. She removed my towel and gripped my stiffening bahis firmaları cock.

She started to slowly stroke me while she licked all around the head. She was good at this and remembered what gave me the most pleasure.

Then the confusing exchange started (up to this point no words had been spoken).

She moved further back on the bed and I knelt between her open legs. “I know what you want.” she said, while she kept stroking me.

We briefly held each other in the most loving embrace I’ll ever remember. Next she slowly rubbed the head of my hard cock up and down the entire length of her wet pussy lips. She did this three times. Then she stopped, let go of me and said:

“Yes, I know you want to fuck me. But I DON’T want you to. We shouldn’t do this.”

She laid back on our bed, folded her hands behind her head, turned away and broke eye contact with me. She was so “open”, so exposed, with her legs spread wide and my hard cock still pressing against her, she waited for my response.

Was this all a test? A game? kaçak iddaa Just a last minute change of heart?

I didn’t speak – she did.

“I know how much you want to slide your cock in me right now. But you are someone I trust. I know you won’t force yourself on me. We just shouldn’t do this.”

I moved away from her and tried to hide the tear that ran down my cheek. She sensed my sadness and confusion.

I still don’t know what this was all about. Was this the point where she established complete control over me and what was left of our long marriage? Guess all relationships are about control.

I got off our bed to go clean up and leave. She stopped me and said “You can’t go anywhere in that state.” pointing at my still hard cock. “You need some relief, you need to let go.”

She firmly took hold my cock with one hand and grabbed my balls with the other. Maybe that was a final gesture of her control or she just remembered that over the years of our lovemaking, her hand cupping my balls had always helped me get off.

She kaçak bahis started to say things that were not her usual style: – “I’m goin’ to milk all your cum out of these tight balls.” – “I want to watch you to shoot your load all over my tits.” Words and phrases that she never used with me before.

It didn’t take much. Just a few strong strokes combined with her unexpected, bold language.

She smiled. “Job” done.

Guess all guys are easy to get off. So the question is was I kindly “jerked off” or cleverly “jerked around?”

She reached down and licked a drop of cum off her nipple (she had/has very beautiful breasts).

Finally, she lovingly kissed the head of my spent cock.

This was our last sex and is the end of my story.


The events I described in this brief story are true. My attempts to ask my wife why this happened have been rebuffed. She believes we need to “move on.” Perhaps she’s right.

If you have thoughts about our last sexual encounter that might help me through what I’m still trying to sort out, I’d like to read them. I do realize what you’ve read is only MY view of what happened.

Maybe a woman’s perspective could help me better understand.


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