Kylee’s Sauna Fantasies


Kylee’s Sauna FantasiesFollow me.on instagram @raqm0900Introduction:Tranny fucks guy in sauna and brings him home.Last Saturday I went over to a friend’s house to eat and he had his sister, Kylee, over for dinner. For some reason it seemed like they didn’t like each other very much. As the food was set out to eat they argued over who was going to sit where; she wanted to sit next to me, but my friend was the man of the house and he won the debate. Rosa sat across from me. She sat down slow and winked at me while doing so. We were having a roast with broccoli and baby carrots. That night Kylee was wearing a thin blue silk dress that rode up half her thigh when she sat down. Constantly I was in an internal conflict; trying to get a peek under that flimsy dress and trying to pry my eyes away from it. Rosa couldn’t keep her eyes off of me. She would look into my eyes as she sucked in the baby carrots, and she sucked on the really hard. I couldn’t help myself from getting extremely hard. She seemed to notice because she stuck her bare foot in between my legs. She moved her foot up and down to stimulate grinding or a hand job. Hardly a word was spoken between them except for discussing when she would leave and where she would go. She was to leave that night and stay at a very nice hotel almost a half hour away. It so happens that I am working at that hotel. This I failed to mention due to the sheer amount of pleasure I was getting under the table. I was about to cum after twenty minutes of constant pleasure, but Kylee must have sensed it because she stopped moving her foot and took it away.I had to leave early because I still had to work at the hotel that night. Reluctant I was to leave because I had pool duty that night. Later after the pool closed I went in to clean the floors and the sauna. It’s the humidity that kills you, said a rather familiar voice coming from the sauna.I was mopping the floor and the voice made me jump. I lost balance and fell into the pool. I couldn’t picture whose voce it was, but I knew I’d heard it before. I opened the door to the sauna to find Kylee standing in the middle of the sauna, sweaty and wrapped in nothing but a hotel towel. Doesn’t that bother you, being naked I a public place?, I said while eying her body from her toes to her head. No, because the door to the pool is locked and I didn’t expect anybody to come in here and turn the lights back on, was the response I got. She told me to come over to her and squeeze her breasts. Which were a modest size of 34 DD. As I massaged her soft silky flesh I lowered my head to suck her nipples. To my surprise milk came out into my mouth. I have a medical condition that makes my body produce milk all year round, Kylee breathed through the pleasure of getting her boobs sucked like a giant pacifier. She undressed me as I sucked on her nipples until I stood there in my underwear. We sat down on the bench, continuing our foreplay. She removed my cupped hand from her other breast and moved it to the opening in the towel below her crotch. I reached in slowly and found that she was still wearing underwear. The space underneath was oddly shaped and before I could pull the panties aside she took my hand out and stood up. She asked me if I liked oral and I responded by telling her I loved it. She told me to describe getting my dick sucked because she was curious to know what it feels like. She made a deal that after I answered with enough detail she would remove her towel and panties. I did so and she began to take her clothes off. She also told me to lock the sauna door and I did.Now I got to see all her features to their full potential. She had long brown hair, deep lusty brown eyes, and a frame to match the beauty in her face. She wasn’t a twig or fat, she was a perfect mixture that gave her that thickness that every guy dreams of. I lowered by eyes past her perfect boobs and caught my eye on the huge cock hanging between her thighs. It had to be at least seven inches, and it wasn’t even erect! In that moment I want to tell you that I unlocked the door to run away, but I didn’t. I just sat there giresun escort on my knees, not a foot from this enormous dick, staring at it in shock because I was expecting to find a pretty pink pussy. In that moment of mesmerizing shock, Kylee said, Don’t you want me to feel all those amazing things you described while telling me about oral sex?Just then, I eagerly grabbed her perfect round ass and pulled her into my mouth. I sucked and licked the best I could to try and please her. I did it mostly to get it over with so I could have my turn, but the more I sucked on her length and made her hard the more I enjoyed it. Apparently she enjoyed it too judging by the way she moaned in delight. After a few minutes of eagerly slurping on her cock she tensed up and shot an unbelievably large load deep into the back of my throat. I tried to keep up but she came buckets, and soon her seed filled my mouth to the brim. Right when I thought my stomach would explode from cum overload, she stopped coming and removed her soft cock from my mouth. She kneeled down with me and I gave her a passionate kiss, pushing all the excess semen in my mouth into hers. Kylee then looked down to my rock hard cock with her mouth filled with her own seed. Motioning me to get up with her hands, I stood up and she took my whole seven inches into her mouth. Lubing it up with her mouth full of warm semen. Kylee swallowed the excess and asked me how I liked it.It was fantastic, was all I could manage through all the gasping. I took her entire length into my mouth and slurped it until it was erect. She was seven inches soft…and I guessed it was at least ten inches long just by how deep it went down my throat.I want that cock buried in my ass, Kylee declared as she bent herself over the wooden bench in the hot sauna. The thought that this must be a dream kept reoccurring as I obeyed her every command. My shaft was laid out across her plump cheek and it slid across her bum due to the sheer amount of cum that it was covered in. I teased her for a very long time by sliding it up and down her asshole. It caught a few times and almost went in but I stopped it from doing so…until Kylee thought she had enough teasing and grabbed it, moving my head to her small tight asshole. With a little force, and a lot of lube, I pushed my way inside; making her moan in delight. Believe it or not, this is the first time I let a guy fuck me in the ass, Kylee said. Then she added, but I’ve fucked many boys silly and making them cum without touching their cocks. I figure I’ll do the same to you. After hearing that I let her know who was in charge and forced another two inched inside, making her squeal. Half way inside and I already feel like I’m going to cum, I thought to myself with regret. I held back until I was all the way in, opening her up to accommodate my length. She wanted me to start pumping her slow and deep. I started doing so and when she was gaping and asking for more, I slammed my cock deep inside her with a powerful thrust that made her flinch from pain and pleasure. As soon as my balls slapped loudly against her ass I came, shooting more cum into her than I knew I had. She responded by squeezing her muscles in her ass, making her sphincter suck and drain my shaft of its contents. Then I asked how she liked it.I’ve always wanted to know what that feels like, but I guess you have more to learn than me because I’m a few inches longer than you are.Thicker too, I added. Which made her blush.Thanks, want to go back to my room? I can ask for towels and a bottle of vodka. You can bring it up to me.Of course if it means fucking the shit out of you again! I said. We left the sauna and she took her bikini from the corner of it as we left. She slipped it on and before we left the dark area of the pool she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me with passion. I could still taste the cum in her mouth and to my surprise she licked some off my cheek that I didn’t even know was there. That could’ve caused a problem with the other staff. She told me she was staying in room 752.That’s the presidential suite! I exclaimed giresun escort bayan as she was walking down the hallway, but Kylee never heard me. Ten minutes later I returned with the most expensive and nice bottle of vodka I could find, with it were two glasses and three towels. The door opened and in it was Kylee, wearing the sexiest dark blue lingerie I’ve ever seen. She was practically naked. I could get it out of my head that this stunning girl was walking around with a big load of my cum deep in her ass. Come in googly eyes, she giggled. I set the wine bottle on the countertop, still surprised I was about to have hot sex with this women in one of the nicest rooms in the city. I can see that you are interested in how I can afford to live so nicely, she said. Well my parents died and in their will there was an error. See my mom wasn’t the brightest women. She gave my brother their home and everything they own, thinking it would amount to equal what they had in their bank account. But they had quite the fortune, and they gave me their bank account, which contained almost three million dollars. And now you are here with me, a millionaire, and we are about to have some insane exotic sex. Want something to drink?She poured a few glasses for each of us and after drinking them I had a sweet buzz going on. I was ready for sex.This made a nice size tent in my pants and Kylee noticed. She growled at me all sexy like and showed me the way to her bedroom. My eyes got wide when I saw several sex toys laid across the silky sheets. There was a box of condoms, a couple different sized vibrating dildos and cock rings. Kylee picked up the box of condoms and threw them into the trash.She turned around and said, we don’t need those right. I’ll be your cum dump and you’ll be mine. See it’s my turn to fuck you and I wanted to know if you wanted something a little extra. I was extremely nervous and didn’t know how I felt about getting my ass ripped open by this enormous cock. But I was hazed by the surprise and whispered, a vibrating cock ring. She then pulled her lingerie panties to the side and put a red cock ring on. I mean me, I said with a big nervous smile on my face. Before she could take it off, I u*********sly blurted out that she could wear one too. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I felt way more dizzy than I did right after we took the drinks. I just thought the alcohol was starting to kick in. She undressed me and pulled my underwear down with her teeth, letting her lips drag a wet trail all the way down my package. The she drew back and slipped the ring on, which was a perfect fit. She smiled even more and flicked the switch to the ring that was squeezing the base of her dick. It vibrated viciously and made her long dick vibrate and twitch with it. How long is it?, I asked. Its eleven inches, my little monster, Kylee said with a dirty smile before adding, and it’s going to be buried in you all the way up to the ring. I want you to feel my big balls slap your ass. I also want you to feel the ring vibrate while sitting against your hole, making you open up and moan. I’m going to lube it up with your cum, now lay down boy toy.She then turned on my vibrator and swallowed my dick into her mouth. Which was small enough to squeeze my dick and with the warmth I could’ve sworn it was a pussy. She deep throated me with skill and precision. Taking my whole seen inches inside and licking the vibrator. What made it almost over bearing was that she looked my deeply in the eyes with lust the whole time. After almost ten minutes I started making small thrusts, which I tend to do when I am about to climax. Kylee closed her eyes and sucked with enough force to drain me of cum without even being erect. I came hard for the second time that night but I wasn’t done screwing the shit of this hot teen. She gave me a quick kiss and sat on my chest. If the perfectly smooth naked ass pushing on my stomach wasn’t enough to turn me on, her eleven inches of hard meat laying on my chest did. It almost reached my chin! She demanded me to open my mouth. And when I did, she escort giresun let my cum fall from her lips to mine. I was disturbed at first and then I pretended it was hers and I ate it all up. I knew it wouldn’t be in my mouth long because I had to lube her cock with it. Immediately she scooted forward enough that I could slurp and spit all over her and spread it around with my hands. Her vibrator was still on and I was wondering how she didn’t blow her load already. After the last of the cum was on her dick. She told me to turn over and let me see her hands. She played a little good cop bad cop and handcuffed me to the bedposts, legs and arms spread. She told me I needed “punishment” for being naughty. I couldn’t see behind me but I could feel her grinding against my asshole the same way I was doing it to her. What astonished me was that I was almost begging for it, raising my butt and whispering dirty things to myself. She went on like this for a while and I realized I had to ask for it. I couldn’t reach around and grab it like she did to me. Before I opened my mouth to start begging she turned my cock ring off and removed it.You won’t need this baby. You’re going to cum like a girl, hands free. That tipped me over the edge, I begged for her cock in my ass. I told her how much I wanted and how badly I wanted to feel her fill my up.Oh I will, she said, I’ll probably cum twice as much as before because of all this foreplay. I asked her how it was possible to cum that much. Even earlier was an insane amount. She answered by putting her cock in front of my face where I could see it. Then she raised it and I could finally see how big her balls were. They were like g****fruits! The size of my fist. Then she told me to kiss them for good luck and the more sloppy and messy the kiss was, the better she would fuck me. And so, being a good boy, I slurped and lucked on her balls. She then mounted my and pushed her tip into me. She noticed how relaxed I was and how much I was enjoying myself and she slid a few more inches inside me. I then came to the realization that I was heavily d**gged or drunk. But I didn’t drink that much. I asked her what she put in my drink and she said nothing. But she said that she put a tab of ecstasy on the tip of her cock but I was too hungry for it to notice. Realizing that she didn’t really d**g me and she put it right in from of my eyes, I accepted that it happened and actually thanked her. She seemed happy to hear that and she forced another three inches into me. Now there were seven inches of her cock in me and I was well over half way there. I thought for a second that this is what it feels like to have my whole length in a women’s ass. I noticed that her cock ring was turned off, it hasn’t been vibrating since she put the head in me. Then she started to exit. Right before she left me completely she rammed her cock in until there was only one inch left, which meant there were ten inches of girl cock rammed up my ass. I was spasming and squeezing her. Almost cumming from pleasure. She turned the vibrator back on and with one more thrust she popped the rest into me. She was breathing hard and moaning as she pumped my ass faster and faster. Tis went on until my eyes and head were bobbing from ecstasy. The vibrations rippled through her cock, which was about a foot inside me. We went on like this for what seemed like only a few minutes. I twisted my head and caught a glimpse of the time. She had been fucking me hard for almost an hour and a half. Kylee’s thrusts were more involuntary now, like u*********s. Not relating them to what I tend to do before I cum, I was unprepared for the tremendous explosion of seed into my ass. It streamed out and pulsed, making me squeeze it harder and harder until I let go and let her fill me until she was done. After what seemed like a liter of cum later, my cock started to switch like crazy and I came right into my lovers sheets. The silky fabric rubbed my dick as she put one final thrust deep in my and laid down on my back. Semen was squirting from my ass due to the pressure of her cock and the amount she let out.She removed the restraints and I rolled onto my side, with her soft cock still in my ass. We slept that way, Kylee cuddling me from behind and inside me, until almost noon. And when we woke up she was still in me. But she had morning wood…

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