Krystal Marie Bearden 1,


Krystal Marie Bearden 1,It starts off as a nice afternoon, just chillin’ wit you, I say “Babe could could you make some Rigatoni, tonight?” You “Yes, daddy anything for you.” We later on hang out with Niggitty Nathan your son, watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. Untill I receive a text from 1 of my other Bitches, from L.A. Khloe K. You flipout “You still talking to that Kardashian Bitch Khloe, you know what, get the fuck out of my house.” I proceed to walk all the way back to the lightrail station. Then walk home to Corrde Terra appts. 3 days pass and you hit me “What up, Whatcha doing?” I “Chillin’ just playin’ video games, whats good.?” You “I’m comin’ over.” Bang, 12 minutes you show up at my moms pad Where I stay. You “Come downstairs.” I “Aiight I come down wearing a navy blue du-rag, white G Unit thermal, and navy blue G Unit sweats. I get downstairs “Whats poppin’?” You “Nigga, you know whats poppin’. I miss you, John Duh- stop playin’.” I “My nigga you stressin’ cuz Khloe hit me with a text , why you trippin’.?” You “Yeah whatever, come here.” You wearing Black B.F. Clothing sweats, black hoody, and a black beanie.We chillin by the benches your sitting above the benches on this tan rock banister. I come up in front of you, illegal bahis we get to talkin’. I “So you miss me huh?” You “Yes, why you playin’?” I wrap my arms around that jumbo round juicy luscious fat ass, up under ya sweat pants and and panties. I say “You want me to come home or what?” You “Yes daddy stop.” I continue to squeez that big wide thick thunderous big ssbbw monster ass and say “What you miss?” You “You-Nigga!” I “Andddd?” You “And what else, nigga that dick,,, now please come home and fuckthe dogg shit out of me!.!.!” I “Aiight come here.” I pull you by that ass and start lick kissin ya neck, nibbling on yo ear. You “Now just come daddy damn!!” Kissin ya neck an shlap shmack – grab squeezin that white mountain booty. I “Aiight let me go grab some clothes and the XBox and come right back down.” I jog back upstairs grab the keys, xbox, clothes, a a niggas wallet and then come back and jump in the White 4door Saturn. We put Nate in Bed then I snatch yo big ass up, we kiss and swarm each other untill your room, I barely pull my sweats and drawls down, dick rock hard. Istart rippin yo panties and sweats down, erotic ecstasy taking over our bodies, I climb up on top of you, then diggy dip storm dive that dick inside of you, I start illegal bahis siteleri polly pipin the fuck out of you, kissin and lickin all over your neck, thunder pipin’ you, missionary grippin’ on them thick fatass hips and thighs. You cry out “Your hurting me.” As I’m thrashing clobbering that pussy clock rockin that thang. I ” Shut up – Bitch and take this Dick!!!” Just mountain lion dickin’ you, diggitty dirty deep down dickin’ you. You “Good God, daddy beat it up Nigga, beat it up!!!” I keep power plowin’ that pussy. You “Hold up daddy, I think you rippin my shit.” I “Nah, Bitch this is what ya said you wanted right!?!” and then as Im deep doggy dungeon dickin away at that pussy it happens your shit rip sheer shatter tears in 3, like my dick tore thru cartilage and tissue. I said “Oooh baby, I’m sorry baby damn Ididnt mean to Rip it like that.” You say “Oh God, daddy you just busteddeep into my G-Spot nigga Ouch, I came 15x. Nigga GOTTDAMN!!!!” The next day I hit the block with my cousin Paps, French Montana bussing Knocks and smoking blunts. Untill I came home with the .9, You say “Why you bring a gun in my house John?” I “For protection what else, nigga.” You “I have a c***d I dont want him around that shit.” I “Alright, canlı bahis siteleri I’ll put it in the car.” As i walk to the front door, you casually say under your breath “…..nigger.” I “What you say.” You “Nothin’ , just go put the gun in the car please daddy, dang?.” I get back upstairs and we enjoy some nice baked chicken and watch the Catastrophic SUPERMAN Show on HBO, then I get another text but this time its from Kim K. Another Kardashian and you flash on a nigga again. “Who the fuck is that texting you this late at night another one of them Kardashian bitches, who now, Kim’s Hoe Ass. You know what John Getthe fuck outta of my house!!!” I “Its just a text message!” You “I dont give a damn, GET OUT!!” I “Bitch I ain’t going nowhere now get yo ass in the back and suck this fat black dick and balls!” You “No GET OUT of my house!!! I pull you by the back of your neck and hair towards the back master bedroom, you fall to the floor on your knees in heated rage and scream at the top of your lungs “NIGGER!!!” I face you reach back and shmack the piss out of you then milliseconds afterwards I say “Like PrettyBoy Floyd Money Maywheather, on anybody!!!” Silence for 14 seconds……. I walk to the bed and get into it, you follow me and do the same, ………..silence for 14 more seconds, then finally I “I’m sorry babe, I didnt mean to slap you.” You “It’s good.” All of a sudden my dick get rock hard.I roll over to my side. You “Why yo dick so fuckin’….. hard? Huh??”To Be Continued

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