KinkyVixen’s Diary: The New Toy

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Dear Diary,

God, I couldn’t wait to get home. Sitting at my desk all afternoon, thinking about tonight made me so-o-o horny! I made the mistake of going home for lunch. I got there just in time to sign for the delivery I’d been waiting for. I’d never been so excited to see a plain brown box before! I dragged it inside, which was quite a feat since I was wearing my work clothes and heels, and my skirt was a little on the “fitted” side. But anyhoo …

I got the box inside my living room and just stood there staring at it. I wanted to rip it open right then and there and put that baby to work, but I knew that I only had about 25 minutes left on my lunch break, damn that traffic! Maybe I could go back in to work a little later, say I had some digestive issues … no that won’t work. I used that excuse last week when I was late coming back from a quickie that turned out not to be so quick. Dammit!! It broke my heart a little, but I had to set it to the side and grab something to eat before I headed back to work. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat!

Back at work, I was excited and frustrated for the rest of afternoon. I sat there squirming around in my tight skirt with nothing but my thong on underneath. I’m pretty sure that anyone coming into my office could smell my arousal. I could and it made me even wetter. God I couldn’t wait to feel that thing pulsing inside me, to feel it vibrating on my clit. Oh shit, I came on myself again. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up before I got a wet spot on my skirt. What the hell, I said as I stepped into a stall in the empty Ladies’ Room. I hiked my skirt up over my thick hips and shoved my panties to one side. I zeroed in on my throbbing clit, running my finger up and down her length in small circles. Mmmmmmoooooooh, that feels so good. My little clitty was so hard and was getting harder and swelling in length, loving the feel of my finger on her. I came hard against the stall door, trying to muffle my moans. I slipped the middle finger of my other hand inside my hot box and pumped it in and out while my other finger still worked on my clit. God I was so fucking wet. I slipped another finger inside and moved them in and out, slowly so that my pussy internet casino didn’t make any slurping noises. I squeezed my pussy around my fingers as they slid in and out, greedily trying to feel as much as I could since I couldn’t pound myself hard like I usually like it. I came for the fourth time that day with my pussy wrapped tight around my two middle fingers and my other hand working my hard ass little clit. I came so freaking hard that time I’m surprised I didn’t lose my balance. I pulled my panties down and peed, wiped off my hands, pussy and clit as best I could, washed my hands and went back to my office to endure the last 2 hours of my work day.

Fortunately, I got caught up in a new project that was assigned to me, so I had something else to focus on rather than my seemingly endless horniness. But I wasn’t so engrossed in my work that I didn’t notice when the numbers on the clock glowed 4:30. I was outta there in a flash like the Horny Brown Hornet, heeheehee.

I got to my house in less than 15 minutes, kicked off my heels and practically dove on the box to tear it open. Damn all that tape! I ran to the kitchen to get a knife, and slid it across the top and along the sides, and opened the box flaps. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, there it was. My new baby sitting there all handsome among the packing peanuts and foam. I leaned over into the box and lifted out my new $1300 toy. I know, I know. That is a hell of a lot of money for a sex toy. But honeeeey, when I saw that video online with that woman sitting on this thing looking like she was losing her mind, I grabbed my wallet so fast that sucker was smoking! There’s a 15 day money back guarantee, so I just might use the hell out of this thing for two weeks and send it back if I need to, but I doubt I will.

I sat it on my coffee table, spread out the attachments and remote control and just looked at it all for a minute. Mmmmm, I couldn’t wait to plug this thing in and work it out. It’s one of those Sybian machines, you know, shaped kind of like a horse saddle that you mount (mmm) with attachments you can put on that rotate and vibrate. It’s supposed to stimulate your clit while the other piece rotates inside your pussy, canlı poker oyna hitting your G-spot. I’m so eager to try it, so why am I so nervous all of a sudden? You’d think this was my first time, and honey, it’s been A LOT of years since my first time. I pulled myself together and lugged it upstairs to my bedroom and placed it on the bench at the foot of my bed. Perfect height and angle. I grabbed the attachments and ran into the bathroom to rinse and dry them off. I placed the flat attachement, with just some little nubs on it to rub on my clitty, on top of the machine and turned it on. I placed my hand on it and felt the vibrations travel all over my body. OMG, I can’t WAIT to hop on this thing. I feel my pussy juice dripping down my leg, and I think I’m slobbering just a little.

I unbuttoned my blouse, and unhooked my bra. I held my heavy 38 C’s in my hands and plucked and squeezed my already hard chocolate nipples. I felt like I was about to explode. I slowly unfastened my skirt and slid my panties down over my pretty, caramel-colored legs. I felt for my clitty, and rubbed her a little, maybe trying to get her warmed up for the first mounting. God, just thinking about “mounting” gets me so damn hot. I pull the bench out a little from the bed so that I can straddle it. My heart is beating so fast, my nipples are so tight and tingly, my pussy is feeling so damn heavy and my clit is throbbing so hard I can hardly take it. I lower myself down onto the machine, maneuvering a little to get my clitty positioned just right, and slowly turn on the vibration. Mmmm, that’s wonderful. Ohhhhh, yes. I’ve tried a lot of vibrators in my day, but I’d never felt anything like this before. I could feel my pussy lips spreading out over the attachment and I started rocking a little, back and forth, back and forth. OH yes that feels so damn good. I’m having mini orgasms, back to back. I start grinding my pussy on it, while my clitty is stretched out long and hard and I’m so damn wet and I feel a tightening in my stomach that starts spreading slowly down toward my pussy and clit and up toward my nipples and I feel my muscles start to clench and twitch and I know what’s coming next … me! I suck poker oyna in my breath and let it out slowly on a long shaky moan. I start cumming and cumming and cumming, drenching the pad and the mount with my cum, and it feels like I’ll never stop.

I slowly stand as best as I could and brace myself against the bench. My legs and arms were so shaky it took me almost a full minute to be able to swing my leg around. I looked around and grabbed my other attachment, the Finger. Yes, it’s shaped like a finger, and still has the stubby nubs for my clitty. I slide that sucker on the machine and hop on again. I lower my pussy onto the finger and swing my hips around in circles. I squeeze my pussy and feel the finger rubbing against my juicy walls. Damn. Okay, time to start again. I turn on the vibration very low, and then turn on the rotation. The finger starts to rotate. I’d never felt anything like that before in all my 40 years. I could feel it rotating around inside my pussy in small tight fast circles. I revved it up a little more and the circles got a little bigger and wider. Mmmmm. My pussy seemed to have a mind of her own! She started clenching and unclenching around that finger and as I revved it up just a little more, she got so wet it’s like she was crying, it felt so good. My clitty was lapping up the attention too. I’d never felt so wet before in my life, and I’ve been called Juicy Fruit by a few of my lovers!

I reached up and grabbed my titties, and pulled on my nipples. I start twitching all over and clenching my pussy muscles even harder. I put a nipple in my mouth, bit down a little and flicked it over and over with my tongue, while still pinching and pulling on the other nipple. Oh yes, I feel it. Oh God, it’s hitting my G-spot. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Yes, yes, YES!!! I threw my head back and exploded. I grabbed the back of the mount and ground my pussy and clit hard onto it, riding out the aftershocks, rocking and moving up and down, my titties bouncing and swaying and it all felt so damn good and sexy. I’ve never, ever felt anything like that.

I finally managed to get myself off of the machine and stumbled toward the bathroom. I passed by my full-length mirror and loved what I saw. I saw a beautiful, caramel-brown woman with a thick, lushly curved body who’d just been thoroughly pleasured. And to think, I can feel like this anytime I want to, thanks to my new little buddy. Mmmm, I can’t wait! More later Diary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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