Kim & Dave, part 3


Kim & Dave, part 3PART 3As they ate, Kim told Dave about how excited she had been to finally get together in person. Ever since their plans had been finalized, Kim had refrained from any sexual activity, had not fucked anyone, not at the Ranch, not on her business trips, had not even touched herself for fear that she would cum immediately. She had not even touched herself when reading Dave’s messages to her, even though she still took her panties off before reading them, because she always got extremely horny and wet. She just began to get a towel out and sit on that as she read, refusing to touch herself or even rub her legs together, as she knew this would make her cum in an instant. She said she felt like a virgin, wanting to save herself just for these three days, and she couldn’t remember the last time she had gone this long without at least masturbating, must have been in grade school sometime. She just wanted Dave to know that she was just a coiled-up spring of sexual tension, and when he told her to take off her undies in the car, it was like opening the door to a blast furnace, and she could no longer control her desires. She said she had cum almost immediately when he fingered her in the car at the airport, and how hot it made her to expose herself to the parking lot attendant, she just felt like a totally wanton slut. And then she really did NEED to suck Dave’s cock in the car, she had waited and wondered for so long about her lover’s cock, and she HAD to know how it would look and taste and how his jism would taste, and she was not disappointed. Yes, she had had many bigger cocks, but none that satisfied her more, either in the taste of his ejaculate, or the way it felt in her anus, clearly Dave knew how to make love to a woman. And taking her to the bookstore was a stroke of genius on his part, she could get a taste of pussy, get her ass licked and fucked and play out some of her exhibitionist tendencies, while having multiple clitoral and anal orgasms and watching a bunch of guys jacking off to her performance.While that had dampened down her fires a little, they heated back up on the drive to the hotel, she still was on fire and needed to expose herself as much as possible, and letting a bunch of strange men and women lust after her big titties on the way to the hotel was just too big a temptation to resist, after denying herself sexual outlets for so long. And then walking through the lobby braless with Dave, feeling all kinds of men ogling her, looking at her massive titties shaking and jiggling as they walked to the elevator had almost made her cum on the spot. And then getting to the room and having Dave undress her was a tremendous turn on, God, she was so fucking needy, needy for his cock, and when he licked her ass and down her ass crack, she had wanted to drop down on all fours and spread her ass cheeks so he could tongue-fuck her ass, but she resisted the urge so she could get cleaned up for him, as she said, so he could make her dirty again. And that was what she had wanted, for them to have the night alone together, with anyone and everyone watching, she had denied herself for this opportunity and she wanted tonight to be the dirtiest, nastiest, sexiest night he’d ever experienced, she wanted to give Dave the gift of herself, a woman in full, totally erotic, sensual, sexual, needy, giving, in all ways to give him and get from him the ultimate sexual experience. And she had scrubbed herself in the shower, prepping herself like a virgin on her wedding night for him, and then, getting out of the shower and drying herself, realizing that she had forgotten to grab the robe off the bed. It had been with a false sense of modesty that she had even closed the door to the bathroom, but the last thing she expected, when she went out to get her robe, was for anyone but Dave to be there.When she saw the waiter, they made eye contact, and she saw him looking at her naked body, and when she looked at his crotch, she could see his erection growing in his pants, and her desire became uncontrollable again once she knew he was of legal age of consent: She had to have his cock! She quickly developed a plan in her facile brain and decided to include asking Dave for permission. How could he say no, that would be to deny her pleasure and deny him the pleasure of seeing her in action. As she proceeded to suck off the young, hung waiter, she could see Dave out of the corner of her eye stroking his erect cock, as she continued to fellate the young waiter. Dave didn’t come, but the young waiter sure as hell did, he must have been storing up his semen for a long time, as much as he shot on her tits and down her throat. All this discourse was in the interest of trying to explain to Dave how fucking horny she was and how she was just acting on pure a****l lust, and she really wanted to dedicate the next two days together exclusively to their mutual sexual pleasure, the urgency to do wild, impulsive things had now abated, and she just wanted to do wild and crazy things with him. As she looked at Dave’s crotch through the glass top of the table, she saw that Dave’s cock was fully erect, her hot talk had gotten him extremely excited. As Dave finished his meal, he stood up and told Kim he was going to take a shower, then walked over behind her and reached down to cup both of her mammoth breasts in his hands, and told Kim that after he finished his shower he was going to spend hours worshipping her heavy titties. Kim turned her head and felt Dave’s erect cock against her cheek, then turned further and took his entire length into her mouth, sucking him briefly. Dave moaned, but finally kaçak casino mustered the will to break away and head for the bathroom and his shower. As he did, Kim finished her meal, then went into the bathroom, got a washcloth, soaped it up and began to wash her breasts, removing any residue from the waiter’s orgasm, making her all fresh and clean for Dave to pleasure them any way he wanted. She glanced through the glass shower door and watched for a while as Dave soaped up and stroked his hard cock. God, how she wanted that cock in every hole in her body, wanted to feel and taste all his bodily fluids on and in her body. She then walked out of the bathroom and walked naked over to the outside windows and stretched, lifting her arms straight over her head, as her breasts pushed forward against the window. As she looked out, she noticed lights coming on in a number of rooms, although she couldn’t detect anyone watching her. Soon, she sensed Dave coming up behind her, and felt his hands on her tits and his cock pressing against her ass.She turned around and put her arms around Dave, pulled him to her, mashing her big tits against his chest, feeling her nipples harden as they rubbed against Dave’s bare skin, and kissed him deeply, forcing her tongue into his mouth and battling with Dave’s active tongue in her mouth. Kim broke the kiss long enough to say, “Okay, sweetie, what do you have in mind, I’m ready and willing to do anything you want me to do, no matter how dirty or nasty or different or weird you may think it may be, even though you may not have done it before, I probably have, and I want you to experience everything I have, everything you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. Nothing is too perverse or too kinky for us to do together, you just name it.” Dave said, “Oh, baby, you’re like a dream come true, so damn beautiful and sexy, with this fabulous body that I have lusted after for so long, the first thing I want to do is make love to your fabulous breasts, I really haven’t gotten to pay sexual homage to them yet, just to see them and feel them a little, but I want to worship them, and make you cum just from my manual and oral attention to them. Now let’s go over and lie down in bed and let me begin to work on them.”Kim grabbed Dave’s cock and led him over to the bed and lay down in the center of the bed, with Dave lying down next to her on her right side. Dave reached over and began to squeeze Kim’s left breast, rubbing in circles around it, hefting it with his hand, pushing it toward her right tit , then grabbing her right tit and massaging it too. He lifted his head and began to kiss Kim deeply as he continued to massage her tits, then pulled Kim toward him, rolling her onto her right side as he slid down in bed and moved his lips down to her breasts and began licking all over her huge globes, licking in circles all around each breast, in ever smaller circles until he was finally licking all around her large, softly-pebbled aureole, such a beautiful pinkish-brown color . Finally, after a number of minutes of licking all around her nipples, Dave finally began to tongue directly across her nipples, causing Kim to emit a deep groan. Dave continued to flick her nipples as they became harder and more elongated, thrusting out proudly from the center of her breasts, now coated with Dave’s saliva. Kim cried out, ” Oh, baby, I must have nerves that run from my nipples right down to my clit and cunt, when you lick my nipples it feels like you’re licking my cunt, it causes the same reaction. If you suck my nipples, now, sweetie, I’m going to cum hard without even touching my genitals.”With that invitation, Dave grabbed both of Kim’s giant tits and pressed them together so he could suck on both her nipples at the same time, and then proceeded to do just that, putting both nipples in his mouth and continuing to flick his tongue across both nipples as he began to suck hard. A few more minutes of this and Kim was moaning more loudly, and pumping her hips up as if to meet an invisible lover pressing into her cunt. Kim practically yelled out, “Oh, fuck, yes Dave, I’m cuuuummmming, baby! Don’t stop, please!” Dave wasn’t about to stop, he had never known a woman who could cum at all, much less cum so strongly just from his tit-play on her nipples. Kim had the greatest tits of any woman he’d ever been with, milky-white and unbelievably soft, so much fun to play with, to jiggle and shake, with pale blue veins and gorgeous, large aureoles centered by her sensitive, out-thrusting nipples. Dave loved how they hung noticeably, and so sexily, with a magnificent cleavage and he loved how they swung and swayed when she walked, like they moved independently from the motion of the rest of her body, and he loved the way they pancaked on her chest when she was on her back, flopping so delightfully apart, until Dave could grab them and pull them together so her nipples were adjoining and he could suck both of them at once. As Kim slowly came down from her fabulous orgasm, Dave told her that he wanted to eat her pussy and have her suck his cock. Kim agreed, and Dave moved her cross-wise on the bed, so her head was hanging off the side of the bed, they looked out the window and saw a few rooms with their lights on, as their lights were on, and mostly dark rooms, but couldn’t see anyone watching them. Dave moved above Kim’s head, standing above her and told Kim to open her mouth. He then lowered himself and dropped his swinging nuts into her mouth and let her suck on them for a while. He then lifted his balls out of her mouth and put his semi-hard dick in her mouth. He then bent over her and pulled casino oyna her legs toward him, pulling them up toward her chest until her hips were off the bed. Dave reached over and grabbed two pillows and put them under her hips, then placed his upper arms behind her knees and held her in that position as he bent his head down and began to lick up and down her pussy lips, tasting her pussy-juice gushing out of her cunt. He flicked his tongue over her clit then down again to lick up and down her slit again. Then he moved further down to lick her perineum, then further down to minister to her anus, he licked all around it, getting the entire area wet with his saliva before making a circle with his tongue and began pressng it directly into her puckered brown-hole. Meanwhile he began to move his cock into and out of Kim’s mouth, feeling it get harder as she sucked him. He continued to tongue-fuck her anus, then moved up to lick through her crack up to her clit, licking it and sucking it for a few seconds before moving back down to fuck her anus with his tongue. Dave repeated this sequence over and over, stimulating all of Kim’s nerve endings in her entire vaginal and anal areas, and Kim was moaning louder and louder, moving her hips, slowly at first, then increasing their motion, trying to draw his mouth into all of her ass and cunt, sucking harder on his cock and bobbing her head faster up and down the length of his cock, taking his entire length in. In this position, Dave could feel his cockhead actually entering Kim’s throat, as her lips were pressed up against his pubic bone, he had never had a woman take the entire length of his cock in her mouth the way Kim was doing it. He was in ecstasy, as was Kim, and he could tell she was about to cum. “Don’t wait for me, baby, I want you to cum, I’m not quite there yet,” Dave said, and with that, he took Kim’s clit in his mouth and tongued and sucked it hard, taking Kim over the edge. Dave then covered her entire cunt with his mouth and felt Kim ejaculate her fluid right into his mouth. Kim was shaking and hollering as best as she could with his cock down her throat. Dave went back up and sucked her clit some more, a little more gently as Kim slowly came down from her orgasm.Right at this moment the telephone rang. Dave released Kim’s legs, lifted his cock out of Kim’s mouth and reached for the phone. He picked it up and said “Hello.” A woman’s voice said. “Hello. sorry for the interruption, but we are calling from the room directly across from you, and we’ve got a question. We have you on speakerphone, can you put the phone near your woman’s ear so we can talk to both of you?” Dave said, “Yes, just a minute” and picked up the phone and placed it on the bed near her, and briefly explained to Kim that it was a call from a couple in the room directly across from them. They both looked over to see a darkened room, no lights on. Dave turned up the volume on the headset, and put the headset on the bed near Kim’s ear. “Can you both hear us now?” said the woman’s voice. Dave shook his head yes to Kim, and she said, “Yes, we can hear you.” “We just wanted to thank you for the show you’ve been putting on. We’re a married couple, 20 years worth and the spark had gone out for us, until this afternoon. We’re older than you, young lady, but younger than you, sir, and we have been watching you, and mimicking you, all afternoon. My husband saw you first, and told me about your fantastic body, young lady, and I have been attracted to watching your partner’s cock, and how he maintains an erection, almost constantly. And when you grabbed that young waiter and gave him the blow job of his life this afternoon, I couldn’t help but strip and get on my knees and suck off my husband, too. My God, he hasn’t shot a load like that in years, all over my tits. And I made him lick all his jizz off me, too. Now, my tits are not as big and shapely as yours, my dear, but I’ve been told I have a pretty nice rack for my age,” she said. “A hell of a nice pair of tits,” they heard a male voice say in the background. The woman continued, “Now, we have been doing everything you two have been doing for the last two hours, and I must say, watching your tit-play and watching you cum so hard, young lady, was an inspiration for my husband, he has never spent that much time making love to my tits, and today I had my first orgasm just from having my tits sucked, but I promise you, it won’t be my last. Now he has been sucking me in the same position as you two have been in, and I have been sucking his cock like you have, but we couldn’t see exactly what you were doing to your mate, sir. I was telling my husband that he was licking your anus, but he said no he wasn’t That is something we have never done, but since we are trying to emulate your love-making exactly, a slight argument arose, and we decided to call you and find out the truth. He did suck me to a fine orgasm, but we just wondered if we should do more?” Kim responded, “Well, thank you for all the nice compliments, we deliberately left the curtains open and the lights on, as we love to be watched, and you have honored us so much by emulating our sex play. In answer to your question, yes, he was licking my anus, even more than that, he was sticking his tongue deep inside my asshole with his tongue. It is really exciting and you should try it on your wonderful wife, sir, you’ll drive her wild and she’ll repay you in ways you can’t imagine for the ecstasy you will bring her. Is there anything else?” The female voice said, “No, but we’ll be turning our lights on now, too. We also like to be watched. Possibly we could canlı casino siteleri have lunch tomorrow.” Kim said, “You have our number. We’ll see. Goodnight.” Dave put the headset back in the cradle and put the phone back on the nightstand.”Well, Kim, how does that make you feel?” Dave asked. Kim said, “Hotter than hell. I like to be watched, but I don’t remember ever talking to anyone who watched me like that, to critique us and want to do what we are doing as they watched. I think we need to move over to the other side of the bed and assume the same position, and let them watch you tongue-fuck my asshole, if you’re still up fot it.””I agree, let’s show them how to do it and, baby, I’m still up for anything you want to do tonight. Oh, look, their lights are on and they are standing there watching us,” Dave said as he grabbed Kim around the waist and they looked across at the naked couple standing watching them. “She does have a great set of tits, not as big as yours, more saggy, but they could still turn me on, ,” Dave said. Kim said “Yes she does, great for an older gal, and he’s got a nice big cock, I’ll bet she loves to suck that.” As they watched, the other couple waved to them, and Kim and Dave waved back.They went back to the bed , to the other side, and once again Kim laid down on her back, with her head hanging off the side of the bed and her legs spread, and Dave dangled his semi-erect cock above her mouth while reaching down to pull her legs toward her chest, placing the pillows under her hips as they rose off the bed. He again wedged his upper arms behind her knees, so she didn’t have to strain to maintain this position, which gave Dave full access to her entire genital and anal areas. Dave immediately bent forward and began licking and sucking Kim’s still-wet pussy, then down to lick her anus as Kim began to moan with pleasure. Dave glanced out the window and saw their neigbors in the same 69 position and he appeared to be licking his wife’s anus, possibly for the first time ever. Dave told Kim what they were doing, and she lifted her head to take Dave’s growing cock into her mouth and begin to suck it. Soon Dave had a full erection, with the combination of his licking and sucking Kim’s pussy and ass, Kim’s sucking his cock, and the vision of their neighbors doing the same making him hotter by the second. He continued to lick and suck Kim, alternating his attentions between her clit, her cunt and her anus, licking and sucking all her erogenous zones, driving Kim nearly mad. She didn’t know what stimulated her most, and he never spent long enough doing one thing for her to quite reach a peak, but the combination of sensations was slowly driving her crazy, her breathing accelerated and she couldn’t help but moan loudly as his cock filled her mouth and the entrance to her throat, and she began pumping her hips against Dave’s mouth, trying to fuck his tongue as it seemed to be everywhere on her. Dave too began rocking his hips, driving his steel-like rod fully into Kim’s throat as he fucked her face. After a few more minutes of this, Dave said, “Oh, suck me baby, I’m going to cum, you cum with me!” as he placed his mouth squarely over her clit and licked and sucked it’s erect tip as deeply and strongly as he could, feeling Kim begin to quiver with the prelude to her orgasm, and he felt the cum rising along the length of his cock, preparing to explode down Kim’s grasping throat. Kim continued to fuck Dave’s face as her orgasm hit her just as Dave began to pump his load into Kim’s mouth, spurt after spurt of hot semen exploding into her mouth, and she savoring and swallowing every drop of every shot, as she yelled in ecstasy with Dave’s sucking her to orgasm. Kim continued to tremble for a while as Dave released her clit from his mouth and began to tenderly lick up and down Kim’s sensitive vaginal lips, licking and lapping up all her secretions, joyful in the sensational taste of Kim’s orgasmic fluids. As Kim gradually came back to earth, Dave’s cock began to soften in her mouth, and he lifted his dick out of her mouth and replaced it with his now-drained testicles, which she began to lick and suck as Dave again began to lick earnestly at her cunt and anus, beginning her climb to new heights of pleasure. They continued in this manner for another hour or so, with Kim having two more mind-blowing, full-fledged orgasms as Dave sucked her to new altitudes of pleasure. Finally, Kim was exhausted and losing sensitivity, and she told Dave she was exhausted and couldn’t cum anymore tonight. Finally, Dave stood up, and bent down to kiss her deeply while fondling her large, pale breasts, and he asked if she were ready to sleep. Kim said she was, and thanked Dave for her multiple orgasms, for staying with her and licking and sucking her for so long, one of the best sex sessions she had ever had, just cumming and cumming and cumming with hardly any break in between. She finally managed to stand up and head into the bathroom, and they looked across at their neighbors who were again standing together nude, looking over at them and waving goodnight. Dave and Kim waved back as Kim headed to the bathroom, and Dave bent down to turn down the bed covers, awaiting Kim’s return. He then had a thought and went into the bathroom, where Kim was sitting on the stool, finishing peeing. Dave knelt down and told Kim he wanted to clean her up when she was done, and she said sure, and slid down on the stool as Dave began to lick the last drops of pee from her lips, savoring the taste as she squirted one last bit of her amber liquid directly into his mouth. They then got up and went to bed, holding each other tightly and kissing, with Kim groping Dave’s flaccid cock, and Dave pawing at Kim’s big breasts and rubbing the soft globes of her ass until they both fell into a deep sleep, to dream of more adventures tomorrow.TO BE CONTINUED

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