Ken 04 – A Visitor and My First Real Test


Ken 04 – A Visitor and My First Real TestI always felt that Ken was plunging me into situations with little or no preparation. The first night we were together he had me strip naked in front of him, masturbate, piss on the floor and roll around in it. There had been no warning, no easing me into it, just a gentle insistence. He just quietly told me what to do and I did it. Not without some hesitation and some serious doubts, but I did whatever he told me to.It felt like diving in the deep end but with a gentle push from Ken. I still don’t know why I obeyed him the way I did and why I didn’t run away screaming. Perhaps I went along with it simply because it was so shocking, so weird and so unexpected.Or perhaps, simply because I enjoyed it. The most simply explanations are usually the right ones.Ken maintains that everything I did, I did because I wanted to, not because he forced me or told me to do it. I never felt coerced or under any pressure to do anything. I think I really enjoyed being told what to do. I always felt, in a strange way, that I could not be held accountable for any of the things I did and the full accountability lay with Ken. Ken was the instigator and thereby assumed full accountability.It’s a bit like the way someone explained the freedom and liberation you feel when you adopt a submissive sexual role. The dominant person assumes the accountability leaving the submissive unfettered and not constrained by any expectations of ‘normal’ or acceptable behaviour.It sounds contradictory and yet it makes sense to me. I feel it. I feel liberated and exhilarated when I assume a submissive role but I never feel that when I assume a dominant role. The dominant role carries responsibility and accountability. I always felt safe with Ken in a way I never felt with any other man. I trusted him completely yet that trust was never earned it just seemed to somehow manifest on that first night with him.I always believed that no matter what happened or what I did, Ken would always rescue me, save me, if things got out of hand.I was 19 when I met Ken and he was 63. I was incredibly naïve and ignorant about sex, relationships, people and the world in general. Ken was like a teacher, a master, a Svengali, a friend but never like a lover. I saw him as many things but never as a lover. Ken taught me a lot about life and about sex, he taught me that sex wasn’t just about fucking and that fucking was only a small part of sex. He loosened my inhibitions, gave me a taste for kinky sex and he taught me how to really enjoy sex. The most important thing though that I took away from all of this was that plain, unattractive girls/women like me can be sexually desirable.I hated my body when I first met Ken and even now I still have reservations about my physical appearance. I know and I accept that I am not what is generally considered attractive, pretty and a far cry from beautiful and yet he taught me that men and women can still find me attractive despite my physical appearance. I still struggle with it but I am not incapacitated by it like I was when I first met Ken.In all the time we have spent together over the years, we have spent more time with Ken, usually fully dressed, lying on a couch, with me completely naked, lying on the floor at his feet usually wearing a dog collar and leash.We did this more than anything else.We would spend hours like this, listening to classical music and that is where I developed my appreciation for it.He had these beautiful polished hardwood floors throughout his house and I loved the feeling of lying naked on them. They always felt warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Sometimes they felt slightly oily and I would feel a slight oiliness on my skin from lying on them be that was a pleasant feeling as well.A few nights before we had played a game with old Tom, Ken’s next door neighbour. Ken got me to go over to Tom’s naked, tell him I had locked myself out of the house and ask for his help. It was a perv fest for Tom and I think a lesson for me in how men did find me sexually attractive and men WOULD perv on me if given a chance. It was a major lesson for me. I had spent most of my life up to the time I met Ken believing that nobody found me sexually attractive and nobody wanted to fuck me.Even my boyfriend didn’t want to fuck me. He was happy dry humping me and that seemed like as far as he wanted to go with me. I didn’t understand it and simply put his reluctance to fuck me down to my own unattractiveness.Tom had been very, very interested in me, very interested and very keen to perv on me, to look at my skinny, small breasted body. That had really surprised me and even though I always felt Ken was continually pushing me into the deep end the game with Tom felt like some kind of preparation for The Visitor.I had been completely naked in front of old Tom for quite a long time and old Tom had had a very good look at my body. It sort of prepared me for what was to come a few nights later. The Visitor.The Visitor always felt like my first REAL test with Ken.It was three days after the game with old Tom and it had been a fairly quiet night really. Ken took me out to dinner like he normally did, we sat and talked like two perfectly normal people over dinner then we went back to his house and I got naked and lay on the floor wearing the dog collar and leash while he lay on the couch, fully dressed.We listened to a full CD of Mahler then Ken got me to masturbate while he watched. I sat on the floor directly in front of him, knees up, legs apart and I rubbed my clit the way he had taught me to.I used to just rub my clit haphazardly, mainly just up and down, until Ken had shown me to rub it with a circular motion, pressing down hard with the tip of my middle finger, varying the pressure. It was much, much better.I had only had one proper orgasm, courtesy of Theo’s tongue, before I met Ken. I couldn’t get myself to orgasm no matter how hard I tried and all I could ever manage were what I called ‘tremors.’ Ken’s technique certainly helped but what got me to orgasm was Ken watching me. I could always cum when he watched me but on my own all I could manage was the tremors.Ken got me to masturbate in front of him that first night and after that I enjoyed doing it in front of him even though it was always awkward at first for a long time.Ken sat up to watch me masturbate and after a while he took his cock out and began to wank. It was almost a ritual. I had a few tremors and a very mild but very pleasant little orgasm and he beckoned me over.I knelt between his legs and sucked his cock. Ken liked to go down on me and for me to suck him off more than fucking. We did fuck but not very often.I always loved sucking his little cock. It always amazed and surprised me very time I saw it. I always expected a big man like Ken to naturally have a big cock and I was always surprised every time is saw it.I loved the way he was always fully dressed, usually in a suit, with just his cock out of his trousers while I was fully naked. Kneeling on his hardwood floors between his legs while he sat on the couch, legs wide apart.He moaned softly when he came in my mouth. A soft, gentle ‘Unnh, unnh’ sound like he always did when I sucked him off. I kept my lips clamped tightly around his cock when he came and swallowed every drop of it, careful not to let any get on his trousers.I tucked, his little cock back in his pants, wet now with my saliva and then he picked me up, like he usually did and carried me into his bedroom. Sometimes he would carry me and sometimes he would lead me in with the leash, waking me in there like a dog.I liked both ways but I preferred it when he carried me. I liked the feeling of his strong arms around me and being carried.He carefully positioned me on the bed with my ass right on the edge, so he could get to my cunt easily. He knelt on the floor beside the bed, between my legs, still fully dressed and he went down on me.He made me cum. Hard. He always did. He was a Master Cunt Licker although he didn’t just lick. He varied it a lot but he knew what made me cum. He taught me this as well. He would suck my clit into his mouth and while he sucked hard on it, he would rub the very tip of my clit, which was inside his mouth, with the tip of his tongue. I just LOVE the combination of sucking and tongue rubbing on my clit at the same time. It never fails to get me off.Ken loved going down on me or more accurately I think, he loved making me cum. I often wonder if it was purely a power thing for him rather than a desire to please me or if it was some way of compensating for his small cock. If he couldn’t please and satisfy a woman with his small cock, he certainly could with his mouth.Oh God, he pleased and satisfied me. Completely. güngören escort Who cares about his little cock when he can make a woman cum the way he made me cum?He liked me sucking him off on the couch but he almost always took me into the bedroom to go down on me. If we did fuck, we usually fucked on the floor in front of the mirrored doors of his wardrobes. We didn’t fuck that night though. He went down on me until I had to beg him to stop. Ken was the only man, except for Mike many years later, that I ever had to tear off my cunt. Most men I had to hold down there. We were back in the lounge listening to Brahms when the doorbell rang. I was back on the floor, naked still wearing the dog collar and leash and Ken was lying on the couch, stroking my hair.I say the doorbell rang but it didn’t really. Ken had his doorbell linked to his phone somehow and he could also talk to people who were at the door and unlock the front door with his phone to let people in. He was very high tech, Ken.I was in a dreamy, post orgasm state of bliss and wasn’t listening to his conversation with whoever was at the door until I heard him say.”Door’s unlocked, come on up.”That got my attention. Big time. I began to panic. Someone was coming up the stairs and I was naked. And I was wearing a dog collar and leash. I went to get up but Ken gently pushed me back down with a hand on my shoulder.”Ssh.” He said softly. “Stay there and don’t move. And don’t speak. No matter what.”No matter what? What the fuck. I felt the panic rising in me. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to get up and get out of there before whoever it was saw me. Saw me lying naked on the floor wearing a dog collar and leash.But Ken had said ‘Don’t move.’ I thought it must be alright then. Whoever it was, it must be alright for me to be here like this. It must be alright for whoever it was to see me like this.I told myself this would be OK. It would be just like with old Tom only a bit different. Maybe it was old Tom. That would be alright. I thought I could handle that. Old tom had already seen me naked so no big deal there. And he had obviously liked what he had seen.I heard footsteps on the stairs. Coming up the stairs. It wasn’t old Tom. The footsteps were light and quick. Old tom was slow and heavy. It wasn’t old Tom. It was someone else. A stranger. Oh God. I began to panic again. I couldn’t let anyone see me like this. Naked. Wearing a dog collar and leash.”Lie down.” Ken said quietly.I felt insanely relieved to be told to do something. I desperately wanted to do something and I kept thinking I should be leaving this room. I lay down as instructed. I lay on my side, facing the couch so I wouldn’t have to see whoever it was. I curled up.Then I realised my cunt was on display lying like this and pointing right at whoever was coming. I quickly rolled over to face away from the couch. Then I realised whoever it was could see my tits like this. Cunt or tits? What should I do?I covered my tits with my arm and lay on my side facing away from the couch. I closed my eyes and curled my legs up with my ass right up against the couch. OK. This was OK. I felt a tiny bit better. Ken reached down and began to gently stroke my upper arm and shoulder and that made me feel better. This will be fine, I told myself. Whatever the fuck it was, Ken knew what he was doing and it would all be fine. I felt myself slipping back into Dog Mode. I had only been on the leash a few times but I’d spent many hours by then curled up on the floor at Ken’s feet and I found I slipped into Dog Mode every easily.In Dog mode I wasn’t allowed to speak at all, or to stand up or act in anyway like a human. I had to act just like a dog would and I found it was very easy to slip into that role.I liked pretending to be a dog. A bitch more accurately, I guess. I thought it was crazy and fucked up but I liked it anyway. “What the fuck?” I heard a voice say. It was a pleasant voice full of surprise and amusement. A man. An older man by the sound of it. That made me feel a it better knowing it was an older man. I was already beginning to feel much more comfortable with older men than men my own age who I had never felt comfortable with.The visitor laughed softly, a deep, low, throaty laugh, similar to Ken’s chuckle but more of a laugh than a chuckle.”Ken what are you…? How do you do this?” The voice said with more than a hint of incredulity.”Do what?” Ken replied, the amusement obvious in his voice. He was enjoying this. I wondered if he was simply enjoying his friend’s obvious surprise or just enjoying showing off. Hey, look at me, I’ve got a naked woman on a leash lying on the floor at my feet like a mongrel dog.”Is she drunk? Passed out?” The voice said.”No, she’s asleep.””Not much of a watchdog.” “Mmm. She’s still learning.””She’s ah, quite beautiful.”Beautiful? Huh? I carefully opened my eyes a tiny bit so I could check out this guy who just said I was beautiful. He was about Ken’s age, much smaller, slimmer, fully grey hair, glasses. I thought he should probably get his glasses checked if he thought I was beautiful. He was wearing a suit, as if he had come straight from work, despite the fairly late hour. He looked kind of nice. He had an open, friendly face and he was obviously surprised and still trying to come to terms with a naked woman at Ken’s feet wearing a dog collar.I decided he was harmless and closed my eyes again. I was till terribly embarrassed but at least I wasn’t scared any more. “So, what’s this all about?” The voice asked.”About? What do you mean?””A naked young woman lying on your floor. Is that a dog collar she’s wearing? And a leash?””Mmm. A dog should wear a collar and the leash is for when I take her outside later. You know, to pee.””Oh no, you’re too much. Let the poor girl up and let her get dressed.””She’s not a girl, Gerry. She’s a dog. A bitch to be exact.”Gerry, huh? So that’s his name. Gerry. Good to know. Now what?Ken began to stroke me again, running his fingers along my arm, then along my hip to my thigh. I opened one eye and peered at Gerry. He was watching closely. Watching ken stroking me. Peering at me, trying to get a better look at me. He was trying to get a look at my tits. And my cunt. But I had my arm covering my tits and he couldn’t see my cunt because I had my legs together and my knees up.”I don’t know how you do it.” Gerry said. “I don’t know how you talk them into their crazy shit.”So, Gerry had seen something like this before. I wondered what.Ken nudged me gently.”Hey, wake up. Wake up. We’ve got company. Get up and meet Gerry.”Get up? Oh no. No, I couldn’t do that. I was OK lying here with my eyes closed, curled up, cunt and tits out of sight but I couldn’t get up. He must mean up on my hands and knees. I couldn’t do that.I felt the leash go tight. Ken tugged on it. Oh No. No, please don’t make me get up. I was facing away from Ken so I couldn’t even give him an imploring look. He jerked the leash again, much harder, make my head jerk up.”Up.” Ken said sharply, in that voice people use to order dogs around. I slowly got up on my hands and knees, right next to the couch, side on to Gerry. I felt cool air in my exposed tits, and I felt Gerry’s eyes on me. On my little tits underneath me. I stayed still, on my hands and knees, head down, my hair falling down covering my face.I could see Gerry’s shoes, black and shiny. I always liked a man who looked after his shoes. I hated men with scruffy, dirty shoes and Gerry’s were gleaming like brand new shoes.”What do you think?” Ken asked.”I think she’s beautiful.”That word again. Surely not. Not beautiful.”What’s her name?” Gerry asked.”She doesn’t have one yet.””She’s so sleek and slender. Svelte would be a good name for her.””Is that a dog’s name?””There’s no such thing as a dog’s name. You can call them anything you like and Svelte suits …. Um.. this one.””It doesn’t roll off the tongue easily. Two awkward consonants together at the beginning.”I thought madness was contagious. Gerry was buying into this and talking about me as though I were a dog. Now Ken was talking about ‘awkward consonants’ and I’m on my hands and knees naked in front of a complete stranger. Wearing a dog collar and leash.Ken tugged the leash again.”Say hello to Gerry. Come on. She’s not used to strangers.”Oh My God. Say hello? What? Do I have to look at him. It’s one thing to have him looking at me but for me to look at him was taking this to a whole new level. I kept my head down.”Say hello to her Gerry. Get down and give her a pat.””She won’t bite me will she?” Gerry said, laughing nervously.Did he really think I would bite him? What the fuck? This is really getting fucked up and Ken had just told him to give me a pat. Oh, no, no, no.Ken got off the couch. escort güngören He jerked the lead again and led me out to the centre of the lounge room. I crawled along behind him on my hands and knees. Ken led me round in a large circle and I thought well there’s no mystery about me left now for Gerry. Now he’s had a really good look at me.Ken knelt down and patted me like a dog. He stroked me from shoulder to hip the slowly dragged his fingertips over my ass making me shiver. I felt goose bumps all over my arms and legs.”Come and give her a pat.” Ken said. I glanced up at Ken. He was smiling. He was loving this. I glanced at Gerry. He looked nervous, unsure, uncertain. As was I. I wondered where all this was going. I wondered exactly what Ken was up to.Gerry knelt beside me and stroked my back. Gently. His hand felt warm. He ran his hand from my shoulder down over my back to my ass and down the back of my thigh. I thought that was a bit bold. Touching my ass and the back of my thigh.”She feels so smooth and warm. Svelte would really suit her.” Gerry said quietly but his voice sounded a bit strained.Gerry was kneeling beside me, very close to me. We were almost touching. He put his hand on my shoulder again and started to stroke me, running his hand all the way down my body from my shoulder to my ass and trailing off down the back of my thighs. “Hello Svelte.” Gerry said in that peculiar manner people sue when talking to dogs and babies. “You like that don’t you?” He said to me.I thought what the fuck, I’m a dog so I did a doggy thing and rubbed my face against his leg. “Oh, you really do like that.” Gerry said but there was something different about his voice now.”She really likes having her tummy rubbed, don’t you girl?” Ken said, keeling down on the opposite side of me to Gerry.Ken rubbed my stomach in a circular motion with the palm of his hand then casually slid his hand over my right breast and cupped it, then gently squeezed it and held onto it for a moment, long enough to make sure that Gerry had seen it.”Like this.” Ken said to Gerry, squeezing my breast, as if to emphasise the point. “She really likes that.””Would she mind if I…?” Gerry asked nervously.”No, she loves it. Go ahead.”Gerry rubbed my stomach the same way Ken had, then cupped my breast and squeezed it, just as Ken had done. Gerry held my breast loosely in his hand, slowly moving his hand, caressing my nipple with the palm of his hand. I felt my nipple harden.Gerry felt my nipple harden too and he squeezed my tit harder. God, it wasn’t even a handful. He moved his hand to my other tits and began to caress that one with the palm of his hand. He was kneeling right beside me, very close and I could hear his breathing quickening. He was getting turned on. So was I. I was scared and still feeling embarrassed and I had no idea where this was going to go or how far Ken would let it go but I was feeling excited and turned on.Gerry kept playing with my tits, apparently very happy with them. He really seemed to be enjoying himself. It felt strange having my tits touched like this when I was on my hands and knees. My tits hung down beneath me and somehow felt fuller. Bigger. Gerry’s hands felt good. He was very gentle.Ken began to play with my ass, stroking it, caressing it, running his fingers all over my ass, grazing the crack of my ass with his fingertips, sliding his hand down the back of my thighs the way Gerry had done.I don’t know which was weirder, me pretending I was a dog and letting them touch me like this or two old men in their 60s pretending I was a dog. Or a bitch. This must have looked very weird. Me on my hands and knees, naked, with two old men kneeling beside me patting me and caressing me as if I was a dog. Or a bitch.I was still feeling embarrassed, nervous, anxious and slightly worried where this was all going. But turned on and excited. Such a strange mix of emotions. It was sort of difficult playing at being a dog with Ken, but I could slip into the role easily enough, but it was much more difficult with another man there. But Gerry seemed nice. He seemed harmless. And Ken was here. I knew I was safe with Ken here. “She really likes this too.” Ken said quietly.He reached underneath me and slid his hand over my stomach, then ran one finger along my Landing Strip, that neat little rectangle of pubic hair I thought was so cool and sexy.Oh God, I thought. What is he doing? Is he encouraging Gerry to finger me? Well, obviously he was. Ken’s finger kept moving on my Landing Strip, sliding up and down it, his finger almost tipping over into my cunt. His finger tip grazed the top of my cunt slit.Ken took his hand away and Gerry slid his hand down my stomach and hesitantly caressed my landing strip. He lightly ran his finger up and down it. It felt nice but I could feel my body trembling but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was scared or excited. It could have been either but was probably both.Gerry was kneeling right beside me, one knee on the floor and his left hand resting on his knee close to my face while he had his right arm underneath me, caressing my Landing Strip with his right hand.I did it without thinking. I don’t know if it was because I was in Dog Mode so deeply or I was turned on or I just felt the need to do something. I moved my head closer to Gerry hand resting on his knee and I began to lick it. Like a dog would. Lick, lick, lick. Gerry flinched then stared at me. He could see my face clearly now, perhaps for the first time.I kept licking his fingers and his hand had stopped on my Landing strip and he was pressing on it. Hard. “She likes you.” Ken said, smiling happily.”Yeah.” Gerry said quietly.Gerry watched me licking his fingers, staring intently, and I felt his finger slide down my Landing Strip then in between my cunt lips. It was a deliberate move. He was watching me, probably watching for my reaction to his finger on my cunt. I kept licking. He slid his finger further down, deeper in between my cunt lips and he began to rub the outside of my cunt, in between my cunt lips. His finger moved slowly up and down.”She really likes that.” Ken said quietly, looking at Gerry’s finger on my cunt.I felt his finger slide into my cunt hole, hesitantly at first, just in a little way, then he slid it in deeper. I resisted the urge to suck his fingers. A dog wouldn’t so that. No, they just lick. So I kept licking.Gerry began to slowly finger fuck me and I realised my cunt was wet. It was very wet. His finger slid in and out easily. It felt nice. I felt my body begin to sway back and forth, gently rocking on my hands and knees. “She likes that even more.” Ken said quietly, almost a whisper.”Oh God.” Gerry said, his voice a harsh whisper.He curled his fingers and I felt his finger go deeper into my cunt. He began to finger fuck me faster. I started gently chewing on his fingers. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe I was getting bored with licking them.”She likes licking your fingers.” Ken said.Gerry looked up at Ken, looking at him over my bare back. I saw him look at my ass, running his eyes up and down my body. He moved his hand, lifting it off his knee and separating his fingers. I began to chew on one finger then took it in my mouth and gently chewed on it. Again, I resisted the urge to suck it.”Why don’t you give her something a bit more … interesting to lick?” Ken said in a whisper.”What?” Gerry said in surprise. “You mean…?””Yeah. Go on, she wants to.”What? His cock? Did Ken just tell Gerry I wanted to suck his cock? Oh My God, this was getting out of hand. I didn’t want to suck his cock. Or did I? I didn’t know. How could I not know that? What the fuck? This was getting out of hand. “Are you sure?” Gerry asked incredulously.”Yeah.” Ken said, nodding encouragingly.”I couldn’t. You mean just…””Just drop your cock out and see what she does.””What? In front of you?””It’s not like I’ve never seen your cock before.””You’ve never seen it get sucked before.””Oh, I’ll look the other way if it makes you feel better.”So, there it was. Ken wanted me to suck his cock. I didn’t think I could do it in front of Ken. I didn’t even know if I wanted to. Or did I have a choice? Could I say no? I could. I could just get up and tell them both this had gone far enough and playtime was over.While I was thinking this, Gerry unzipped his pants and dropped his cock out. Oh My Fucking Good God, it was six inches from my face, half erect, drooping down out of his trousers like a big fat slug. It was much bigger than Ken’s cock. It was actually a nice looking cock. It was cut just like Ken’s. I really liked cut cocks. Brian’s was cut. Gerry’s wasn’t as big as Brian’s but it was s good size. I looked a bit bigger than average although at that stage I didn’t really güngören escort bayan know what average was. Halfway between Brian’s cock and Ken’s I guessed.I looked at his cock and wondered what I should do. Ken was obviously expecting me to suck it but that would mean going out of Dog Mode. Dog’s didn’t suck cocks did they? Or did they? Could a dog even suck?I went a bit crazy. I had to fight hard to suppress a fit of the giggles as I leaned over and sniffed Gerry’s cock like a dog. I ran my nose along his cock and he flinched. Was he afraid I was going to bite his cock? I almost lost it.I leaned over and picked his cock up carefully with my teeth. I chewed it gently, carefully, then tilted my head, took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to gently suck it.Oh My Good Fucking God. I was sucking another man’s cock in front of Ken. Was he watching me? Oh yeah. He was. Very intently. How could I be doing this? Sucking a cock in front of someone. It’s what Ken wanted though. He wanted me to do it. Obviously. So, obviously it was OK to do it. I thought this was an incredibly slutty thing to do and I hoped I was doing the right thing, I hoped this was what ken wanted me to do. What if I had misunderstood. No, Ken told him to give me something more interesting to lick. No, he said lick not suck. Suck, lick, you’re such an idiot, Victoria. I looked up at Ken with a mouth full of cock. He was smiling happily. This was what he wanted me to do. He was very happy with me. I could tell. I suddenly realised how wet my cunt was. Gerry was finger fucking me while I sucked his cock and I could feel the wetness on my thighs. I felt so embarrassed. I was never wet enough with Brian but with ken I was always too wet.I sucked Gerry’s cock the way Ken had taught me, sliding my mouth up and down it’s length taking as much into my mouth as I could. That was all of Ken’s cock but Gerry’s was much longer and much thicker and the thickness makes a big difference.I hadn’t learnt how to Deep Throat yet, that was to come later with Brian and all I cold manage was about half of it. Still, he seemed happy enough with my cock sucking efforts.I had to fight back another fit of giggles when I realised this was the second cock I’d sucked tonight hanging out of a pair of trousers. Doesn’t anyone get naked any more? It seemed so funny.”Give her a fuck.” Ken said suddenly, loudly.What? A fuck? He wants Gerry to fuck me? No, no, no, I thought. Sucking his cock was one thing but a fuck was … well it was something altogether different. I couldn’t let him fuck me. I didn’t even know him. Not in front of Ken. Oh no, I couldn’t let someone fuck me while Ken watched. No, I couldn’t do that. That’s just too fucking slutty. Too kinky. I started to panic. I really did not want Gerry to fuck me and I really, really didn’t want ken to watch me getting fucked.I let go of Gerry’s cock and went to get up. Ken put a hand gently but firmly on my shoulder and held me down. “Don’t.” He said quietly but firmly.Gerry didn’t need a second invitation to fuck me, and while all this was going on in my head and with Ken, he’d ducked around behind me and I heard his belt buckle hit Ken’s polished hardwood floors just as Ken said ‘Don’t.’Then I felt his cock nudging my ass, my thighs and finally my cunt as he tried frantically to shove it into me. I’d never had a man so desperate to shove his cock into me. I could feel his hands shaking, bumping in between my thighs while he tried to guide his cock to my cunt hole.Alan had just rammed his cock into me with no preamble, Theo had done the same and ken was always so cool, calm and collected. Brian had never even attempted to shove his cock into me. He was still happy just dry humping me or we may have graduated to wet humping by that stage. I thought a 60 year old man should know where it is. He was still poking me all over the place. I thought if he kept stabbing away like that he’d eventually get lucky.”You might have to put it in for him.” I whispered to Ken, who was kneeling right in front of me now.Ken’s face broke into a huge grin and he leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips. A quick, emphatic kiss.”You are such a fucking treasure.” He said as emphatically as he had just kissed me.”Ow.” I cried out as I felt Gerry’s cock suddenly found my cunt hole and plunged in all the way in one quick, slippery thrust.”Oh God.” Gerry cried out.His cock slid in all the way with one thrust which really surprised me. I thought I must be very, very wet for his cock to be able to just slide in all the way with one thrust. Straight in. Fuck me. I must be turned on. I must really be a slut.Gerry grabbed my hips with both hands and began to fuck me while Ken held onto my shoulders, sort of bracing me. The insanity of it all suddenly hit me. I had a man kneeling in front of me holding my shoulders while another man was fucking me from behind. How did I get here? How the fuck did this happen? How did I let it happen? Why did I let it happen? Did I even let it happen or did it just happen to me?Gerry’s cock felt good in me. Oh yeah, I was enjoying this. Ken was looking at my face, occasionally looking up at Gerry, but mainly watching me, watching my face while I was getting fucked doggy.I wondered if this was a first for Gerry, fucking in front of Ken. Maybe not. Gerry didn’t seem a player like Ken. He was nice but he didn’t have Ken’s charm of charisma.God, Gerry’s cock felt good. Fuck me, fuck me harder, I thought hoping I wasn’t saying it out loud.”Fuck him back.” Ken whispered.”How?” I whispered back.”Use your hands to push off and thrust your hips back.””Like this?””Yes, like that. Harder.”It felt so much better when I thrust my hips back. My cunt slid along Gerry’s cock at twice the speed when it was zooming back wards as his cock was zooming forwards. Gerry was digging his fingers into my hips now and began to fuck me faster and faster. Sometimes his cock went in at an awkward angle and it hurt, making me yelp but mostly it felt good. Really good. Gerry’s cock felt better than Ken’s in my cunt, fucking my cunt, but I thought I preferred ken fucking me. When he chose to, which wasn’t that often. It was strange how after only a few minutes that it no longer seemed all that strange for Ken to be there, holding my shoulders while Gerry was fucking me up the other end of my body. It seemed so fucking completely bizarre and outrageous at first but now I felt glad that Ken was there, holding me while I was getting fucked.”Oh God, Oh God.” Gerry cried.”Cum on her ass.” Ken said but I don’t think Gerry heard.He pulled my hips back, rammed his cock in deep, held it there and he came inside me. I felt his body shudder, felt his body shuddering against my ass as he came.”Oh God, oh God.” He cried out softly.I felt Gerry’s cock slide backwards out of me and bump my inner thigh when it fell out. I crawled forward and put my arms around ken’s neck and licked his face as I turned to look at Gerry. Ken was laughing. I don’t know if it was because of the way I was licking his face or the look on Gerry’s face.He looked like he had just been fucked himself. He looked rattled. He was sitting back on his haunches and his cock was oozing cum out onto his suit trousers. Ken was never careless like that. Those trousers are going to need dry cleaning now.Ken kept trying to turn his face away from me and the more he did, the more I kept licking him. I didn’t know if he liked it or not. I didn’t care. I was having fun and I liked licking his beard. I do weird things when I get wound up and I was pretty wound up after my first spectator fuck.”Your face is like a hairy cunt.” I whispered in ken’s ear, making him burst out laughing.”And this is your cunt hole.” I said as I thrust my tongue into his mouth.He finally grabbed my shoulders and held me at bay.”You’re a devil when you’re wound up, aren’t you?” Ken said.”Are you gonna fuck me now?” I said, feeling like a real slut and loving it.”When Gerry’s gone.””Why don’t you fuck me in front of Gerry?””Ssh.”Ken and I were on a real high but poor Gerry looked very embarrassed. I licked the side of Ken’s face, a long, very wet, very tonguey lick and Gerry shook his head in wonder. Or something.Gerry seemed kind of anxious to get out of there and Ken eased him out and then we were alone.”Did you have fun?” Ken said, taking his tie off.”I did. I feel a bit slutty but…””Don’t. That’s for people like Gerry. He’s all tied up in knots now because he just fucked you in front of me. It’ll take him weeks to get over it.””We’re not like that, are we?””No, we’re not. And now I want you to get on top of me and fuck me while I suck your tits.”And that’s how we ended that night. With a long, slow fuck with me on top of Ken, riding him gently while he sucked my tits. His cock felt very small so soon after Gerry’s but it felt oh, so good. I couldn’t help feeling I had passed some kind of test though and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that. Maybe pleased. Maybe worried about what was next.

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