Keeping it between Friends and family -Part I


Keeping it between Friends and family -Part IThis is a true story that has begun in the last couple of weeks. The names have been change for privacy. I always enjoy walking at night. I take my video camera along with me on these walks. I really enjoy walking the fire lanes because I like looking in other people windows when the lights are on. Sometimes I get lucky and get a free show. If they look good enough, I will tape them while they are having sex. Anyway I was walking in this part of the city where I knew this family lived. There was a basement light on and I knew there was no dogs in the yard. So I walk up to the window and look in. My eyes almost popped out. There before me was my friend Mary and my brother’s wife Darla. Both on a single bed with a cock fucking them. But what really got me hard as a rock was that the cocks was not their husbands. I got out my camera and started taping them both. I watch them for about 30 minutes until both men had cum in their pussy. Then I walk away and went home to rest and think. What I had watch and taped would play an important role in the next few days. I had to carefully play my cards right to have both ladies. So the following day I sent an email to Mary asking her to come to my place to have sex. She wrote back telling me to fuck off and that her husband would be over to set me straight when he got home. I then sent the video to her and waited for her answer. It took only 10 minutes for her to respond asking what time should she be there. I wrote back telling her what day and time as well as what to wear. It was Monday morning when the buzzer rang. Mary had no choice but agree to sex. I buzz her in and there was a knock on the door. I open it and said in a very sound tone enter. Mary is 5′ 5″ in height and weight 140lbs. She is 49 years of age with saging tits. She has red hair that she keeps short. There is not much that would said she is pretty. She was wearing a tight blouse with no bra and a very short dress with high heels. Even with malatya escort the heels, her ass did not have much shape. But that did not matter to me, because she would be my fuck toy from now on. The look on her face told me she was pissed off with me. Again iy did not matter to me.When the door was shut, I grab her and gave her a deep kiss. I ran my hands down her back and reached under her dress and squeeze her ass tightly. I finish the kiss and hear a little moan escape from her as I play with her ass. Looking at her I said, time to fuck, and walk her down to my bedroom. I spun her around and grab her hair and pull it back causing her head to look up at me. I kiss her again and told her to get on her knees and begin to suck on my cock. Without a word being said from her, she did as she was told. She was sucking and stroking my 8 inches of cock when I stop her. I told her only use her mouth to suck and use her hands to play with her tits. She listen very well as she started to suck while playing with her tits. As she was sucking, I told her when she was finish drinking down my cum, I would strip her and put her over my lap and spank her ass with the paddle on the bed. Taking my hands I place one on each of her ears and push my cock farther into her mouth. She could only take 6 inches but I could feel myself about to cum. She must have realize the same thing, because she began to suck harder. When I came, I shove my cock almost all the way in her mouth. I could hear her gagging and choking on my cum, but she swallow every drop. I grab a handful of her red hair and pull her to her feet. Looking into her eyes I told her to strip. Without saiding a word she did. When she was finish, she stood without any clothes. Her tits did look good but I had other things on my brain. I told her to lay over my lap with her feet just touching the floor. Her ass was totally expose as I pick up the paddle. She began to beg not to be spank, but I would not listen. As each hit of the paddle on her escort malatya ass, made her ass turn redder and redder. She was crying and begging me to stop. When I had finish beating her ass, she was sobbing and I could feel her juices on my leg. I roll her over and place her ass just on the edge of the bed. I move down to her pussy and began to run my tounge along her pussy. She let out a moan and started to breath faster. I lick her clit and run my tounge into her pussy. she was breather faster as she was about to cum. Just at the last second, I drove 3 fingers into her wet pussy. This push her over the edge and came hard. Her whole body was shaking and she was moaning loud. I got up and then place my thick cock at her pussy. She did not look because she knew what was next. I slowly push the head of my cock into her and she let out a loud moan. I was surprize just how tight her pussy was. But I slowly push in and out of her old pussy. She was moving her head from side to side and moaning from me fucking her. I look down at her as I was fucking her and said that today she was going to be fucked many times. All she could do or said was do whatever I like. She was my cunt to rule. And with that I begun to fuck her hard. With long deep strokes I could feel myself about to come as well as mary was also. Just as Mary pussy started to flow her juicesand watch her shake from cumming, I shot my load deep into her. I fell ontop of her breathing hard. We rested for a few minutes and got up kissing. I told her she just became my fuck slave. She lower her head and said yes. I then told her I would be in the living room waiting for her to bring my coffee to me. She went to the kitchen to get my coffee as I waited. She came in and place it in front of me. I began to sip my coffee when I notice Mary leaning against the open window resting her arms on the sill. Her ass was sticking out and my cock was ready to go again. Walking quietly up behind her I shove my cock into her ass. She tried to malatya escort bayan stand out to get me out of her ass, but I push her back down. She let out a cry of stop, but I continue my assalt on her ass. I was half way in when I began to pull out slowly. She had tears running down from her eyes. She said through sobbing voice she had never been ass fuck before. I said today she will be fuck in the ass. Then I pushed back in. Soon she was accepting my cock in her ass. I was pushing my entire cock into her ass and she was pushing back. I reach around her and took each tit in my hands and began to squeeze them. I told her to play with herself. To fuck herself with her fingers. Without another word, she begin to fuck her pussy with 3 fingers. Soon her tears were replace with moans and pleasure. Her ass was tight and held my cock tightly in her. I could begin to feel my cum. I knew it was not far away. Just at the last second, I squeeze her tits in my hands causing her to cry out in pain. Then I unloaded my cum in her ass. Feeling my cum Mary came as well. When I pull out of her ass, my cock was cover with her shit. We both went and had a shower together. Then I watch as she got dress and headed for the door to say our goodbyes. But before she could open the door, I place her against the wall. I reach down and put each arm behind her knees. Then I lifted her up and drove my cock into her pussy again. She let out a moan as I fuck her. I look at her and told her when she got home with her pussy full of my cum, and dress the way she was, she could explain it to her husband what she was doing today. She could only moan as I fuck her deep with my cock. When I finish cuming in her, I told her from now on she would only be use for my pleasure. I kiss her again and said to be back in 2 days. I told her what I wanted for her to wear. She knew at that point, she was my slave. As well as not to be fucked by anyone else again. I told her, if she did, her husband would view her from the other night. I put her down and kiss her bye. And just before she left, I told her not to be late next time as she would be puinshed. When the door close and she was gone, I began my next quest. To have my brother’s wife come and get my cock.To be continue……….

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