Kay Cums Again


James picked Kay up at the airport after getting off work at around 5:30 pm. They drove back together to spend Memorial Weekend with us before taking her to stay with her parents.After they arrived at the apartment, Kay unpacked, and James suggested we should go out and eat or order some pizzas and eat in.Deciding to eat out, we enjoyed a great meal with lots of delicious wine.After our meal, we returned to the apartment, and after chatting for a while, we decided to get ready for bed.Kay and I got undressed while James poured himself another glass of wine.Kay and I came back out in only panties and a bra and sat while James finished his glass of wine, before bidding us goodnight and going to bed. Kay and I stayed up for a bit and then followed suit. There, that surprised you, nothing happened!******************Saturday morning… ******************James and I woke up to enjoy our usual sixty-nine session. James said, “You know I’m glad Kay is here again so we can take up where we left off after her last visit.”While James went out to do some shopping, I noticed that Kay was no longer wearing an engagement ring, so I asked if she and Don were ok.At this, she broke down, saying sadly, “No, we broke up back in late April and he moved out of our condo.”I asked if she had moved on with her life and found another boyfriend.She said she Ankara bayan escort was seeing three different guys but there was nothing with any of them regarding a more permanent relationship. “Friends with benefits,” she added, “I was hurt when Don walked out on me and I don’t want to walk into another relationship just yet.”Not wanting to talk about this any further, she took my hand and we walked into her bedroom and without words, we fell into our old routine for stress relief.We both started to masturbate; she used my Kevin Dean dildo on me for several minutes before I took over and used it on her. She started to squeal loudly as I pushed it into her wet pussy. I could only insert about half its length inside her and even that hurt, but I’m sure it was its circumference that was the real problem; she was extremely tight, never having had anything that big inside her cunt before.We played together for about fifteen minutes and then undressed, ready for James to return.Unphased by our nudity, he hugged Kay and asked if Don was joining in later. On hearing that they had split up, James was about to ask if what we did back in November had anything to do with their breaking up, but I quickly said, “James, we don’t need to ask, because that’s not important.”Changing the subject, I announced, Escort bayan Ankara “Now, Kay, James wants to have lots of fun again like last time, with some bonuses thrown in. What do you say to that?”Kay looked at both of us and stuttered, “You both want sex with little ole me?! I’m game, let’s just get to it! I think that’s just what the doctor ordered!”James quickly got undressed and as he removed his boxer shorts, his erect penis sprang into life and Kay immediately went down on her knees, taking him in hand and stroking him.James started to moan as Kay gripped his cock and while giving him a handjob, blew him at the same time.Not to be left out, I began to finger James’ butt hole and inserted Kay’s dildo into her wet, twitching cunt, while kissing James on his lips.James reached down with one hand and played with Kay’s firm, erect nipple on one of her breasts while fingering my wet cunt with the other using his middle and ring finger, pushing hard into eager cunt.The situation was so erotic, that we all enjoyed strong and deep orgasms, all moaning and groaning loudly as we came.Kay seemed surprised at being pleased by both James’ hand and me using her dildo at the same time.After our first orgasm, Kay and I took turns giving James oral while he continued to finger fuck me and with Bayan escort Ankara his other hand, giving Kay’s pussy a good seeing-to as well.Kay reached three or four orgasms while being fingered by James, and reached four, several very pleasurable ripples thrown in.James came twice thanks to the skilled lips of Kay, and I managed to give him a third before he was all in and went limp.Oh, James, what a performer. I went off to the bathroom after we had all rested a while and when I came back, I was just in time to see Kay on her knees, her sweet bottom raised in the air as James was about to enter her wet puss, stretching her cunt for the first time.He started to enter her, and she seemed confused as to whether he was too big, or whether it was a dream come true.After a while, James pulled out as she gave out a sigh of relief!She got up and moving over toward the balcony where James lay down so she could sit on his erection and control the movement. She continued squealing in some discomfort but moaning in sheer delight at the same time as they continued their embrace and their beautiful coupling.James was ecstatic at having filled her wet pussy with his cum and was wallowing in what had just happened.I heard James say, “Wow, Kay, you have one tight little snatch their gal; it was a pleasure giving it a go! I only hope I’ve not stretched you out too much!”Kay, in turn, said, “Yes, but I seem to think after you got your huge dick inside my tight little puss, you rather enjoyed my tightness, didn’t you?”James said, “You better believe it was something spectacular getting your tight wet puss! I did indeed enjoy, WOW! Jean, she’s great – thanks!”

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