Kathleen’s House of Excitement, Part 2


Kathleen’s House of Excitement, Part 2I had just finished a shower and was pouring a cup of coffee when the phone rang. It was Kathleen sounding quite cheery, inviting me over for brunch. My new relationship with her told me I might expect more than a waffle and coffee, so I accepted her offer. “Great – be here at eleven sharp,” she said, “And don’t bother knocking.”I walked through her front door promptly at eleven, and called out to her. “In the kitchen,” came her response. When I entered the room, I was rather shocked to see Claire sitting at the table having her coffee. Kathleen was at the range preparing the brunch menu. She turned to me and said, “I beleive you two have already met.” My face turned beet-red, and I felt a twinge of panic st in. Claire rose from her chair, and came over to give me a peck on the cheek, saying, “Yes, Kathy, you might say we have.” I stood motionless for a bit as I processed the entire scene. Both women were wearing thin nylon robes – Claire’s was black, Kathleen’s was white. Likewise, both were wearing high heel pumps – Claire’s were shiny black, Kathleen’s were tan with open toes. The robes were identical except for their colours, tied at the waist with thin belts, but both women wore them rather loose which did little if anything to hide their full breasts underneath. Kathellens had larger, heavier breasts, and her big nipples showed prominently under the thin white nylon material of her robe. Claire’s breasts – although very full – rode lower on her chest, and I could plainly see the slight upward curve toward her nipples. Kathleen put doen the spatula she had in her hand, and came over to give me a tight hug. She pushed her breast hard against my arm as she did, and predictably, my penis began to take notice. Kathellen told me to sit down, and poured me a cup of coffee. she turned back toward the range and siad, “I guess we had a bit too much to drink last night, so Claire stayed the night.” I was squirming in my chair because all three of us – I was certain – knew exactly what had gone on, but no one was letting on about it. Kathlen turned to me saying. “It was very nice of you to come over to help Claire get my big drunk ass up to bed.” I mumbled something in response, at which time Claire said, “Yes, that was quite a load.” Kathleen turned around – with her big boobs swaying seductively under her robe and said, “Oh really Claire ? Are you saying I have a big ass?” The two of them broke into laughter as I sat very nervously listening. Claire said, “It sure as hell is bigger than mine, lady!” Kathleen leaned against the range, güvenilir bahis şirketleri gave Claire a playful scowl, and said, “Okay, let’s get a third opinion on this. Trev – you be the judge – and be honest!”, she laughed. She turned to the side and lifted her robe to expose her backside which I saw was covered by a very shiny white nylon full-cut panty. She looked at Claire and said, “All right “Toots” – let’s have a look at yours.” Claire stood up and lifted her robe to reveal a black nylon hip hugger style panty with lace on the front. I sat in my chair wide-eyed, but liking the show I was getting. Kathleen said, “Well Trev – whose as is bigger?” Somehow, I had the skill to think up my reply instantly, which was, “You know ladies, I am so hungry my eyesight is affected – I can’t really tell !!!” We all shared a good laugh, and Claire said, “This k** is as sharp as they come, isn’t he?” Soon, brunch was on the table, but all I could think of was the way their two curvy bodies clad only in their panties, and their big boobs looked. We finished our coffee small-talking, when Claire abruptly said, “I think my boobs are bigger than yours, Kathy,” and opened her robe. I stared at the full curves of her breasts, her hard dark pink nipples, and the way her breasts curved upward. Kathleen stood up, opened her robe, and pushed the big pair of boobs she sported out full. Her nipples looked like thumbs, and every movement she made caused her breats to sway and bounce. “These are a set of tits !!!”, she announced pridefully. Claire looked at me and said, “Well, Mister, you’ve got a full belly and good eyesight now – whose boobs are bigger?” I was trapped, and I was very hard, but couldn’t reply. Kathllen said, “I think he needs to do a “feel test”, don’t you, Claire?” In a second, Claire had put my hands on her breasts, saying, “Go ahead and feel them up.” I spent a few seconds playing with them when Kathleen walked over to my chair and offered her breasts for inspection. There was no denying Katheen had the bigger, fuller, heavier boobs. As I played with them, Claire said, “Better watch out kathy – you’re going to get him hard.” Kathleen looked at me and asked, “Are you hard, Trev?” I nodded and she said, “Good, I want you to be.” I then felt Claire push her self against my back and pull my t-shirt up amd off. I could feel her breasts against my bare back, and felt her rub her belly against my ass, and I knew she had taken off her robe. Kathleen stepped back, took off her robe, and unzipped my shorts, pulling them down and off. My erection was rock-hard bahis siteleri and pointing directly at her belly as she asked, “Do you care which one of us has bigger boobs, hon?” I shook my head and in a dry voice said, “All I know for sure Kathleen is that I have the biggest erection in the room.” Claire whispered, “I bet Kathy and I can get it even bigger.” Claire reached around my hips and wrapped her hand around my shaft, stroking it very slowly and gently. Kathleen dropped to a squat and put her mouth over the head, lightly licking it. Claire put her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “Are you going to fuck two big-titted women?” Kathleen stood up, turned around, and pushed her curvy ass against my erection. Claire stepped in front of her, and the two began kissing as they rubbed their breasts against each other. Kathleen turned toward me and said, “I think what you and Claire did to me last night is so fucking hot – she told me about it this morning and we fucked each other twice.” Claire said, “When I jacked you off and watched you cum all over Kathy’s legs, I squirted a gallon.” Kathleen put her hand under the front of her panty and began rubbing herself. Claire took my hand and put id own her panty saying, “Finger me Trev.” After a bit, Kathleen said, “Let’s go up to my bedroom.” It took quite a while to get from the kitchen up to her room because the three of us were playing with each other’s bodies along the way. We entered Kathleen’s room, and she asked, “How do you want us to dress for you, Trev?” Before I could reply, Claire said, “Let’s get these damn panties off first”, and both women removed them. “Heels on?”, asked Kathleen. “Yes,” was my answer. Kathleen began stroking my erection and asked, “Did you like the way Claire jacked you off with her slip last night?” I nodded, and she said, “Would you like us to put slips on for you?” At that point, I didn’t really care, but nodded, so she asked me what colour each should wear. “Black for Claire, beige for you,” I replied. Soon, both women were wearing hald slips and their heels, and we fell onto the bed in a tangle of arms, legs, breasts, and one very hard penis. They licked ech other and me, and I returned the favour. I took turns tit-fucking both of them as they fingered each other. Each woman took turns masturbating me with the slip she was wearing until I was leaking so much precum they noticed.Kathleen said, “Lay next to me Claire – I want him to do both of us.” They laid on their backs with their curvy legs and thighs spread, and I alternated penentrating them. I was thrusting into canlı bahis Katheleen when I said, “I’m going to cum.” Claire reached around and pinched my balls from behind, and although it hurt, it took the edge off and allowed me to continue. Both women ahd multiple climaxes and after a bit, I could hold out no longer. I was inside Claire when the first two ribbons exploded from my penis. I quickly pulled out and entered Kathleen, into whom I shot two or three more. Claire was rubbing her juices on my ass as I pumped my last into Kathleen, and we collapsed into a heap of hot flesh, covered in our juices. Later, both women knelt on the bed on either side of me and mastubated me with their slips until I was ready again. Kathleen said, “This load goes into my mouth”, and began mouthing me. Claire said. “I want you to finger me so I can aquirt all over you and Kathy when I cum.” In a matter of minutes I was watching Kathleen get wide-eyed as I exploded in her mouth as a gush of hot, sweet-smelling juice from Claire covered Kathleen’s hair and my thighs.The three of us awoke about 3:00 p.m., and Claire said she had to get home. Kthleen said, “Not before I get to watch him fuck you, Claire.” Kathleen spread her legs on the bed and began fingering her kitty as Claire mounted me backwards and rode me. the sight of my erection disappearing and appearing in her kitty soon got me ready, and I grabbed her hips hard and pulled her down on me as I exploded inside of her. Kathleen let out a high pitched shriek, and said, “Oh fuck – that is so sexy !!”Kathleen said she was going to dress, I said all of my clothes were stil in the kitchen, and Claire said she wanted a quick cup of coffee. Claire followed my down to the kitched – still wearing Kathleen’s black half slip, and I started to gather my clothes. “Not so fast,” she said quietly, “Can you cum once more?” I told her I thought I could, and she said, “Good – I want one more quickie with you before Kathy comes down.” “Where?”, I asked. She sat up on the kitchen table, pulled the slip up to her waist, and said, “Right here, right now.” She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I pumped her hard and deep. “You come to my house and I promise you we will screww all night long”, she whispered, “Now – give it to me !!” For the second time in an hour, I pumped all I could into her, and I again felt her aquirt all over my shaft. When I pulled out of her, she took off the slip, and wiped me dry with it.I dressed as she watched, and turned for the door. “Please say “goodbye” to Kathleen for me”, I said. Claire stood naked, wearing only the black heels and holding the black half slip, smiled, and said, “I will – and by the way, I really owe you one.”I went home and fell into a deep and long sleep, but before that happened, decided I wanted more of these two womwn – and very soon.

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