Angela White

Kate5I told Kate I was having a bath, Kate asked if I wanted her to wash my hairThis sounded nice so I said please.She followed me up stairs patting my bum saying how cute It looked in her pink knickersI run the bath and asked her to leave so I could have a pee, she said no she wanted to watch!She had never seen a Guy peeNo I said, Chris you said anything,I stood in front of the loo and held my cock , she sat on the edge of the bath staring at my stiffening cock, I pulled back my foreskinthe head was covered in the final drops of cum ooozing from me, Wow how long do you keep leaking cum she asked I don’t know I have never timed it and laughed.She ran her finger over the head the put her finger in her mouth, she then held my cock and pushed my foreskin back up slowly another drop of cum came out of me., with the tip of her tongue she licked it , then tried pushing the tip into my pee hole, I winced a little my cock was rock hard againHer lips went over the head her tongue slowly circled it , she then sucked her tongue still circling,I moaned, she pulled back , and turned off the bath,Come on I want to see you pee,I told her it was hard to pee with a hard on and promised to do it after my bath.I climbed in she took the shower attachment and soaked my hair, she squeezed the shampoo on then started washing my hair, bahis firmaları her fingers felt so good rubbing my scalp,she rinsed my hair and put more shampoo onI reached out of the bath and run my hand up her leg , her fanny was soaking , I pushed two fingers deep inside her, Help yourself why don’t you she laughedI pushed my fingers in and out , she pulled back.Chris why do you always penetrate me?Because you like it , I said,Yes I do but what about my clit?I stared blankly at her!Do you know anything about a girls fanny she asked?Err no not really only what I have seen in books or what friends have told meAnd what’s that she asked?I explained what I knewshe laughed go d you know nothing , she rinsed my hairI’m sorry I said,Don’t worry, she pulled her skirt up over her hips my eyes fixed on her mound of pubic hair, she the stepped into the bath and sat on the edge,Look she said, her hands went down and parted the lips of her fanny,I stared at her fanny amazed how pink and wet it was, and I also noticed her pubic hair , stopped at the lips and tiny new hairs was growingI also noticed a little ball of flesh just poking through another pair, of lipsHer fingers slipped,she moved them deeper, opened her legs a little wider and spread her lips further,I could see her beautiful opening She tapped her clit kaçak iddaa with her index finger, If you play and lick this Chris, girls will love you for ever,Where do you pee from I asked, she laughed , the little hole, below my clit , her finger moved and tapped , her fingers slipped again.She pulled her lips apart again, do you want to see me pee she asked , I nodded eagerly,I saw the pink flesh move and a steam of fluid came out of her , I could see the hole appear,the stream got stronger her pee arched and landed on my chest, the warmth of it turned me on so much , she lent back slightly the stream hit my face, I opened my mouth and tasted the warm golden fluid, and spat it out, then filled my mouth again, the flow of pee got weaker, I moved my head closer til the flow stopped,her fingers had slipped again, do you like that she asked? Yes I said! She opened her lips, drink some she said,The flow started again, I filled my mouth, and swallowed,show me she said, I filled my mouth and looked up at her , she looked in my mouth, go on the swallow it,I closed my mouth and gulped,then opened my mouth so she could see.You dirty boy she sighed then pulled my head towards her fannyI ran my tongue up her slit, licking her juices and pee off every soft fold of her fanny, my tongue then found her clit, her hand spread kaçak bahis her lips againI did what she had done to me,With the tip of my tongue I slowly circled her clit , her breathing was rapid she ways saying yes, in a low voice, I put my lips around her clit and sucked , she let out a moan, I flicked my tongue over her clit her hand grabbed my head pulling me tighter to her fanny, her hips moving up and down, when she let out a scream oh god,, I carried on licking, her breathing was really fast, she let out another moan, her hand pulling me tighter Then one final moan, Her hips slowed down her grip on my head released,, I sat back in the bath, her face was flushed her breasts was heaving up and down,Are you OK I said?Fuck me she said,,! What I replied? Fuck me she swung her legs over the bath a laid on the floor, her legs wide open, I stepped out of the bath, are you sure I asked.Chris stop messing around, fuck me,I laid on top of her , my cock was throbbing, I pushed into her , my cock slipped and Rand up her slit, she reached down a guided me into the right position. I pushed into her, my cock sliding in with ease with her juices, her fanny felt soft and tight, I pushed all the way in ,, my ball rubbing her bum cheeks, her arms wrapped around my neck , we stated kissing , I came in seconds my cock just exploded in her, I was trying to pull out as I pumped another load into her, my cock slipped out I pumped the rest over her pubic hair.What are you doing she said?I don’t want to get you pregnant,!I’m on the pill she laughedTo be continued

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