kate-ranchers wife.


kate-ranchers wife.Rancher’s Wife Chapter 1″Cole, darling… Please…”He let the d****s fall and turned. Kate was standing where he’d left her, naked except for the yellow kimono that hid her slender tanned arms and shoulders but fell free and open over her voluptuous tanned body. The chip hard rosy nipples winked at him and the chestnut curls of her triangular cunt hairs that pointed downward to her naked pussy like a marker or an arrow. In his mind’s eye he could see another pussy, a black-haired one that showed every time that flamenco dancer had whirled to the beat of the music while his cock had beat under the streaked blonde, Mela’s, hand hidden by the tablecloth. He shook his head… for suddenly he saw that boy’s dark hand on his wife, Kate’s, beautiful breasts. If Cole had taken advantage of Paris for what he couldn’t get at home… then why wouldn’t Kate have gotten a little? God knows, he’d neglected her the last couple of years… but he’d gotten so goddamned tired of this baby crap. And there’d been the terror that Kate would somehow find out that it might be his fault… and leave him for a man who could give her a c***d.Suddenly everything whirled in his head and he swayed a little. The room turned briefly and then righted. When it did… the flaming sheet of anger was in front of his eyes again. It was all Kate’s fault! Christ… she wouldn’t even let him eat her and treated him like a b**st if he wanted her to suck his cock. He’d never been enough for her… she had to have a baby! The wild music outside beat in his head. Cole’s hands tore his shirt and trousers of! with shaking fingers. His cock was beating in time to the savage music.As he strode the few steps across the carpet, his great huge rod bounced like a thick tree trunk out from his lean, hairy loins. Kate’s eyes widened as he came toward her, his brow dark as a black sky before a tornado. He was angry again. It was the music. Angel outside playing the guitar. Oh God! Cole looked angry enough to hit her. Instinctively her hands clutched the robe closed around her.”That goddamned k**’s got my guitar… and I’ll bet he’s fucked you too!”The yellow silk screamed in his hands as he viciously ripped it from her in tatters and threw the remains on the floor. Kate stood naked and cowering, trembling at what he would do next.”Oh no… No, Cole… No… you must believe me… I just wanted…””You just wanted what, baby?” Kate could see his teeth almost bared now between the hard lines of his lips and Cole’s brown eyes blazing redly as though there were coals of fire in their depths. His hands reached out and caught handfuls of hair as he jerked her to him to sear her with the blaze in his eyes.”I just wanted to… help you… and I thought… maybe you’d learn to like the boys.” Tears again welled up and poured down her cheeks. “That maybe then you might let me adopt a baby when you saw that… it wasn’t so terrible to have… strange youngsters in the house… I just wanted… to… help…” She sobbed helplessly.He shook her by the hair then, the dreadful frustration and anger rising in him like a terrible tide that threatened to choke him. Her mouth was open and the tears were streaming down her beautiful face and that moist red “O” of her mouth made a haven he had to have.”You just goddamn well let me run the ranch! I don’t need your help! I’ve done all right so far! And we don’t need anybody else’s snotty nosed k**s! That’s final!”The bones seemed to melt in Kate’s legs and she sank, sobbing helplessly to the floor, Cole’s hands still in her damp hair. A moan stripped from her throat as she felt him jerk his hands, painfully pulling her head up to him by the hair.”And there’s something else that’s going to be my way, too. “You’re goddamn well going to be a real wife… Open your mouth, bitch! Open your hot-shit little mouth and suck my cock!”Kate’s eyes opened to great blue saucers. Cole’s crude words seemed insane with his enormous vein fretted penis jutting out and pulsating obscenely in front of her face, the purpling head oozing a droplet of seminal fluid… a one eyed monster drooling hungrily at her! She could see it twitch and jerk as though controlled by some inner strings… the great, thick length of it looked as though it was full of wires and cords. The head of it bulged, blunting the end of his menacing weapon. She couldn’t remember ever seeing it so close and she wondered dimly how she’d ever contained it’s awesome length so far up inside her stomach. She shuddered involuntarily. Her hair jerked painfully again.”This time you’re going to, bitch… I’ve waited too long! Open your mouth before I ram it down your bossy throat… I’m going to fill your belly with my cum until you choke… choke on your own joy… you snooty, prudish bitch… !””Ohhh, Cole… darling… Please… please don’t…” she sobbed, the pain from her hair roots paling to insignificance beside the pain from deep in her breast. She was right… something had happened to him in Paris… something terrible… !”Take it… open your mouth and suck my cock… or I swear I’ll ram it straight out the back of your head!” Cole spread his legs and crouched slightly, leading with his hips and touching the sensitive head of his prick right against her tightly closed, freshly painted lips.Kate almost gagged. She could feel the sticky liquid and feel its slipperiness against her mouth and a pulse beat in the huge rod like an extra heart beat. Cole’s hands tightened in her hair until she was almost screaming with the pain. Sobbing helplessly, she opened her mouth obediently and felt him shove the lurid head of his penis between her teeth. The hot male odor of his male secretions hit her nostrils, a pungent, musky smell. Outside the window she could hear the abandoned music Angel’s hands drew from the guitar, and she wished she had never brought the boys here… had never interfered… had never taken things into her own hands. She knew dimly that Cole’s anger had been welling up though for a long time… that she had provoked it by nagging about a baby… and now she was reaping the crop of her terrible discontent.A deep groan of appreciation ripped out Cole’s mouth as he saw his wife’s full red lips open and slip warmly over the head of his aching cock. Her lips closed over it softly and he felt the sensual stab of ecstasy shoot up his cockhead to his loins and his balls twinged. Oh goddamn!As she knelt on the carpet, naked and defenseless, Kate felt Cole’s mammoth, pulsating shaft sliding further down her throat! She could taste the semen, heady and male and hot with his body’s fierce heat! He was making her do this depraved act she had always avoided. He was making her perform like an a****l… as low and debased as the a****ls! Worse… for they obeyed only instinct and had no conception of right and wrong. He was using her like a common whore! Oh God! And she had looked forward so to his homecoming! She’d been a fool to think that things could ever be any different!The sight of his helplessly kneeling wife’s ovaled mouth locked so wetly around his swollen cock, her eyes closed and the breath coming raggedly through her nostrils flared as wide as a frightened mare’s, sent salacious stabs of rapture shooting through him. Jesus! He thrust his hips forward, watching the long, thickened length of his massive hardness disappear into the wet cavern of her warm soft mouth. Christ! No one else’s mouth had ever felt so good. He’d waited so long for this! Ten years the bitch had made him wait for this while all she could bleat about was a squalling baby!Baby, hell! He wouldn’t have wanted one even if he could. As long as he refused to go to the doctor no one could be sure it was his fault anyway. How in hell could a cock this big and this competent not make babies anyway? The only clue he had… and it was one he kept hidden in the mists of his memory most of the time… was that year in Korea. Chin La Mak had been his woman for over a year… funny moon faced little thing with her tiny hands and tremulous smile and big grave eyes. All the guys shacked with their musee maids, most of them steady… and many married them when they got pregnant. Chin La Mak had finally left him, explaining that illegal bahis all her girl friends got babies from their soldiers. He’d never thought any more about it until Kate couldn’t get pregnant and then it had come back to haunt him. But… if he never went for tests… she couldn’t prove it was his fault. And by God, he was never going! If he found out for sure… Christ! He might not even be able to get it up again! It was unthinkable. Even his poorest bulls could impregnate half the cows in the whole country with one ejaculation.Cole looked down at the heavy rigid thickness of his lust- bloated cock sliding lasciviously in and out of Kate’s mouth with her tears trickling down each side of her widely stretched mouth. No, by God! He was never going to find out for sure. Besides, no one could have a prick like his and not be fully fertile.Kate thought surely she would choke for the immensity of her husband’s swollen penis was filling her mouth so completely… the head of it brushing all the way back to her tonsils! Her breath still came in little sobs. How could he want her to do this depraved thing?… his own wife… groveling at his feet and sucking at him like a street whore might! Her head eased back a little for she felt surely she would faint and her tongue felt for a place to move in the cramped confines of her flesh filled mouth.”Oh God! That’s it, baby… that’s it… suck me… Ohhhh…”Kate felt Cole’s hands smoothing her cheeks and his words encouraging her as though he were in a private rapture that only she could bring him to.Cole crouched slightly, bending his knees and brushing the kneecaps against the thrusting full breasts that hung below him like ripened fruits. Jesus! Nothing had ever felt so wonderful! Kate’s complete subjugation and subservience as she knelt naked and helpless before him on the carpet, sucking his massive pole was driving him right up the wall!Kate sucked on the massive flesh, solid as an iron rod and hot with his passion, with renewed vigor for she found that she could almost control her husband and bring moans of bliss from his lips by moving her tongue over and around his heavily throbbing cockhead. Her tears had stopped as though a well had run dry and she couldn’t remember when or how. Her nipples twitched and tingled when his kneecaps brushed them lewdly as he crouched closer to bring his pelvis and darkly curling pubic hair ever nearer her nose. Something strange and unbidden was happening to her body! It was all mixed up with knowing that Cole was getting such pleasure from her mouth on his gigantic shaft sunk into her mouth, that her tongue could elicit such moans of sheer bliss from deep in his chest! Kate could feel her own moisture seeping down between her thighs and a deep twinging had started again in her vagina as though the huge pole impaled in her mouth were there between her legs already!”Ohhhhh… GOD, baby… you just don’t know how good that feels… ohhh, Jesus… !”Cole rocked on his feet, nuzzling his now more intensely sucking wife’s reddened nipples with his knees and fucking the full length of his throbbing pole, that was pulsing wildly now, deep into the warm, saliva-filled wonder of her mouth! His hands reached out to cradle her beautiful face, the skin of Kate’s throat and cheeks and jaws like silk, the waving chestnut hair soft as satin. He guided her face and mouth even deeper over his lewdly throbbing hardness and his hips did an abandoned pelvic gyration of fuck-in, fuck-out, fuck-in, fuck-out.He watched in fascination as he saw his rigid length of penile flesh disappear into her soft and provocative mouth, and then slowly slide out again and appear, glistening from the wetness of her saliva and his own oozing seminal juice. His proud and shining pole of hard, ruthless flesh! Cole felt the incredible bliss of Kate’s tongue swirling around the bloated head and laving the trunk of his wildly excited penis! Christ! He could take this every night!Kate’s hands voluntarily crept up her husband’s spread calves, hairy and strong with bunched muscles, and then up his thighs to the steel chunks of his buttocks, pulling from behind and pressing him ever closer to her working mouth. She labored over his beautiful sensitively pulsing prick and suddenly, oh god, she wanted to do it! It was no longer an enforced labor, a revolting exercise to be gotten through… but a labor of love, a pleasurable task she wanted and needed… for it was beginning to awaken her own sexually starved body. Her nipples were twitching with the rubbing of Cole’s hard knees, her cunt was seeping warmly down between her thighs now and her gut was churning with the joy of bringing Cole so much rapturous sensation!The feel of his wife’s hard erect nipples, fiery under his kneecaps and the sight of her full lush breasts like bursting melon halves only increased the gyrating sensuality that had completely commandeered his whole body! Cole knew he’d been pretty drunk when he walked in here hut now he felt that clear, penetrating high where you know you’re seeing clearer and feeling more and knowing things that were hidden to you before! He knew, for instance, that it had been his own goddamned fault that he hadn’t insisted before… that he hadn’t exercised his masculine right about just what kind of sexual relations they had. Jesus! Kate was sucking him like he was a divinity come to life and she a worshiper gaining absolution! He’d thought he had to go to Paris for this when it was available right here all the time… right here in his own house!”GOOOOODDDD… Ohh, baby… !” Kate heard Cole scream softly as she experimented by digging the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening in the head of his cock, burrowing like a fierce little a****l nose straight inside his huge hardened organ! He tasted male and strong, pungent and virile! Moaning softly now, she swirled her tongue around the smooth, desire-bloated head that was like an enormous blunt ended hammer in her mouth and she could see the visible reward of her work as his whole body vibrated, the muscles rippling upward from his hairy loins as he stood slightly crouched in the stance of a Judo expert, rocking his hips forward and back with every change of balance on the balls of his feet.Shivers ran through Kate’s nerves like fine white hot needles, slicing through her flesh in fiery stabs! Her hands came around to cup Cole’s heavy sperm laden balls delicately as though they were porcelain and infinitely precious, which they were! What a fool she’d been to deny him… to deny herself this exquisite pleasure when they could have been enjoying this for years! She marveled now at the terror she’d felt and the joy that had resulted from his angry insistence. Kate withdrew her mouth slowly, sucking her demanding husband’s rock hard rod to the tip, savoring the taste and sight and smell of him. Gravely she observed the fantastically swollen member and she began licking it in wide stripes of her wet tongue from tip to base, slowly like a kitten licking rich cream from an offering finger.Christ! All those whores in Paris. They had nothing more to offer than Kate… and she’d been here all the time! He could kick himself for having been such a fool! He groaned as she ran her hotly swirling tongue all along the underside and then flicked it rapidly back and forth along the corded ridge as though she was plucking the tender, sensitive strings of his very essence. God! He was going to lose his mind!Cole could feel Kate’s hands cupping his balls that felt as though they were cement loaded and spring set. Her nails grazed the tender eggs like sheathed claws, very gently and erotically. Goddamn! What she lacked in expertise she made up for in native talent! The sight of his beautiful wife, kneeling in abasement and subjugation, slathering and slaving over his rigidly burning cock sent scintillating shudders of impassioned sensation shivering through his nerves and muscles and brain! He could feel the insistent beat of the guitar outside. Even that didn’t seem so bad now. Hell, maybe he’d let the k**s stay… but by God, no baby! That was final! If they had a squalling brat to worry about Kate couldn’t be blowing him right now! She’d be tending to the illegal bahis siteleri k**. Hell no! Kate was his… his to keep and fuck as he wanted to!Despite the air conditioning, Kate could feel tiny beads of perspiration forming on her forehead and Cole’s huge, sperm swollen testicles felt almost clammy with the heat in her hands. His great burgeoning penis hard and immense in her mouth was blazing with more than the heat of the room! It blazed in her mouth with the force and energy of all the atoms of his body, actively focused into this one life giving instrument! She sucked harder, drawing her cheeks in as his giant shaft wormed hotly into the back of her now warmly welcoming throat! Her lips were stretched to whiteness around the great purpling head, that wept oozing droplets of pre-cum into her throat that actually tasted like her man! He was back! He was home! Oh God… it was so good to have him home! And he wasn’t angry any more. He loved the homecoming she was giving him! Kate increased the pressure of her lips around the heavily pulsating flesh sunk so deeply into her mouth and laved it wetly with saliva, her lips clamping even harder, her tongue titillating and tasting and licking and prodding in slavelike abandon! Oh God! She loved it! She actually loved sucking his cock!The thought came that was never far away… that she wanted this man’s c***d, she wanted his seed shot deep in her belly. She wanted to feel it grow inside her, feel it kick to life. It was becoming an obsession.But then, unexpectedly, Cole gave an increased shove and a groan tore out his chest as he shoved the pulsating shaft nearly down her throat and it was stabbing back against her tonsils so she could hardly breathe. Defensively, Kate’s hands closed around the trunk and she eased it out a little. Then, teasing the head with hungry sweeps of her tongue, her slender hands worked the outer skin up and down, the flesh rippling like a surface current on a fast stream!”JEEEEEEEEEEESSSSUUUUUSSS!” Cole screamed, his hips lewdly thrust forward, his hands tangled in the silky chestnut hair. He could feel every tiny movement that soft wet tongue made all the way up through his groin and up in his spine like tormenting fingers of lust! Even his head prickled with the creeping lascivious sensations of Kate’s wetly caverned mouth and the slaving tongue that slathered over his genitals with mostly rising excitement! Christ! If Kate would just let up on the baby crap… there was nobody like her! He looked down at her slavishly laboring face, the lips ovaled and stretched widely around his hugely distended penis. Even this way, contorted with passion and a wild lust he’d never seen there before, she was so beautiful!The breath was whistling out his lungs in great heaves, like an engine building up steam, the pressure was building in his balls to the unbearable capacity where something was going to have to give soon! Cole could hear the guitar beating and the rhythm rising to a faster throb and his head felt like a great balloon imprisoned in his skull and threatening to burst, too! Christ! His naked, luscious wife was sucking the very soul out of his body through his aching prick that was going to burst down her throat in fiery sparks any minute!”That’s it, baby… that’s ittt… Oh God!… Suck harder… SUCKKKK!”Kate heard her hovering husband’s salacious cry and it spurred her to greater intensity. Her lips clamped ever tighter around the huge length of his penis that thrust in and out her mouth in a wildly building rhythm and Cole was almost bouncing on the balls of his feet as he fucked it in and out, his thighs obscenely spread and his hands smoothing and clutching her throat and head, guiding her hotly clasping mouth over his pulsating hardness that seemed to grow ever larger with her every sucking motion. Oh, she loved doing this for him! He was shaking and shuddering and moaning with the rapture that her wetly sucking mouth was bringing him.She, too, could hear the guitar outside and it seemed to be rising with their passion, the trills climbing and the chords growing more intricate and the beat faster. Her knees felt numb on the thick carpet and the breath rattled through her distended nostrils as she strove to suck the mammoth prick, vein laced and quivering, completely down her working throat. Kate could feel that her upper thighs were wet and slightly sticky with her own moisture that was seeping down from deep within her achingly hollow body. She ached for that huge thickened hardness inside her, deep inside her! Any moment she expected Cole to throw her back on the carpet and take her. She could see the tightly curled dark pubic hair right in front of her eyes and on the hard thrust of Cole’s hips that sent his cock so deep’ into the roundness of her mouth, her nose almost touched the dense mat, the forest above his genitals. His anger was gone now for she could hear him almost crooning to her in his raging a****l lust as he tried urgently for relief from the clutch of passion that held him bound like a prisoner.Cole was throwing his hips now in an agonized dance of delicious desire. His head was swimming and his beautiful Kate was increasing the pressure moment by moment, making a vacuum of her lips and throat and mouth! Suddenly her soft hands closed around his obscenely grotesque and distended penis and her lips closed and milked his cock like a miniature vacuum cleaner, sucking him as she slowly drew the stalk of his prick out so there was two way pressure! Oh Jesus! He couldn’t hang on much longer!The guitar grew more insistent as though Angel were out there reminding her of his presence. Maybe Cole would let them stay now. He wasn’t angry any more. Oh God! She couldn’t stand it when he was angry with her. But it was going to be all right now. Somehow it was going to be all right.Kate sucked her husband’s blood-engorged cock hungrily, her elastic tight lips sucking with all her might as he fucked the rigid prick deeper and deeper in her throat. Her cheeks expanded obscenely on the instroke and hollowed on the outstroke, as she labored with mouth and hands. Her fingers teased the sperm- bloated testicles to ignite. She knew they were nearing the bursting point for Cole was groaning and grunting and screaming for release.Head bobbing wetly along Cole’s thick cock, Kate’s face was innocently beautiful, little streams of warmly trickling saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin and on down her throat to her nakedly aching breasts, swollen and red nippled.A wonderful and marvelous sensation was creeping through her loins, a spreading, warming, leisurely lassitude that competed for attention with the hugely pistoning cock in her mouth. Cole’s cock… his wonderful organ that had given her so many hours of pleasure and love.Suddenly, she realized that her sucking would or, at least could, detonate it right in her mouth, that her slavering could bring on his orgasm inside her throat! Oh God! She’d been so sure that he would withdraw and put it where it belonged… deep up inside her achingly tormented vagina… but every second was bringing his ejaculation closer. A long low howl crept up from her cramped toes and escaped with an indescribable bubbling, babbling over the sides of the cock buried heavily in her mouth!Cole watched in fascination as his lewdly distended penis sank out of sight between his wife’s soft wet lips and his hands dug into her tender naked shoulders, his testicles slapping against her upturned chin. He heard her bubble and moan around the unnatural invasion of her mouth, as he thrashed his swollen penis deeper and deeper into her hotly receptive throat!Hoarsely panting as he thrust and bucked it into the wetness and tightness of her mouth that clung to his pole like it was a delicacy that she could never get enough of, Cole knew that be would never believe again that she didn’t love him. Christ! His beautiful angel was devouring him, as though she could engorge all of him if he dived in after his eager prick.”Suck it, baby… oh God. Yes. Suck it… it’s all yours…” he groaned raggedly, his breath coming in heaving gasps out his open mouth. It was as though even his breath was gathering canlı bahis siteleri with the jammed sperm in his gourds, packing down and readying for the impending explosion.Cole realized dimly that the alcohol had gotten to him. He probably would have cum already except for that. It slowed all the processes a bit, stretched out the delicious, salacious sensations that bombarded his joins and balls and gut and brain! But soon now… he was going to spew gallons of his gathering semen straight down her beautiful gullet and into the waiting haven of her now hungering belly.He could feel the muscles bunching in his calves as he crouched slightly Cole eased his knees even further apart and caught his wife’s lovely slaving face in his hands and his feet found space beside her bent legs where she knelt in supplication.A twang of the guitar outside brought the young Mexican- American boy back to his consciousness. By God, he’d kill Kate if he ever found out she had fooled around with that damn k** or anybody else. Paris seemed very far away and right now completely irrelevant. He’d gotten what he went for and now he could admit to himself that it was for more than the Limousin bull. And all the time there’d been no need to go. Kate was right here. Oh, Jesus!He felt her teeth gently rake the sensitive skin of his grotesquely bloated cock that he fucked in and out of her lovely mouth now as though it were a tiny hairless cunt. Maybe it was a good thing he had gone to Paris. This might never have happened otherwise. They might still be going through the motions of fucking and not really reeling a damn thing.”Ohhhh, baby… keep on… suckkkk… Suckkk… Harderr… rr… rr!”Dimly Kate heard the lewd words grate painfully out of Cole’s mouth as he shoved his huge prick again back against her tonsils and she was almost choking with the obscene length and strength of it deep in her mouth and throat. Suddenly she was frightened! He was holding her head so hard in his big hands that she couldn’t move and he was fucking her mouth with a building intensity and almost gagging her with every vigorous thrust of the mammoth shaft!Cole’s balls felt tightened and hard in her hands as though they had become as rock hard as his great stiff organ that rammed through her open lips so furiously. The lewd sounds of his glistening member fucking her mouth as she sucked and strained filled the room. The beat of the guitar outside was increasing as though it knew what was going on in the room, as though it were an unseen spectator and was playing music to suit the action.Kate felt her own excited moisture almost trickling down her upper thighs now. Oh God, when was he going to lay her back on the carpet and fall between her legs and fuck her the way she wanted him to do. She needed it so! Needed to feel his hugeness fill her and fulfill her. She wanted her husband to fuck her now as she never had before! Her breasts felt as though they were bursting! She needed his mouth on the nipples to drain them of the heavy honey that felt as though it had gathered inside and bloated them so.She felt Cole’s gigantic cock slithering in and out along her tongue that she couldn’t manipulate much when he was so urgent and frantic. His hands were a vise that held her head immobile, his pulsating shaft a piston that slid in and out in an oiled beat, harder and harder and deeper and deeper! She was gasping around the enormous rod and tried to pull away. The fear was in her like a coiled snake now, threatening to strike out. Oh God! He was going to do it! He was going to cum in her mouth and spew his cum down her throat. She’d drown in it! She knew it!Agonized groans were spilling from Cole’s mouth and the hairs on his bulging thighs seemed to stand out individually in front of her eyes and she could feel the muscles straining. Her knees hurt from kneeling too long in one position on the carpet and the aching between her legs was unbearable and her belly was churning and hurting with the terrible need that was on her like a plague!A series of crashing chords on the guitar outside triggered something inside of him. Cole felt the whole intricate male mechanism begin to mesh and click into place. His balls were two blazing orbs of fire and his gut was paining like a knife was sunk there! He saw Kate’s lewdly distorted mouth locked band-tight around his cock and her eyes fluttered closed and it was as though she were beginning an orgasm. Her face had that look but he knew it was only a vicarious thing.Suddenly everything shifted into place and Cole almost came right off the carpet and levitated! He felt the beginning roar as the semen began to rush down the constricted tunnel of his penis and deep inside his wife’s hotly submissive mouth! Oh Christ! A scream tore out his throat as he felt the exquisite pleasure take over his nerves and brain and loins and wash him in a tidal wave of agonizing bliss!”AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH… OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH… GGGGOOOODDDD… AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH… AAAAHHHH!”He was orbiting the whole fucking universe! Rushing to the outer limits like a speeding light that lit the heavens with the birthing of a new sun! Cole felt the rush of ecstasy spew with the speed of light down his cock, emptying his balls in great bursts of hot roaring sperm that cascaded out like molten lava!Kate was not prepared. The scalding stream of sperm hit her tonsils like a white hot searing oil that was drowning her in a fiery drink that would cauterize her very flesh! She bubbled and choked and gagged but it kept coming straight down her throat and Cole was jamming it in even harder until she knew she was going to die, drowned in his creaming cum and burned by its heat to a charred cinder! Oh God!She swallowed furiously and frantically tried to drink it down swiftly for her breath was gone and she was going to choke to death! She knew it!Cole watched Kate’s beautiful face as it contorted even more in a fevered effort to take all of his pumping hot cum into her greedily accepting belly! Her Adam’s apple bobbed and jerked obscenely as she gagged and labored to swallow all of it and she was choking and bubbling as the burning stream spewed on and on deep into her throat!”SSUUUUCCCCKKKKKK it, baby… OHHHH, suckkkkkk… Jesus… suckkkkkk!”Kate tried for she dimly heard her husband screaming as he frantically kept fucking into her upraised face and the great hosing continued, the whitely heated streams spilling into her mouth in hotly increasing gushes and she swallowed and gulped as best she could to take it all deep into her hungrily absorbing stomach! The guitar outside had gone mad and the hands drew out great crashing chords and intricate runs that were a cacophony of sound that beat against her ears as the flow of molten sperm spewed furiously down her working throat.On and on, the rapturous explosions of liquid bliss erupted in Kate’s still sucking mouth until at last, Cole could feel them lessening and the spurts were further and further apart and the streams smaller and smaller. Kate’s beautiful eyes were blissfully closed and the sweat glistened on her forehead and he could see two tears stealing down her cheeks. He held her face tenderly, looking down at her naked loveliness, his hands still smoothing her face softly and one last twinging wracked his body and his hips thrust forward and his dying cock spewed out a last few droplets… “Damn… GODDD… ohhhh, baby… !”Kate looked up then tremulously proud of taking all he had, and she felt the wet of her tears trickling down her face. Cole straightened and his still heavily thickened cock slipped from her lips with a soft wet popping sound and he stood looking down at her, his brown eyes unreadable, the pupils black and huge. A thin white line of his cum still connected them where it looped from her so well fucked mouth to the slowly deflating head, it was still almost hard even though emptied. Kate heard him groan again and then she was pulled roughly to her feet and crushed to his heaving hair covered chest and his mouth came down to bruise her mouth, his tongue plunging inside to taste the strength of his own orgasm.Kate’s bones were limp and lifeless and she felt herself pressed into his hot flesh until she thought their bodies would melt together in the rapture of his homecoming! The guitar outside had lowered to a long rill that hung in the night air like a faint breeze across the prairie and somewhere a single owl hooted a lone and questioning “Whoooooo.”

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