Karen My School Teacher 12

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Karen My School Teacher 12After I was done with my shower, I headed for my mom’s bedroom, and saw an outfit she had already laid on the bed. My mom was over by the makeup table.“Take a seat, sweetie…I can apply your makeup!?”I went over and sat down. She applied some foundation and went onto my eyes. She gave me really nice, dark red (kinda) eyeshadow with some fine shimmering to it. After that she used an eyeliner to make my eyes pop, and she even had my eye lashes curved. I’d never tried that, but they looked so girly. She finished my eyes off with a mascara.She went onto my lips and did a black base, and on top a stunning-looking dark red lipstick, and smeared some lip gloss on as well.“That’s it. You look stunning, Victoria!”I put on my black curly wig – and this is who I am! I almost looked like a supermodel! I could never do my makeup as prettily as my mom. Wow, I was stunned!“This looks amazing, mom! Thank you! You really need to teach me some techniques someday!”“He-he…sure! And thanks! Now let’s get you dressed! Go over and sit down on my bed!”I walked over to her bed and placed myself seating on the edge. She knelt down and pulled out 2 brand new pairs of pantyhose. They weren’t even opened yet!“You looked so hot in red, so let’s keep going with that!”The first package she opened contained some dark red nylon pantyhose from Falke – 30 denier with a shine to them. She rolled them up one leg.“Come sweetie, put your pretty feet in there!”I did. And watched as my feet were getting hugged by the red, reinforced nylons that glided over my feet and legs. Mmmm…they felt really durable, and I think there was some shape-uplifting in them – because they felt tight in a good way, especially my bum felt lifted.“Mmmmm…Mommy, they feel and look amazing! I can’t believe you’re helping me to get dressed! I like it, mommy!”“He-he…I can see that!”She looked at my dick and saw that it was semi-erect. I got a bit embarrassed, but she just opened another package of pantyhose. I looked on the front of the packages – it said, ‘Striped Antique Lace Pantyhose’. She put them on me. They were black lace pantyhose with a stretch to them so they hugged my red pantyhose nicely. There were sections of patterns on them. The combo of red and black like that was great! I’ve never tried having multiple layers of pantyhose on, but this looked very good.“Wow, mom…they feel so sexy having this on!”“Ohh sweetie, your legs look amazing! You’ve got mommy’s legs…and now using my pantyhose too! Naughty girl! Please stand up!”I stood up, and she put on a red bra of hers on me, and put in my implants, and as she did, she started talking again…“Now sweetie, Mommy is gonna call the doctor tomorrow! You know, the one that is gonna make your breasts! But he needs to approve and ask you questions about some things! I think it is standard protocol!”I got nervous and a bit excited. “Ok, mommy…I really hope he approves me!”“Just be yourself, sweetie…it will all be fine!”She picked up a black bodystocking and put it on me. It felt amazing having the fabric against my skin. From the bottom and up to over my boobs, was all black, almost suede-like. Then the bodystocking, had see-thru long sleeves with black dots, and went tightly up to my neck, almost like a turtle neck. She went down on her knees and buttoned my bodystocking between my legs. She did some minor adjustments…“Mmmm! That’s my sweet little girl!”She got up, walked over to her closet and pulled out a red pencil skirt with black dots on them. She came back and held it out for me. I put in my legs and she pulled the red skirt up over my bum. It fit snugly, but it was a very stretchable material. The skirt was pretty short – it only went halfway down my thighs. I’d never worn anything this short before!“Now spin around for mommy. Let me look at my beautiful daughter!”I spun around a couple of times. “Don’t you think the skirt is too short, mom?”“No, no, no, no. You wanna show those pretty pantyhosed legs to everyone! They look so fantastic! You can’t be selfish and not show them off!”She had convinced me at once. I looked down at my legs and arched my foot and did girly poses. “Yes mom, you’re absolutely right! Thanks for helping me out and letting me borrow your clothes!”“Ohh, you can keep the outfit…suits you better than me!”I looked myself in the mirror – I was so meant to be a girl – And I was stunning! Then I got hit with some perfume on my neck and breasts. Then my mom lifted up my skirt and sprayed some on my pantyhose crotch. The scent was really exotic. I have smelled this scent on my mom many times. It brings back memories of smelling and stealing her used pantyhose.“You look beautiful, Victoria. I once bought some red peep-toe high heels, one size too big. They would be perfect for your outfit! Let me just get them for you!”She ran into hallway, opened a closet and took a box out and came back. She knelt in front of me, picked out the heels from the box, and put one on my hosed foot. I felt like Cinderella! Mmmmm! She then put the other on me. I stood up and felt so god damned sexy. I gave my mom the biggest hug.“Thanks for everything, mom…you’re the best! I love you!”She hugged me back. “You’re welcome, sweetie. Anything for my baby! Mmmm…Love you too! Now go home and get some sleep…it’s almost past midnight!”We walked down the stairs and I picked up my leather jacket and my purse.“So I’ll call when I set an appointment with the doctor, ok?”“Thanks, mom! I’m so excited about that! Bye!”“Bye, sweetie, and drive safe! Oh…don’t forget your bag with the other clothes and your new pink lingerie set!”She handed me the bag, and I drove home to Karen’s place.* * *I entered the apartment, and I was so done that I just threw myself on the bed. I pulled off my jacket and just went to sleep right there on Karen’s bed.* * *I kinda woke about 4 hours later and it was around half 6 in the morning. The sun was shining through small cracks from the blacked out curtains, and onto my pantyhosed legs. I love feeling the sunlight on my pantyhose! All of a sudden I heard someone by the front door.‘Ding Dong!’I jumped out of bed and saw myself in the mirror wall. I was still as stunning looking as yesterday when I had left my mom’s house. I opened the bedroom door and peeked out into the hallway to the front door.The glass was tinted, but I’m almost 100% sure that it was Karen. My heart started racing and pounding like never before. And I panicked – I just lay down on the bed and pretended to be asleep. As I laid there and was so scared, I heard the key go in and turning. I did not want to be here right now! What is she gonna say about everything? I knew I had to tell her at some point, but this I was not prepared for! Now the door opened, and I heard a little whisper…“Brian…psss…are you awake? He must be asleep still! I’ll just check the bedroom!”I was about to cry, but I tried to compose myself and pretended to be asleep. I heard the door open in the bedroom and no sound was said for like 15 seconds. It felt like eternity!“What the hell? Who the fuck is this?”I heard her walk out into the living room. And I heard my phone ring.“What? His phone is here! illegal bahis Why doesn’t he answer the phone? I tried like 10 times yesterday evening too! God dammit, Brian!”My phone stopped ringing. I heard her enter again.“I guess Brian is fucking you in my bed? Maybe she knows where he is?”She sat down on the side of the bed. I felt her shake me.“Hello. Hello. Wake up. Have you seen, Brian?”I didn’t know what to do. I panicked and jumped out of bed and stormed in the bathroom and locked the door. I just fell down on the floor and started crying. I heard her knock on the door.“Hey…are you ok in there? I didn’t mean to frighten you! Have you seen Brian?”I tried not to cry, but I was still sobbing. “I haven’t seen him…but I know where he is…”“Shhh…easy now…it will all be ok. What’s your name?”“Ehmm…Victoria!”“Well Victoria, just tell me where he is! Come on, open the door, darling! I’m not mad!”I got up from the floor. I tried to wipe my tears off, but my mascara had run down my face. I was so scared. “Ok, I’m coming out! Can you please wait in the sofa?”“Yeah, sure…take all the time you need!”After a minute or 2, I opened the door and walked over to the door into the living room. My body was shaking like hell, and I stuck my head around the corner, and she noticed me.“Come on in, don’t be shy!”I almost didn’t move, but slowly I moved over to the sofa, still looking down and embarrassed. My walk in my high heels was a bit sloppy, but I managed to seat myself in her sofa without falling. I could smell her. Oh my god, I really missed Karen so fucking much. She looked like her old self – with a black top with sleeves, and a grey skirt, and some black pantyhose. Wow…her legs looked amazing! I love pure black opaque pantyhose on Karen!She turned to face me. She put one hand on my pantyhose thigh, looked at me and said “So, you know where Brian is? I tried calling him yesterday for him to come pick me up, but he didn’t answer!”“Ehmm…I’m so sorry, Karen…I was kinda held up last night!”I looked at her and our eyes focused in on each other. She was all confused; I could see it in her face. But after a few seconds she realized it. And the look on her face turned from confused, to an odd surprise with a wide open mouth. She removed her hand from my thigh and stood up. She walked around the living room. I could not help, but starting crying again.“I’m so sorry, Karen…I don’t know what else to say…I’m so ashamed of myself!”She turned around to face me when she heard me cry and came to sit beside me real close. Then I felt her arms around me, hugging me tightly.“Shh, Shh, shh. It’s all good! I’m not mad. Just really surprised about this! Yeah, I kinda knew and thought it was only a pantyhose fetish, but I see now that you all along needed to find your own space and personality! And look what you bloomed into!? A really amazing looking woman! Just relax, hunny…you’re in good hands here!”Now I was the one who became surprised. “What? You knew? I don’t know what to say, but I know one thing for sure…I really missed you, Karen!”“And I missed you…”…and before she could finish the sentence, I kissed her. My lips touched hers. And I was melting inside; her lips were so soft and tasted delicious. The kiss lasted for about 10 seconds and I let go of her smooth tasty lips. Her eyes were closed and she slowly opened them.“Ehhmmm…ok…Wow! That was a bit unexpected!”“Oh my god. Wow…I’m really sorry, Karen! I know you said we could never be together…but…I love you, Karen!”As soon as I said that, I regretted it so much. This was going to be the end of everything!“First of all…really lovely kiss. In fact, maybe one of the sweetest kisses ever! Anyway, it’s all just going too fast! I just got home and find you looking like a woman. A damn hot woman! I might have expected that I would find that Brian had been in my pantyhose drawer or something. But wow…you did so much more! Naughty Victoria! He-he! So let’s go out and clear our heads and get some brunch. And let’s celebrate you becoming a real woman!”Karen was amazing! I’ve had a crush on my teacher since 3rd grade. I’ve seen her in pantyhose or nylons since I was 8. Then I have been in her apartment trying all her clothes – even played with her sex toys. I’ve sucked her tasty pantyhosed feet more than once. Oh my god, I love her hosed feet and legs! Now I have been caught by Karen, fully clothed like a woman! Kissed the love of my life! Now at last I was going out to brunch, having a ladies day with Karen! I couldn’t believe this. It felt like a fairytale for me. I wish everything could stay like this!“Yes Karen, I would love that!”She smiled and wiped some of my tears away. “Now go shine yourself up and be ready to go in 5 minutes!”I did what she said and went to the bedroom and fixed my makeup. I heard the toilet flush and she entered the bedroom.“Stand in front of the mirror!”I placed myself in front and she stood close behind me.“Wow…I still can’t believe it’s you! And I love the name ‘Victoria’. It suits you! Now only one thing left to do!”She adjusted my boobs, slid her hands down my stomach and then she pulled up my tight fitting skirt up over my stomach. So I was standing with my pantyhose legs, bum and crotch for her to see.“Mmmm…Victoria. Now we can’t have those black laced pantyhose cover those beautiful red nylon pantyhose! Look at your skirt and sexy bodystocking…they are all dotted. Then lace pantyhose with patterns is not the way to go! Only 1 pair at a time! You got that, Victoria?”She unbuttoned my bodystocking and found the waistband of the laced pantyhose and pulled them slowly down my bum, and kept going down my legs. Now the red pantyhose shined up my pretty legs.“Yes Karen, I understand!”It felt lovely feeling her hands for the first time on my pantyhose legs – like a dream.“Mmmm…those are some nice nylon pantyhose…and with shape lift effect!”She lifted my one foot and took my heel off and slipped off the lace hose. Now from my hosed feet, she touched and caressed my nylon legs and squeezed my bum. She could even see my tiny dick through the 30 denier pantyhose. My face turned red.“Ha-ha…what a small dick, but it’s so cute and feminine!”She pulled the bodystocking down and buttoned it again. Her hands even touched my balls. Mmmm. She took a hold of my skirt and put it back over my bum and thighs. Then I felt her give me a gentle smack.“Let’s go…and put some black shoes on instead!”I opened the mirror closet and found a pair of black sneakers with glitter on them. They looked new and my feet were pretty tired of all the heel walking. As I got into the hallway, Karen was putting on her boots and coat.“Wow…you can fit in those! Goes nice with that outfit!”“Thanks…I really like them! They feel so light and comfy!”“They are yours now! Let’s go the mall!”And off we went.Karen didn’t want to drive, so I drove the Benz. I loved driving that car. We took the country roads – much better than the highway – I was in no hurry. Then we hit a long straight road, with no cars on whatsoever. I stopped.“Have you ever tried the launch control in this car?”“Launch control…what is that?”I smiled, “Hold on illegal bahis siteleri tight!”I set the launch control, had my foot on the brake, then pressed down the gas pedal, and released the brake – and away we went – from 0 to 100 kmh in 3.9 seconds!“Oh my god! Uhhh!”I kept my foot down and we hit around 250 kmh. I slowed the car down, and laughed. “He-he! I hope that I didn’t scare you, Karen?”“Maybe a bit. But wow, that was a rush. Mmmmm!”I saw her hand going between her legs – now she was rubbing her pussy outside her pantyhose.“Mmmm…I think I might be moist down here!”I looked down. Her skirt was now pulled up and I saw her pussy. Wow, the sight of Karen like that turned me on so much. She had no panties on! I saw a moist spot on the gusset in the pantyhose. She laid down her seat, took off her boots and laid her black pantyhose toes on the dashboard of the car. The sunlight made them glow magically. It was really hard to keep my eyes on the road. She made gentle moaning noises…“You know I missed you too, Victoria…and I been thinking about hiring you as my maid! I would pay very well. You did such a nice job with my apartment. Keeping it clean, feeding my cat, and you even washed my dirty clothes!”It took my mind some seconds of processing to what she said to me. I could not stop staring at her laying there with her black pantyhose on.“Yeah, sure…if you really mean it!”I was about to pass a big truck, and as I did, I think he saw Karen.“Sure I mean it. Come work for me!”He speeded up his truck. I slowed down and he stayed next me. He was smiling from ear to ear and made a gesture to roll down the window. And I did.“Oh my, a perverted man!” Karen said.Then he shouted out his window. “Wow…you’re fucking sexy! You wanna fuck a real man?”Karen kept on touching herself. “You can’t handle me! Besides, I’ve got a girlfriend!” She grabbed and squeezed my thigh. “Show him what this car can do, Victoria!”I closed the window, shifted 2 gears down, and floored it. And we were gone. I could hear her moaning getting louder…“Drive faster…Mmmmm!”Her black opaque pantyhose feet pointed nicely as she was about to cum. Suddenly her legs started shaking and she cummed right there in the car.“YES! Mmmm…Fuck! Mmmm…yess! Now taste me, Victoria!”She put her fingers in my mouth – the ones she had been rubbing herself with! I sucked her fingers good. And oh yes, what a magnificent taste she had!“Good girl, Victoria!”She pulled her skirt down and put her boots on again. 15 minutes later we were at the cafe to eat our brunch.* * *We sat down in a booth and a waiter came over to us. “Hello ladies. What can I get you today?”Karen answered straight away. “2 black coffees, and then 2 of those scrambled eggs with toast. Thank you!”“Sure thing…coming right up, ladies!”Karen and I smiled at each other. This felt so right being out, just us 2 girls.“He was kinda cute. I think he likes you!”“What, me? What makes you think that?”She giggled “Because he is staring over here!”I turned around to look. Then he immediately looked away.“I don’t care, Karen. I’m here with you…I wanna hear how you’ve been!”Then he came over with 2 cups of coffee. He was shaking a bit.Then Karen asked him out of nowhere. “I saw you staring over here. You find my daughter attractive, don’t ya?”His face turned completely red, then he dropped his note block on the floor. He went to pick it up, but he stayed under there for a like 30 seconds or so.“Stop, mom…you are embarrassing him! Although I’m very flattered!”Then there was a sound of a camera going off – like 4 or 6 times.“Shit…” He jumped up from under the table, still red in his face, “…I got it. He-he! It was right under your…beautiful leg. I mean, I got it. Your food will be ready soon!” and off he went to the kitchen.“I think he took pictures of us down there!”Karen laughed “For sure he did! I’ll deal with him when he comes back! In the meantime…there is something I wanted to talk with you!”“Sure…what?”She took a zip of her coffee. “Well…I stopped working as a teacher! Tadaa! He-he!”I was a bit surprised, because I knew that Karen loved to teach. “Wow! Really? What do you wanna do then?”“I don’t know yet! That’s the beauty about it! Since you came along, I have been enjoying myself…and I realised that I don’t wanna be just a teacher! I even sold my farm to my daughter and her boyfriend. So, I’m not attached to anything anymore! And I feel great! I feel free!”I drank some of my coffee. I was a bit baffled over that she maybe be quitting her teaching because of me. I didn’t want that for her. I want her to be happy.“That’s really huge…things that’s happened in the 3 weeks you’ve been gone. Are you sure about it all? Because what started out like a crush for you is now turning into love! I don’t wanna be the one that ruins your life because of me!”She laughed. “You know I’m a grown woman, right? Besides, I’ve already sold the farm! Yes, maybe you inspired me…but I’m doing this for myself! Anyhow, that’s where you come in! You know I’ve been enjoying your company when we are together! Our little sex games and so on. He-he-he! I don’t wanna let that go for now. I thought about getting a new place. Our place. And I need a maid. A little sexy girl like you. So name your price?”I could feel my heart beating. She wanted to find a new place with me? I really get to live with my pantyhose teacher? Mmmmm.“Let me say first, that I’ve enjoyed everything! The fact that you kinda knew this about me. And now asking me to live with you! I’m dreaming right now…But really? I’ll be your maid for free!”“Ok…stop, stop…I don’t think you get what I’m saying here!” She leaned a bit over the table and looked me in my eyes. “Listen…I’m going to buy you! I am gonna own you! So when I say you should suck my pantyhose feet…you suck them! Get it? So you are going to be mine. We just need to figure out how much your worth!”Right there, the guy came back with our food. “2 scrambled eggs with 2 pieces of toast. Bon appétit!”My mind was still spinning by her request to own me. Then she spoke to the waiter. “Thanks. But stop with that French Bon shit. Second. Show me your phone…we know you took pictures of us down under the table!”He blushed. “Ehmmm. What you talking about? I didn’t take any photos!”Karen looked angry. “Show me those pictures or I will call the police!”“Shit, shit, shit! Ok, I took some pictures, but only of your daughter’s legs. I swear, no upskirts! Please don’t call the cops!”He handed Karen the phone, and found the pictures for her. I could see he was really afraid of what Karen might do. Mmmm. She looked so fucking good using her power over him like that.“I see you were in a rush with the pictures. If you really like my daughter’s legs, go down under the table and take some new ones…and take your time! I’ve got something to talk about with my daughter!”He smiled over his whole face and couldn’t believe what was happening. It looked pretty funny, and sure enough, I was getting horny again. Karen started eating her food.“So, what do you think you are worth?”I could hear the camera going, but that was not my problem right now.“You sure we can talk canlı bahis siteleri about this right now?” I hinted with my eyes to the guy under the table.“Ha! He won’t tell anyone. Or I will call the police when I hear anything about it!”“I won’t tell. Trust me, not after this! Those pretty nylon legs. Wow!” and the camera started shooting again.“Oh shut up. Take my daughter’s shoe off and suck her toes!”It didn’t even take a second before I felt him untying my shoe and lift my nylon feet out of my shoe. I could not help myself and pointed my hosed foot. I heard like very quiet mumbling…“I can’t believe this is happening! Look at her pretty nylon feet!”Then his mouth went over my toes, and he sucked my nylon feet so good that I got fucking horny and even made little moaning sounds myself. Then I felt a pantyhose-foot going in-between my legs. I looked up at Karen and she was smiling from ear to ear.“So Victoria…I really like you. I don’t know if we will ever be together like a real couple, but I know what we have got is something special. So name your price and let me buy your ass!”Her foot was caressing my dick, and it was already stiff.“Oh my god. Mmmm…I don’t know…Ohhh Mmmm…my life is worth 5 mil! I don’t know what to say!”My foot was soaked by the waiter still sucking my nylon foot. I pulled my foot out his mouth and used my foot to get my other shoe off and wiggled my nylon foot for him. And he was over it in no time. Mmmm. Licking in-between my nylon feet. I closed my eyes.Karen laughed out loudly. “Ha-ha-ha, You are not worth 5 mil. I’ll buy you for 1 mil!”‘What? She’d really give me a mil?’ I was so fucking confused.I sat in a cafe with my teacher, all dressed up as Victoria, eating brunch, getting my nylon feet sucked by the waiter, and Karen’s hosed feet was rubbing my pantyhose crotch. And now she wanted to buy me!? I didn’t know if this was a cruel joke of some sort, but I played along.“What about 4 mil then? I think I’m worth that!”“No. I’ll give you 2!”“Let’s land on 3 mil? Then I’m yours to do whatever you want with!” I said with a smirk on my face.Mmmm, I was so horny and felt amazing.“If I’m gonna buy you for 3 mil, then I need some proof that you’ll do anything I order you to! Hold on a second! Hey, waiter guy! You want to see something funny?”She took her other hosed feet and pushed my legs apart. Now my tiny hard dick was showing through my bodystocking for him to see my bulge. I felt him sucking harder on my feet and felt his hands on my thighs.“You ever thought a guy could look this much as a girl? You really want to fuck her, don’t ya?”I didn’t protest one bit. I wanted to show that I wanted to be hers! Karen leaned towards me…“If you go out on the toilet and let him fuck you, I’ll be in shortly to record it on my phone. If you do a good job, I will buy you for 3 mil! Now go make me proud, Victoria!”Without hesitation, I slipped in my shoes, and brought him out from under the table. I found the nearest women’s toilet and went into a booth. He fumbled getting his pants off, and I saw a nice long stiff cock. I seated myself on the toilet and heard a door close in the next booth beside us. I looked up, and sure enough, Karen stood and looked over and was filming it. I got so fucking excited that I just swallowed his cock. My god, I loved to suck a good cock.“You are such a sexy little bitch! I’ve dreamed about fucking a trans, but fuck, you’re beautiful! Now lube my cock so I can fuck your pussy ass!”As I sucked his cock nice and wet with my spit, I looked up at Karen – she could see everything. She was nodding to me and made gestures with her mouth. I could tell she was saying “Good Girl!”That turned me on so fucking much. I spit on my own hand and lubed up my pussy ready for a good fucking. He laid me on my back on the toilet seat, so my hosed legs where sticking up into the air. He took my shoes off, ripped a hole in my pantyhose, and gently pushed his cock inside me.“Oh my god, yesss! Fill me with your big cock!”As he pushed more and more, his eyes closed and he tilted his head back, and I guess he saw Karen. And Karen didn’t care a bit.“Keep going! Fuck my daughter good…or else!”He stopped for a second, but then he started fucking me.“Mmmm…I don’t know what weird shit you and your mom do, but I don’t care! Film as much as you want. I’m not a snitch!”He even leaned back a little for Karen to get some nice shots of his cock go in and out of my horny pussy. He held around my ankles and I pointed my feet. I was incredibly horny. My teacher was watching me getting fucked by another guy – all dressed as Victoria. He saw me point my pretty nylon toes, and started sucking one of my feet again.“MMmmmm…they taste fucking good. This smelly pretty nylon feet. Fuck yess!” and soaked them with his saliva. He became more intense with thrusting my pussy. His cock went sodeep inside me. And I was moaning! I tried to keep it down, but sometimes they came little loud once.“Mmmm…Fuck…Your cock feels so good inside me! Cum inside my pussy…Please!”He nodded and kept on sucking my toes. I felt him hitting my prostate – I was about to cum. I could feel him tense up too! Now he went all in – like a little rabbit. Then my tiny dick cummed in my red nylon pantyhose.Then Karen said “Oh wow…that’s a good little horny girl. He made you cum good, didn’t he?”I nodded to her and was still moaning because he was fucking me so hard. I felt his cock pulsating and suddenly he shot his cum load into me. It felt like he shot at my prostate because I cum right there again – I let out a scream or 2. My pantyhose were soaked everywhere. His cock slipped out and he had cummed a lot inside me. It was pouring out of me and felt it running down my legs when I stood up.“Wow…thanks for this! I need to go back to work. I was never here!” And he just left.I was sitting on the toilet and heard drops of cum hitting the toilet water. I sat there for a moment and tried to catch my breath.“Wow, Karen…I don’t know what to say to all this! I feel embarrassed, confused, and I just feel a bit out of place! I must say that you feel like another person. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this, Karen. I mean, I love everything about you! I don’t know if you are toying with me. It seems that way right now!”She opened the door into my toilet booth, and was still filming me – all used after getting fucked by her orders.“Listen…you have earned every penny of those 3 mil. I want you to be my property. So don’t think too much about it! If you say you love me, why not take the 3 mil? Move in with me…and be with me! I’m sure we are going to have a great time!”I wiped myself as good as I could from all of my cum and his. My pantyhose were ripped, but my skirt covered it nicely. I washed my hands, and looked at Karen.“Kiss me, Karen!”She came close to me. She was a bit taller than me, and we leaned together for a kiss, and she instantly opened her mouth and let my tongue go into her mouth. My whole body was in shock. This was so passionate that I could keep going forever! It was a long intense kiss between me and my pantyhose teacher, Karen. The kissing stopped and we slipped slowly away. My eyes were closed.“Yes Karen, I’m your property now. It would be my pleasure!”I opened my eyes and she stood in front of me smiling. “Well then, let’s go out and finish our eggs and we can go over the details!”We both went out and seated ourselves for our brunch.

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