Just the Three of Us – a Family Love

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My name is Jenna. I’m a 38 yr old single parent of a beautiful 20 year old daughter and a handsome 18 year old son. I married my High School sweetheart straight out of High School pregnant with my daughter. Our marriage, like any forced marriage had its share of ups and downs. We lived with my parents until my husband, Jim, was able to get his startup business on solid ground. Needless to say living with my parents for nearly two years while raising an infant daughter as your husband was trying to establish a new business was not the thing you conjure up when thinking about fairy book marriages.

In spite of all the obstacles we faced, I was proud that our marriage was able to survive for ten years. My husband’s business took off and before long we had moved into nice home in a very exclusive neighborhood. We didn’t have too much family time due to the time constraints the new startup required from my husband but I was at least able to foster a warm and loving environment for our two children, Cate and Jake.

We took family vacations to Disney World, Hawaii, the Caribbean; just the three of us as Jim was too consumed with work to get away for any significant period of time. At the time it didn’t matter to me as I was more concerned with nurturing our children as they grew older. In hindsight I should have heard the warning bells going off in my head but I was happy and naive in my own little safe area, that is until Jim came to me one weekend evening after the kids were asleep.

He started, “Jen I need you to know that our marriage is not working. We were married too young and we have grown apart.”

My mouth dropped and my mind froze. So many thoughts were racing through my mind and I could only stare at him in disbelief, hoping that this was just a bad dream.

He continued, “I’ve already had my attorney draw up divorce papers for you to review.” Divorce attorney? He already has a divorce attorney I thought. “You will find that I have been more than reasonable with the settlement. I know that you and our kids will be set for life. Please have your attorney contact mine so we can finalize this divorce as soon as possible.”

Wait a minute I thought, still unable to speak, my attorney? I don’t have a fucking attorney! How long have you been planning this? What about counseling? What do you mean we’ve grown apart? So many questions and I couldn’t speak, my body began to convulse with anger, fear, and hurt. I looked and saw him start to walk out.

Finally I shouted, “Where the fuck are you going Jim? We need to talk.”

He stopped and said, “There is nothing to talk about. It’s over. I am leaving. Please contact my attorney.” He turned and walked out as if the last ten years meant nothing to him. I sat down on the couch and started to weep uncontrollably. I was gasping for air as the magnitude of this entire moment overwhelmed all my senses. I cried and cried not knowing what to do, or who to talk to. I must have fallen asleep as I was awaken next morning by a Cate and Jake wanting breakfast.

That was ten years ago. True to his word, Jim left us with enough money so that I would not have to work and just concentrate on raising the kids. We kept the house which helped with the kids and their friends. What I found out was that the reason we grew apart was that my asshole ex hooked up with his 24 year old secretary. I guess at 28 years old I didn’t fit his image anymore.

I vowed to myself then and there to always keep myself looking and feeling young. It’s not like I had let myself go but I did have two children to keep after so my looks and well being weren’t necessarily priority number one. Now looking back on this I find myself at peace. I love my children to death and they feel the same about me. I work at a local real estate firm selling homes, not because I need to but because I enjoy it. I still consider myself fairly attractive. I’m 5’4″ weighing around 115lbs. I measure at 34c-26-36. My boobs actually look larger than they are due to my small frame. I see very little sag in my breasts and butt. My legs are well toned from years of aerobics and strength training. Dirty blonde hair with blue eyes rounds out the rest of my look.

Yet as much at peace as I am with myself there is no denying that I feel lonely without a male companion. It’s not like I haven’t dated. Well actually I only started dating the last couple of years and even then it wasn’t that often. I felt my time being directed towards Cate and Jake. Only until recently when the thought of both leaving me to go to college did the loneliness start to fester within me. It was like getting my face slapped with cold water for me to finally realize the inevitability of living by myself in our big home.

I tried to start developing closer friendships with some of the ladies in the neighborhood and at work. I started going out to happy hour with the girls, not so much for anything but the hopes of alleviating my loneliness. Throw in a couple of dates here and there yozgat escort and I would be fine. Correct? Nope the more I went out the more I realized how difficult it was to find true companionship.

That leads me to today. Jake just graduated from High School, yesterday and today would be his first day of his last summer at home. Cate just returned from college two days ago and had spent them at her girlfriends house catching up.


My name is Jake. I’m 18 years old and just graduated yesterday from High School. I will be attending school at an out of state college beginning the 3rd week in August. Today being Friday June 3rd left me 11 weeks to play and relax before college began. I didn’t have a summer job so I was going to hang out with my buds before moving away to go to college.

My sister, Cate, is two years older and a sophomore at the state college. She had just returned two days ago but the only time I saw her was for a brief moment at the graduation ceremony last night. It was surprising, as Cate and I have always been very close. Even though I was her “little” brother I was very protective of her. We had been raised all our lives by our mother, Jenna, which helped us bond closer than most families. Our dad was very successful early on in his career. However he felt the need to sow his oats so he left us nearly ten years ago for his young secretary but at least he made sure to take care of his wife and children.

My mom negotiated a very handsome divorce settlement that left us financially secure. While it was difficult, both physically and emotionally, it brought the three of us incredibly close. We had a great house, no debts, and were able to stay in our existing neighborhood with all our friends. While I’m sure my mom would have preferred to not have gone through the emotional trauma of a divorce, she persevered and made the best of the situation.

I was lying in bed stroking my morning wood in no rush to get out of bed since today was the first day of my last summer at home. I heard my mom call, “Jake, breakfast is ready. Hurry up and come down I’m running late for work. It’s already 9:30.” I stopped stroking my morning wood thinking this will have to wait until after breakfast. I got out of bed put on a tee and shorts and headed downstairs.

I snuck into the kitchen as quietly as I could. I sat at the table hoping my mom hadn’t noticed my morning wood. “Morning mom. Thanks for making breakfast but you know you don’t have to do this anymore. I can do it myself.”

Mom hushed me, put a plate in front of me and kissed my cheek, “Jake, I enjoy taking care of you. Besides I’ll be late from work tonight. Some of the ladies are going out for drinks after work so you will have to take care of dinner by yourself. Are you up to the challenge?” She smiled and started out the door. Turning she added, “Oh don’t forget Cate needs to eat as well.”

I smiled appreciatively knowing how much effort it takes for mom to make our lives easier. She basically has no social life as she is busy at work, keeping up with the house chores, and keeping us in line. She’s done a great job as a single parent but I sometimes wonder if she is happy. She has to be lonely especially now that her kids are getting all grown up.

I worry how she is going to handle things when I leave for college. She will be all by herself in this large house. I know she will have a hard time coping with the alone time. It’s frustrating to see her work so hard when there is no need for her to work at all. I sometimes wished that she hadn’t worked so that she could have taken some time for herself. Perhaps our getting older will allow her to have some “Me Time”.

She is not that old mind you. She just turned 38, plus as all my friends are quick to remind me, she is definitely an MILF. To me she is my mom so it’s difficult to look at her from their perspective although it still pisses me off to hear them talk that way about my her. I just see her as my mom. Her pretty face and smile always there for me and Cate.

I would guess since I’m 6′ tall that she is probably about 5’6″. She has a very beautiful face with piercing blue eyes. She has short blonde hair and a great smile. I would think she would be a hot commodity from a dating standpoint but either I’m wrong or she doesn’t want to date. Her time is consumed with me and Cate and nothing else. She’s had some dates but nothing more than a handful.

I finished breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. Looking at my watch, 10:30 am and nothing to do. What a life! I am thinking I’ll go lay out by our pool and catch some rays. I headed upstairs to change but I quickly realize that I was still half hard. Better take care of this before I head outside. I grab my tube of astroglide from the nightstand drawer and plop myself down on the bed. Pulling my shorts down I dab some glide onto my cock and start to slowly stroke it. I close my eyes and start thinking of Cate’s hot little body. My yozgat escort bayan cock immediately springs up like a flag pole as I fantasize about sucking on my sister’s tits.

Let me tell you, my sister is a younger clone of my mom. She has a kick ass body. Nice tits, sweet little butt, and legs that won’t quit. Her best part is her face. She is so fucking beautiful. I thought to myself that It’s funny how I don’t have a problem thinking of my sister in a sexual manner but I don’t look at my mom in that fashion. Strange but all I know is that Cate turns me on to no end. I continued to stroke my cock imagining that Cate was stroking it for me. I was getting so turned on thinking about her little hand wrapped around my cock.

I started developing these feelings towards my sister as soon as she left for college. What do they say? “Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or is it, Absence makes the cock grow harder?” I slowly stroked my cock up and down pretending it was Cate’s little hand. My cock grew harder as my lustful imagination took control.

I knew it wouldn’t be much longer as I felt the first spasms of heated pleasure rise through my cock. I groaned, “Oh yeah Cate, make me cum. Feels so good.”

My hand sped up as I felt my orgasm nearing, my cock surging in size. It felt so amazing thinking that my sister was going to make me cum. My body shuddered and then tensed as blast after blast of my hot white sperm shot through the air, my hips bucking to the rhythm of my hand, I kept cumming in my hands fantasizing about Cate. “So good sis, so good.” I groaned one last time letting my orgasm subside, basking in the amazing feeling that just tore through my body.

Wow that was a nice way to start the day. I did feel a little creepy knowing that I was lusting for my sister’s touch but it felt so good that I quickly pushed that thought aside. I got out of bed, put on a pair of swim trunks, grabbed a towel, and headed outdoors.


I came home around 11:00am and found no one around. I had slept at my girlfriends last night and told my mom that I would be home sometime today. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed upstairs to my room. As I walked past Jake’s room I glanced inside and was stunned.

There on his bed I saw Jake stroking his huge cock. Oh my god. I had never seen a cock so big. I was frozen in place. Bug eyed, mouth agape, staring at his cock. God why hadn’t I seen his cock before? I had no idea. I was flushed with excitement knowing that my brother was hung like a horse. Finally I stepped away from the doorway but not far enough so that I couldn’t see him stroking his monster cock.

I wanted to see his cock spurt his white cum. The size of his cock was hypnotic. It paralyzed my thoughts and movements. All I cared about is seeing his cock shoot his hot white cum into the air.

Needless to say I started to get really horny. I don’t care that he is my brother. It’s his cock! So big! So hard! I wondered what it would feel to hold it. Would my hands be big enough to wrap around? Or will I need to use both hands? God his cock was mesmerizing. Seeing Jake stroke his tool was consuming my mind and body. I was getting so fucking turned on.

My one hand grabbed my boob and started to squeeze it hard; mauling would be a better word. I felt moisture between my legs start to trickle out as I started to develop that all too familiar itch. My god I wanted to touch his cock, feel it’s heat, it’s hardness. My other hand slid inside my shorts and found my moist swollen pussy lips. I shuddered as I slid my finger into my vagina. I was so wet! My finger slid in and out, teasing my clit. I shoved two fingers inside my pussy and searched for my g spot.

It didn’t take long to find that rough little patch inside my hot and juicy cunt. I slid my hand inside my top, pulling my bra cup down so that I could pinch and pull my already hardened nipple. My legs began to feel tingly and wobbly watching Jake stroke his big cock up and down. I moaned with lust, wishing it was my hand that was wrapped around that magnificent tool. Little wisps of pleasure where coursing through my body as I continued to play with myself in the hallway.

I was now in the state of no return. I wanted to make myself cum watching my brother pleasure himself. I don’t care how perverse that sounds but that cock made me lose all sane thoughts. I pushed my shorts and underwear to my knees to allow better access when I heard, “Oh yeah Cate, make me cum. Feels so good.” Holy shit! My glazed eyes opened wide. My body convulsing to his words.

My legs weakened knowing that my brother was masturbating, fantasizing about me. I got so wet. My legs felt so weak and rubbery that I had to kneel down. My finger found my engorged little clit and started to teasingly flick it. I looked up at Jake, my eyes lost in a lustful passion, wanting to go into the room and help him cum. Oh my god I am so hot and horny. I need his cock. escort yozgat I need to stroke my brother’s big cock. I closed my eyes and saw my lips engulfing his cock.

My hips bucked as wave after wave of electric sparks ripped through my body. I was nearing a really intense orgasm. I looked up and saw Jake’s hips start to buck as he sped the pace of his strokes. I inserted another finger into my pussy and fucked my fingers while playing with my clit. My head rolled back, feeling the onset of a huge orgasm well up within my loins.

I heard Jake start to cum which set my explosion off. My body cascaded with uncontrolled tremors as I kept playing with my clit sending more tremors throughout me. I was riding a gigantic wave of orgasmic bliss when I heard my brother groan, “So good sis, so good.” I groaned and collapsed against the wall.

As my orgasm subsided I had many thoughts race through my mind, all of them hard to digest. What an incredible orgasm I had watching my brother. What a perv I must be. Jake is a perv as well, thinking about me as he beats off. I was rustled from my orgasmic stupor when I heard Jake moving about. I quickly and quietly got up and raced into my room.

I plopped down on my bed not knowing what I was going to do. Jake’s cock was etched in my mind. It had only been a couple of minutes and I could tell I was obsessed with it. Why didn’t I know about his cock any sooner? I mean Jake is definitely a handsome guy with a great body. I should have put two and two together. As much time as we spent by our pool you would have thought I would have noticed his bulge.

I lay in my bed savoring the feelings still ruminating within me. God I’m so bad. I’m such a slut lusting after my little brother’s cock, well maybe not so little. After awhile I got up. Looking out the window I saw Jake swimming laps. Wow, I didn’t realize how muscular he is. Little brother had grown up into a handsome man and I missed it!

Haha I laughed, “Girl why are you thinking this way? He is your brother! Stop yourself.” Not having anything to do today I thought that maybe I’ll just go hang out with my little brother by the pool. With a smirk I turned and went to find my swimsuit.


Wow, this is the life! My first day with no school and I’m soaking up the rays by my pool not a worry or care in my life. I closed my eyes and thought about hooking up with Sherry tonight. It had been several days since we had last seen each other. She had such a killer body and knew how to use it. I smiled, imagining rubbing up close to Sherry’s hard body when I heard the sliding glass door open. I turned around and saw Cate. “Hey Cate, when did you get home?”

“Just now little brother. Thought I’d join you. Is that ok?”

Glancing at her I felt my cock twitch as she looked pretty hot even in her coverup. “Absolutely. Kind of lonesome all by myself.” I said with a big smile.

She pulled a chaise alongside mine. I put my shades on so that I wouldn’t be too obvious with my ogling. She pulled off her coverup and my eyes bugged out. Holy shit i though to myself. She looked smoking hot in that bikini. It was as the song goes an “itty bitty string bikini”, red in color short on fabric. The strings on her bottom were pulled up high on her hips and covered very little. Her top consisted of two triangle patches that she had narrowed to show as much of her gorgeous tits. I let out a little whistle and said, “Jesus Cate, that suit looks hot on you.” I can’t believe I said that. I hope she doesn’t think I’m perving on her.

She looked at me, I think a little taken back by my comments, before allowing a little smirk to grow across her lips, “Thank you little brother I just hope the guys at school would have the same reaction.”

I lowered my shades and looked her in the eyes as she sat down, “Oh they will sister, they will!”

I watched as she applied sun tan lotion to her front. Man I better be careful, she is definitely looking very hot right now. I closed my eyes and tried to distract my cock from hardening any more than it already had. We laid there for awhile, soaking up the rays and relaxing.

At some point I asked, “Cate have you talked to mom lately? I am thinking she is starting to feel sad now that I too will be flying the nest.”

“I haven’t but I’ve only been home for two days. I think you are right. If she isn’t sad she will be.”

I replied, “I wish she had a boyfriend to help distract her. She hasn’t dated much since the divorce 10 years ago. She has to be lonely as well.”

She grinned, “I don’t think she needs or wants a man in her life right now. Besides I bet she has all the toys she needs in her nightstand.”

I groaned, “God Cate. Too much Info! I don’t want to hear about mom’s sex life. I am thinking companionship not sex!”

Cate laughed, “Chill out little brother. You are 18 years old, time to put your big boy pants on! You don’t think mom gets horny?”

“Geesh Cate. That’s our mom you are talking about. I don’t care if she gets horny. I just don’t want her to feel sad. How did this evolve into a discussion about sex?”

Cate stood up and said, “Follow me Jake. We are going to do some snooping.” I tried to say no but Cate took hold of my arm and pulled me to my feet, “come on follow me.”

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