Just Passing part 2


Chapter 1I was still close to my in-laws. My wife and I had separated about six months and yes I was still angry at her but her family had always been so good to me.Driving home from work, I passed near their house so decided to call in. The sliding door was open so I knocked and entered as I always have. There was no sign of either of them, but it was strange for the door to be open if nobody was home. They live in a single level house. So I walked down the hallway and heard a little noise.As I got near their room, the door was open, and there she was. My mother in law naked on her knees sucking on my father in law. Her hands were on his ass and he had one hand stroking her hair as she slurped on his six-inch cock.“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” I blurtedThey both jumped in shock. Diane’s eyes were wide and she quickly tried to cover her nakedness. Dave, I could tell, was wanting to do the same but he was too far gone and started shooting thick cum towards Diane.I turned to leave, embarrassed Ankara escort but Diane sped after me.“John, please let us explain!” she called“There’s nothing to explain Diane, this is your house, I just walked in and. Well, I’m sorry, I had no right to,” I repliedDave came out of the bedroom, with a towel held around his waist“Sorry, John, I just lost control on seeing you watch us. Honestly, we’ve never done anything like that in front of anyone and at our age it’s…  Well, it’s harder to control yourself, I’m sorry.”I looked at Diane. “It’s not my place to say and this might seem strange but I’m going to say it anyway, that was perhaps the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”They both looked at me. “Really?” Dave asked“Really!” I answered“And at least you got to orgasm!” Diane joked to dave.We all laughed and relaxed a little. “I guess I should shower,” Said Diane, and then she left towards the bathroom.Dave looked at me. “Did you really like it?” He askedI Ankara escort bayan looked at him and said “Yes very much. Diane has still got it then?” I laughed“I can’t give her as much as she wants these days, John. She still wants it a few times a week and I’m lucky to get it up more than twice,” he answered“Hey, that’s more than I’m getting these days,” I quipped back.“Listen, why don’t you help us out then?” He asked cautiously. I was shocked but loved the idea.“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” I asked.“Diane wants sex, I want her to have sex, you want sex but aren’t getting any, so why not?” Dave shrugged his shoulders but held my gaze.“Erm, I dunno Save, it’s a fucking hot fantasy but… Well, in real life? That’s different,” I saidWe stood for a few moments talking about it. I knew it was a crazy idea but I was standing there feeling horny as hell, talking with my father in law, having just recently watched him cum all over Escort Ankara my mother in law.“Wow, it would be fun though!” Came Diane’s voice. She was stood at the bathroom doorway now wet, with a white towel wrapped around her. I could see her erect nipples pushing at the fabric and could feel the blood rushing to my loins.“Looks like you both like the idea!” As she looked from cock to cock. We were both on the up!“Whoa, guys I need to think about this! Give me a night to sleep on it,” I said“Ok,” they agreed. “But we really really hope you’ll perhaps pass this way home tomorrow too !” Said Diane. Chapter 2I barely slept that night. The thoughts in my head were almost surreal. Had what happened really happened? I was so worked up that the next morning I took a sick day off work.Around 10 am I received a text from Diane. My heart fluttered and I opened it to see.”Hey, I hope what happened yesterday hasn’t changed your thoughts or view of us. We both love you like a son and didn’t want to upset you in any way xx.”I messaged her straight back. “Hiya, nothing could stop me loving you guys, you’ve always been so good to me. If I am honest, I loved seeing what I did and want more but is that a good idea? I don’t want to jeopardise our relationship. I look at you both as parent figures.”

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