‘Just’ Jane Ch. 11

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 11

I left Lela in the bathroom as I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I emptied the old coffee from the pot and looked in the fridge to make something for lunch. With Tina out of town and myself tied up the last week on interns the shelves were all but bare. I went to the pantry and things were not much better there.

I started to make a list when Lela showed up in just my robe.

“You want to go grocery shopping with me?” I laughed showing her the limited choices in the refrigerator.

“Sure.” Lela happily replied.

We found enough to sustain ourselves for lunch. I sent Lela up to change as I tidied up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. Poole may be a germ-a-phobe sexually but in the kitchen not so much. Not that he is messy person but the distance from the sink to the dishwasher is just a few feet.

I looked out the open window at a perfect day. Warm with a slight breeze and no humidity. I thought of calling the Cassie and Cody to come over but decided to wait until we came back from shopping. Lela came down the stairs wearing an outfit I can only describe as appalling for a woman of her age.

With short shorts and a tee shirt with a massive kitten she dressed like a teenager. At least she was wearing a bra. I was going to say something but she looked so happy I decided not to force her to change. Instead I tried to give her a subtle hint.

“That’s a look.”

“Max hates it.” Lela pulled the tee shirt out and looked at the kitten. “He won’t let me wear it at home.”

Just the giddiness of Lela knowing she was getting away with something over Max again made me love her even more. Lela’s childlike dress was nothing compared to her child like grocery shopping. I had been clothes’ shopping with her before but this was on a whole new level.

If I had let Lela have her way the cart would have been filled with candy and snacks. I was constantly putting things back on the shelf only to find something else she had to have. In the end I caved on just a couple of items but only if she picked a healthy alternative as well.

Stopping at the drug store and gas station we headed home to unload. I had just walked in the door from the garage. Lela had found the licorice and was happily devouring the first piece.

“One more and that’s it for today.” I frowned at her.

Lela pulled out two more then handed me the package sticking out her tongue as she taunted me.

“I’m going to hide the rest.” I replied sticking out my tongue.

Lela burst out laughing causing me to do the same. I had my arms filled with groceries when I heard the faint sound of a phone ring. The tone was different from mine, so l looked at Lela.

“Is that your phone?” I asked as the phone sounded again.

“No.” Lela looked at me innocently. “It sounds like Poole’s”

She was right, it was Poole’s. Moving to the sliding door I opened it instantly finding Poole’s phone as it rang yet again. The number was from another state.

“Hello?” I hurriedly said.

“Oh… I’m sorry…I must have a wrong number.” The female voice said.

“This is Poole’s phone.” I replied quickly.

“Oh!” I could hear the relief in her voice as I explained the confusion. “Is Poole there?”

“I’m sorry, he isn’t. He must have misplaced his phone when he left this morning.” I explained further. “This Jane.”

“So it is. I’ve heard so much about you.” He voice sounded intrigued. “This is Marietta, Max’s aunt, but please call me Mary.”

“How can I help you Mary?” I asked.

“I don’t suppose Max is around?” Mary inquired.

“On Sunday he and Poole play golf. After that they have lunch and spend the day together. They might be at Max’s house?” I suggested.

“Yes I know, I called Max but there was no answer.” Mary explained. “I was hoping to get Poole.”

“Lela is here, would you like to talk to her?” I offered.

There was a long pause before Mary answered.

“Jane, I was hoping to talk to Max first.” Mary sounded thoughtful in her response.

“Is there a problem?” I probed.

“I’m afraid there is…” Marietta relayed. “…it’s about her mother.”

I looked at Lela who was watching me talk on Poole’s phone. She stood there in her kitten tee shirt and sexy shorts. Still I saw a mature woman that most people look past. I had a feeling this was something that shouldn’t come from me.

“Lela illegal bahis will know what to do, and I’ll be right here.” I tried to reassure Mary.

“Ok.” Mary replied with no other option.

“Lela, it’s your Aunt Marietta she needs to tell you something very important.” I explained handing her the phone.

Lela took the phone and started talking to Mary. I moved away just far enough to give her some privacy. As they talked I could see Lela becoming more agitated the longer the call lasted. Lela looked at me as a tear started running down her cheek.

I wanted to run and hold her but thought better of it for now. It wasn’t long before Lela hung up and sat down the phone. Again I wanted to console her but decided to let her come to me if she wanted.

“Mama’s in the hospital.” Lela explained emotionally.

Lela wiped her eyes and put on a brave face. “The ambulance took her.”

“Are you ok?” I dared to ask.

“Mary says it’s her heart.” Lela started to waver.

I moved closer watching her carefully. Lela wanted to be strong, she wanted to show me she could handle this. Then suddenly Lela ran to me.

“It’s ok Princess.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her. “It’s ok to be scared.”

“Max…we need to tell Max.” Lela’s eyes pleaded with me.

“We will, I’ll drive you home.” I assured her.

“What if he’s not there? Will you stay with me until he arrives?” Lela held me tight.

“Yes darling.” I kissed her cheek. “I won’t leave until you tell me I can. Promise.”

We held our embrace for another moment then kissed softly. I wrote a note for Poole in case he came home before I talked to him.

In the car Lela explained that her mom fainted, they think she might have had a stroke. I knew she hasn’t been well for some time, that is why she moved back home a couple of years ago. To my knowledge it hadn’t been this serious but then Max doesn’t really talk about his family except to Poole.

Lela explained her mom was in the hospital, her Aunt Mary was with her. They were running tests but told Mary she would be staying for at least a couple of days. I’m not sure if Lela knew what that meant but I did. Hospitals don’t keep you for a couple of days unless you are seriously sick.

I knew about where Max lived but I had never been to his house let alone in it. Come to think of it, other than his sister Lela, Poole was the only one I knew who had.

Maybe two miles from Poole, Max’s house was just as understated. The house was in an upscale neighborhood but not exclusive. The first thing I noted was the wonderful landscaping surrounding the home. Having two black thumbs myself it was truly impressive.

The roof on the house was tall with multiple peaks making it look like it was two stories but it was really a ranch. The house sat high in front and the ground tapered off to the back.

We pulled in past the garage to park under a carport out of the sun. Everything about the exterior was neat and tidy. Lela led me to the side door under the carport pulling out her key to unlock the door. Tuning the key Lela hesitated.

“Maybe I should go in and see if they’re home?”

“You want me stay here?” I asked a bit offended.

Lela swayed nervously as I looked past her at the closed door.

“Max …he …it’s just…” Lela struggled to explain. “…he’s kind of private.”

“Lela I’ve worked with him for over two years. Hell, I’m sleeping with his sister?” I gave her a wicked smile. “I think he trusts me, don’t you?”

Lela smiled broadly as I openly admitted we slept together. Knowing it was a bit naughty and maybe even disobedient, Lela opened the door and let me in. Entering from the side of the house we walked in the kitchen and eating area. We slipped off our shoes leaving them beside the others.

The house was not only spotless but intriguing. Past the kitchen I could see the living room decorated in almost totally white. Directly in front of us was a large family room decorated in what I can only explain as African themed. Much like my bedroom at Poole’s house brilliant colors with animal prints that were tastefully presented. What I did not see was Max or Poole.

“Let me go see if Max’s car is here.” Lela walked through the kitchen to the short hall leading to the garage.

As she did I moved around the corner to see the back of the property. When I did it took my breath away. From the house into the back yard was a huge area covered with sun shade for gardens. Close to thirty feet high in some areas the cover protected a vast array of luscious plants.

Ferns and large broad leaf plants that would never survive the desert climate seemed to be thriving. Wonderful blooms dotted the area, stone paths weaved through the foliage suggesting it was bigger than I could see from this vantage point.

“His car is here, let me look in the bedroom.” Lela said as she walked quickly into the front of the house.

Just nodding in response it really didn’t register why she would illegal bahis siteleri be looking in the bedroom. I opened the sliding door and instantly the humidity from the garden wafted past me. My senses were overloaded as smells and sounds surrounded me. There was water rushing over what sounded like a waterfall. I looked to the right a small brook weaved along the path.

Everything was just perfect. The air was fresh and inviting, I could feel the moisture in the air. I looked to the left and high above the ground and just under the canopy was the peak of a rock formation. That must be where the waterfall was I guessed.

I walked slowly along the path, the sound of water cascading down rocks was soothing. I stopped and looked at all of the wonderful flowers and plants. As the path tapered down slightly I looked through a flowering bush at the first sight of the massive waterfall.

Looking lower on the rocks I saw a flash of Max’s face through the dense growth. Standing, he seemed to be looking down but it was hard to say from this angle. Maybe I should have called out, maybe I should have waited for Lela but something drew me deeper in the jungle like setting.

I was slightly above him as the ground continued to fall into the backyard. As I moved closer and saw more of Max his broad chest was shirtless the gold cross hung prominently around his neck.

With the humid air Max’s ebony chest glistened in the random rays of light. He was looking down, intently it seemed. Totally oblivious of me he stood, almost motionless except his arms, they looked as if he was raking the ground.

Still curious I didn’t dare speak out yet. Two more steps and then his head snapped back quickly. He made a noise but it was drowned out by the waterfall just behind him. Then another two steps and I saw what had garnered all of his attention.

It was Poole, on his knees with a huge black cock working in and out of his mouth. It was Max’s cock, like his chest it also glistened in the dim sunshine. Max’s hands rested on Poole’s head guiding their sexual coupling.

Mesmerized by the sight, I closed my eyes then opened them just to make sure it was real. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even think. What I did do was watch.

At times it looked like Max was fucking Poole’s mouth but then Poole would pull off and lick the length of the massive member before gobbling it up again. I wanted to move closer, to hear what was being said if anything, but I didn’t dare in case Max would see me.

Even when it was forceful it was loving. I could see it their eyes as they looked at each other. Max would speak, Poole would pull off to reply all the time stroking the black monster.

Then I felt a hand slip around my waist. Startled I looked at Lela as she moved next to me.

“Max will be mad at both of us now.” Lela spoke just loud enough for me to hear.

“You know about this?” I whispered.

As her impish smile crossed her face I knew how preposterous the question was. Of course she knew. Then I wondered if anyone else did? Did Tina know?

“I know everything.” Lela reminded me. “We should stop them, Aunt Mary is waiting for a call.”

“Please don’t. Not yet…a few more minutes…please?”

“Ok but Poole will be mad if he finds out.” Lela snickered.

She wanted me to see. The little vamp had played me from the moment we came in the house. Look in the garage, look in the bedroom. Bedroom…maybe she really was looking there to see if they were doing the nasty in the bedroom.

Then the action in front of us started to accelerate. Max was thrusting violently one moment and the next he was holding Poole’s head in place. I knew what was going to happen next, I could feel it twenty feet away.

“It’s time.” Lela pulled me tight. “Watch closely.”

Oh I will, wild horses couldn’t pull me away now I thought. Then it happened. Poole’s cheeks swelled and his Adams apple raised then lowered several times.

Poole just swallowed Max’s cum. I watched as Max’s legs started to weaken, cum seeped from the corners of Poole’s mouth. They looked at each other like lovers should. Suddenly Poole released Max’s cock and stood up.

Naked like Max his hard cock pressed between them as Max’s drained cock hung heavily below. When their lips met you could almost see Poole feed Max his own seed. At that moment I felt a pang of jealousy.

Cock to cock they looked like two might oak trees having grown together. There was brute force but also delicate touches. One black, one white they were more than friends. That they loved each other was never a doubt.

“Let’s go.” I whispered to Lela.

“Not yet, you’ll want to see this too.” Lela held me in place.

She was right. With cum still on his cheeks Poole stepped back from Max. Max tuned and gripped the short wall surrounding the pond under the waterfall. Still not able to hear a word it was clear what was about to happen.

Lela and I watched as Poole spit twice on Max’s canlı bahis siteleri ass then smeared the lubrication around the target. Behind them now and slightly to the side I didn’t see Poole enter Max but we knew he did.

Max barely flinched as Poole’s massive cock pushed deep in his ass. Now I was jealous, that should be my ass. With no chance of being seen I broke free of Lela and scampered down the path to get closer.

I needed to hear them, to smell them, I wanted to feel what they were feeling.

I stopped at the bottom of the path just five feet from the rutting bucks behind a tall plant with large broad leaves. Max had his legs spread wide, Poole’s legs a bit longer just outside of Max’s. They fucked slowly I thought, too slowly. Then I remembered in their mind they had all day.

I could see Max’s cock hung between his legs. Occasionally Poole would reach down and stroke it until it started to harden. Barely audible over the splash of the waterfall Max cried out.

“No.” Max protested as his cock stiffened the last time. “Not yet.”

Poole released the black beast and as he fucked Max steadily the cock started to soften and hang semi hard. Then Lela came up from behind me. With both hands she pushed up under my blouse and gripped my tits.

“Mmmmmm.” I moaned.

I turned to a now naked lover as she presented her lips for me to kiss.

“Lela!” I hissed under my breath.

Undaunted by my outburst she kissed me passionately as her hands pushed my bra up. Caressing my nipples the little imp had my pussy dripping.

“Stop…” I feebly pleaded as I turned to face her.

Lela started to remove my top. Knowing she could ruin it for Max and Poole I had no choice but to let her continue. With my top off Lela removed my bra and tossed it aside as well. She reached for my shorts when Max cried out again.

“Please Tim, just a little longer!”

I turned just in time to see Poole’s large white hand release Max’s straining cock. As I focused on the boys, Lela pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles.

“Not much longer …” Poole grunted.

Max’s cock fell heavily, a large glob of pre-cum fell from his slit leaving a glistening cobweb of excitement dangling down. I was drawn to it like a bug to light. I tried to resist, but I knew I could never forgive myself if I didn’t take advantage of this one opportunity.

“Lela…” I looked at the big black cock desperate for attention and my black lover. “…I need…”

Lela looked at her brother’s swollen cock and seemed to understand.

“Yes slut.” Lela kissed me quickly. “Make him happy.”

Lela released me and watched as I stepped out of my shorts. I then snuck up behind Poole still fucking Max in the ass. Max’s cock was dripping even more pre-cum as I turned and slid between their legs.

Then without a word I wrapped my mouth around the head of Max’s massive dripping cock.

“OH FUCK!” I heard him clearly shout.

Max looked down just as I looked up. Our eyes met, Max was stunned, and his eyes scolded me. Then as if he understood his eyes softened.

“Jane what are you doing?” Max asked so Poole could hear.

Naked with a mouthful of cock there wasn’t much I could say. I glanced to the side and found Poole looking down to see what Max was talking about. Without losing his rhythm Poole thrusted back in Max’s ass. I wrapped both hands around the ebony cock holding on for a bumpy ride.

Just about that time Lela spread my legs and dove between them. When she did my eyes rolled back in pleasure. Poole saw that and again thrusted into Max’s ass hard. Max’s cock swelled from our double team and drooled even more pre-cum.

Now Lela was focused on my clit and my pussy started to respond. I stroked Max’s cock in my mouth urging him on.

“Max…I’m cumming…” Poole warned us all.

I felt Max tighten up, Poole slammed in again and again. Then without warning Max started to fill my mouth with massive surges of thick hot cum. I sucked for all I was worth not wanting to waste a drop.

Max started fucking my mouth as Poole drained his balls in Max’s ass. Max swayed slightly as the two rode out their orgasms.

Just as his cock stopped squirting I could feel Poole pull from Max’s ass. A shiver went through Max as his climax subsided. I was draining the last drops of cum when I felt something cool and slimy on my chin.

It was then I realized it was Poole’s cum leaking from Max’s ass. I strained my neck to lick the familiar cum from Max’s balls. Then Max move to the side and Poole dropped beside me. I thought for sure I would be getting chastised.

Poole moved closer and placed his lips on mine. His tongue forced its way in just as Lela brought me off to an earth shattering orgasm. Poole wrapped his arms around me as I rode out the waves of pleasure.

I was in heaven.

“You take this one.” I heard Poole say.

Before I knew it I was cradled in Max’s huge arms.

“No Poole!” I heard Lela scream.

I heard a splash then I was thrown free of Max’s arms. Freezing water surrounded me as I Max threw me in the pond with Lela.

I jumped up just as she did, presenting our naked bodies to Max and Poole. They too were naked as well.

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