jsut one that i wrote with a very good freind of m


jsut one that i wrote with a very good freind of mI love watching you, especially when you don’t notice that I’m doing it. Absorbed in your newspaper, you picked up the bottle and brought it to your lips to take a long sip, which for some reason made my pussy instantly damp. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was that got me so hot—maybe it was your mouth, or the trickles of moisture on the bottle. Whatever it was, my pussy started getting hotter and I could feel my clit harden and begin to throb with an urgent need.Soon, I could no longer help myself; between the unusually hot weather and watching you, I had to do something. I started undoing the buttons down the front of my skimpy dress as I walked over to you, and then I took the paper from you and put it on the ground. By this point, my large, firm breasts were exposed, and my nipples were as hard as pebbles as a result of my arousal. I could tell that you weren’t sure what I was doing at first, but when you saw that I had nothing on under the dress you smiled, realizing what I had planned for you. Taking the beer bottle from your hand, I leaned down to kiss you deeply on the mouth, sliding my tongue between your lips, which opened to receive it. For a moment, I pressed my chest against yours as I straddled your lap, and then I leaned back, picked up the bottle and held it to my nipples, cooling them off as they got even harder than before.With my body that close to yours, I could feel your cock getting harder as well. I asked you if you were still thirsty, and you nodded and smiled when I poured some of the cold beer over my nipples. I grabbed the back of your head to move you closer and then watched as your mouth sucked at my hard, wet nipples. Your tongue licked the beer from my sensitive breasts as your hands moved underneath my dress and grabbed my asscheeks, pushing me down harder onto your lap so that I was grinding against your sturdy muğla escort erection.At that point, it seemed as if your cock couldn’t get much stiffer, and I wondered how you could still be comfortable with your jeans on. I considered taking them off you, but decided to leave then on for the time being because your tongue was still working my nipples, making then tingle and my complete attention was focused on that part of my body. I poured more beer over my tits, getting you soaked in the process, but you didn’t complain and kept right on lapping it up. Soon, I had beer dripping down my stomach onto my super-sensitive pussy, and I felt its coldness dripping on my clit.Taking the bottle from me, you asked me to tell you how hot I was. Though the sun beating down on my skin was keeping me warm, what was making me really burn up was the thought of your hard dick and how it would feel when it was finally buried deep inside my pussy. I told you that, and with those words you pressed the cool bottle against my clit. Damn, it was cold, but it did nothing to keep my temperature from continuing to rise and my arousal from soaring even higher.Even though the cold of the beer bottle on my pussy made my body shiver, I still felt really warm on top because of the way your mouth was sucking on my nipples. I couldn’t help but press up harder against the bottle, rubbing against your hand in the process. You could feel how wet I was, and you knew how badly I wanted to have your big cock thrusting inside me. You spread your legs a little bit wider, which gave me no choice but to spread mine wider as well, this opening my pussy to you. Your other hand pressed against my lower back so that I couldn’t move away, as if I’d even consider doing such a thing.I felt the cold bottle moving gently against my clit as you sucked my nipples even harder and gnawed them gently with your teeth. The combination of all those sensations escort muğla felt so damn good that it made my body convulse. I grabbed your shoulders and then your hair, pulling your head up and away from my nipples. You continued holding the bottle against my pussy as I moved against it and kissed you even deeper. Then you pressed your finger against my clit and rubbed me even harder, all the while kissing and biting my neck and shoulders.You were getting more riled up as well, and growing tired of the bottle having all the fun. Besides, the glass against my pussy was no longer that cold, so I begged you to put your cock inside me. Reaching between our bodies, you undid your jeans just enough to pull out your stiff dick and guide it into my slippery pussy. Fuck, yes!!! This was the moment I’d been waiting for, and I let out a long, loud, contented sigh, and held on tight as your cockhead parted my slick labia and worked its way deep into my tight canal.A rush of my juices drenched my thighs as you grabbed my ass and pressed me down harder onto your cock. I bit your neck and dug my nails into your shoulders as you grasped my hips and began moving me up and down on your length, my clit rubbing against your shaft as my ass bounced over your balls. Your fingers pressed into my asscheeks, which were now covered with my wetness, and holding onto me even more tightly, you pressed me closer to you and gruffly growled into my ear, “I want that ass, baby. I want it now! Can I have it?” As you said those words, I felt your finger brush over my rear hole.”Oh, yeah, baby,” I moaned in response, and your finger, slippery with my juices, began working its way into my ass. With your cock in my pussy and your mouth back to sucking my nipples, I thought I was going to explode, right there on the front porch. My pussy muscles tightened around your thick shaft, making you grunt loudly as I started to come. “Fuck me!” I muğla escort bayan cried, and you looked into my eyes as you kept pumping into my ass with your finger. I rode your cock harder in response, my orgasm rushing through my entire body.Sliding my hand up under your shirt, I played with your nipples, pinching and twisting them gently, and that made you fuck me even harder. You kept finger-fucking my twitching asshole as I continued posting on your dick, my pussy constricting around your shaft as I came and came and came. As I did, I watched your face, and I could tell that you were enjoying every moment of this wild ride. Your eyes fluttered open and shut and you bit down on your lower lip, a telltale sign that you were about to reach your own peak.I was still enjoying myself, but I was ready to see you come, too, so I whispered into your ear, “Come for me now, baby. Please come for me now.” Of course, you didn’t disappoint me, and you fulfilled my request by filling me with shot after shot of hot, sticky cream. I could feel your shaft expanding as you blasted your load into my pussy, and that made me reach my climax yet again. My spasming pussy tightened around your dick and my asshole clutched at your still-thrusting finger until, exhausted and breathing heavily, I slumped forward against your chest, feeling it rise and fall with each labored breath. There was a slight ache in my calves and thighs from have repeatedly raised and lowered my body for so long, but it had definitely been worth it. As I rested against you, you pulled your finger from my ass and your dick softened and slipped from my pussy. For a while after that we just sat there, with me still on your lap, not saying a word until I broke the silence by saying, “So, would you like another beer?’You laughed and then pulled me more tightly against you, kissing me deeply. I felt your cock begin to grow hard against my pussy once again, so we started from the beginning and fucked long into that afternoon. But that’s a story for another day. Telling the first part has gotten me all hot and bothered, so now I’m going to go find you and see if your “up” for another round!

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