JOY – Chapter 2


JOY – Chapter 2When I opened my eyes carefully on the first morning of my holidays the sun was already up and on his way. Thick beams of golden light entered my bedroom through the gaps between the heavy curtains, dust was dancing in the air. Full of anticipation of a week without work I jumped naked out of my cuddly bed. I stood in front of the wardrobe mirror, loo-king at myself: I was a pretty girl, that was sure! My jet-black hair, the hazel eyes and the stubby nose I got from my father, a Thai diplomat, all-ways jetting busy around the world. But the high-set breasts and the long slender legs I inherited from my mother, a German bal-let dancer, and a good head bigger than her Asian husband! All they had in common was the the love for classical music, and allegedly she was dancing only for him and for hours.Then I dressed myself in a light summery style and after a good breakfast I packed my little bag and went down the stairs to saddle my pushbike. Wasn’t it just delicious to be free, and wasn’t it a beautiful morning for a ride through the sunny countryside?Once on my bike I pedalled out of town, flying around the bends, racing down the hills and speeding though the straights It was a real pleasure on this warm summer day! I stopped and dismounted gracefully by a meadow far away from anything, saturated with flowers of all kinds and colours. I threw my bike into the weeds and strode down the slope. There I threw myself with a deep sigh on my back into the soft green grass. The sun already was hot and nobody seemed to be around, so I pulled the hem of my light yellow dress far up over my thighs. I was watching the clouds pass by and was listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees, then I closed my eyes. There was nothing but absolute peace around me and I just loved it!• I must have dozed away, then suddenly there was a strange voice waking me from my me-ditation. With an u*********s womanly reflex I smoothed down my dress over my sun-warmed legs. The voice came from a skinny young man with a wild mane of orange locks on his head. He pointed out that he was living just down the hill and that he was an artist, and that he hadn’t done much painting lately because he was lacking inspiration! I didn’t know much about painting, although I heard a lot about inspiration. He made it clear to me that art was worthless without women, that art was in need of women and that without women there would be no art at all! So he brought on his easel, the brushes and paints – and then he looked straight at me. I had the day free, and had been always cu-rious about what it would be like to be painted, so I gave in to the game. And after all: he didn’t seem that strange at all, rather handsome in fact with his floral shirt and baggy pants. He told me, that all I had to do is to relax! When he had finished his complicated setup his clear blue eyes returned to me with a critical note. His eyes scanned my elegant body in a quite uncompromising way. He dipped a long paintbrush into the yellow paint and started to speak again: that I may pull up my dress a little more because that would look much more sexy!I grumbled something but he took no notice, telling me that the hem of my dress had been much further up anyway when he first saw me. Okay, I thought, and I pulled the yellow fabric further up again. Still not really satisfied with the result he insisted immediately, and I exposed two more delicious inches of my slen-der long legs, just to let him have his way. But he gave me no chance and he asked me, to put my arms over my head, that would look so much more feminine! I did as he asked but he came straight over to me, to show me how he wanted it. When he touched my arms to position them, he looked with his radiant blue eyes straight into mine. He said, that my hair shouldn’t be that well brushed, and he combed it roughly with his fingers.I made a big effort to tell him, to leave me alone – with the only result that he grabbed my ankles and pulled my training shoes off, throwing them into the grass beside me. With vigour I sat up and warned him, that I would lose any interest in being painted by him at all, if he undressed me any further! He was startled, slowly stood up and wor-ked with his paints again. And once again I relaxed and sunk back with my eyes closed. And soon I was dozing off, not really concerned any more about why I was lying here? But then I heard his voice again, asking more politely than before, if it would be alright to open one or two buttons in the front of my dress just to see a little more of my neck? And without further warning he was down on his knees next to me, working on the top button of my sunny dress. After he had undone the button I felt the soft touch of his fingers on the sensitive skin of my neck, but why did I lower my chin to trap his curious fingers there?He moved his fingers down to the second button, and when he opened that one too he bent his head down and passionately kissed the exposed skin. A feeling of immense dizziness came over me at once, and with it the new sensation of arousal. After this passionate kiss he lifted his head again, smiled shyly at me and asked with a grin for my permission to open a couple more but-tons. I reacted with refusal, but his strong young hands had no problem to hold me down, and they went on with their arousing business. Button three and four came undone and my golden dress started to slide apart, revealing the shady cleft between my small but fully rounded breasts. When the young painter started to cup both of my sweet titties in his creative hands I was sure too that he wouldn’t waste any more thoughts about his painting at all!He was fondling my tender gems in a way that made me gasp. Gently he was engulfing my bared breasts with his whole warm hands, twitching and rubbing my already fully erected pink nipples to kastamonu escort the best! And then his head came down on them like a vacuum cleaner: he sucked my nipples in and spat them out, his tongue was licking in endless circles around them and around. I lost myself completely to the new feeling ticking away between my legs.My fingers were roaming around in his wild and woolly hair, but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to push him away from me or to pull him even harder into my heaving bosom? Button five, six and seven opened in a ma-gical way, letting my sunshine dress glide fully apart. Around my belly button there twinkled a tiny circle of little pearls of sweat, which he licked away with frenzy. He was kissing every soft inch of my sensitive skin with the passion of a real artist – it just drove me crazier and crazier! Then he rolled me over onto my stomach like nurses do. He removed my yellow dress with cunning routine and didn’t miss out on the opportunity to tease and squeeze my now free hanging tits, and to twiddle and twist my swollen nipples. His fingers then were gliding down my spine, and with artistic pleasure all the way over the perfect curves of my little bum. He stuck his whole face into the softest rounds of my bottom as if it was a cushion made only for Gods. That drove me even madder! I dug my fingers deep into the soil and ripped out bunches of grass with my hands . . .•When I woke up, nobody was around. I liked enjoyable dreams, and hey, I had a lot of them! I found my bike and jumped on it, and was again on the loose, riding down the road!Soon I rode through a small street full of smelly restaurants and colourful, fancy clothing shops. After a while I turned left into the sandy track along the beach. When I thought that I was far enough away from the usual crowd I leaned my bike against a healthy palm. I pulled off my shoes, stuffed them into my bag and made my way barefoot down the glary dune. The sand was hot, the sea gleamed in a dark turquoise, and the air was just deliciously loaded with all the perfumes for a long and relaxing sunbathe.When I stumbled down the sandy slope I was nearly blinded by the force of sunlight, the sky over my head was endless and blue, and on the horizon rows of foam-topped waves kept on rolling to the shore. It was one of my favourite spots to be alone, but then I saw somebody already lying cosily in the warm sand. I just wanted to go further down the beach when a voice called out to me and yelled: Hello! I went a bit closer and a young man waved at me. Approaching even closer he said, that I shouldn’t be afraid, that he was on holidays he-re and that he really liked this place because of its soothing solitude. As I just stood there I was very aware that he was utterly naked. I squatted down at a healthy distance, not quite sure if I really should stay or if I should leave. He told me that he was a student and that he had no money for the expensive life in town. When I told him, that I came to take a sunbathe, he simply asked me, why I just didn’t do so? I had no swimmers with me and was a bit inhibited at first but then I thought: oh well! I rolled out d my towel out next to him on the sand. Then I opened a couple of buttons on the neck of my light summer dress, pulled it all over my head, and there in full nudity I stretched myself out on my belly. He tried to make some friendly conversation with me and his penis was dangling lazily from the wiry crowd of his pubic patch. I was very aware that some of my newly exposed skin must attract his eyes due to its blinding paleness from last winter. The fiery midday sun burned down onto the white cheeks of my bottom – a feeling I usually enjoyed very much. Pretending to nap a bit I watched him frequently from underneath the protective cur-tain of my long hair. And several times I saw his penis stiffen when he was putting his curious dark brown eyes on me. I didn’t want to get the suntan lotion out of my bag because I feared he might ask to give me a hand with it. But as my bum got redder and hotter and I still wasn’t feeling free enough about turning onto my back he was just rubbing some of the same stuff onto his already brown chest. And in a way I was quite happy as he frankly offered his service to help me protect my sensitive skin. I shivered when a cold trickle of cream fell onto my hot back. I enjoyed it as his warm fin-gers rubbed it into my shoulders, my lower back, onto my slender legs and in the end onto my burning bottom. It was very relaxing – but then it was time to turn over. I rolled onto my back. I looked him straight in the eyes, gave him a brief smile and closed my eyes. I thought that might be easier for him in this situation. The cold cream came again, right into my bellybutton. And the warm fingers came again, spreading it out over my soft belly, down my legs, along my arms, onto my shoulders, then gently onto my white round breasts and even onto the two already stiffening nipples. When I opened my eyes and got used to the brightness of the glowing day he was looking at me so lovingly, his face smiling and soft, but his penis big and hard. It’s little eye squinted hap-pily into the sunlight. I happily accepted his invitation to a refres-hing swim in the ocean. My friend stood up and flexed his muscles. He took my hand and together we walked naked and sweaty as we were down to the swell. The water was still pretty cool but very re-viving and we paddled out and were dancing in the waves. We played like c***dren in a forgot-ten paradise and his hands where all over my goose-bumped skin. We run back to the warm sand, splashing each other with the salty water. And just when we reached the sandy beach he tackled me from the back. I fell onto my belly into the soft sand and he fell with a chuckle on top of me. And we were laughing like little k**s!• kastamonu escort bayan Stretched out on the warm soft beach, letting the sand run through my fingers, I remembered Frank, the sculptor. I was just thirteen when I met him at a vernissage of an exhibition. He was as masculine as he was soft and sensitive – he was just so unbelievable attractive! He asked me to pose for him, and I was nodding before he even finished his question, although I didn’t really know what posing was. He invited me into his studio a few days later, it was a Saturday as well! I saw all the sketches of naked girls on the walls and a few life-size statues standing around. Beautiful artworks, so real and so erotic! But suddenly I felt cold, as if I would be naked. For a moment I really enjoyed to be dressed so comfortably. But it was the most stupid feeling, because it was horrible humid, hot and sticky in the huge room.Frank was obviously used to that, and he undressed to his boxer shorts in a couple of minutes. Normally he used to work naked. I wasn’t embarrassed but blushed anyway. What an artwork of a body he had! I couldn’t’ take my eyes of him! He came over to me, held me by both of my shoulders and looked with his amazing blue eyes straight into mine. No word was spoken and anyway unnecessary as he undressed me very slowly, piece by piece. At last I was standing there stark naked, one arm covering my just sprouting tiny breasts and one hand shyly hiding the first sparse hair between my legs.That was funny, and Frank’s first statue of me ended up just like that! Frank never advanced on me, but I still feel his clay-covered hands all over me, when he was verifying shape and form. I still feel the prickling tension in my skin when the clay was drying on me, cracking and peeling. And always when Frank couldn’t hide a pretty reasonable erection from me, he pro-mised me, that one day, when I’m old enough, we would make love together, and it would be beautiful! Pity, it never came to that…•I took my textbook out of my bag and started to write: »The poor girl must have lost her path, the forest around her was dark and dense and uncomfortable spooky. She had to climb over a barbed wire fence, got stuck and tore the back of her light dress and undies to shreds. She also scratched one cheek of her bum, and that hurt! Shit! she swore, pulled the wrecked dress up her back and rolled the wreck of the panties over her burning bum down to the knees to inspect the harm that was done: A drop of red blood sat there where the wire had cut into the tender skin. The poor girl wiped it off with a fingertip and licked it clean, when she suddenly heard a harsh rude voice behind her. It was barking at her: what the hell she was doing here, displaying her fucking arse-hole to the whole world, and that this was a private property! She froze in instant panic, the shredded pants around her knees! Then she tried to run, only God knows where to, but her panties got caught between her feet and the poor girl collapsed head first onto the humid ground, still displaying her nice naked bottom to the best. And the rude man came after her…«•It didn’t sound real or even make sense, and anyway: It was getting late! We dressed and parted with a loving hug. I rode my bike back home. I switched the radio onto a hot rock’n’roll station and turned it right up. I threw my salty clothes into the washing basket and took an extended shower. Then I went out for dinner. In the cosy but smoky little restaurant hung a poster of a rock concert for that night – and it seemed to be a good idea to me!•Most of the people were already inside and only a few late-comers like me still squeezed themselves through the heavy wooden doors into the hall. The show had already started and the sound of the music grew louder as I entered the dark venue. People were standing everywhere and there was no way through. In the far distance I caught a glimpse of the stage: a steaming crater of light and colours was the source of this hot but numbing loud rock’n’roll – sweaty horny rhythms for randy fans! I held myself to the back of the crowded hall and carefully moved sidewards between all the unknown bodies, shaking and dancing with the beat. I could hardly see where I was going and the noise level was deafening. I tried not to step on any feet and soon I reached the end of the backwall – there was nowhere else to go! A row of visitors leaned lazily against the wall, dark bodies with sparely illuminated faces. I didn’t want to dance right now and decided therefore to stay in that corner. But even then it was simply impossible not to be touched or to touch anybody in this anonymous mass and repeatedly I found myself leaning against the body behind me. Wasn’t it exciting to be alone in this big crowd, wasn’t it arousing just to make body contact with your elbows or your back to strangers? The heat and closeness of the situation mixed with the powerful seductive beat of the rock’n’roll just had to turn you on! I felt a treacle of sweat running down my spine, disappearing excitingly between my buttocks. Soon I got tired of standing on my own legs but the only way to relax a little bit was to lean back against the body behind me. I could feel the taut muscles of it’s belly and the lack of soft breasts above it – so I considered it male! Soon I felt two hands placing themselves softly on my hips and a friendly flow of energy entered my body. I was concentrating myself on both: the hot pulsing music and the new warm feelings in my body. Not lazy, two fingers slip-ped under my shirt on both sides and made electrifying contact with my sensitive skin – a cosy shiver shook my hips. Soon both hands were lying completely on my naked sides and they didn’t want to stop moving up and up. And the sensation was just so excellent! I didn’t want to know the owner escort kastamonu of these curious hands and I didn’t even think about turning around. That, I thought, would just destroy the anonymity of this arousing encounter. His fingers moved further up to explore my tender breasts. My rosy nipples hardened instantly and the signal of arousal went straight down into the centre of lust right between my legs. All this actually seemed to take ages and I lost the sense of time completely whilst I surrendered myself fully to the raising sensation.A nose made its way into my hair and a pair of lips nibbled on my right ear – the breath of my faceless admirer felt calm and warm on the side of my neck. But still I didn’t want to turn around, neither to kiss or to be kissed. His busy hands were kneading my luscious breasts fondly and twiddled my erected nipples. I leaned further back and realized the pressure of his own arousal through my thin skirt, just between my bulging buttocks. I felt my pussy contract with desire and I knew there was no way out of that! I let out a gasp of joy, but nobody could have heard it anyway! I wriggled my cute little bottom against his groin to give him a sign of appreciation. I felt my pussy prickling with lust as his fondling grew harder and harder, and my breasts seemed to swell from his passion. He slowly pulled his hands off and just let them slide down my soft belly without any urge, delicious inch by delicious inch. One exploring finger got stuck in my belly button and another painted a round circle of desire around it. I was closing my eyes and opening my lips. I forgot all about the concert and the hundreds of people around me in the dark, but I imagined with joy the hundreds of sexy girls in front of me, dancing in tight miniskirts over moist panties, and their eager admirers only an inch behind them with a huge bulge in their jeans!And there they were again, those ten tender fingers that I was surrendering to. They sneaked under the hem of my skirt over the soft swell of my sunburned nether cheeks, surprised to find no panties! They started to explore my buttocks, to squeeze them and to knead them with enforced passion. It was just so exquisite – my feelings were already running wild with expectation and the juice of my pussy was running down my inner thighs, deliciously and completely unstoppable.Then his fingers glid around my hips to find my already damp pubic hair, pulling and rolling the curls around them. I was on the brink of collapsing onto my knees but there was no space. The audience around us was still so dense like in an inner-city-bus in the rush-hour. I was grinding my buttocks into his standing ovation to my charms. I felt his dick twitch and stretch in his pants. I completely enjoyed this situation of anonymous pleasure. His hands disappeared to free his own flesh from its restraining captivity. I could feel the head of his stiff desire pressing into the slick slit between my legs. I spread my thighs as far as I could to let him in. His thrusting got faster and faster between my closed thighs and I clenched them eagerly in the rhythm of the music. I felt a wet tongue in my ear and I could imagine the glossy wet head of his love-maker peeping frequently out of my bush. It was an exciting picture! I put my hand underneath his throbbing shaft to bend it upwards, up against my wanton clit. I rubbed the purple plum of his penis against and against and against until he and I came in one and the same moment, his sperm jetting out into the crowded darkness. I was shaking, my knees were wobbly and my brain was out of action but I pulled myself together. And for the first time I turned my head around and I gave my wonderful lover a grateful kiss onto one of his unshaven cheeks. But then I was on my way out of the hall with a really big grin on my face, straight down the stairs and into the Ladies. And when I threw myself onto my unmade bed half an hour later I didn’t had to wait long before sleep took me in his calming arms….but with a sudden loud call of my name I seemed to be awake again. I shot up from the tiny chair I was sitting on and realised that I was in a classroom full of girls. From the front the huge figure of the teacher was shouting at me, commanding me to come forward and onto his pedestal. I didn’t know what I had done wrong but that didn’t seem to matter. The furious teacher grabbed hold of my shaking hands and in a single movement he pulled me over his lap.He clamped my kicking legs with one of his and with the strong grip of a big hand he pushed down my head. He lifted the hem of my school skirt and tucked it under my armpits. I was trembling with fear as he fondled my girlish bottom for an endless time through the warm woollen underpants. With determination he then pulled them right down to my knees and studied the naked orbs with voyeuristic interest. I remembered in that moment the strange feelings mixed with fear as well as excitement when my father ordered me after a mishap into the parents sleeping room. The prickling sensation when he threw up my skirt and pulled down my undies to give me what he thought I might deserve. I remembered well the spreading heat on the reddening buttocks and the kindled fire between the legs as he was spanking me hard with on-going vigour.The arousing memories disappeared simultaneously with the first strong slap of my teacher’s palms onto my naked backside. I forgot the shame and the surely malicious joy of all the girls in the room. One blow after another hit the helpless target – I couldn’t count them all. The pain was becoming close to unbearable and my young pussy started to dribble. I knew that the colour of my cheeks had turned into a flaming red when at last he stopped. But to my astonishment: he didn’t let me go! He must have seen a driblet of arousal running down my thigh because he dipped a finger into the sticky substance. He followed its trace up into the dark cleft and… I woke up in my warm bed, playing with myself. I finished the task at hand with passion to release the tension, and then sunk satisfied back into my pillows again.

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