John’s New View Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I’m sorry that this story is a little on the short side. I want to be able to put out the story as quick as I can and this felt like the right point for the second chapter to end. I hope to be able to write longer chapters in the future.


John went home after school and walked through the front door of the house. As he entered he saw his sister Sarah in a daze walking into the laundry room. Sarah was carrying her clothing that she wore that morning. She was dressed in a very light top that as usual was stretched to its limits over her enormous breasts. The shirt said ‘Best Little Sister’, but you wouldnt be able to tell from looking at it. The fabric was stretched so thin that you could barely even see that there was writing on it at all. John had gotten that shirt for his sister for her 16th birthday. He hadn’t seen her wearing it for at least a couple years. The pajama pants she was wearing were equally stretched beyond belief. They looked like they were supposed to be shorts, but they weren’t supposed to be that short! The legs of the shorts didn’t reach to even the beginning of her thighs, the bottom of her ass cheeks spilling out of yalova escort the shorts. The waist of the shorts didn’t even begin to cover up her ass, as the band of the shorts weren’t covering but half of the top of her butt. It looked like the most obscene pair of booty shorts ever.

Sarah was wiggling and jiggling, her ass shaking like crazy and her breasts bouncing even more than usual as she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples clearly prominent even if they weren’t hard as diamonds, which they were right now. Sarah placed her clothing in the laundry machine turned around noticing her brother for the first time.

Sarah turned red and ran up the stairs, ass wildly shaking as she ran to her room and slammed the door. “What was that? Did she see me stare at her this morning after she came out of the bathroom? Is that why she’s mad at me?” John sighed heavily. “She’s right to be mad, I don’t know what’s come over me today.” John decided to try to appease his sister somewhat by making dinner for them both, as their mother worked and wouldn’t come back until much later in the evening.

John worked on preparing the chicken and the salad for dinner and Sarah yalova escort bayan never opened her door. John placed the chicken in the oven and sat on the couch to wait. His mind wandered to Sarah, how she was angry at him, and how he could make amends. As he pondered, John felt a familiar sense of leaving his body. John floated up into the air and noticed that his body wasn’t on the couch. “Makes sense I suppose. I wouldn’t see myself in the middle of my own daydream.” John floated up the stairs and through the closed door of his sisters room. Rather than an angry Sarah like in reality, John saw a Sarah lying on her back on her bed. Sarah’s shirt was pushed up to her neck, her breasts splayed widely around her. Her knees were bent in the air with her feet on the bed and her legs were spread revealing a pussy that was dripping with juices. The room smelled distinctly of strawberries, and what a sweet smell it was. Sarah’s left hand was mauling her breast, twisting and pulling on her stiff long nipple. Her right hand was between her legs and suddenly, John saw what she was doing.

Sarah was fucking herself with a dildo. The dildo was being thrusted in and out escort yalova and as John watched, she picked up the pace to a feverish pitch. In and out she pushed it, thrusting her wide hips up to meet it. Sarah was moaning and John was struck by just how sexy it sounded. In and out, in and out. As Sarah reached her peak and her moans got louder and louder, she stuffed one massive breast into her face and sucked down hard on a reddened nipple.

Sarah came with a scream, only partially muffled by her massive jiggling breasts. Her body spasmed hard and she thrusted up one final time before collapsing in a heap on her bed, arms falling to her side, all strength having left her body. Sarah gasped for breath and slowly slid the dildo out of her pussy with a sad sigh. John finally saw the dildo in its entirety and was shocked at just how long and thick it was!

John felt a pressure in his head and less aggressively than last time, snapped back to where he was previously and opened his eyes. “Wow, that was really intense! Why do I keep imagining my sister like this?!” Unsure what else to do and with the chicken now ready, John went upstairs to let his sister know that dinner was ready.

John went up to his sisters room and knocked lightly on the door. “Sarah, I made some chicken if you’d like to have some dinner.”

“I’ll be right out,” Sarah replied. As John turned around to head back downstairs, he thought he caught the scent of strawberries…

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