Jim and I Pt. 05


I was still a little in shock — partly because my straight buddy and I had just blown each other but also because Jim admitted to being a good cocksucker. And he was right, it was great head without any hesitation I would have thought from a straight guy’s first time, plus the fact that he happily swallowed my load. I couldn’t think of anything to say but felt my cock getting hard again inside my tight black sports briefs.

Jim broke what felt like a long awkward silence by saying “I’ll have to tell you sometime but am too worn out to get into that right now.” Jim chugged the last bit a of beer and stood up to stretch, clad only in tight blue sports briefs that matched my own. He reached his hand out to help me off the couch adding “Nothing sounds better to me right now than a nice hot shower and bed, I hope you’ll join me for both.”

I accepted Jim’s hand and followed him into the bathroom admiring his perfect ass contained in the synthetic blue fabric. Jim turned on the water (with great water pressure due to his plumbing upgrades) and slipped out of his briefs. He turned around to place his large hands on the waistband of my briefs and gently sliding them down my legs and holding onto me while I stepped out of them; quite the southern gentleman. We stepped into the shower together, smiling and quietly enjoying each other’s company and we soaped each other up and washed off our cum and sweat.

After several minutes in the shower, the bathroom was completely fogged up and we were so relaxed from the warm water and massaging each other. We took that as a cue to get out and towel off, brush our teeth, and head into Jim’s bedroom. He walked over to his dresser and opened the top drawer to pull out two pairs of snug, black, Under Armour boxerjocks. “I always like to have a little support when I sleep and thought you would too” Jim added as he handed me the underwear. I watched as he slipped his on and admired how they accentuated his package before pulling on my own pair.

Jim pulled back the camouflage patterned sheets and we both hopped into the king-sized bed. Of course, we quickly met in the middle of the bed to be closer to each other, feeling istanbul travesti the silky technical fabric of the legs of our boxerjocks rub together. Jim pulled me in for a slow, deep kiss while we gently explored the slowly expanding bulges in our underwear. After a minute or so we broke our kiss and Jim reached over to turn off the light. I wrapped my arms around his muscular, somewhat hairy torso as he pulled me into his arms and we quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke with a slight headache but feeling otherwise surprisingly good after drinking so much the night before. Jim was still asleep as I heard his light snoring in the bed next to me. As my eyes adjusted to the dim morning light, I could see that Jim had shifted during the night and now the blankets were only covering the lower half of his body with the bold red and black Under Armour waistband of Jim’s underwear poking over the top. I admired Jim’s chest as he slept and after a few minutes reached out to run my hands though the hair on his torso and gently massaged his nipples. I moved my hand up to feel his masculine beard and jaw line before making my way back down to the edge of the blankets.

Jim’s breathing remained steady as I gently slid down the blankets to just above Jim’s knees, placing his tight boxerjock into my full view. I explored the black polyester fabric with my hands, feeling Jim’s thighs, quads, and bulge which was still soft yet impressive; though my own boxerjock was tented with my now fully erect cock. I slowly shifted my weight and position to lean down and place my face into Jim’s bulge, inhaling the still clean smell of his cock and balls. I slowly licked Jim’s bulge, feeling the outline of his cock through the underwear and imagining when it was in my mouth just a few hours ago. My hands rested on Jim — one on his stomach and another on his thigh — as I continued my oral exploration of his Under Armour. I must have drifted away because I was suddenly startled by a hand on my back.

“Good morning bud.” Jim said quietly as he ran his hand over my back and shoulders, gently massaging and encouraging me. “Please don’t stop on my account.”

Obviously, istanbul travestileri Jim was now awake and I realized that his bulge had gotten larger and harder since I first started exploring with my tongue. I looked up at him and smiled as we locked eyes and he slightly pushed his hips and cock into the side of my face. I quickly returned my attention to Jim’s package, licking and sucking his now hard and tenting cock through the moisture wicking fabric, spending a few minutes showing my affection for Jim and his underwear.

During that time, Jim shifted his arms and pulled my body on top of his own, positioning my Under Armour-clad package over his face. Jim took no time to bury his face into my taint, licking my balls and gently teasing my hole as I felt bits of his beard poke though the smooth fabric. This drove me wild and I released Jim’s hard seven inches through the fly of the spit-soaked underwear and immediately swallowed it whole. I bobbed up and down on Jim’s cock, sucking and licking as he thrust his hips into me and returning my fervor with the attention he was paying to my package.

After a minute or two of this mutual service, Jim reached up to pull down my underwear and placed his tongue back onto my taint and balls, groaning as he got closer and closer to cumming. Within seconds, Jim’s hips thrusted more strongly and I felt his warm load in my mouth, some of making it down my throat and some dripping out onto the back fabric still around the base of his cock. Jim laid his head back through the fall of his orgasm but quickly returned his attention to my balls as the last bits of cum leaked out the head of his cock. He used his strong arms to turn me around and passionately kissed me, exploring my mouth with his tongue, looking to taste his own juice.

“Dude, fuck, thank you! Here, stand up.” Jim commanded as he lifted me up off of his body. I found myself standing up, rock hard cock pointing up and out, with underwear down around my calves. Jim repositioned himself to sit up straight and guided my hips to his face, while pulling down the boxerjock off my legs and using it to clean the spit and cum off his cock. travesti istanbul “Fuck my face, I want to swallow your load again.” Jim instructed and I gladly complied. Jim opened his mouth and found the perfect size for me to fuck while I felt my balls slapping against his bearded chin. I held onto his head while he ran his hands (one still holding the soiled Under Armour) up and down my legs, ass, balls, and back encouraging me to thrust harder. It didn’t take but a minute for me to reach climax and unleash another batch of cum into Jim’s mouth, which he gladly swallowed.

I collapsed back on the bed next to Jim as we both caught our breath. Jim handed me the cum covered boxerjock so I could clean his spit off my cock, balls, and taint. “Fuck man, that was so hot. Thank you!” I said to Jim as we smiled at each other. “It was my pleasure sir” Jim responded as he pulled his semi-hard cock back into the fly of his underwear and leaned over to kiss me again. We rested a bit and then got up to strip the sheets off the bed so that his wife wouldn’t find any unexpected substances when she’s home again. Jim threw the sheets into the washer and we headed into the shower together since we knew we were due for another round of washing off our sweat and cum. After a refreshing shower we slipped on our blue and black briefs from the night before (which we forgot about leaving in the bathroom) and I helped Jim make the bed with a fresh set of sheets and wash the ones with the evidence of our fun still on them.

Still in just our briefs, Jim and I cleaned up his house from all the random beer cans from the night before. We made sure to clean up all the errant underwear around the house since it felt like we went through a quite a few pairs during our intimate evening. I got dressed and collected my things so I could head home before getting started with my weekend errands. Jim’s wife was scheduled to be home in the afternoon so I figured they would want to spend some time together. Jim, wearing just the tight blue Jockey sports briefs, gave me a deep hug while we thanked each other for everything — the comradery and climaxes both.

“Welp, this was great and I can’t wait to do it again!” Jim said sincerely. “I guess I’ll see you at the gym on Monday morning? Maybe we can wear these briefs so we match?” he added with a smile.

“You got it man; looking forward to it.” I responded and walked out my car to head home.

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