Jesica’s Valentines Party


Jesica’s Valentines PartyThis story was written as part of a story/caption challenge for a follower on another website. It went to a much darker place than I originally intended.————————————————————Jesica’s Valentine’s PartyIt had been a very busy year for Jessica. First there had been her internship at a prestigious law firm. Then as that position was ending, one of the senior partners who had maintained a warm but ‘fatherly’ mentoring for her, had shocked her following her exit interview with a suggestion they “might see each other socially now that her internship was finished.”Jessica was surprised buy yet strangely excited by the prospect. While being by no means naive nor innocent, the prospect of a much older suitor was a stimulating possibility. Without hesitation she locked his office door and asked him “to show me what you’ve got…”For the next several hours she was shown a level of passion and sexual fulfillment she had only fantasied about. Even-though this gentleman was well old enough to be her father, he pleasured her in ways she had never experienced before. She left that evening with her hair disheveled, her makeup ruined, her panties lost and her cunt dripping his seed.2 weeks later she moved in with him.Jessica never had ‘daddy issues’, but this powerful man dominated her both in bed and out. He chose her clothing for her, bathed her, and even helped with her make up. He’d pamper her and spoil her rotten and she loved every moment of it!The high-rise building that their condo was located in was filled with older, very wealthy couples. Her lover being the only single man in residence until she moved in.Part of her enjoyed being the youngest and most attractive woman in the building. Without the chore of having to work she exercised daily and spent a lot of time planning ever more exciting role-playing events for her and her man. She even stopped taking her birth control pills since he had gotten a vasectomy several years before.Jessica loves to tease. She would always go out in public with short skirts and little if any underwear. She would routinely flash her lover and others in public to stimulate him, them and herself. More than once he would take her in public, pushing his large bare cock into her moist openings. Cunt, ass or mouth was no never mind to Jessica. She loved the feeling of him filling her however he chose. She was falling deeply in love with this man and she knew in her soul she could never deny him anything.Her flirting and teasing was not confined to her lover and strangers, Jessica would routine apply the same techniques to some of the more attractive residents of their building. The exclusive address had it’s own exercise facility, indoor heated pool and spa. Almost every day Jessica would be either swimming, exercising or lounging in the sauna. Her large firm tits and delicious arse were always on display. Tight shorts without panties and form-fitting sports bras, barely there bathing wear and naked under loose towels were her weapons of provocation. The jealous stares and whispers of most of the women only making the thrill tekirdağ escort that much sweeter…With it being February and Valentine’s fast approaching, Jessica and her man invited many of the residents to a party at their spacious abode. The guest list was heavy with Jessica’s favorite teasing targets, both men and women. They spent over a week selecting just the right mix of food and drink, specifically deciding on a heavy dose of aphrodisiac delights!“I want every coupe here to be fucking each other’s brains out by the time they leave. I don’t even much care who is fucking who. They all just need to get laid good and loosen up!”As the night of the party arrived Jessica went all out with her wardrobe for the evening. She opted to play upon her youth and beauty by donning a school girl out fit. A tight white sleeveless blouse that barely contained her firm, braless tits. A very short plated black mini skirt that barley covered her delicious rounded arse. A black garter belt with matching silk stockings. Her favorite 4” spiked heels, and just to top it off, the red and white striped tie from her lover’s private club. Her hair she keep long and loose “just like me!” she thought to herself while admiring her incredible beauty in the wall length mirror.Her lover was putting the finishing touches on his own outfit. A perfectly tailored black tuxedo and immaculately shined black shoes. His clothing setting off his steel grey hair and close-cropped beard.He stepped up behind her and gently wrapped his arms around her narrow waist. His nose smelling her hair and the strong set of her aroused womanhood. “As much as I hate to suggest it my love, but I do insist you wear panties tonight. Your scent, as intoxicating as it is to me, should not be quite so displayed to our guest tonight don’t you think? Besides with your incredible outfit you will have every cock in the room hard and most women moist from just the sight of you!”Jessica looked at him in the mirror and demurely nodded her head. She retrieved a simple white cotton thong and encased her dripping sex there in.“I think I am ovulating tonight sweetheart. Do you ever regret the snip job?”Her lover lifted her hair and kissed her lightly on the neck.“I never really wanted c***dren. I never saw myself ever settling down with one woman before I met you. If I could reverse it I would and make you bare my young!” With that he bit firmly against the back of her neck, moving his hand quickly to grab and pitch her nipple. Jessica nearly swooned at the sudden rapture of his bite and touch. Her entire body surrendering to this man. The only man she had ever truly loved.The doorbell interrupted their passion. Dropping her hair to cover the large love bite on the back off her neck and straightening out her blouse over her hard, pointed nipples, he turned towards the front door.“You are not the only one here who loves to tease My Pet…”Jessica took a long deep breath and exited the bedroom towards their waiting guests.The party was soft and sedate. Jessica playing the perfect hostess always making sure every champagne glass was kept full, every succulently tekirdağ escort bayan dish refilled and a full court press of laughter, conversation and heavy flirting with everyone there. At times a few stray touches were directed her way by both men and women. She never lingered to find out who as she bounced from one group to the next, her wetness ever pushing her to thoughts of a hot quickie with her man.When the guests had thinned out to only a few couples, Jessica slithered over to her lover and whispered in his ear. “I know we still have guests dear, but do you think you might be able to join me in the den briefly? Your fertile bitch needs your cock RIGHT NOW!” She kissed him playfully on the cheek and walked slowly towards the rear of the apartment. Glancing over her shoulder seductively and giving him wink before passing around the corner.Jessica opened the door to their den and turned on the lights. Leaving the door cracked a smidge she crossed the room to the far wall and stood up straight with her hands reaching up against the white surface in a pose of surrender.It only took a few moments before she heard the soft tapping of men’s shoes on the tile floor. She tried to control her breathing as she felt the door slowly open and then close. The metallic click of the lock comforting her that her lover had cum to ease her suffering with a fine dose of hot cock!She shivered with anticipation as the footsteps closed the distance to her. A firm had reaching to grab her firm butt cheek and slowly squeeze it.Jessica’s breathing became more rapid has a second hand joined the first and kneaded her ass delicately. The right hand falling away followed by the sound of a zipper being lowered and slacks softly falling to the floor. The right hand returned and gently but forcibly pulled Jessica’s hips back from the wall and flipped her all too short skirt over her hips and on to her lower back. The same two hands then reached to her panties and pulled them to the side, exposing her dripping sex. “Yes lover, take me now… please?”Jessica felt the blunt head of the cock press against her slick folds. She took a deep breath as it pushed into her tight wetness ever so slowly.“My God you feel huge tonight baby.” she moaned as the thick phallus pushed deeper into her moist cunt as it surrendered to the invading manhood. A quick thrust pushed the blunt tip firmly into her cervix causing Jessica to start on her first orgasm of the evening.Back and forth the rampant cock sawed inside Jessica. Never speeding up, only the steady rhythm of practiced discipline.Jessica was nearing her second climax and it promised to be bigger than the first. She pushed back from the wall to shove the cock deeper into her further stimulating her cervix and pushing her closer to exploding. Unfortunately she pushed too far back and lost her hand hold on the wall. She bent forward to support herself against her legs and for the first time looked down between her legs at man behind her.Jessica’s eyes lost focus and she came hard and loudly on the thrusting prick inside her. Her body shaking in a near convulsive state escort tekirdağ with her powerful orgasm. Recovering slightly she noticed the slacks pooled at feet behind her. Their colour a bluish-grey, not the blacks pants of her lover!She cried out “NO!” and tried to stand. Her conqueror pushing her roughly against the wall and began to fuck her in earnest. He slammed his prick into her with increasing speed and ferocity. As much as Jessica was revolted by the man basically r****g her, the supreme thrill of the forceful taking of her pushed her towards yet another orgasm!“So my dear you have discovered my ruse. I’m afraid your lover boy is quite distracted by my wife right now. He won’t be coming to your aid anytime soon. You really shouldn’t have been teasing us all these months you little slut, you will certainly get what’s CUMMING to you!”Jessica immediately recognized the voice. It belonged to the head of the co-op board. He had been her favorite target to tease and tempt all these months. His cock always rising to salute her in the gym. She knew his wife had taken full advantage of her enticements when she had caught the two of them fucking the in sauna around Christmas. “Yes dear, pound that brunette slut. Empty yourself into her…” His wife had moaned in his ear that day. Jessica was sure some of the touches tonight had been the two of them pushing her buttons.The board president quickened his already rapid pace as he pushed himself towards his own climax. “You really shouldn’t have mentioned being fertile you fucking cunt. My wife sent me in here after we overheard your invite to your lover boy. Too bad I won’t be shooting BLANKS like he does!”Jessica panicked in earnest. It was bad enough she had been tricked into giving herself to another man, but he intended to fill her with his seed and breed her! She tried to push away from the wall but her strength had left her, her sweaty face pressed against the sheetrock surface as she came yet again as the board president filled her with his sperm.The board president held her against the wall for several minutes as he allowed his swimmers time to find the lonely egg floating inside the ravished woman. When his breathing had returned to normal he let her limp body drop to the floor. Her emotional control lost. Her heart broken. She erupted in tears and sobbed uncontrollably.“By the way, don’t even TRY to do anything except bare this c***d. The consequences to your lover boy and your family would be dire at the very least. My wife could never have c***dren. After your brat is born we will arrange to take it from you.”He pulled up his pants and walked to the door. “If you do well I might breed you again…” Laughing an evil cackle, he unlocked the door and walked back into the party.Jessica lay in the floor tears still streaming down her face. She now knew that even having a rich and powerful lover could not protect her from the consequences of her teasing. Even though she was distraught, the wickedness of her encounter had left her cunt dripping the combined juices of herself and her stud. As the sobbing subsided, her arousal returned in full force. All sounds of the party were gone. Absolute silence filled the apartment. Jessica stood up on wobbly legs and pulled her thong back into place, trapping the leaking semen inside her. She wiped her eyes and walked into the living room to confront her future.

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