Jenny and the special clinic (Full long novel)


Jenny and the special clinic (Full long novel)(Taken from my blog posts and combined into a single story)Jenny woke up earlier than usual this morning as her husband was showering. She could not fall back asleep like she normally does listening to the water fall in the next room. The promise of the new day as well as her anxiousness of her upcoming appointment was very much on her mind.As her husband finished up, hearing Jenny shift around multiple times, he came back in the bedroom and kissed her on the cheek. “Love you — it will be a good day”. Jenny opened her eyes, turned and kissed him on the cheek, “I know, I’m just nervous. Love you too.”After laying for another half an hour, Jenny decides she needs to get going. She takes off her nightgown and hangs it on the hook, walking by the mirror and catching a glimpse of her flat tummy as she heads to the shower, tempering her feelings after seeing the bright sun and beautiful day outside.Jenny spends a bit more time in the shower than usual. She takes extra time in making sure she has shampooed her hair twice, and used the right conditioner and scrub she normally saves for her nights out when she was younger. Not knowing exactly what to expect today, Jenny spends extra time scrubbing her 30 year old body thoroughly; everywhere. Jenny spends some extra time making sure she washes between, under, around and everything, using her new scented body soaps she picked up over the weekend.After finishing her shower, Jenny dries off, puts on her puffy cotton robe and dries her hair. It’s a long flowing light brunette with blondish highlights that ends just past her breasts. Jenny curls parts and lets other parts flow past her shoulders on the back and the front. She finishes getting ready applying her makeup carefully with just a light amount of eye shadow and lipstick to look her natural best.Strolling back into the bedroom, she picks her favorite clothes, a nice pair of comfortable but form fitting blue jeans and a thicker two toned royal blue and black cotton top, with her favorite dark blue underwear set.Jenny looks at the clock and realizes she has just 30 minutes to get to her appointment, so she grabs her purse and keys and hops into her car and backs out of the driveway. She doesn’t know exactly where to go, but programmed her GPS to find it quickly. She heads down the road towards the more expensive home developmentAs the GPS guides her, she sees she is getting closer to the golf course all of the homes surrounds. She’s been there once for a holiday party for work and remembers how posh the area was and wishes she could live there some day. The GPS has her turn into a road that leads to the clubhouse. She thinks to herself, this can’t be right, but continues to drive.Now it tells Jenny to turn off the road half way up to the club house. She sees a small set of new businesses that are modeled into more condo/house like buildings, much like her dentist’s office in a different part of town. Jenny is getting a bit more anxious looking around for the sign, but finally finds it at the end of the dead end road, towards the top of a hill overlooking the golf course.Jenny pulls into the parking lot and parks. Suddenly she is frozen. Her appointment is in 10 minutes, but she is worried about what may happen. Her worst fear is that they cannot help her, that she can’t really get what she wants. She sits for a few minutes gathering her thoughts, and then decides it is time to head in.Jenny gets out of the car and heads towards the door. On reaching the door, she reads the sign on the door, making sure she is at the right place. Yes she says to herself, this is it, reading the sign: “Woman’s Health and Fertility Clinic”. Slowly, she opens the door…—————————————————————————————————-The door swings open firmly as she steps over the threshold. She thinks to herself, “I’m here, I hope.., I need…”. She walks down the short hall into the reception area.She walks up to the desk and says “Hi, I’m Jenny, I have a 10:00 appointment”. The receptionist replies, “Hi Jenny, nice to have you here.”. As Jenny provides information and cards to her, she looks around the room. It’s naturally lit by the large windows overlooking the golf course. It’s quiet, and upscale “That’s all we need right now Jenny, please have any seat you’d like over there and we will call you in shortly” says the receptionist with a smile. Jenny beings to walk towards the center of the room. Looking around, instead of hard uncomfortable chairs, she sees a lot of cushioned love seats in various coverings with many pillows on the corners. There are a few couples on some of the love seats, resting against each other, seemingly content but also apparently anxious; just like her. She finds an empty one to sit on next to the window to look outside and think while she waits.Jenny begins to think about her husband. He wanted to be with her today, but his job just won’t let him take off for others appointments, no matter how important they are. She blows him a kiss from afar through the windows towards him somewhere far across the city. Her mind is spacing out as she stares out the window.”Jenny”…”Jenny”… She snaps out of her trance and realizes that’s her name. “Oh yes, right here!” she replies and turns around towards the voice. Walking slowly towards her is a nicely dressed woman, with short blonde hair and wearing a very nice red blouse and skirt down to her knees, with a white lab jacket on over the top. Unlike Jenny’s comfortable walking shoes, the nurse has on a low healed matching red open top shoes; ones like she used to wear out on her dates with her now husband ten years ago.”Hello Jenny” “My name is Amy, and it’s so nice to see you today.” “I hope you’ve found our facility relaxing so far” Amy says. “Yes, indeed, I have, it is so beautiful here, thank you” Jenny replies. “Okay, then” Amy states, “Let’s head back to the office this way then”. “Okay” Jenny responds, positively yet trepidatiously.As she follows Amy back through the hall to the corner office, she sees many pictures hanging on the wall. All of them are of women or couples holding a baby with smiles on their faces. “Amy, are these other nurses here?” she asks. “Why no, Jenny, those are all of the doctor’s happy patients”. Jenny scans each of the photo’s closely and her lips begin to bend upward as a small tear enters her eye.When the reach the end of the long hall, Amy says “Okay, here we are” as she opens the door and lets Jenny in ahead of her. “Just have a seat right there” she says as she closes the door and walks towards the desk.Just like the waiting room the office is like no other doctor’s office she’s ever seen before. There are two huge windows, one on each wall, meeting in the corner, overlooking the lake at the golf course. “Wow, this is so amazing of a view” she says. She thinks to herself for a moment though, pausing, then saying “But, what about….” Amy cuts her off, laughing.. “Oh, no worries, they are polarized, we only see out, nothing but the light comes in”. she says with a smile.Jenny continues to look around at the differences from what she’s used to seeing in a cold, medical office she’s been in before. A soft love seat instead of the two normal chairs next to the desk. Real wood dressers instead of cold steel supply storage towers. A warmth cast across the room from the sun, not chilly at all. The floor is unnaturally soft. It’s not carpet, not vinyl but soft like a yoga mat, but much firmer surface, sorta like her new gym she’s been working out at. She takes her seat next to the desk, and after looking down to be seated, her eyes turn toward the center of the room. She sees something unlike anything she’s seen before in an office like this. She knows what it is, but, it’s so…different.”Jenny?” “I have a few questions to go over with you before the doctor comes in, okay?” asks Amy. “Okay” replies Jenny.—————————————————————————————————-“Now Jenny, I’m going to be asking a number of questions, some of which may seem very personal. In order for us to provide the best care, I need you to answer honestly and fully to each question. Can you do that today Jenny?” asks Amy.Jenny responds a bit nervously: “I’ll try my best…” as she hesitates for a second, and finishes with “promise.”.Amy pulls up a checklist on the computer and starts to run through the questions with Jenny.”How long have you and your husband been trying to conceive?” Jenny looks down and answers, “2 years”.”Have you been calculating your optimal days for conception?” Jenny looks back up and says, “Oh absolutely, my regular doctor gave me all of the details and I’ve been counting and measuring for so long, it’s so tiring at times to plan.””It’s okay Jenny, I understand.” “How frequently do you and your husband have sex then around that time?” Jenny answers blushing a bit, “About 5 times over two days typically, we’ve tried our best for so long.””I see” Amy replies. “And your previous doctor determined your husband had a low sperm count?” Amy replies quickly, “Oh no, he was lower than average but they said he could, um, we could, conceive at the start. Unfortunately over time, it did drop significantly and we just don’t think it will happen that way — you know, naturally.””Jenny, looking at the numbers it seems that is the case, I would have to agree with them.” “Unfortunately too, I think that he would not be a good candidate to provide a sample for artificial insemination.” Jenny hangs her head down and trembles. “Yes, I feared that was the case. Are you saying that you don’t think you will be able to help us either?” she replies with a warble in her voice?”Oh no Jenny, not at all, there are many other options that we can work with to give you the best chance at conception” Amy shot back quickly grabbing Jenny’s hand and rubbing it gently. “Oh that makes me feel so much better, I was worried, very worried” Jenny says looking at Amy’s hand rubbing hers.”Okay, lets see where we’re at and what we can do then” Amy says confidently. “When was the beginning of your last period, Jenny?” Jenny replies “About 2 weeks ago, yes, 2 weeks ago yesterday evening” “Very good, I’m glad we got you scheduled accurately then.” Amy smiles as she continues down the list.”When was the last time you ataşehir escort had sex with your husband?” Jenny replies, “Last night, is that okay?” Amy smiles and says “Absolutely, it won’t hurt anything at all”. Jenny quickly follows up asking “And it’s okay that he, um, he, he … he finished inside me?”. Amy confidently assures Jenny, “It’s totally fine, no worries at all, that’s what you and your husband are supposed to do!”Jenny now relaxes a bit waiting for the next question, confident her body is in the right shape for whatever they have planned for her today.”Okay Jenny, I think that is all we need for now. The doctor will be in shortly to start the examination. Laying there on the chair is a robe you can slip on. Please remove all of your clothing before placing it on.” “Did you have any questions?” asks Amy.”No, I think I’m good” replies Jenny. “Okay then, I’ll leave you alone for a moment to change and the doctor and myself will return shortly.” Amy says as she leaves the room.—————————————————————————————————-After Amy closes the door, Jenny begins to undress. She starts by taking off her shoes and socks pushing them under the chair. She then grabs her shirt and lifts it off over her head, sending her long hair over her face and back as she brushes it back.She continues by unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them off. Standing in the office with just her dark blue bra and panties on, she reaches for the robe on the chair.As she picks it up, she realizes it isn’t like other robes she’s had before. This one is silky smooth, not all cottony and lumpy. There are no ties, just two very soft strips of very thin Velcro down the sides from arm to knees. She holds it against her chest, feeling it as smooth as her bra.She places it back on the chair and begins to slide her arms out of her bra and twist it sideways to unbutton it. As she removes it her breasts sink downward now free from the constriction. She folds the bra up and sets it on top of her clothing on the chair.Now she begins to pull down her panties, bending down as she wiggles out of them. She grabs them from her lifted leg and places them under her shirt on the chair. She reaches for the robe and begins to put it on. It is very smooth and soft. She feels very comfortable in it.Since Amy didn’t say where to wait, she begins to start to look at the familiar yet odd contraption in the middle of the room. As she walks around it she realizes it is a very special examination table, but it looks much more like a raised bed than an uncomfortable exam table.It isn’t flat, it has a wave to it, and it is twice as wide as any she’s seen before. It’s also covered in a movable microfiber cloth instead of vinyl and paper. It’s warm, and soft, compressible soft like a memory foam mattress.The bottom isn’t full of metal drawers either, like the rest of the office it looks like a nice wood bedroom set. Oddly enough she doesn’t see any stirrups though. There are various buttons she sees with arrows on them, but before she could even think about pressing one of them…KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “Jenny?” asks Amy, “Are you ready?” Jenny replies “Oh yes, come on in”.The door opens with Amy heading to the computer desk, and behind her, a very tall doctor enters, his large hands outstreached to shake hers.”Hi Jenny, I’m Doctor Steve.” as he shakes her hand. Jenny replies back “Hi, nice to meet you!”. “Okay Jenny, can I have you climb up onto the table her, and lie back for me please?” the Doctor asks. “Sure” Jenny replies as she turns around, placing her butt on the edge and lifting herself up and spinning her legs around. Amy brings over a pillow for Jenny, and places it towards the top of the wave under her head. Amy is laying in a shallow “U” on the table. “Comfortable?” Asks the doctor? “Oh yes, very” Jenny replies back.”Okay, lets take a look and see how we can help you today” the Doctor announces. Jenny nervously awaits what’s next.—————————————————————————————————-Doctor Steve takes his stethoscope and puts it in his ears, and walks up alongside Jenny. Using both hands, he reaches over her chest and separates the Velcro by her shoulders and begins to fold down the front of the silky robe to expose the top half of her breasts.He lays down the top over her tummy and picks up the end of his stethoscope and places it over her left breast pressing gently. Unlike most it wasn’t cold against her skin, so different. After a bit he asks her to breath deeply and she complies; her chest rising up and down as he moves the base between the tops of her breasts. Good Jenny, very good he states. He asks her to bend up and lean forward as he places it on her back. “Continue breathing deeply Jenny” he tells her. She sees that there is a large gap between her breasts and the folded down robe that she fills out on each breath. She darts her eyes towards the doctor to see where he is looking.”Okay that sounds good Jenny — Amy, please help Jenny lay back again.” the doctor says. He reaches around the sides of her breasts and releases the next tabs and folds down the robe ending between her legs. The warmth escapes from around her breasts and her nipples start to firm up with the fresh air.”Now then, lets do a quick check of your glands” he says as he presses around the top and sides of her right breast. Jenny is hoping her nipples won’t get too hard as he presses in the open air. “Amy” the doctor says, “please place your hands on that side and mirror my moves.”. Jenny shakes for a moment as Amy’s hand touches her left breast. “It’s okay Jenny, Amy is training to learn more advanced procedures.” Jenny relaxes as both of them carefully check out her chest. “All good?” Jenny asks after a little bit?”Yes Jenny, you have taken care of yourself well.” As both step back, Amy reaches down and lifts the robe back up laying it across Jenny’s chest. As the doctor walks to the end of the table, Amy lifts the bottom of the robe and folds it upwards, exposing Jenny’s thighs up to her tummy.The doctor presses a button and releases two soft arms from the side of the table. He and Amy gently lift Jenny’s legs into their U shaped soft covered pillows. He finishes putting them into position vertically as the table adjusts sliding Jenny downward a bit.—————————————————————————————————-Amy presses another button and her legs begin to spread wide apart. “Now Jenny, I promise this won’t feel like usual. Amy please lubricate and hand it to me”. Jenny prepares for the worst, she’s used to it. Suddenly she feels a warmth against her skin. It feels so…nice. She feels it slowly inserting, and then start to slowly expand. “Wow” Jenny says, “that really is so much better! You really have thought of everything””Now Jenny, just relax… this should only take a few minutes.” Jenny closes her eyes and just tunes out what’s happening for a bit. She hears the doctor and the nurse talking, asking for different things but she’s just thinking of the outcome, not the process right now.”Jenny? Jenny?” the doctor has to repeat himself as she is day dreaming a bit to block out any feeling she is used to. “We’re done there for now.” he says. Amy pushes a button and her legs slowly slide back together and down as the doctor slides back on his chair and stands back up.”So… is everything okay?” Jenny asks. “Well, we didn’t see anything wrong at all. In fact, everything looks completely in order. You’re fully healthy and absolutely able to have a c***d safely. Your previous tests show the same.” the doctor replies.”Then… do you think that I am a suitable candidate?” she asks tepidly. “Absolutely!” the doctor replies. Amy begins to fold down her gown again as they talk. “Oh doctor, that’s so great!” Jenny exclaims. “Yes it is.” replies the doctor. “So with that confirmation, have you scheduled a tentative date and selected a donor profile with yet?” asks the doctor.”Well, unfortunately, that’s the thing…” as Jenny begins to pause and her lips tremble. “the cost is so high, we need to save up some money to be able to pay for the procedure next year.”Oh I know it can be very expensive” replies the doctor. “We do have financing options if that would help.” Jenny replies, “I know but the amount and not the time is a significant burden on us. We were planning on working a couple extra jobs to help pay for this if it was found that I could carry a c***d.””I understand” replies the doctor. He sees Jenny’s eyes start to tear up and sees Amy place her hand on Jenny’s shoulder comforting her. “It’s okay Jenny, there is time–just not too much of it.”—————————————————————————————————-As Amy comforts Jenny who quickly wipes the tear from her eye, Amy asks the doctor “Do you think…” “Do you think that Amy would be interested in an alternative option? She is so deserving.””Now Amy, generally we need a direct previous patient referral for that.” the doctor replies. Amy replies, “Well, I am here, and I will provide the referral right now!”Jenny looks at both of them, confused. “What are you talking about? There’s another option?” “Yes Jenny, we do have a couple other options other than IVF or AI. Yes Amy she would be a good candidate and please explain the options as I go check on another patient.” the doctor replies.Jenny thanks the doctor as he leaves. “So please tell me more.” Jenny asks Amy. “Well, Jenny, you know there are the two options we’ve discussed already. What makes our clinic special is we do offer a lower cost alternative” Amy replies.”Please, tell me more.. how much does it cost, how long does it take, and please describe it to me” Jenny responds. “It only costs and takes as long as a second office visit block.” Amy says.”It is our natural insemination program.” Amy matter of factly explains. “Natural insemination?” Jenny asks, “You mean…?””Yes Amy, we have a large number of very highly rated donors — the very ones that you have already preselected your short list from. They are all fully tested and completely vetted. Over half of our happy clients have utilized the service.” Amy describes to Jenny.”It saves a lot of money due to time, collecting, cleaning, freezing, kartal escort thawing, injecting. In fact, we’ve seen better results from the program than with AI.” Amy further explains.”But.. that means that.. ” Jenny replies very confused and worried. “Yes Jenny, it does, but we do allow you to make the choice, and also offer an optional anonymous option if you’re not totally comfortable with seeing the donor.” Amy helps to relax Jenny.”Ohh.. umm, I’m just so.. unprepared.” Jenny replies. “It’s okay, you weren’t referred until I just did now, so you didn’t have time to think about this, I understand.” Amy says.”So, you say you referred me? Did you…?” Jenny asks. “Oh yes absolutely. I had a lovely baby girl a year ago after trying for so long. It worked first time, I was so incredibly happy!” Amy beams back at Jenny.”Oh! That must have been so strange? I just don’t know if I could …” Jenny says concerningly. “Oh it was, but the results are what matter, and it was not painful, and actually pleasurable. I know that’s strange but the doctor said it helped when I relaxed and enjoyed the process”. Amy says comfortingly.”Well, I” Jenny stops as Amy interrupts her “You know, not to make it harder but today is the perfect day, and you wouldn’t have to wait a month. We don’t have anyone scheduled in here after you, so it would not require another trip up.””I see.. ” Amy pauses for a long time. Everything is running through her head. Should she? It’s what she wants so bad.. but this way? Her mind is racing a mile a minute. After what seemed like an hour, Jenny finally says “Okay, I’m ready.. It’s just like a medical procedure, it’s better, let’s just get it done today.” as she begins to shake…—————————————————————————————————-“I’m so happy for you!” Amy exclaims. “Now remember, at any time during the procedure you can say stop and we will stop. And that’s totally okay. I want you to be in control and feel safe.””Oh that makes me feel… better.” Jenny says a bit scared yet. “It’s okay, I will be with you here the entire time-if you want me to be” Amy reassures.”You will? Wow. Yes, please. I would feel so much better. Thank you!” Jenny says a bit more reasurred.”Now then, you had it down to 3 donors and did you have a preference of any one of them?” Amy asks. Jenny replies “No, actually all were different but all totally good. We wanted to be more surprised to be random–if that makes sense?” “Sure. Well I know that 1 of them is unavailable today as they just donated yesterday — we need to make sure there is a sufficient quantity” Amy says seriously. Jenny giggles a bit and smiles making Amy smile a bit as well finally.”Another one would work but you’d need to wait or come back this evening as they generally donate after the business day.” “But the other one is available, right now in fact!” exclaims Amy.”Now? Well, I guess we have a decision. Do you want to know which one? ” asks Amy. Jenny says “No, not yet. I just want to be happy and lets, I guess, um.. go.””So, did you want to be shielded from your donor? Did you want to be separated from them visually?” Amy asks. Jenny replies “Well, yes, but, is that recommended?””It’s up to you Jenny. Our results have shown a marked increase in success if the donor and client get to see each other. Our donors really want to help you, and it’s almost like it helps–perhaps–expel more at the right time.” Amy describes.”Okay, that makes sense. Well okay, I guess since we’re doing this naturally, we should do it fully naturally then right?” asks Amy.”That’s your call, but that’s what I chose too, and I can say even though we’re here in an medical setting, it was wonderful, I almost felt guilty, but knew it was for one reason alone, and I think it helped me as well — seeing.” Amy reassures more.”Okay, thank you for being here Amy” Jenny says rubbing her arm while still laying back on the table. It’s still so soft and comfortable she forgot she’d been lying there so long.”Well then, I will go get the donor.” Amy says as she heads out of the room. Jenny lays there with a million things racing through her mind. Will she find them ugly–is that better to not be attracted — but she doesn’t want an ugly…. Or does she hope he’s attractive and help make a beautiful….A knock on the door is heard “Jenny? Is it okay to come in?” Amy asks. “Yes please!” Jenny says with a waver in her voice.Following Amy into the room and closing the door behind him, is… wait.. it’s.. Doctor Steve.—————————————————————————————————-“Hello Jenny. I assume Amy described the program and went through the options?” asks doctor Steve. “Yes, yes she did.” Amy says a bit befuddled. “So I will just need you to sign the document that Amy has giving approval for the procedure. She let you know you could stop the procedure at any time, correct?” ask the doctor. “Yes, she did, thank you for checking” Amy says as she signs the document Amy is holding on the clipboard.”Well then, lets begin your road on the way to motherhood Jenny. I’m very happy to be able to assist you in your journey.” doctor Steve says happily. Jenny turns her head a bit and begins to ask “So, do we stay here and wait or are you taking me to the donor?””Oh, I’m sorry Jenny, I forgot to introduce you when I came back in. Doctor Steve is one of the 3 donors you had already selected, and he is here to personally perform the procedure.” Amy says with a smile.”Oh… wa … wow! I never even thought of that! I knew one of them had a medical background but didn’t know the details.” Jenny says. Inside she’s in-between startled and happy. He was so good and gentle with her earlier with her exam and she already obviously felt comfortable with him.”Okay Jenny, I need you to give verbal approval to start the procedure. Do we have that?” asks doctor Steve. Amy replies “Yes, doctor, please, I am ready, I want this, I really need this to work. You have my approval.””Excellent. Amy, please assist me here.” the doctor asks as Amy begins to walk towards him, he turns around to face the door. Amy stands facing him and unbuttons his white jacket and then walks around his back holding one edge as it falls off his shoulders.Jenny turns towards them and sees his bare back exposed, muscular but not overly. His rear is now exposed and he’s already fully undressed. It’s much like her husband, but his legs are more fit. Amy turns and hangs the coat on the hook on the door and locks the door.Amy begins to walk back towards Jenny along her right side this time and begins to separate the Velcro tabs and remove her robe completely. She lifts her shoulders and pulls off the back part and gently lays Jenny back down.The doctor turns around. Jenny starts to scan his body from top to bottom. His chest is slightly hairy and has an average stomach. Here eyes continue to drop and fixate for a moment on his goods.She sees he is pretty average size and is circumcised. She is somewhat relieved, he is firm but not erect yet. Steve walks up to Amy and nods his head once.Amy reaches down and grabs his cock in her right hand starts to stroke it. Jenny doesn’t know if she should turn and stare at the ceiling or keep watching. She remembers that she wants to be a part of this and not just ‘a patient’ so she turns to watch closer.—————————————————————————————————-Amy is stroking his cock completely from base to tip, and within a minute it now has grown fully erect, no longer even pointing out but a fair amount up, defying gravity as Amy releases her grip from it.”Thank you Amy for the preparation.” the doctor says. Amy replies quickly “My pleasure doctor!”. to which Jenny gets a smile on her face.”Jenny? Are you prepared or do you need any assistance?” asks the doctor. Jenny replies “Well, I think I could use a little lubrication just to be safe”. “Is it okay if we try to have your body naturally add some lubrication?” asks the doctor. Jenny says “oh, okay, yes, that’s okay”.Amy moves around to the head of the table and begins to run her hands over Jenny’s shoulders. Jenny jumps for a moment and then looks up at Amy who is smiling at her and Jenny is comfortable again.Amy’s hands move down over her breasts to Jenny’s nipples and beginning to gently knead her breasts. Doctor Steve moves down to the base of the table and slides out wider platforms to the side and gently coax Jenny’s legs apart.She watches as the doctor moves forward between her spread thighs. He begins to press them apart wider, his firm hands against her soft flesh. His face getting closer to her body.Amy continues to rub Jenny’s breasts and now her nipples are firm, and Amy rubs them between two of her fingers on each slide up and down over her breasts.The doctor now is against Jenny’s pussy. He takes one hand and gently spreads her lips apart. She feels his tongue touch the edge of one of them. “It’s started” she thinks to herself. She closes her eyes as his tongue races along the edge of her labia.Amy begins to cup the bottom of Jenny’s breasts and pull them upward as Jenny moves her head in unison to the feelings. Between her legs, she feels the doctor has now slid between her inner lips and has now tasted her for the first time. She thinks back to that long shower this morning, so happy she spent so much time making herself beautiful and clean.Suddenly she feels his tongue against her clit, trying to work it out from under the cover. She automatically lets out a small moan and startles herself. “I’m sorry doctor. I shouldn’t”. Jenny explainsAmy looks down at her from above and nods her head and says “It’s okay Jenny.. be yourself. Enjoy this. It will work best if you do.” Jenny nods back and closes her eyes again and shortly begins to moan again.”Thais it Jenny, let it take you where you love to go.” Amy suggests strongly. Jenny feels the doctors tongue running wildly around her clit in circles, teasing it from all sides.”Jenny–” Amy says “It’s imperative that you don’t orgasm yet until after the insemination is complete. Okay.. can you be sure to have doctor stop in time?”Jenny looks up at Amy and nods her head. She’s looking up at Amy’s beautiful motherly body. In her pleasure, she begins to reach up and grab an edge pendik escort of the coat that Amy is wearing and part it to the side.Amy smiles at her and lets go of Jenny’s breasts and begins to take the coat off. Jenny runs her hand against Amy’s breast and presses against it as she gently elevates her hips towards the doctor sucking hard on her clit.Amy looks down at Jenny and motions her head towards her breasts, and Jenny responds by shaking her head up and down quickly. Amy steps back and pulls her blouse top off, and then unbuttons her bra, allowing her breasts to be exposed to Jenny.Jenny smiles and reaches up and holds both breasts as Amy reaches back down and holds Jenny’s, leaning over Jenny with her breasts just above her face. Jenny squeezes Amy’s nipples as each hard suck on her clit sends her closer to orgasm.Jenny now starts squeezing her thighs around the doctor’s head and squeezing Amy harder and begins to let out a moan. “Doctor.. I think she’s ready.” Amy says as the doctor releases Jenny’s completely coated lips from his.—————————————————————————————————-The doctor stands up, his lips coated with Jenny’s wetness. Amy leans back up, releasing her hands from Jenny’s breasts and Jenny doing the same. “Jenny?” asks the doctor. “Yes doctor?” replies Jenny.”Please call me Steve now. Are you ready to being the final portion of the process?” asks Steve. “Please da, I mean Steve.. Yes please.” Jenny says wantingly.Steve asks “So, when I let you know that we’re close to the final step, I want you to help me okay?” “Yes, anything da, I mean Steve. What do you need?” Jenny asks inquisitively.Steve begins to extend the table base farther out and climbs on top. Jenny’s hips are still raised a bit in the soft curves of the special table, so Steve must climb up a bit closer to her. As he’s doing that, Amy helps answer Jenny’s question. “Well, first of all it really helps him perform at his best when you express your desires to him to get pregnant and what you need him to do. It really helps a lot” Jenny says “oh.. you don’t know how much I want, no, need this.. I will absolutely do my best”. Amy replies “And it never hurts to give him just that little extra squeeze either… trust me!” as she smiles at Jenny and Jenny smiles back.”Amy – would you like to have the honor today?” Steve asks her. Jenny watches curiously as Amy walks around her left side down to the bottom of the table alongside Steve. She reaches between Jenny’s legs and rubs her clit momentarily.Steve begins to position himself above Jenny, and Amy leans in and takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it deeply. She pops it out and then gently slides up and down a few times. Finally coated she stops and helps guide it towards Jenny’s pussy.Amy spreads her lips apart and places Steve’s cock against Jenny’s skin. “Thank you Amy” Steve says as he begins to press forward and Amy releases her fingers and pulls away. Jenny watches Steve’s body move towards her, hovering above hers as their hips now touch. He is finally deep inside her.”Oh yes Steve!” Jenny exclaims. Steve begins to slide his cock back out until the bottom of the head is exposed, and then slides it back in deep. He watches Jenny’s breasts bounce that time and the content closed smile on Jenny’s face growing.Amy walks back around to the left side of Jenny and kneels down on a rolling chair she pulled over. She begins to massage Jenny’s breast and leans in and begins to suck her now extended firm nipple.Jenny closes her eyes and moans as Amy and Steve continue. She starts to ride Steve’s cock by pumping her own hips towards him. She feels his body balanced above hers. She reaches down and touches Amy’s body as she continues being pounded by Steve’s cock in her pussy.Amy turns between watching Jenny’s face and watching Steve perform his favorite procedure. She thinks back almost 2 years ago when she was in this very place and remembering how good she felt. She’s hoping Jenny feels the same.After about 10 minutes, Jenny has turned deep red on her chest, and her nipples are engorged and darker. She knows she’s again getting close to orgasming on her own. She twists her head motioning Steve to look at her deep red color.”Jenny?” ask’s Amy. “Yes?” Jenny replies between moans. “It’s now time for Steve to begin the insemination.” Amy repliesAmy lets go of Jenny’s breasts and positions herself again above Jenny at the top of the table. “Okay” Jenny replies. “Remember what we talked about earlier” Amy reminds her. “Oh yes.. okay” Jenny says as she tries to snap herself out of the pleasure zone she has been in.—————————————————————————————————-Jenny now begins to look down between her legs, remembering that there is a man there with his hard cock dripping with her juices fucking her in a doctors office. She remembers why she is there, she starts collecting her thoughts as the pleasure continues through her body.”Steve. Please start the insemination” Jenny blurts out. She thinks for a moment .. no that’s not what Amy meant.. She tries again.”Steve. Please make me pregnant. I want a baby so bad!” Jenny finally gets out. Steve’s eyes turn towards Jenny’s and begins to smile. “Please, impregnate me now.. I need this. I want your seed”. Jenny continues.Amy looks at Jenny and smiles and shakes her head in approval. “Oh Steve, please cum inside me. I want all of your cum deep inside me against my womb!” Jenny exclaims louder.Steve begins pumping harder now and sweat is beginning to form on his body. Jenny’s breasts are bouncing up and down as he plows deep into her. Amy looks at Jenny and mouths the word “squeeze” to her.Jenny begins to squeeze her pussy walls tighter. “Steve squirt all of that cum into my tight pussy now.. Shoot it deep into my womb. I want a baby!” Jenny says with the most volume and passion of all.Amy smiles brightly, she senses Steve is about to cum. She watches his cock plow one more time in, and then he lets out a loud moan and she watches his abs flex with each injection of his semen into Jenny.Jenny squeezes tighter and yells out “Yes Steve Yes!! Fill my pussy with all of your cum. Impregnate me!” as her eyes close and she tilts her head back. Amy watches the two of them in bliss, one providing what the other one wants so bad.Steve finally completes injecting Jenny with his cum after about 10 seconds, he begins to collapse over her. He rests his face on her soft breasts, flush with blood. He knows he cannot stay there in the moment for long.He carefully pulls back and starts sliding his cock out of Jenny’s pussy. Amy walks over and takes her fingers and slides off the cum sticking to the sides of his shaft and presses it up against Jenny’s lips.Once extracted, Amy bends down and begins to lick off Steve’s cock, fresh from Jenny’s pussy, coated in both of their juices. She savors the moment as she keeps cleaning as his cock slowly starts going down. She knows she has one more thing to do.”Thank you Steve, I mean doctor! That…was..amazing!” Jenny exclaims. “It was my pleasure Jenny, I very much enjoyed it, and hope for the best for you.” Steve replies.”Okay Jenny, we’re not quite done yet.” Amy states. Jenny asks “Huh? What’s left?”. Amy replies “Well we need to make sure that all of the sperm reach your egg inside your womb so we need to help it along”. Amy replied “Well okay”Amy pushes a button on the table and slowly Jenny’s hips rise up more. Her pussy is now higher than her head. Amy climbs on the table and slowly spreads Jenny’s legs. She moves closer…Jenny now realizes what’s left. Steve reminded her of that earlier. So she closes her eyes as Amy begins to run her tounge across Jenny’s pussy lips. Amy gently presses the oozing cum back in with her tongue and carefully slides her tongue between the lips up to her clit.Jenny begins to moan again as Amy starts to lick her clit up and down, careful to keep her lips tight together to hold in all of Steves semen. She begins to go around and around with her tongue and uses the tip of her finger to tease the hood of her clit.Jenny moans louder as her body starts to shiver. Amy can sense she’s close. “That’s it Jenny, cum for me, suck all of the cum deep into your womb and make a baby” Amy exclaims.Jenny has reached her point, she begins to arch her back and curl her toes. Amy starts rubbing furiously on her clit in a circle as Jenny shakes and starts squeezing her legs inwards.”YES. YES, YES!” Jenny exclaims as she lets all of the tension out and cums deeper than she’s had in a long time. Amy slows down and releases her finger from Jenny’s clit. Jenny finally relaxes after a few ending jerks of her body as Amy gets up and walks over to her side. “That’s it Jenny, you did amazing today. This worked very well”After a few moments and Jenny returns to reality she looks at Amy, still topless along side her and smiles. “I want your mommy body Amy! Thank you so much for helping me today.””It was our pleasure Jenny.” Amy replies as she reaches for her coat and clothes and puts them back on. “Now I need you to lie like that for 15 minutes Jenny, can you do that?” Amy will stay in here with you as I go for my next consultation. “Okay Steve, I mean Doctor” Jenny replies.Amy brings back the top of the gown for Jenny and places it over her torso. “Not needed” Jenny says, “Too hot!”. Amy smiles at Jenny and takes a seat. For the next 15 minutes neither one of them say a word. They’re both happy.”Okay Jenny, you can get up now.”. Amy says as she gets up to walk to her and then presses the button to relax the table back flat. “Thank you again so much Amy. This was an amazing day. I am so excited!” Jenny says beaming”Okay, we’ll see you again in 1 month, if not sooner then. It was my pleasure to help you as well.” Amy replies. She gets up and places Jenny’s clothing on the edge of the table and starts to exit the room. “Have a great rest of your day”Jenny sits for a moment, and now realizes what she’s just done. She’s filled with another man’s semen. She’s hoping so much to become pregnant. She looks down and sees a dribble slide out onto the cloth. She smiles.”I wish he was here right now” she thinks to herself. How is she going to explain the procedure? Does she need to? What if it didn’t work? What….Jenny starts putting on her clothes and finally is ready to leave. She opens the door, looks back and realizes where she just was and what she just hopefully did. She is flooded with emotions as she turns and walks down the hall.”Have an amazing month” the receptionist tells Jenny as she walks to the out door. “I think I will. I think I wil.” Jenny replies back as she heads for her car.

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