Jenny and Tanya in old Amsterdam


Jenny and Tanya in old AmsterdamAfter their hot weekend in his cottage up in the hills, Mr. Peterson had really gotten fond of his young girlfriends and invited Jenny and Tanya for a long weekend on a trip to Amsterdam. He wanted to show them a book-shop of his old friend and colleague Ronnyboy.Picked them up from the airport and within half an hour they got out at Central Station. Walked them down in five minutes to a building from 17th century, which seemed to maraş escort fall down. If the owner would get a dime for every photo by tourists, he would be a rich man. But he isn´t, so he still runs his little crumbling shop…Every second tourist enters only to ask directions for the Red Light District, which just beyond… The place is funny. Some rock music or reggae plays. It smells a bit of smoking weed and hash. Half way the afternoon some half empty escort maraş beer cans pop up at various places.The purpose of Mr. Peterson was not so much showing off the gals to his friend, nor showing them the weird stocked shop, which he did at length anyway …Teasing the girls before he´d show them secret stocks in the basement.Only special clients were allowed there. Not that it contained any kinky mags.Being too close to the famous District, Ronnyboy had maraş escort bayan decided to refrain from possible profit and not sell the hottest strips and comix. He didn´t look forward to have his shop full of hard-ons all day, as he once told to me.By now the guest girls where completely puzzled what would be the purpose of their visit to this bookshop, until Mr. Peterson took them down the narrow stairs. He looked around, which convenient containers of comixs, he would ask them two to bend over. With a smile he lead his ladies to their places.He lifted their skirts, pulled their panties down and looked around for any useful tool to turn them on, by burning their bums … End of part 1.

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