JAUN & LOU LEEMy wife and I often spend the winter in the south where it’s sunny and warm. We were to return home at the end of March. However, my wife caught a flu and we decided we would stay until the end of April when she‘d be strong enough to travel. Mid-mornings when she is napping, I walk to the coffee shop about a block away. It’s never very busy and I usually get to chat with the Lee’s. They are an attractive young married oriental couple who work there. She waits tables and he is a cook. If you read my “Vic and Vicky” story, where I took photos of a young couple in their bedroom, I have been wanting and watching for another opportunity. So when it knocks, you better answer it. On the Monday of our last week in April, the shop is empty so when Lou comes by, I ask her to get Juan. I have a proposition for them. I tell them that I have always wanted to be a photographer. I would like them to pose for some explicit photos. These photos would be for my own personal use. They would get copies too. They are a little dubious to say the least.They ask, “What kind of photos?”I tell them that I want pictures of Juan going down on Lou, Lou sucking Juan’s cock, them fucking, and a facial cum shot from Juan on Lou’s face. Juan seems a little shocked that I would propose such a thing but Lou has a little tiny very interested grin on her face. She is a cute little beauty, maybe mid-twenties, nice ass. Her tits are not huge but from what I have discerned from the clothes she wears, they are pert and shapely. Juan is a little guy, maybe 5’4”, slight build. I’d say he’s maybe 30 years old. A little darker color than Lou. They hem and haw and ask a few more questions and I tell them, “First off, you both need to shave off all your crotch hair and she must pull her hair back in a pony tail and apply lots of makeup, eye shadow, blush and lipstick.”I want her to look sluttish, garrish and hookerish.So far, they are not disagreeing. However, they hesitate. I tell them it will be our secret, nobody else will ever find out. Then, I provide the deal maker, “And I will pay you $200.”She very quickly asks, “Each?””Ok, yes, each.”Juan says, “I want to think about it.””Fine” I say. “I am leaving Friday. You both are off on Thursday as I recall so we’d do it Thursday morning. Let me know on Wednesday when I come in. Ok?”He says, “Ok.”Tuesday when I come in, nothing is said.Wednesday morning when the shop has only 3 other customers, Lou motions me to come in the back. Juan is there. He grins at me and says, “Lou has talked me into.”She replies, “Juan didn’t need much convincing when he thought about me blowing him.”They both start to chuckle and soon they are giggling. Oh, it’s good to be young, I thought. I can’t recall the last giggle I had!”So tonight you need to put your razors to work down there.””We did that last night” Lou says. “We did each other.””We got so horny, we fucked for an hour!”, he chuckles. They laugh and giggle some yozgat escort more.”I hope you have some jizz left for tomorrow?”, I ask.He grabs his crotch and says, “Oh yes, I could go right now!”We all chuckle. I reach out and place my hand on his crotch and cop a feel. Juan is shocked and pulls away.He asks, “Are you going to be touching us when you take pictures?””Oh no, I’ll just watch and take photos.””Good. When I was a teenager, back home, my uncle always tried to touch me and I didn’t like that.””Yikes, that is too bad that you had that happen to you. I didn’t mean to offend you Juan.”He says, “No problem. I was surprised you touched me is all.” “Ok, tomorrow morning at 10:00 it is then. Oh, don’t forget to shower Thursday morning before I get there, ok. What is your address?”It is 3 blocks from here so I can walk, I won’t need to take the truck. Just my trusty digital camera.Thursday morning, I arrive a little early but they answer right away, both wearing robes. Lou has done her hair and applied plenty of make-up and indeed, she looks garrish. They walk to their bedroom and I follow. I tell them what I want them to do and in what order. They understand and both disrobe. Lou’s tits are indeed fresh and pert. Topped with light brown nipples. Jeez, I’d luv to nibble and suck on those. Her pubes are clean shaven as is Juan’s. I turn on the camera and I say, “Let’s begin.”Lou lays down on the bed with her legs d****d over the end. Juan squats and gets between her legs. He cradles her hips and lowers his mouth to her pussy. I get in close and set the camera to take pictures automatically every 5 seconds. I hold the camera in both hands and they start. His tongue licks up and down between her pussy lips. I gently move his face to a slight angle so I can get some close up action. His tongue runs up and down her groove. He stops and licks at her clitoris. Then sucks it gently into his mouth. When he goes back to tonguing her slit, I can see her swollen clit and I focus my camera closely on it. Lou has ahold of Juan’s hair and she is pulling him closer into her center. Her legs try to clasp and grip his head. I push her legs apart, otherwise I can’t see to take a picture. After several minutes of Juan’s ministrations, Lou is really into it and her hips buck and her butt thrashes on the bed. She is close to cumming. Juan takes her clit back between his lips and his sucking pushes her over the edge. She gasps and moans and hums gloriously in her orgasm. Juan licks her slit awhile longer as she quietens.Juan rises and sits on the bed. He is fully erect. His cock is cut and maybe 4 inches long and slim and smooth. His nuts hang low and are actually of considerable size. Not in proportion to his smallish cock and slight frame and build. She gets off the bed, gets between his knees and goes to work on him. She licks the underside of his shaft and then all around his glans. Her lips part and she sucks him deep escort yozgat inside. Her lips form a circle around the base of his cock. She applies sucking pressure as her head slowly bobs up and down. My camera is clicking away as fast as possible. Gawd, I could use some of that sucking right now as my 70 year old pecker is uncomfortably hard in my pants.I can sense that Juan is close to cumming so I stop them and instruct them to get to the fucking part. I had previously instructed them that I wanted to film their fucking from below. Lou puts her hands on the edge of the bed, spreads her legs and I lie down on my back under her. Juan straddles my sides and grasping Lou’s hips, his cock pushes against her pussy lips. My camera is busy as I photo their fucking. Dam, this is hot. My pecker is aching for some of the same and my nuts beg for release. Juan thrusts slowly in and out of Lou’s pussy. I’d sure like to stroke her pussy lips, they are so dam enticing and exciting. Juan’s cock is also a treat. I’d like to grip his shaft and jerk awhile but our deal is no touching by me, dam. When Jaun starts to push quicker, I request he slow down so he doesn’t cum too quickly. Lou is getting into it too and is highly aroused as she pushes back against Juan as he pushes inwards. They are both slick with pussy juices and each stroke causes one or both of them to gasp and moan softly. In and out. In and out. The wide fat vein on the underside of Juan’s cock has grown thicker and more pronounced. His raphe is very pronounced too and of a significantly darker color than his nut sack. It’s tempting to just reach up and stroke it and fondle his nuts or wrap my fist around his cock. But, a deal is a deal right? Hands off! Well, maybe I could just touch each of them lightly while they are so focused on fucking. I take one hand off the camera and lightly place my thumb on the fat vein on the underside of Juan’s cock. His cock continues its in and out movement and my thumb feels its heat, its slickness and the pulse pounding through his cock. My thumb is soaked in their juices and I move it to Lou’s clit and ever so slightly touch her there. Her clit is so hard, it feels like a tiny marble against my thumb. She too is hot and slick. I remove my thumb before it gets noticed and again hold the camera with both hands. My eyes appreciate their color contrast. Her pinkish inner pussy lips, the chocolate outer pussy lips, his darker colored cock, bright purple glans, dark nutsack and almost black raphe. Quite amazing to see and their intercourse is fabulous to watch. Suddenly Lou is breathing faster and faster. Her movements and thrusts become hurried and frantic as she orgasms. Juan fucks her quicker now but I put one hand on his leg and ask him to slow his pace. Juan keeps thrusting slowly as Lou’s orgasm finishes. Then I have Juan withdraw his cock and rub his cockhead up and down her slick slit. I photograph the aftermath as yozgat escort bayan her juices dribble onto my shirt. Fortunately, I am doing the laundry now. If my wife was able to do it these days, she’d smell those hot aromatic pussy juices immediately.The facial scene is next. I stand up. Slowly. My knees are not what they used to be. Neither is my cock. They both ache!Lou sits on the floor and leans her back against the bed. Juan stands in front of her, straddling her legs. I get back down on my knees to get close to the action. Lou takes the base of Juan’s cock into her left hand and wraps her right hand’s fingers around his balls. Her left hand fists his cock and it squeezes slowly from base to tip. Her tongue licks the underside of his glans and all around the top, bottom and sides. Juan is soon eager to empty his testicles. His hips thrust and he is breathing faster and faster. She senses when it is time to remove his cock from her mouth, she sticks out her tongue and holds Juan’s cockhead there. Juan fists his cock with her tongue under the tip. Thick, creamy streams of cum gush out of Juan’s cock. Onto her tongue. Into her mouth. Onto her nose and forehead, forming juicy ropes of white jizz. My goodness, he shoots a big big load. No wonder those nuts are so huge! He continues to pump the shaft of his cock and slowly the flow of cum diminishes. As does his cock. Lou licks all his essence from her lips with her tongue and finger and gathers the cum overflow and swallows it too. He moves and Lou gets up from the floor. Painfully, I do too. I can sense that my cock is not hard anymore. Gawd, it feels soaked and wet and and sticky in my underwear. I bet I leaked a ton of pre-cum. Well, a teaspoon at least! It’s fortunate that I didn’t come to their house commando today. I didn’t cum but my underwear is obvious testimony to the fact that I enjoyed my time here immensely!They put on their robes. They seem shy and nervous and uptight. I go and give Lou a big hug and Juan too.”Don’t be shy guys. We’re all friends here”, and I laugh. They smile and are grinning ear to ear now too.”You both did a splendid job. You know what I think? You two have had sex before!”They blush and burst out laughing and start to giggle again. They aren’t youngsters anymore but what the hell, they might as well have some fun right. When they have calmed down, Juan says “I noticed that you got excited too.”Now it’s my turn to blush. “Yeah, I sure did. You really gave this old guy a great big boner!”They laugh and say, “Want to do it again?””Maybe next year” I tell them. I let them know that I will download the pictures on my computer and mail them a dvd disc. I get out my wallet and give them all the money in it, $100. I get out my checkbook and write them a check for $400. I explain that my wife would see a cash withdrawal from our bank account if I took out $500 all at once. I am giving you the extra $100 because you deserve it for a job well done.” That is cool with them. I assure them that my check is good, it will not bounce. They say, “No problem, thank you very much.”I reply, “No, I thank you. You have helped me fulfill a dream of mine. I got a boner out of it too, another bonus.”

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