Jalisa’s new toy – Interracial, group, anal,


Jalisa’s new toy – Interracial, group, anal,Sorry for any formatting or grammar errors. I write them and just don’t have the time or desire to edit them after. Perhaps someday I will fix them up. Jay woke in a cold sweat, confused and unsure for a moment, he reached to the otherside of the bed andit was empty. His cock was throbbing between his legs and his boxers were wet. As his hand slid downinto his boxers he remembered where he was, a thousand miles from home, working. His hand grippedhis cock and the wetness there from the dream of Jalisa provided just enough lubrication for him toslowly stroke himself as he closed his eyes and tried to imagine the feeling of her mouth around him,his hand on her hair, the way she takes him in her mouth and how the world melts away as he slidesdown her throat.It was only 4 a.m. and he didn’t have to be up for another 2 hours. It had been a year since the weddingand things were going great, except for the last month he had to leave town for work and leave behindhis Jalisa.Meanwhile at home Jalisa was sleeping quietly, curled up in the fetal position with her hands inbetween her legs her hips u*********sly moving as she dreamed sweet dreams of her man. It wasenough to wake her and as she slowly came to life she could feel the warmth and wetness on her handsas she rolled onto her back and sighed as her arm fell across the empty side of the bed. She rolled ontoher other side to Jay’s side of the bed and pressed her face into his pillow but his scent was gone. For aweek or two she could still smell him on the pillow when she woke up lonely, or was touching herself,but it was faded now. She rolled back onto her back and let her hand slowly trace a path from her neckdown over her hard nipples and towards her wet pussy just like Jay always does, slow and deliberate,teasing and building the anticipation. Suddenly her phone went off, a message came in. She grabbedthe phone with her other hand and kept rubbing herself. It was a picture from jay, of his hand down hisboxers and a bulge clearly visible. She opened her camera and snapped a picture of her hand coveringup her wet pussy and sent it. Jay replied “Can’t show me the pussy? You little cocktease ;)” She replied“I am so horny baby” to which he replied “Aww little Jalisa needs some dick? How much dick do youneed sweetheart” “All of it” she replied, as she felt herself start to cum. Another message came “All ofit, you sure you can handle all of it baby?” A short video clip of him cumming all over the bed came innext and she kept watching it on repeat until she also ruined her sheets. After she was done she changedthe sheets and texted Jay and asked “When are you coming home? I want you so bad” He replied “Idon’t know yet babe, I wish I was there.” “Why don’t you take your new toy to work today and we willtest it out” He said. She excitedly replied “Ohhhhh no! I don’t know if I can handle this today!”Last week she got a package from Amazon that was a remote controlled vibrator that she could putinside herself and Jay could control from an app on his phone. She was both excited and terrified of thediabolical device and at the thought of Jay having a remote control to her pussy that could make herorgasm at anytime he wanted. Sure she loved having orgasm’s but Jay was not likely to just let her haverandom orgasms but more likely to slowly and methodically tease and sexually torture her with halforgasms until she couldn’t take it anymore. To probe her with his remote control until her desire builtup so high there was no telling what would happen. People might die somewhere today as a result ofthis little pink vibrator tucked away in her panties.She unpacked the little device and stared at it for a second trying to imagine the day to come, thencleaned it, put the batteries in and tucked it in her purse before she headed to work.Halfway to work she dialed Jay and put him on speaker phone. They were chatting about what they hadto do today when Jay asked “Where are you right now?” “At the gas station, getting out to pump somegas” She replied. He could hear her open the car door, and heard her remove the nozzle from the pump,open the gas tank and start filling the car then he said “I want you to put it in right now” She froze. Hewas still on speaker phone through the car speakers and there was a truck parked behind her full ofconstruction guys or something. The guys behind her glanced in her direction as she stuttered“b…but….” “Right now” He cut her off. “You know the rules” He said in a devious voice. She rolledher eyes and leaned back against the car. She was wearing a skirt so it wouldn’t be that much of anordeal but the guys in the truck were probably eye fucking her to begin with and were not likely to missthe fact she was sticking her hand up her dress. She reached into her purse and pulled out the little pinkvibrator and tried to conceal it in her right hand as best she could. Her hand was just starting to slowlycreep under her dress when the thing started vibrating already. She was already wet before the vibratingtoy touched her clit, turned on by the fact a bunch of guys were watching her at the gas pump about tostick a vibrator up her dress. When it made contact with her already wet pussy she gasped a little andstruggled to keep her legs from giving out. It felt so good she just wanted to rub it on herself and enjoythe sensation but she snapped back into reality and realized she had better get to the task at hand andget the hell out of there as the guys in the truck were now staring at her, their mouths wide open andtelling the other guys in the back of the truck to “look! Look at her”. She pushed the thing inside with alittle moan she tried to conceal by biting her lip so hard it must have been bleeding.She struggled to regain herself and forced herself to not even turn her eyes towards the truck behindher, not even a little bit. As much as she wanted to see their reactions and see them staring at her, andwanting her, the noises coming from the truck told her enough that she pulled the nozzle out and hungit up on the pump in one quick motion and jumped in the car without even putting her gas cap back on.Having only pumped half a tank of gas she started the car and took off. As she was pulling out of thegas station she said “You’re a bad man!” She could hear Jay snickering in the background.The rest of the morning passed uneventfully, which was probably intentional by Jay. Keeping her onedge, waiting for that moment when it turns on while she is talking to a customer or something, lettingthe anticipation build. The day was far from over however, she still had another entire shift at hersecond job bartending at the local dive bar tonight.Her phone did not ding again until 12:10 when she was getting in her car to head to lunch.Jay: Hey lover, whatcha doing?Jalisa: Going to lunch. <3Jay: What are you going to eat?Jalisa: Not sure, I am going to Wawa to get a sandwich I think.Jay: Sweet, call me after you get your food. ;)Jalisa: Yes dear. :)She was standing in the checkout line at the Wawa about to pay for her sandwich, it was packed. Therewas a 2 women in front of her, and 3 young guys in line behind her. Out of nowhere one of the guysbehind her just randomly struck up a conversation, as happens to her often. She thought to herself great,hers another one thats going to fall in love and follow me home like a puppy dog. LOL.No sooner did she finish that thought, as the guy was telling her what his name was after some smalltalk about the weather and the pink torture device turned on and not quietly either. He must havecranked the thing up to 12 or hacked the software because it hit her like a 220v plug in vibrator and afaintly audible buzzing sound was coming from her coochie if you stopped and listened closely. Shewas looking at this guy and about to say her name when it hit her and her legs almost gave out, she wasbriefly stunned as the first wave of pleasure immediately ran through her body. Of course she stoppedmid sentence and inhaled sharply and held her breathe to keep from letting out a moan in osmaniye escort the middle ofthe checkout line. Time seemed to come to a standstill for her, she could feel her eyes doing thatexorcist thing when she is about to have an orgasm and she struggled to keep her composure. Shesnapped out of it when she heard the guy asking “Hey are you ok?”. She replied “Y-Ye-Yes, I’m fi-fine.Thanks”The guy continued with his small talk as the line moved forward slowly. She was terrified to moveahead because she knew every step she took, every movement of her thighs would put her that muchcloser to having an orgasm. She could feel her pussy getting wetter, and she thought to herself that sheis glad she decided to wear panties today, with this vibrator accompanying her everywhere she went.She could barely make out what the guy was saying to her as her pussy took control of her body andshe neared closer to orgasm. She started eyeing up the guys in line like a starving wolf looking atsomeone eating a ham sandwich. Noticing theirs muscles, the bulge in this dudes pants, the way theother one was casually trying to stare at her ass without being too obvious. She had never been thisturned on in her life, inside a Wawa. Finally it was her turn to checkout and she reluctantly startedforward when the vibrator just quit, dead. She was relieved she did not have to orgasm in front of thecashier and she paid for her things and casually said goodbye to the guy behind her, making sure toswing her hips a little bit on the way out and glance back to see them staring at her ass as she pretendedto drop her keys near the door and bent over allowing her skirt to hike up just a bit too farand giving theboys a nice little show of her white panties which were probably visibly wet by now.She got in the car and headed towards the boat launch down the road which was usually deserted thistime of day. She liked to spend her hour lunch there. On the way she dialed Jay, the conversationstarted with a heartfelt “You’re a fucking asshole!” but then she opened up and shared how incrediblyfucking turned on she was, how her pussy was so wet right now, how she almost came in front of theguys in the line and how she dropped her keys to give them a little show on the way out. They bothconceded that she was a horrible cock tease and she probably deserved someone like Jay.She was sitting in the car with her legs spread eagle and one foot up on the console rubbing herselfwhile talking dirty to Jay and practically beggin him to turn the thing back on before she had to headback to work. He was telling her how much he missed her tight little pussy and that if he was there shewouldn’t need that vibrator because he would have her bent over the hood of the car in broad daylightpulling her hair and smacking her ass. Oh I wish you were here baby, I really need some dick before Igo back to that fucking job she told him. Just then a truck pulled in the parking lot towing a boat. Shetold Jay about the truck, and said “What should I do, I am sitting here with my legs up playing withmyself?” “You’re a big girl, you do whatever you want baby” and he laugned out loud. She was sort ofparked in the way of the boat ramp, they could get by but she was in a no parking zone. She decided tostay put and not move the car, as well as leave her legs up and her hand where it was. She really wasnot interested in having her pussy not touched right now. The guys would have to drive very close toher car since she was in the way and since they were in a truck they would be looking down on her.They wouldn’t be able to see much but it wouldn’t take a brain surgeon to see those sexy bare legssticking up and figure out what her hand was doing in between them. As the truck did a U-turn andpulled up past her she could not see inside because the windows were tinted but she was sure they hadseen her. When the truck backed up towards the ramp she started her car and began to turn around. Thecar however had a different idea, it felt funny and did not want to move forward. She had no choice butto stop and get out. She told Jay and she got out to look, the passenger side front tire was completelyflat and she relayed the information to her husband who was a thousand miles away. As she wasstanding there looking at the tire she watched 4 guys get out of the truck with the boat, all in their 20’s,all with beards and very athletic looking. Judging from the stares she was getting, they most definitelywere paying attention to her little show. She told Jay about the 4 hot bearded guys and he replied “Ohshit, well you are definitely screwed now sweetheart” She asked why, a bit confused. Then Jayinformed her that there was no jack in her trunk, she has no way to change the tire and she is going tohave to ask those guys for a jack or be late for work waiting for AAA. “What the fuck?” she said. Heresponded “Sorry, I forgot to get you a new jack. My fault baby” she heard him laugh a little in thebackground. The good news is that I am sure they have some kind of jack for you now, after that stuntyou pulled a few minutes ago, he said. He laughed out loud this time and said “Well I’ll let you gofigure it out big girl, call me if you need to ask me anything, I Love You!” Click… … and he hung up.The 4 guys were pretending to mess around with the boat and get stuff from the truck but she could tellthey were just trying to look busy as they watched her and talked among themselves probably aboutwhat they would do to her. She was an expert at catching guys looking at her, because she was also anexpert at making guys look at her and she loves the attention. She started to walk slowly over towardsthe truck, trying her best to swing her hips and look as sexy as possible but she knew it wasn’t reallyrequired. They already wanted her and when she started their way she noticed the ones looking hittingthe ones not looking in the arms to get their attention and soon all four were staring intently at her asshe approached the truck. They could probably smell her scent a mile away since there was still a largefire burning in her pussy and she just has natural pheromones to attract men. She got there andintroduced herself and told them the situation. She asked them if they had a jack she could borrow andthey were more than happy to retrieve one from the back of the truck and they even offered to changethe tire for her. All four of them proceeded over to her car and she followed behind them and this timeit was her checking out the goods. All four of them were extremely sexy in her opinion, and she evenmade some remark about “Geez can’t you guys just lift the car right up with all of those muscles andforget the jack” they laughed and were probably considering trying it just to show off for her.Two of them started to setup the jack and one was removing the lug nuts while she stood just back afew feet with the other two guys on either side of her watching. One of them said to her “so uhh, whenwe pulled in we saw you, er we were wondering if you knew your tire was flat or not” “No, I didn’trealize until I started to drive” she said. Just then the vibrator came to life, slowly at first, just a lighttickling buzz inside her and she was both relieved and nervous. 30 seconds later it’s tempo increasedand it got both louder and more pleasurable. She was now squirming, her hand inadvertantly slidingdown her belly towards her wetness. She wasn’t even paying attention to what the guys were saying butapparently someone had asked her something, as she snapped back to reality she just blurted out yes,not really knowing that one of them had said “So when we pulled in, were you trying to give us a show,because it looked like you were rubbing your cunt right there in your car with your legs spread wideopen for us to see”. Immediately after she said “Yes” first all four of their heads turned towards hertheir mouths slightly open and the vibrator also went up to 11 and sent shivers up and down her spine.She didn’t know what was happening, if they had heard the buzzing noise or what. They were juststaring at her, and escort osmaniye not at her face. Luckily one of the boys was a quick enough thinker on his feet to notlet the moment escape and he said “So do you want to show us all again?”Her cheeks reddened as a feeling of slight embarrassment and excitement swept over her. She had noidea what they wanted her to show them but she could feel the energy in the air, the smell of hornyguys, she could see the bulges growing in their pants and she began noticing their bodies just like in thegas station except now she was in a much different setting. Time seemed to standstill and her legsstarted to quiver as she started to orgasm just standing there. Her hand crept down to her thighs and shefelt the wetness running down her legs as her hand brushed over it briefly and she brought it back upu*********sly to her mouth to taste herself. The guy next to her, the quick thinking one again spoke upand said “Come on sweetheart, we promise we won’t touch” one of the others jumped in and said“Please? We want to see you so bad”. She turned her head towards the guy who just spoke and she waslooking at his face, her eyes moved down and he had taken a step away from her a little bit but his handwas down his pants. She watched him in a semi trance as he undid his button and his zipper came downfrom the pressure of his clearly hard and big cock swelling in his pants. She u*********sly bit her lip alittle as she watched him pull his big cock out of his pants and hold it in his hand. He said “See, we’llshow you ours too”. She looked around her, one by one they all followed suit with their friend and soonall 4 of the young men had their cocks out and were staring at her eagerly. She was so horny, she felt soslutty as she glanced down and looked at her wedding ring. Images of Jay flashed through her mind andtheir wedding. Her she was, newly married alone in a parking lot with 4 college aged guys standingaround her with their cocks out and staring hungrily at her. She wasn’t afraid that Jay would be angryor jealous but she felt like it wasn’t how a married woman was supposed to act. The thoughts of herbeing married just turned her on even more as her inner slut started to come out. It wasn’t reallycheating anyway if they didn’t touch her. There no was turning back now, she was too horny to stopand she needed to make herself cum and these guys were definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.She knew the rules, she took out her phone and quickly sent a text to her lover.It said “Baby I have to do something. I’m so horny I can’t take it anymore”.It seemed like an enternity as she stared at the guys stroking their cocks and waited for a reply fromJay. She started to stumble over to the hood of the car, each step feeling like ecstasy as her thighsrubbed and her pussy quivered. She put her thick ass up on the hood of the car and one foot up on thebumper. Christ she thought, Jay was probably intentionally taking his sweet time responding to herbecause he knew she wouldn’t do anything without telling him first and waiting for his response. Asmile crept over her face as she thought about him being a sadistic fucker. Her hand went up her skirtand she lightly brushed her finger across her clit, not really showing anything to the guys who wererepositioning themselves now, two were leaning back against the hood on either side of her and theother two were standing in front of her. She couldn’t stop staring at the stiff cocks protruding straightout from their bodies like steel pipes. They were all so big the guy to her right was thicker than all therest. She eyes his cock and imagined that she probably couldn’t get her hand around it because it wasso thick. The guy on her left wasn’t as thick as the other guy but his cock was the longest she had everseen. The two guys in front of her were average sized, one had his pants pulled down further and shewatched his big balls sway back and forth as he jerked himself slowly and stared back at her. Shethought about how much he probably wanted to cum, how horny all four of them were and how muchthey wanted to just take her and use her body and empty those balls inside her. One of the guys startedto speak “Come on baby we want it so bad, we just want to see…” Her phone startled her as it startedringing. She eagerly and quickly pulled it up to look at it thinking it’s about fucking time. It was a textand it read “You know I trust you, you are a big girl and you can do whatever you need to do but…”The phone rang again, this time it was a video chat, she knew what she was supposed to do. Sheanswered the call, it connected and it was just a black screen. She switched the mode to front cameraand she watched the scene that came on the screen. Two guys with their pants down strokingthemselves, she moved the camera down towards herself and hiked her skirt up with her other hand.She leaned back and started to rub her soaking wet pussy, the camera getting shaky and she wasn’treally paying attention to where she was pointing it as the scene veered away from her rubbing herselfand the guy to her right came into view, stroking his thick cock. She began to rub faster and startedmoaning as the pleasure grew inside her, she felt someone grab the phone out of her hand and say “herlet me take that” as one of the guys moved from in front of her to take the phone, she could feel the softtip of his big cock brush against her leg as he took the phone from her. She needed to cum so bad thatthat little bit of contact sent her over the edge. She screamed out loud as she felt herself explode, herhips thrusting as she came, just like she was getting fucked. Her pussy erupted like a woman on fire asshe sent cum squirting out towards the two guys in front of her. She was panting and rubbing herselfharder saying “oh fuck, fuckkkk I’m going to cummm again” she moaned some more grinding her hipsagainst herself as she neared another orgasm and said “Please, please someone…” She didn’t evenfinish the sentence before the guy who wasn’t holding the camera was on his knees in front of her. Shelet her hand go free as it was replaced by his lips as he pressed his face down on her clit and sucked itinto his mouth hard and started putting pressure on it biting it softly with his lips. “oh God yes, that’sit” she cried out as he sucked on her pussy. The guy holding the phone was capturing it all, the guys onher sides were standing up now and moved in closer since the no touching rule was obviously no longerin effect. Each of her hands moved to grab a cock on either side of her. There was no turning back now,there was no shame or question in her mind about what she was doing. She had a cock in each hand anda young guy sucking on her pussy and it felt so good. The vibrator inside her hummed away as shepumped the two cocks in her hand, she let loose again and felt the gush of warm fluid run down herlegs as it splashed off the guys face. Temporarily satisfied but not finished she pushed the guy out frombetween her legs and she slid down off the hood onto the ground on her knees. She didn’t have to sayanything as the 4 of them moved in around her. She felt like she was in some sort of taboo sex dreamshe’d never imagine she would do in real life as she stared up at the 4 cocks hovering above her. Shefelt hands on the back of her head as someone gently guided her mouth down onto his cock and told her“Ohhh fuck yes, thats a good girl, that feels so fucking good” She pushed her head down and took himin, someone grabbed her right hand and brought it up to another cock, and her left. She felt handstouching her, groping her tits, holding her hair back, the guy who’s cock was in her mouth had onehand under her chin and another guy was holding the back of her neck. He was slowly fucking hermouth as she was in such a state of ecstasy that she probably stopped moving her head but it didn’tmatter, they were going to do what they had to do. She heard their voices, their moans of pleasure,telling her how good she was, and what a hot little slut she was. The guy slowly withdrew his osmaniye escort bayan cockfrom her mouth and hands moved her head down onto the next waiting cock and she heard that guysmoans of pleasure and his praises of how good of a girl she was. Someone was now underneath her, herhips grinding on his face as she sucked the other 3 guys cocks. She lost track of how many times shewent around.Someone had produced a blanket which was now spread out on the ground on the otherside of her car.She was barely aware of her surroundings and someone pulled her up by her hair, gentle but firmly andtook her wet spit covered chin in his hand and turned her face towards him. Hands were probing herbody, rubbing her pussy, groping her ass, someone smacked her ass hard and the guy holding her chinsaid “You’re going to go kneel on the blanket now like a good bitch right?” There was no other answerexcept yes, and she nodded her head and got on her knees on the blanket. “Down on all fours, you wantto get fucked like a bitch, well bitches get bred from behind right?” She didn’t answer she justsubmitted and got on her hands and knees.She felt someone position themselves behind her, and she felt the head of his cock probing around,poking against her pussy, her ass. Then she felthis tongue run up over her cunt and up her ass, hespread he cheeks apart and he spit on her assholeand then smacked her hard, and again and thethird smack he told her he was going to fuck hertight asshole as he worked some of his spit inwith his finger. She felt the pressure as the headof his cock pressed against her asshole, and as herasshole gave in to the pressure she relaxed as heslowly started working it inside her. It was theguy with the thickest cock and she moaned loudlyas he slowly tried to bury himself inside her asshole.He slowly stretched her out, stopping to spit on his cock as it went furtherinside her. By the time he was in up to his balls and she could feel themslapping against her pussy she was in a constant state of orgasm like nothingshe had evr felt before. Someone laid down in front of her and as the guybehind her grabbed her hips and began to pull his cock back and push it backin her now stretched asshole, the guy in front of her held her hair and pulledher mouth down onto his cock, pushing her down until her chin was on hisballs. The big cock down her throat gagging her muffled the loud screams ofpleasure as the guy behind her took her ass hard, pushing his fat cock in hertight ass and pushing her whole body forward with great force which only pushed the other cockfurther down her throat. She was practically cumming with every stroke of his huge cock. He wassmacking her ass as hard as he could every third stroke and she could feel the guy in her mouth start toswell up, get harder and the guy inside her ass pushed in with one last deep stroke, his body leaningforward she heard him grunt and moan as he held his cock deep inside her and she felt him swell up aswell. She felt her pussy tighten as she began to cum, at the same time she felt the first hot splash of cumfill her ass, her screams of pleasure gave way to the sound of gagging and cum running out around herlips as her mouth was filled with so much cum she could not swallow it and it ran out around her lips. Itseemed like forever, the sounds changed and got wetter as cum ran out of her mouth, and he nowloosened asshole was full of cum and running out as he started to fucked slowly in and out of her assagain and enjoy the new sensation, the new feeling of her slippery ass, so wet and warm, cum runningout around him. She felt the cock in her mouth start to soften and she pulled herself off it, took it in herhand and moved her mouth down to clean the wasted sperm off his balls. She licked around his ballsand up his shaft until it was all cleaned up. He got up from in front of her, she wondered where theother two guys were and she looked up. One of them was standing there, the other one was on hisknee’s taking his cock in his mouth. She watched in awe as they were apparently keeping each otherhard by switching places and sucking each others cocks as they waited their turn to have her. The twoguys looked over, noticing their friends were done and they moved towards her, one of them laid downnext to her and motioned for her to get on top of him. She wondered where the phone was, and she sawit propped against the windshield to her side capturing the entire scene, the guy who just came in hermouth was going to pick it up.She climbed on top of him, and she took the vibrator out of her pussy.He was the one sucking the other guys cock a second ago, and heseemed to be a little soft so she was going to slide down and use hermouth to get him hard but she felt someones hands push her chest downonto the other guy, her ass came up and she felt his face move intowards her pussy and his tongue shoot out and lick her up and down.She could feel his hand grab the cock of the guy she was on top of andstart to jerk him off as he licked up her pussy and kept going up her assand lick up some of the cum that was starting to run out of her ass. Helicked his way back down and he took his friends cock in his mouthand she felt him moving his head up and down on it, getting it nice andhard. He stopped sucking his friend and he guided the other guys cocktowards her pussy, rubbing it back and forth to get it wet and helpinghis friend line it up with her tight cunt as she lowered herself down onhim. IT felt so good to have someone inside her pussy, as she groundher hips against his and felt his long dick bottom out inside her. Theguy who was just in her ass moved up, standing right over his friendsface and as she looked up at him and his thick cock that was gettingsoft she knew that she had to clean his shaft and balls like a good girl.She put her hands around his waist and pulled him closer as she pressed her face into his crotch andbegan sucking his balls and cleaning them off. She felt the other guy who had just finished licking theballs of the guy who was in her pussy position himself behind her and she felt his cock easily slide intoher stretched and cum filled asshole. She immediately had an orgasm from the never before feltsensation of two cocks inside her, she felt themrubbing against each other one in her pussy andone in her ass. She started to scream inpleasure as they alternated strokes and fuckedboth of her holes at the same time. It felt sogood, he cum filled ass offered little resistanceas he switched to pulling his cock all the wayout of her every few strokes and then plungingit back in and up to his balls. Her screams gotlouder and she forgot about cleaning the cockin front of her off until he held her by the backof the hair and pushed his now hard cock downher throat. He moaned and said “That’s it justlike that, give me that mouth you fucking slut”and he fucked her mouth with short strokes.She imagined what it looked like on the camera, a cock in every hole, he mouth obscenely stretchedaround a huge cock fucking her mouth, her cum filled ass getting drilled by another guy and a thirdcock millimeters away from that one inside her pussy. She became lost in all of the sensations as shecam over and over, each of them fucking her a different speed and the sounds of them getting pleasurefrom using her like a little slut. The guy in her mouth announced he was going to cum first and she felthim push down her throat until she gagged, the guy in her asshole put his hand up on the back of herhead and pushed her down on the other cock as he shoved himself deep up her ass and began to cum.The third guy grabbed her tits in his hands and pinched her nipples pulling them downward as she felthim explode in her pussy. Cum started running out around her lips and dripping onto the other guysface as she struggled to swallow it all. She lost control and all four of them came at the same time, allgrunting and moaning, cum running everywhere when the 4 th guy who was holding the camera showedup with his cock already shooting cum out as he held it next to his friends. She pulled her mouth offand struggled to get the last cock into her mouth so so she swallow his cum tooI never really totally finished it. I had jizz all over my hands by the end. I wrote the last of it I thinkSaturday night or Sunday.Written for a special girl, she knows who she is. <3

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