It’s Just Not Cricket Pt. 08


Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Alright, everyone’s gotta know my family’s rules of Backyard Cricket by now.

But just in case you decided to jump in and read about our matches starting at year number eight, here’s the rundown…

Years ago we had a big Christmas at my mum and dad’s place. While mum, the wife and kids were away we played a game of backyard cricket with the neighbours on either side- Glenn and his son Noel and Charlie and his son Andy. After a bit of an arvo dozing me, Noel and Andy busted our dads having a little men-only game of hide the sausage. Rather than rat them out we decided to join in, and pretty soon the new rules of backyard cricket were established…

1. Get your kit off

2. A “batter” from one team faces the “bowler” from the other

3. Whoever cums first in that match wins

4. Three innings (variable), with the winning team getting the much-coveted, much-cum-stained bucket hat for the year

Over the years we’ve had a few fellas join us- Charlie’s brother, Cliff, and his twins have jumped in, and Glenn’s made friends with the neighbours on the other side a few years. All up, I’d say there’s been about twenty lads who’ve hung up their heterosexual card, just for the arvo, to get and give a good arse-fucking.

It’s not always easy to organise- we’ve sent the wives and kiddies on spa days, we’ve gone to the beach, we’ve found heaps of ways around it. But this year, Glenn dropped a big surprise…

“Road trip gents!” he shouted at the pub, nearly spilling his pint in excitement.

“Where? Why?” asked Charlie.

“Well, I may have leaked some details of our matches to a few mates online. Anonymous and all that, but y’know, the general idea. Turns out there’s a lot of men in a lot of towns who have taken up the call and set up their own teams. So I propose we do a little cricket tour. Just a few days, three matches, a lotta….variety. What do you reckon?” Glenn replied.

What did we reckon? I reckon every man there had at least half a fat, so I’d say we were in…

Match One

We drove a few hours to get to the first match, all eager and raring to go. Checking into the hotel and heading over was a blur, as was getting to the other “team’s” site (a suburban house with a nice private back yard), but I remember when I strode into the back I thought it was the most diverse squad you could ever get.

One by one, I met Peter, the captain, a big hairy fella, little on the pudgy side, probably in his 50’s; Dan C., a friendly Asian fella in his 20’s, covered in tatts; Chris L., from the Northern Territory with a big deneme bonusu veren siteler bushy Ned Kelly beard; Jason, a big muscular islander bloke who was surprisingly shy; Chris G., super tall skinny fella, maybe in his 30’s, with glasses; and Dan M., a short redheaded guy, lot of energy, super friendly.

Formalities were a bit of a blur as we were on the clock a bit for Peter- his wife was coming back home that night. So we all agreed on the rules, ditched the clothes and paired off for our matches.

Glenn took out Peter pretty quickly in a 69, fingering the big man while he sucked him off. Our unofficial captain happily swallowed the creamy load and declared out first victory, which might have got us a bit cocky, no pun intended.

My mate Noel thought he had Dan C. stitched up as he rode the young fella’s rock hard knob, but when Dan started jackhammering away at Noel’s prostate our man spewed forth his cum all over the place, resulting in a quick loss.

My dad Ross got us back on track, feasting on Chris L.’s arsehole and giving the bearded bloke a reach-around until he blasted all over the grass. While I was taking that in I noticed one of the windows in the house next door could see into Peter’s garden, and there seemed to be someone moving around in there.

“Should we be worried about that Pete?” I asked, gesturing.

“Nah, it’s just Jack and Nolene, they’re 80 years old, they don’t care.” he shrugged, gently patting me on the arse.

“You’re up mate.”

I was up against Jason, and we were actually pretty evenly matched for quite a while. But, as I was slowly easing myself onto his giant schlong, I glanced up at that next door window and saw Jack and Noelene, in all their 80-plus glory, watching us. Naked as jaybirds, Noelene had her hand around Jack’s rigid pole and was pumping him, while he toyed with her pussy lips. For some reason that just sent me over the edge and I came before I could even get Jason’s full length in me.

Tied for points, we agreed to let the last two innings be played as a four-way free-for-all. We sent in father and son Charlie and Andy, hoping they could take down Chris G. and Dan M. with a coordinated strike, but things…got a bit confused. Long story short, Andy ended up spending most of the time stretching out his old man’s sphincter while Chris and Dan cock-whipped them both. Needless to say, our guys lost.

As the losing team, we had to line up on our knees and cop a fresh load from the face from each player on the other side. As I was getting coated I turned to the neighbour’s window and gave a wink, which was all it took for Jack to spray-coat the window with his semen. At least they had a win, I thought to myself.

Match Two

After a night drowning our sorrows we left the hotel the next day to drive to another town. We were adamant that we’d win this match, to the point we’d all deliberately shot a load together that morning.

Another backyard, but this one was a bit more rural, which suited us just fine. Turns out it was a bit of a family affair, as we were up against three brothers- Cameron, Cooper and Daniel- all similar dark hair, blue eyes, muscled young fellas. They’d brought along their mate Dean, blonde tradie type, and his dad Isaac and uncle Jack. This lot had been playing their own matches for a while, and we soon discovered they had a few traditions of their own.

That wasn’t all we discovered- as soon as they dropped their dacks we saw that every one of ’em was at least 8 inches. I was nervous, but found I was licking my lips too…

Our captain Glenn, a bit hungover and horny, lost out to an aggressive buggering by young Cameron. Bleary eyed, his cock still dripping, he set himself up under a tree for a nap.

Glenn’s son Noel lept into action against Cooper, employing a bit of watersports action to mix things up. Both men unleashed a torrent of piss, but ultimately Cooper sent Noel over the edge when he started pissing while Noel was fucking him doggy style.

The last brother, Daniel, was a big unit, but my dad Ross had been lifting weights since before I was born, and flung the young fella onto the ground for an unceremonious pounding. Daniel moaned in pleasure, cumming hands-free as my old man stretched out his back-passage.

The next three matches were almost a blur. Dean and I rimmed each other, then fingered, until finally he gave me a face full of the white stuff. Charlie and Isaac wrestled until our man had Isaac in a hold and jerked him to completion. I think Jack was so horny from the day that he blew after ten seconds of sucking from Andy.

As Glenn woke up to celebrate out win, we learned that these guys made the losing side eat a “meat pie of shame”- basically your standard servo meat pie, but then glazed with the jizz of the winners. We each happily lined up and dropped a load on the snack, then stood back and watched the losers eagerly devour it, each man growing some serious wood at the sight. It was a feeding frenzy, and as I watched the brothers lick gravy and cum off each other’s faces I thought maybe we could have a rematch, but Glenn herded us back in the car to get to the motel. Oh well, maybe next time.

Match Three

The third match was a bit of a drive away to a small town I’d never heard of, but Glenn seemed the most excited about these guys. Once we arrived I could see why.

This town was something else! Seemed like everyone was good-looking and horny, given how the staff at the motel flirted with us- the women and the men! Once we were settled in, Glenn explained that we weren’t going to a backyard, but to the cricket ground across from the hotel.

That’s right, a proper cricket ground. The stands offered a fair bit of privacy, but we were still walking stark naked onto an actual, proper pitch. And it turned out we had spectators. Apparently half the men and women in town had rocked up to see us face off against their six-man squad.

It turned out their guys- Dan, Ben, Jordan, Harry, Bob and Josh- were usually part of the local footy team, and this town was known for having some adults-only games where you could see just as much rooting as playing on the field. But, in the off season, they decided to get into a bit of cricket.

We were absolutely floored. Dan, with his slicked back salt-and-pepper hair and European good looks, had Glenn blowing up his arse in minutes. Noel managed to make the muscular Ben cum first as he was getting fucked, but he jizzed seconds after. My old man was on his back, legs in the air, begging for release as young Jordan ate his hole, and he soon got it. I got completely blindsided by Harry’s friendly conversation until, next thing I knew, I was being held upside down as he rooted me, my own cum raining down on my face.

Faced with a possible loss, Charlie and Andy decided to try their team-up manoeuvre from our first match, hoping for better results this time. It went a bit better, with Andy managing to tickle Josh’s prostate enough for him to blow, but the sight of it sent Charlie over the edge and his seed erupted into Bob’s eager mouth.

Having lost, the six of us had to stand in the middle of the pitch, hands behind our backs. A line of spectators came down out of the stands, approaching the other team and shaking hands before moving towards us.

We quickly discovered that, while the winning team got the congratulations of their fans, we got manhandled every which way.

I think at least forty people had their way with me that day. My dick was fondled, an old lady licked my nuts, more than one man fingered my chute. I looked over at my dad at one point- he was on all fours eating out some fit young bird while her fella tugged him off. We were utterly spent when we finally got back to the motel, each of us leaking cum out our arses and down our legs.

Driving home the next day, we all agreed the cricket tour was a great idea, and one we would definitely get behind again.

“I’ve been thinking…” said Glenn, his semi-hard cock already sticking out the leg of his shorts.

“Maybe we should start playing footy too…”

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