It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 14

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

I woke the next morning to my girl cuddled against me as a body was crawling into bed with us and under the comforter. “Well hello there.” I said to our blond as she cuddled up against my other side. “What are you doing here?”

“Mmmmm, just got off work and thought I’d check in on you two.”

I cupped a nice tit on each side, tweaking first the blonds nipple, then my girl ever so gently.

“Morning..” my girl said quietly, leaning forward for a kiss without opening her eyes. The blond met her over my chest for a quick but soft kiss and then they settled back in.

We laid there for a bit cuddling until I felt the blonds hand reaching for my firm cock. It was followed shortly by my girls hand on my now very hard cock. “You just want to get laid…” she said to her.

“Uh uh, thirsty…”

“You gotta share….”

“Always…” as she scooted down toward my now rock hard cock. Unlike the last time she didn’t turn around, just scooted down and began a nice slow sensual blow job. Caressing and nibbling on my cock, licking and stroking while looking up at my girl every so often. While the blond was concentrating on my cock, my girl was cupping and playing with my balls.

No sense of urgency, just the ladies taking their time enjoying me. Watching my cock disappear between those soft lips, feeling her tongue swirl around the head when she did. Turning and bumping it against her throat while her hand squeezed my cock and my girls held my balls, rolling them gently in her fingers.

We laid there like that for a bit until my girl decided she needed more attention. It was just soooo terrible to see her slide up and put her juicy pussy over my lips. Tasting her sweat nectar as she lowered herself to me, the slightest hint of stubble against my lips. The velvet smoothness of her in contrast to her hard clit as I ran my tongue around it, her little gasp as I moaned into her pussy when the blond took me as far in as she could.

I was getting close when my girl reached up to her own tits and began cupping them and rolling her nipples between her fingers. She started rocking back and forth on my tongue and lips, grinding her clit into my nose while my tongue was stuffed as far up her pussy as I could reach.

I wanted my drink…. I slid my hand up from the back of the blonds head to my girls ass and slipped a finger into her. “OH FUUUUUUUCK!” my girl started shooting off into my mouth, breaking my concentration just enough to let loose in the blond. Matching blast after blast to the juices flowing into my mouth.

I pulled my finger from my girls ass and she laid back across me from the blond. The blond held my now soft but oozing cock out to her. I was jumping and twitching as she licked me clean. Then the blond did it again, she showed me a mouth full of my cum, then leaned over to my girl to share it in a long kiss. All I could do was lay there, watch, and groan.

After a bit they did turn back around and cuddle back up with me, but it didn’t last long when the aroma of bacon drifted in from the kitchen.

We went out to find the black girl, naked, tits laid up on the island on display. The feminine blond in her lace bra and thong, and the butch fully dressed, but obviously without a bra, standing at the stove cooking.

“Damn, with all these beautiful women around I’d almost think I’d died and gone to heaven.”

The black girl tuned to me and hefted her tits to me, “Why ‘almost’?”

I pulled my girl and the blond to my side, “because for starters those two aren’t naked.” The feminine one gasped, “And second they aren’t interested in me…” her mouth flapped I the breeze for a few seconds, then the girls all broke out laughing…and jiggling!

The butchy one pulled some biscuits from the oven, and set gravy, eggs, and bacon out for us to pick from. I took a biscuit and split it, covered it with gravy, and dug in while reaching for some bacon. “Damn you can cook girl, but where did the food come from? I know my frig was BARE!”

The feminine one got all smiles and puffed up. “She damn well better be able to cook, she’s the executive chef at…” and rattled off one of the high dollar restaurants downtown.

The butchy one blushed a bit. “It’s just breakfast, I ran out and picked a few things up while you three were messing around in there.” Now it was my girls turn to blush.

“Either way it’s excellent, thank you.” and I raised a biscuit and gravy filled fork to her before swallowing it down.

The girls chatted some more about the Reno competition, then the two girls had to leave.

The four of us managed to get most of the most of the boxes unpacked, or at least unpacked and ankara escort consolidated, by noon. We sat down for a quick sandwich, the place stating to look a bit more normal. The black girl took off after lunch, leaving me with my two girls.

I turned to my girl, “Any idea what you’re wearing this afternoon?” she looked at me like she didn’t know what we were talking about. “Meeting up at the mall… I can show you off some more….”

“Oh hell, I forgot about that…”

The blond was looking at us trying to figure out what we were talking about.

“We met an older couple a while back, and again the other day at the mall. They like to show her figure off a bit in semi revealing cloths, and even flash or accidentally show some skin if they can. We’re going to meet them and maybe be introduced to some other couples as well.”

She looked at my girl and started giggling, “Man what has gotten into you?!!!”

My girl just poked me in the side and grinned. “Him…. You could come with us if you wanted to.”

“Oh it would be so terrible to have two hot babes with me…” I chimed in.

“Flattery will get you almost anywhere mister, but it’s about my bed time. I’ve been up since ten last night.”

“OK fine, go take your shower and we’ll be out of here in a bit.” I gave her a quick peck and a titty grope as I got up. The girls sat there a bit whispering to each other before my girl joined me in the bedroom. “What was all that about?”

She just grinned at me, “Girl stuff….” She went through what she had unpacked, but didn’t have much to choose from, several nice tops, but only work skirts well below the knee.

“How about we do some shopping since we’ll be there? You never know what we’ll find.”

“OK.” She put on a nice lace bra and a thin button up top that let the lace show through with her nipples standing out and plenty of cleavage, slipped on some jeans, and we were off, grabbing her long coat just in case.

There was a fair amount of people in the mall, and she was getting her fair share of attention. I could only smile knowing she was with me. We wandered through several shops looking around, and came to another outlet of the same dress store chain we went into down near her old apartment. The real surprise was finding our sales girl there.

“Well hello stranger!”

“Well hello!” leaning over to give my girl the peck on the cheek, but almost making it a lip kiss. “What are you two doing up here?”

“He lives up here,….and now I do too! What about you?”

“Well congratulations! Me, I just got transferred up here last week. So are you looking for anything?”

“Skirts… some for work and some to wear out.”

“Some to wear out and show her off.” I corrected her. My girl just rolled her eyes….

“So what do you do?”


“Oh, sexy and smart!”

My girl snickered and the sales girl just grinned. “We have several to choose from.” She led us back to the changing room. This one was a bit smaller, but the platform a bit higher and more mirrors. I got to sit nice and close and would get a nice view up her skirts if they were short enough!

She brought back several skirts and some skirt and jacket combinations. My girl was pealing off her jeans when she brought them back in. “So what’s with the dye job?”

Without even looking up my girl responded, “It’s not, the brunette was the dye job.”

“OH….” And handed her the first skirt. She held a few up, to see how they looked, standing there bottomless like it was no big deal between skirts. She selected a few for work that came down above her knee, and even two that approached mid thigh if she pulled the waist up a bit. But they all had to be sized up a bit to accommodate her muscular thighs

With the skirt and jacket combinations she actually slipped the skirts on. Several were nice, and a few even sexy with deep neck lines.

One dark blue one the neck line came down to her bra band, and the bottom edge of the jacket within inches of the skirt caught my attention. “Hey gorgeous?”

“Yes handsome.”

“Do me a favor.”


“Try that one without the top or skirt.”


“Just indulge me, please?”

“OK….” She stripped the jacket and skirt off, then pealed her top off leaving her in just her thin lace bra. “You’re just trying to get me naked again…”

I just smiled, “Always.”

She slipped the jacket back on and it was perfect. The neck line revealed just a bit of her lace bra, and the hem of the jacket came about three inches below her crotch. I stood up and walked to them, then ran my hand down the neck line against her skin, tickling the edge of the lace, then ran my hand in the flap of the dress to her bare, and wet, pussy.

“I knew you just wanted to get your hands on me.” But she put her hand on mine to keep it against her wet lips. Then pulled them both back, licking her own juices from our fingers. Then she pulled the bottom flap aside revealing her bare pussy and most of escort ankara her landing strip. “But I can’t go walking around like this. I’d get arrested!”

“Nothing a safety pin wouldn’t cure until you could get a few more buttons put on.”

“So you can reach up my skirt and play with me while you’re sitting there safely in your slacks!”

I just smiled.

“Well we can fix that.” The sales girl chipped in.

We looked at her, and she leaned over to my girl, cupping her hand to whisper in her ear. My girl got an amazed look on her face and turn to look at me, before turning back to the sales girl for some more whispers.

My girl turned to me, lifting the flap to show her pussy and landing strip. “OK, I’ll get this, and wear it with a couple of safety pins until we can have buttons put on.” she paused to look at the sales girl. “But you have to loose the boxers…”


“And we trim off one of your pockets so I can play with you too!”

I just looked at two grinning women, and just to sweeten the deal, my girl unbuttoned the bottom of the jacket and opened it to cup her tit and tweak her nipple.

“OK, I give up…”

She dropped the jacket, and then the bra, sauntering over to me naked as the sales girl slipped out. She had just unbuckled my slacks and was dropping them down when the sales girl came back in with the scissors. “I’ve always wanted to do this!”

She stepped forward with the scissors like she was going to cut the pocket off while I had them pulled down.

“Uh uh, he doesn’t get off that easily. He’s got me stripped down, I get the same. Besides, we have to get the boxers off first.”

The sales girl grinned and worked the scissors in her hand. “I was going to get them off…”

I gasped and the girls chuckled. My girl was taking her time sliding my slacks down, rubbing her cheek on my hard cock through my boxers while she was kneeled in front of me. The sales girl was licking her lips watching her. She did at least take my shoes off before removing them completely and handing them to the sales girl.

With just a few snips the bottom of my right pocket was gone!!!!! She went to hand them back to my girl. “Un uh, we’re not done yet.”

My girl reached for the waist band of my boxers and began working them down SLOWLY, making sure my cock was standing out hard and proud. When she pulled them down far enough to make my cock spring back up the sales girl gasped. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

She let my boxers fall to my ankles and wrapped a hand around my cock and began slowly stroking it. The sales girl was staring at my cock, frozen in place. My girl licked a but of pre-cum from the tip, moaning as she did, then looked over her shoulder at the sales girl. “Get down here girl, it’s a MUCH better view,” and scooted to one side a little.

The sales girl moved like a jerky robot, but stepped forward and kneeled down beside my girl, who was now giving me a nice slow blow job. She pulled back, still stroking me, but aiming my cock toward the sales girl.

“Isn’t this nice dear? Getting your cock sucked in the dressing room. Are you thinking about where your cum is going to wind up?” she pulled me closer to the sales girl, the tip of my cock just out of reach of her lips. She winked at me, then said, “Makes you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.”


Now it was her turn to smile, she knew I’d caught what she was doing. “Why almost?”

“Because she’s not naked, and you’re the only one sucking my cock.”

“Well we can take care of part of that right now.” She dropped her hand from my cock and used it to bring the sales girls hand up. With her other hand she nudged the sales girls head the last inch to my cock, and she just kept leaning forward taking me in and sighing.

My girl moved around behind the sales girl and put her hands on her waist before bringing them up under her tits and squeezing. She looked up at me smiling and raised an eyebrow, then reached down and began unbuttoning her top while the sales girl picked up her pace on my cock.

“We have a naughty little sales clerk here dear.” She pulled back her top to reveal…”she has a nice tight corset on under her clothes.” She ran her fingers up the front to the cups holding her tits up and out, a thin strip of lace over her hard nipples. “and barely containing her nipples too!”

With what seemed like a very natural move, my girl ran her fingers inside the cups, folding the lace in and letting her nipples stand out proud. She took her hands and headed for her skirt, pulling up the front with one, and sliding the other between her legs. “Oh and no underwear!”

My girl must have went for her clit, the sales girl squeaked and doubled her efforts on my cock. “Oh yea, that’s it, suck that cock! You know he’s going to blast off in your mouth while you cum around my fingers.” The sales girl was starting to tremble.

“And you’re going to keep it in your mouth to share with me aren’t you?”

That thought was putting ankara escort bayan me right at the edge, but what ever she did to the sales girl set her over the edge. She grabbed my ass and worked me like a mad woman while screaming around my cock.

I grabbed her head and began pumping load after load into her waiting mouth. I know she had to have swallowed some for as much as I was pumping into her, but she did pull back and keep her lips around the tip of my cock to take the last of it.

When my girl let her pull back, taking my cock from her lips and licking the last few dribbles directly before taking the sales girls face in her hands and latching on. I saw her tongue dive into the sales girls mouth just before their lips met.

The sales girl held back for only a second before wrapping her arms around my girl for a nice long sensuous lip lock.

Oh to be eighteen again and be able to get it up right away…..

I stepped back and sat in the chair, my pants and boxers on the floor around the girls. They kissed and groped for quite a bit before finally coming up for air. And even then they had to give each other a few nice pecks and licks to make sure they got it all.

When they finally settled down, my girl brought my now modified slacks over to me and helped me into them, giving my soft cock a few strokes just to be a tease while the sales girl did up her top, but letting her nipples stand out a bit.

My girl stood beside me and put her left hand down in my now bottomless right pocket, grabbing and fondling my cock. “Now this is more like it!”

I of course reached over and cupped her bare but now dripping pussy.

“Oh no, we have to test this properly.” She went back over and got the jacket, not bothering with the bra, and slipped it on.

When she leaned slightly my way to reach in my pocket, the front gaped open completely letting me have a nice look at her bare tit, “Oh this works for me!”

“Now all we need is a few safety pins.”

The sales girl stepped outside, and I turned to my girl, sliding a hand in her new jacket. “Am I going to lick your pussy or is she?”

She gave me a quick peck, “Would you mind if I try to get her to do it first?”

“After that blow job, of course not. Besides, I can always do you again later!”

“That you can.” She was reaching back into my slacks when the sales girl came back in, and started to hand my girl the safety pins. She stepped up on the platform, and turned to the sales girl, “Would you mind? It won’t hang right if I do it bending over.”

There was a bit of a smile on the sales girls face, “Sure.”

As the sales girl was kneeling down to put the safety pins in, my girl winked at me again. “I’m still not sure honey, are you positive this doesn’t show too much of me?” and lifted the flap to expose her dripping pussy.

“With the pins in place it will be fine, the real question is will I still be able to get to you to lick you when you’re dripping.”

“Oh babe that’s not a problem. All I have to do is kick my knee out, and you have good access to my dripping pussy.” she kicked her knee out and pulled the sales girls head to her, almost forcing her into her wet pussy. “Seeeee…”

Before she had even finished saying ‘Seeee’ the sales girl had dived in and was licking her like a starved woman. But with all the playing around my girl didn’t even last thirty seconds before she was cumming in the sales girls mouth. She collapsed onto the platform with both hands on the sales girls head dragging her with her screaming all the way.

It didn’t last long though, when my girl brought her thighs up and began clamping the sales girls head she pulled away, with a grin, but she pulled away. She turned to look at me grinning, her face now wet with my girls juices, “You two are anything but boring…” and leaned over to take one last lick at my girl, making her squeak and jump! LOL

The sales girl grabbed a towel and wiped her face and my girls thighs before getting her standing enough to put the safety pins in. As long as she was standing up it was fine, and even bent over a little she wasn’t exposed, but anything more than about a forty five degree bend and her ass and pussy would be nicely visible!

We left our purchases and the clothes she wore in to pick up later, and headed out to make our rounds and see if we could find our elderly couple friends. Needless to say with that much leg and cleavage showing my girl was attracting LOTS of attention!

We went up the escalator with several young men in tow trying to look around me and up my girls jacket. We stopped at the railing overlooking the first floor, thankfully not a glass one at this point.

“You know even male in her over the age of ten thinks you’re the sexiest woman alive and wants to know if you have anything on under that jacket…”

She turned to me and buried her head in my shoulder, “This is worse than the competition…”

“And yet you have more on…”

“But I’m supposed to be practically naked there…”

“Mmmm, but that doesn’t make you any less sexy and beautiful…” I lifted her head and gave her a soft kiss.

I still had her face in my hands when we heard a voice beside us. “Damn girl, you trying to show us all up!”

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