ITALIAN COPS AND THE GYPSY PRINCEI am Enzo, a 41 years old Carabiniere, I am an Italian cop.L’Arma dei Carabinieri is one of the two branches of the Police that patrol the Italian streets, the other branch is Polizia di Stato.Unlike Polizia, Carabinieri is the civilian branch of the Italian army.So Carabinieri are basically civilian soldiers, therefore we are far more formal and stricter than the Polizia, they are more laid back in a way, they usually let you get away with small things, we don’t.I am happily married with two grown up k**s, I always enjoyed my job and always been professional.That was until I started to work with a new partner, Marco, who brought me on a very dark path, opening new horizons and making me discover things about myself that I didn’t know I had in me.Marco is 10 years younger than me, another generation, but we got on well from the beginning, so much that we often hangout together outside our shift and spend most festivities with each other families.Well, Marco hasn’t got so much of a family yet, he hasn’t got k**s, but he has a long term girlfriend who is going to marry in few months time. She is a sweet girl. I still don’t know how did he managed to bag such a prize, knowing what I know about my partner and his weird fetishes.It all started few months ago.We were sitting in our squad car for a lunch break, when we started talking about our past experiences. He suddenly revealed to me that he has been with men, and enjoys sex with them very much.I was absolutely taken aback, for few reasons.Firstly because I never liked faggots. In fact I grew up in a far right family, my dad was a staunch fascist, so I grew up with the same ideas. A man never cries, a woman belong to the kitchen, faggots should be stoned, gypsies should be deported, and all that bullshit.Secondly because Marco seemed the opposite of a faggot, in fact when we frisked people, he was the more intimidating between the two of us.So saying that I was shocked is an understatement.I struggled to believe what he was saying at first, but during those months we bonded so much that I almost didn’t care, and since it’s 2018 I guess being gay or bisex, shouldn’t be a taboo any more.But the things got worse when he started flirting with me.He didn’t do it too overtly, he did it in a subtle way to avoid freaking me out, and eventually it worked.It all started when he offered to suck my cock, by then I was already fantasizing about his mouth on my prick, so I accepted without reserve.But after just a week I was already fucking his ass.The thing about Marco was that during sex he seemed like a completely different person, he behaved like a real slut, and loved being submissive to me, and I guess with other men too, but that’s what I really liked about him.I never had better blowjobs in my life, and he taught me ways of fucking his ass, I never knew existed.But I always insisted I would be the top. I never sucked him, kissed him or being fucked by him, my fascist side was still resisting.And he was fine with that, because he was a power bottom.So end of the story right? This was the dark side I’ve been talking about?Well, no. Not even close.To let you understand what kind of deranged path I’ve been led to, I will tell you about the day I stop being a Top, and became a happy Bottom.We were patrolling the streets of a run down suburb of Rome.It was 10PM, it has been a quiet day so far, and we were really bored. And when Marco gets bored it always gets horny.He already sucked me once during the shift, but he said he needed a bit more action.“Do we have time for a quicky with the Prince?”, he said to me.Hearing those words made my cock jump, “I don’t know man, our shift will finish in 2 hours”“I know, but the camp is just 5 minutes from here. It’s been 3 days since last time, it’s a long time for me. And I know you want it too”, he said squeezing my crotch with his hand.“Alright you dirty bastard”, I said with a smirk on my face.We did a quick stop at an Autogrill to buy food, drinks, and some cigarettes, then we were on our way.We were heading to a Gypsy Camp, it was pretty isolated, 10 minutes away from the closest civilised settlement.The camp was truly ran-down, in perfect gypsy style, hygiene levels were low since the camp wasn’t connected to the water mains or the power grid, people were laying around like strays a****ls, living in conditions of utmost filth.When our car got in there we were surrounded by few people.We were well known in there, so most of the residents didn’t really pay attention to us, suddenly we see a familiar face approaching the car, just the person we were looking for.It was Lazlo, a lanky 18 years old, about 6’2” tall, he was blond with shaggy hair, typical Eastern European features, and quite pale.He was really slim like most of the boys around his age in the camp, which was clear sign of malnutrition. He was wearing some baggy track suit bottoms, cheap worn out white sneakers, and a t-shirt which was two sizes too large.He was always very friendly and good humored, with a big smile on his face which was showing a missing front teeth.“Ciao Laz, is the Prince around?”, Marco said to him.“Yeah, it’s just over there”, he pointed his finger somewhere in the camp, but we could not see him, as it was pretty dark, it was 10 PM after all and the camp didn’t have illumination, except for the light coming from the caravans and a bonfire burning in the middle of it.“You lads are coming for a ride?”“Sure, we got fuck-all to do, let me get him”, Lazlo replied with a big smile.As he disappeared in the dark, Marco turned to me and said “I hope they didn’t bathe those last 3 days. The filthier, the better”, he smiled.“You are such a pig. Anyway when they ever bathe? You can smell them from miles”, I shot back.“So you gonna do the voyeur as usual?”“Pretty much. I don’t know how can you have sex with those two filthy scrawny teenagers, when you could have any guy, or girl you want.”, I commented. It was true, Marco was a real stud. For a long time I didn’t understand his weird fetish, but I was starting to get what the fuss was all about, though I was not going to admit it to him, or myself for that matter.“You should join in, man. They are two real studs and they smell and taste delicious”, he giggled at his comment.“Smelly and tasty like a stinky slice of Gorgonzola”, I joked.“You laugh, but that’s actually a quite fitting metaphor. You like Gorgonzola even if it smells, don’t you?”.I actually did, I had nothing to reply to that logic, so I just shook my head.After a minute we spot Lazlo approaching along with the Prince.The Prince real name was Adrian, but we called him Prince because apparently he belongs to an ancient dynasty of gypsy rulers.Considering the condition they were living in, we found it hard to believe it, but Adrian seemed quite adamant about that, and often told us about his family history.Anyway, we didn’t really care about his family tree, we were more interested in the tree between his legs.Adrian was not as friendly as Lazlo, it always had that moody look on his face, you could tell he was the badass of the camp.And that was despite the fact that he was much smaller than Lazlo.We knew he was 18 because we arrested him many times and checked his documents, otherwise he looks two or three years younger illegal bahis than his real age.Adrian was 5’7” tall, basically skin and bones, he had a much darker skin tone than Lazlo, shaggy dirty blond hair, and was wearing the same clothes he was wearing three days ago. Like Lazlo, his clothes were a couple of sizes bigger.Adrian bent over the window and forced one of his rare smiles, showing his set of yellow crocked teeth.Even though they weren’t Armani models, they were both incredibly cute.“Ciao Adrian, how is doing my gorgeous little prince”, Marco said to him.“I am doing ok. You got some food?”“Sure, and fags (cigarettes). Jump on”The lads opened the doors and sat on the back of our black Alfa Giulia, Marco turned around and handed them some sandwiches and a couple of beers.“Here take this too boys”, Marco handed them also a packet of cigarettes each.The boys started wolfing down the sandwiches like they haven’t been eating for days, making a right mess on the back seats.“So what did you steel today boys?”, I joked.“Nothing, just ****d an old lady”, Lazlo shot back going into a hysterical laugh.“You better be joking Laz”, I replied.“Ehehh, just k**ding. We are good boys, we don’t do this stuff, plus we have our own bitch here. Who needs old ladies”, said Lazlo referring to Marco, while taking the hat off my partner’s head and putting it on his own.“Yeah, your bitch was leaking water from her pussy the whole day, thinking of you”, I said getting into the spirit.“This bitch, is gonna kick your asses if you don’t stop talking like I am not here”, Marco replied slightly annoyed.“Right, here we are”, I said as we reached our usual spot, far away from civilization.We all got out of the car.I put my Carabiniere hat on Adrian’s head, then Marco approached him, and adjust it for him, so to fit his head perfectly, “You look so handsome”, he commented to the young Gypsy.Marco carefully took off his uniform and folded it nicely, he then put it on the passenger seat.He handed me over his gun and I put both the guns in the dashboard. We knew we were taking a huge risk having our guns unguarded, but we kind of trusted the boys by now. They were just petty thieves, not real criminals, and they just wanted to have some fun, just like us.Finally Marco took off his boxers.He was a 6 feet tall stud with a perfectly proportioned muscle body, his 7” cock was still not fully hard but it was getting there.Fuck he was handsome, he could have had any girl he wanted, instead he was going to submit to those two young punks. What a waste.The lads handed me over their beers and followed suit.“Hold it”, Adrian said.“Hey what am I, your butler?”, I complained, but they completely ignored me and proceeded to shed their clothes.In no time they were completely naked, they only kept the Carabiniere hats on their head, Lazlo had Marco’s, Adrian had mine.Soon the smell of their feet filled the air, it was something that cannot really be described in words.I already described their body, I can assure you, no girl would ever touched them with a barge pole, not just because they were filthy, but because of their scrawny body, yet Marco was crazy for them, but I was starting to see what my partner was seeing in them.Both the lads were half mast, but I knew their full sizes pretty well.Lazlo had a normal 6 inch cock, and really thin but with a big mushroom.Adrian though had a more respectable 8” cock, and quite thick too, which on his tiny frame looked a real monster.I was still completely dressed with my uniform, except for the jacket which I left on the driving sit, I then fished my cock and sat on the grass to enjoy the show as usual.Adrian sat on the back seat with his feet on the grass.Lazlo sat beside me, our body were touching, I put my arm around his neck as I usually do, so he could easily take hold of my 8” cock with his dirty hand. He started stroking it gently.This was as far as I ever got with them, I never touched their cock or let them blow me, I was always repulsed by their poor hygiene, and also because I am a real man, and a fascist, and I am supposed to hate gypsies, and all that.But a wank was always welcome.“Bow before your Prince”, Adrian ordered with a dominating voice.Marco dropped on all four and crawled to Adrian’s feet. I always loved this bit of roleplay, watching Marco humiliating himself in such manner made me always horny.“Now, pay respect to your Prince”Marco was really respectful of his Master, and started liking Adrian stinky foot, then he put the big toe in his mouth and started sucking it like it was a cock.Lazlo offered me his beer but I refused, I never drink in service, but as he turned to face me I almost had the instinct to kiss him, luckily I stopped in time.He was now sitting so close that I could smell all his different odors, sometimes it was his feet, sometimes his armpits, sometimes his breath, and that was driving me absolutely crazy.I used to dislike their strong body odor, but now it was like an aphrodisiac.While Lazlo was watching the scene, I was watching him.He must have noticed it because, he suddenly turned to face me, smiling and showing me his sexy crocked set of teeth.We looked deep into each other eyes, then it happened. I kissed him.He didn’t resist at all, with my tongue I started exploring his dirty mouth to savor it, I could feel the big gap between his teeth, and the taste the kebab he eat few minutes before, I think I also picked some leftover with my tongue. God, it was unreal, I wanted to do this for few weeks, and now I couldn’t stop.I put my hand behind his head and pushed his face against mine.I wanted more of him.Then he took my hand and put it on his prick. I wrapped my finger around his 6 inch cock and started stroking it.Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Adrian trying to get Marco attention while pointing at me.Then I heard, “Alt! Stop the press. The prude Sergeant finally caved in. What took you so long?”, Marco said as he stood up and approached us.I broke the kiss and looked up to him.“Change of plans. Today you gonna take my place, and I won’t take no for an answer”, Marco said with a smirk on his face.“I don’t know Marco, I am not sure I can do all the things you do”, the fact I didn’t say no, was just an admission that I really wanted to do it, so Marco pressed on.“Sure you can, Trust me Enzo, once you try it, you never go back”“I don’t know…”, I replied, which translated in, “Yes please, insist a bit more”. And he did.“Listen man, I am willing to give up my favorite pastime for you. You know I look forward to this the whole week. That’s a huge sacrifice I am making for you man, so you better take your chance”“Ok, I’ll give it a go”, I could not believe I finally said it, “But we could always take one each…”, I offered.“No man, I want to see you managing two cocks at once, and being a complete submissive slut, I waited this moment for months”.I stood up and undressed. At the same time the boys light a cigarette each and started puffing away, while talking and giggling.Then Adrian moves towards the car and sat in the back seat again, same position.“Right, on your four, faggot”, Adrian ordered. It was the first time he call me that. That was part of the game. So I obeyed.“Show your respect to the Prince”I put my mouth on Adrian stinky foot and kissed it, illegal bahis siteleri while inhaling his strong odor, my cock twitched a couple of times.Then I start licking it and eventually put his big toe in my mouth.The soles were filthy, and there was dirt under his fingernails, but I didn’t care, I started slobbering around that filthy toe like it was covered in chocolate.“Open your mouth, I want to see your faggot tongue sticking out”, Adrian commanded.I lifted my head and stuck my tongue out.He brought the cigarette he was smoking over my head, then deposited some ash on my tongue. I swallowed it.“Good boy”Then Adrian lifted the bottle of beer and spilled it all over his body and legs.“Lick it”, he instructed me.I watched Marco doing it so many times, so I knew what to do.I started licking the beer from his feet and followed the trail up to his upper leg until I reached his groins.I had now his junk on my face.I buried my nose on his bush of blond hair, the smell was divine.I could not resist licking the base of his shaft.“Not so fast, keep going up”, Adrian instructed me.I resumed licking the beer from Adrian flat stomach up to his chest, stopping only a moment to stick my tongue into his belly button.I licked his neck up to his chin, now I was face to face with the Prince.He had a scowl on his face, he was looking at me with that air of superiority on his face, typical of a Prince who looks down to his lowly servants.He was so sexy.“Open your mouth bitch”. I obliged.He started gathering the saliva in his mouth then he deposited a big snot in my mouth. I swallowed.“What do you say?”, Adrian said with his commanding voice.“Thanks his majesty”“Good boy, you can now kiss the Prince”, he finally said.I pressed my lips against Adrian’s, and we start kissing.The taste of his mouth was different than Lazlo. I could taste the nicotine, overall it was stronger flavour, but never than less delicious.I start swirling my tongue around his.Adrian put his hand behind my head and pulls my face against his, I was in heaven. I would have kissed this boy the whole night, but I was desperate to taste his cock.For months I wondered how his cock would smell and taste, now I was finally ready.“Time to clean his majesty cock, slut”, Adrian instructed me.I broke the kiss and moved my face on his crotch.Adrian was pinching his foreskin and pulling it all the way so it created a gap between the skin and his cock head.“Stick your tongue in it”, he commanded.I inserted my tongue in the gap and started swirling it around his helmet.I could feel already the funky taste. But I knew the best was yet to come.Adrian pulled down the skin revealing his shiny helmet, it seemed clean at first, but then he pulled the skin further down revealing a ring of dump smegma around the base of his cock head.“Don’t put it in your mouth, just lick it”I started to lick the smegma with the tip of my tongue, It had a rancid taste, similar to natural Greek yoghurt.And since I had Greek yoghurt every morning, I scooped some more, and more, liking my lips every time.“You like my waste?”“Mhhh fuck yeah…I want more”, I replied slobbering my tongue all over his cock head, looking for more of that delicious nectar.Then I licked the shaft all way down to his ball sack, and sucked his scrotum inside my mouth, burying my nose in his stinky bush.I was literally devouring Adrian baby makers.“Alright, now you can clean my ass. I took a shit three hours ago. I want I job well done. Understood?”, he said lifting his legs and putting them over my shoulders, exposing his hairless shithole. He really was a dirty boy, I could see brown sk** marks around his hole.I saw Marco doing it so many times, but I never though I had the courage to do it myself.But I did. I’ve never been so horny in my entire life.I stuck my tongue out and started licking the brown marks, the smell was what I expected an ass to smell, the taste of dry shit was bitter but I wasn’t disgusted by it.I started liking with more intensity, I got bolder and pushed my tongue inside his asshole, it didn’t taste any worse, so I tried to push my tongue even deeper.I now had my lips clamped around his shithole, sucking all the juices I could gather, savoring the taste of his dirty Gypsy ass.“Fuck yeah. You know how to please your Prince, boy”, he moaned while petting my head.Suddenly Adrian grabbed my hair and guided it on his cockhead, “Suck my scepter, get it ready for r****g your ass”, Adrian said.So I did.I started bobbing up and down his thick joystick, while at the same time Adrian started moving his hips.He was now face fucking me. I gagged few times, as I wasn’t used to his dick hitting the back of my throat.After few minutes, Adrian said, “Alright that’s good boy. But Lazlo need some attention too”.I was so absorbed by my first ever blowjob I didn’t noticed that Lazlo was standing beside me.I turned my face and his skinny 6” cock was standing in front of my nose.I got hold of it and pulled the skin all the way down.Lazlo too was hiding a treasure under his hood.Like Adrian there was a trail of smegma all around his big helmet.Again I pulled out my tongue and tasted it. The flavor was very similar to his friend.“You dirty cunt”, Lazlo hissed. Yes I was.He pulled my head by my hair keeping me away from his cock and said, “You like some more, faggot?”“Yes please”“Convince me”, he said, offering me a chance to deserve the right to suck his mighty smelly helmet.“Please, let me lick all the filth off your cock, I will lick it all clean, please”, I begged.“Alright then, but you better do a good job”“I fucking will”, I said sticking my tongue out, waiting for him to release my head.As soon as he did it, I started licking it again, slowly, taking my time to savor that nectar. Eventually I polished his cockead until it was perfectly shiny.Then I stuffed his cock in my mouth and started blowing him.“You are really giving me serious competition man”, I finally heard Marco, who was standing behind me, apparently I was doing an impressive job at being a total submissive bitch.“Are you ready for the main course?”, Marco asked me.“Yeah…I think I am”, I moaned. I knew what he meant, and I knew exactly what to do.Adrian stood up while I lay with my back on the back seat.Marco had a suggestion, “I was thinking that maybe for his first time it would be better Lazlo take his ass, what do you think boys?”.Since Lazlo was much smaller than Adrian, it made sense.But before the lads could reply I said, “No, I want Adrian…I can take it”“You greedy slut”, Marco smirked.I wanted my handsome Prince to be the one who was going to take my virginity with his filthy cock.So I moved further up the seat so my head was now hanging from the edge of the seat, then I tilted my head downwards, this position will allow Lazlo’s cock to enter my throat easily.The lanky lad positioned himself over my face, and slid his prick into my mouth.Meanwhile Adrian lifted my legs, and positioned them in a way that he would give him a good access to my fuck hole.One leg resting on the back of the front seat, while the other was resting on the headrest of the back seat.Suddenly I felt the tip of Adrian cock pushing on my shithole.He started slowly, but then he pushed it all the way in, with a single stroke.Fuck, it hurt like a motherfucker.I was canlı bahis siteleri screaming in pain, but luckily the sound coming from my mouth was muffled because I had my orifice full of Lazlo cock.“What’s up faggot? You are not even man enough to take a cock in your ass from someone old enough to be your son?”, Adrian teased me.This caused to summon the image of my 19 years old son in my mind, and suddenly I imagined, it was his cock that was buried in my ass, instead of Adrian’s.I quickly erased that image from my dirty mind, that was just plain wrong.Adrian then started moving his pelvis. At the same time Lazlo did the same.I was getting fucked in my mouth and in my ass at the same time by two dirty fuckers.“I bet you are thinking about your son while I am fucking you, you dirty faggot”.It was like he could read my mind, the little shit.I was trying really hard not to think of my son, but he was making it really hard for me.By now I was gone, lost in my own nirvana, I could not see where Marco was or what he was doing, and I didn’t care.All I knew was that I was in heaven.Adrian thick 8 inch cock was still painful to take, but I was also starting to get accustomed to it, it was getting more pleasant every time he hit the prostate.Both lads carried on fucking me mercilessly.Adrian fucking was becoming less painful and more pleasurable, while at the same time I was starting to learn how to accommodate Lazlo prick in my throat.Now I knew why Marco liked to bottom so much, little effort, full pleasure.I was now loving being fucked by those two young punks, I loved being their submissive bitch, being their fuck tool, being their cum dump.My whole body was on fire, I even started pushing my ass against Adrian crotch. I wanted more of him inside me. It was my first butt fucking, but I could tell the Prince was really good at it, he was a real stallion.They kept fucking me relentlessly for about 15 minutes, then Lazlo pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his sperm all over my chest.“Open up”, the blond gypsy commanded.I opened my mouth, and he squeezed his penis releasing a blob of cum in my mouth.It was the first time I savored sperm, but I loved the taste of it, for sure it was surely better than the taste of Adrian shitty ass, so I swallowed it.He then stuck his cock back in my mouth, and I carried on sucking the rest of his juices.He eventually pulled out.I had just the time to take a deep breath when I felt another cock brushing my lips. It was Marco.I parted my lips and allowed his gorgeous 7 inch cock in my cock den, my partner didn’t waste any time and pushed it all in.“Are you gonna be a good faggot and suck my dick?”, Marco said to me.I nodded, yes.“From now on you are going to suck my prick every day, understood bitch?”I nodded again.I was loving being a submissive slut, it was like my second nature. Like Lazlo before, Marco started face fucking me.Adrian meanwhile never stopped, and was still going strong.I knew he had a big stamina, but feeling his thick cock ravaging my ass for such a long period of time made me appreciate even more the young bull.There was now complete silence, except for our moans and the slap of Adrian’s balls in my ass, and Marco nutsack on my nose.We were all relishing this moment.After another 10 minutes, Marco dislodged his cock from my throat and shot his spunk all over my body.“Bathe my cock with your filthy tongue”, Marco said.I executed his order, like the obedient bitch I was.Meanwhile Adrian was still going. Thank God for that, because the feeling in my ass was just unbelievable. I just hoped he never stopped.“Yeah fuck me boy…fuck my faggot ass”, I moaned.“What do you say?”“Please, break my ass with your fat gypsy cock, I beg you. Go deeper, please”, I begged him. I was now out of my mind, the pleasure was something out of this world.If I died in that right moment, I would be a worthy death.But eventually after few more minutes, his young cock erupted straight in my ass without any warning.“There bitch, I am gonna breed your faggot ass with my gypsy spunk”, Adrian moaned.My father would be so proud of me, I thought sarcastically.Who knows, maybe he was watching me from the heavens, being impregnated by a gypsy runt.He, who was constantly campaigning to get all those i*****l camps shut down, and all those dirty gypsies kicked out of the country. He really hated them, like he hated faggots.And now his own son, turned out to be a submissive faggot for two filthy gypsies.He must be turning in his grave, poor dad.Sorry dad, but I really love being fucked by my gypsy Prince.As I was enjoying the feeling of that hot goo plastering the walls of my ass, I could not hold it any longer, and I shot my load all over my chest, mixing it with the juices of Lazlo and Marco.I thought it was all over, but as Adrian pulled out of me I felt a couple of lips clamping around my wet hole.I lifted my head to see who it was. It was Marco.He scooped some of Adrian cum from my ass, then he mounted on top of me and pushed his lips on mine.I opened my mouth and he released Adrian’s spunk in my orifice.I didn’t swallow, we just started to kiss, swapping the thick goo between our mouths.“I love filthy Gypsy sperm, far superior than any cheap Italian spunk”, Marco said provocatively.He was such a pig, no one could be a bigger pig than him, not even his best mate. He wouldn’t allow that.“Look at this two sissies…”, I looked up, it was Adrian who was offering his cock to us.“Clean my cock faggots, you can cuddle later”, he commanded.We both started slurping around Adrian damp cock.I could savor the taste of my own ass on his meat, it wasn’t too different from the taste of Adrian’s ass.Both Marco’s tongue and mine, met few times during the cleaning process, then when the Gypsy’s prick seemed as good as pristine, we both started kissing, with Adrian’s cockhead between our lips.I was sharing the scepter of our Prince with my best mate. We were making love to it with our tongues, clamping both set of lips over Adrian’s purple cockhead.That was the hottest thing I did in my entire life.We eventually broke the kiss and Marco rested his body over mine.“That was unbelievable”, I moaned while stroking his hair.“What did I tell you, you and your stupid fascist beliefs”“You’re damn right”, I replied. So much time wasted.Me and Marco got thoroughly cleaned up with the help of two small towels we kept in the dashboard.The boys didn’t bother at all, they just put their clothes on, and light up a cigarette each, puffing away few meters from the car. Those dirty fuckers, but we loved them because of it.We finally managed to put on the uniform and were about to get on the car, when Adrian stopped me, “Wait, I need to take a piss”.As I stood there beside the driver seat, he pulled out the waistband of his tracksuit and fished out his soft cock.He looked down at my shiny boots, and started pissing on it.He looked me in the eyes while the stream of his piss was splashing all over my boots.I never lowered my eyes the whole time, he wanted me to let me know who was the boss, and I wanted to let him know that I accepted him as my Master.He was simply marking his territory, now I was his.If that wasn’t enough, as he finished pissing on my boots, he started wiping his cock on the trousers of my uniform.He took his sweet time with it, wiping it really slowly, challenging me to complain, and maybe put him in his place, like I was expected to.But I never did it.I knew what my place was, from now on, I was just another unworthy faggot in my Prince’s exclusive harem.

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