It Starts Again – A Cross Dressing Fantasy


It Starts Again – A Cross Dressing Fantasy
It had been a particularly hard week at work and was so happy to pull into the garage and put the door down. I sat a moment looking at the empty space in our double garage wondering why Beth was not home, and the remembered that she said she was working until 8:00 PM tonight.

I walked into the house, kicked my boots off, dropped my lunch box by the sink, and stripped my shirt off as I headed to the bathroom to get a much needed shower. Our laundry closet door was open so I deposited my work clothes in the hamper and now naked stepped into the bathroom.

As I look back now, that is when it all started again. Beth had left her lace bra hanging to dry on the shower rod and I stood looking at it. I loved every detail of her undergarments. Beth was not a large woman and I loved how she dressed. The bra was an underwire and as I pulled it off the rod I could feel the stiffness of the wires and the soft but scratchy lace cups. I loved her in this bra, I could clearly see her nipples through it and knew she never wore it under lighter colored tops as they would show through.

I pulled at the elastic sides and back, it shimmered almost like satin and the satin tag proudly claimed that she was a 36B cup. Some may desire a C, D, or larger cup, but Beth had the most beautiful breasts and her nipples drove me wild. I felt that twinge in my cock that warned that I needed to get my mind off this garment and what went in it.

I folded the bra and placed it on the vanity and turned on the water. I let it warm up and looked at my reflection in the mirror, my cock, although small, would get stiff as a rod and point right to the ceiling, and that is what I saw. My cock tip was larger than the shaft and Beth always liked feeling the rim around it with her fingers, and yes her tongue.

I stepped into the shower and washed a hard days work off my body and felt the stimulation of the shower drumming on my cock tip. I soaped up and lingered a little longer than I should have soaping my cock and nearly blew my load but stopped in time. I wanted to save it for Beth, Friday night was one of our nights and no sense wasting my load on the shower floor.

I toweled off, noticing the bra and my fingers ran across the cups as I noticed every detail of the straps and the clasps that held them to the cups. My cock sprang back to life and I immediately stepped away and walked into the bedroom leaving my towel behind.

I planned to lounge tonight and opened the top drawer of our dresser and looked down realizing casino oyna immediately that I was in the wrong drawer. Lying right on top were Beth’s “come fuck me panties” as she called them. They were the prettiest pink nylon panties, somewhat sheer, but shimmered in the light like satin.

My cock was still stiff and I made the mistake of rubbing my finger over the fabric. I loved those panties. Beth was a no frills cotton panty woman, but she knew my weakness and had a couple special panties that she knew would always get me going. She also knew my past that was not flooding back into my mind.

As a young teen I had started cross dressing, I loved every garment and had a great collection. I think at times it arrested my maturity a bit because I become so consumed with my dressing that I didn’t approach a girl until my senior year, and that was Beth. My routine was race home from school, dress in my pretty things, and then jerk off pretending I was a woman.

When I met Beth I found the desire to dress had diminished to the point that I gave it up. But to make sure that it was over I told Beth, knowing that I might lose her over it but knowing if the urges returned it would spoil it more. Beth seemed to understand and even asked me, “would you like to dress for me?”

I blushed and said no, and then told her that I had tried to stop so many times and every time I would touch a garment the urges would come flooding back. And now ten years had passed and my cock was telling me to put the panties on and go get that pretty bra and wear it as well.

“That is your problem, letting my cock do my thinking”, I thought to myself as I picked up the panty and felt the slippery fabric between my fingers. It seemed to glow and the urges grew stronger. I unfolded it, slid the fabric across the tip of my cock and felt the cool nylon glide across the underside of my tip.

My will power was fading fast, I knew this could be real trouble. I don’t know how long I stood there naked and drawn to what I had left in my past. Then I heard the garage door go up, looked at the clock, it was only 6:00 PM, but it had to be Beth. My erection was throbbing, I needed to get something on and out of here. I dropped the panty in her drawer and quietly shut it.

I managed to get into my heavy sweat pants and T-shirt and was just walking down the hall as Beth came in with a pile of grocery sacks. My cock ached for her, “or was it the panties?” I thought as I helped her with the sacks. She gave me a peck on the lips and said, “would you canlı casino siteleri mind putting the cold stuff away, I need a shower.”

On her way down the hall she said, “I am so glad they let me off early, the customers have been ass holes all day,” and her voice trailed off as she left a pile of clothes in the hall and I heard the shower.

“WHEW”, I said aloud, “nearly busted.”

After helping with the groceries I went to my chair and tried to get my mind right, which is what I always told myself as a teen when the urges hit me. I don’t know why this happened now. After all Beth always wore those panties when she wanted to arouse me, letting me peek at them under a long t-shirt of perhaps crossing her legs a bit widely. She once told me after our discussion about my obsession, “I will wear the sexy things for you, and you can look and feel all you like.” And I usually did, but it never made me want to dress.

I reclined my chair and lasted about 5 minutes before I dozed off. I felt Beth’s soft hand on mine and opened my eyes, “You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “just a crazy week.”

Beth had on satin t-shirt that let her nipples show through and as she walked to the kitchen I saw the pink panties and my cock hardened immediately. They were saying, “cum fuck me,” and I wasn’t sure if my thought was to fuck Beth or the panties.

“I have a frozen pizza, but no beer for you buddy, I have plans and you need to be in full control.”

After we ate Beth cleaned up as I lounged on the couch. She came over to me when she finished, kneeled down and let me peek down her satin t-shirt to get a full glimpse of her nipples. She ran her hand up my leg and cupped my cock and balls, “hmmm, no undies tonight, do you suppose I will get lucky?” she asked.

She rubbed around a bit and my cock sprang to life and I reached for a nipple and let the satin tease my fingers and her nipples. “ummm,” she said, “I think you like that as much as I do.”

I agreed and cupped both breasts and she rose to kiss me, her tongue meeting mine, and we were off to the races. We retreated to the bedroom and I stripped, but she kept her satin t-shirt and panties on. Beth moved up against me and straddled my erection and rubbed against it with the nylon panties. I felt the crotch seam each time it passed over my tip and it didn’t take long for me to be grabbing at her ass.

“I love teasing you,” Beth said as she brushed her satin covered tits over my face and continued rubbing her now warm and most panty crotch over my cock. I caught canlı bahis the scent of her arousal and had to have her.

“Don’t you want to get comfortable,” I asked.

“I am and I think you are as well,” she said as she reached between us and stroked my cock. Then I felt her hand pull the panty aside and I was inside her wet hole in one thrust. She bit her lip as she rocked back and forth on my cock and said, “bet I can make you cum in less than a minute.”

I held her ass feeling the panties glide across her ass, her tits swayed seductively in front of my face as her nipples glided across the satin fabric separating us. She rocked hard and then pushed back nearly cutting off the circulation in my cock and moaned. I felt her pussy contract and knew she had got there before me, I pumped twice and shot a load inside her. She rocked forward and my cock slipped out and rested between her shaved pussy and the pink panty. She humped me again and again as I finished squirting my load all over her and the panties.

When we both calmed down Beth rolled off me and cuddled up beside me. She nuzzled against my cheek and whispered, “you are the best, I love you.”

I responded in kind and then she said, “I guess the cum fuck me panties worked again?” and giggled.

The afterglow of our sex was always a special time, I loved feeling her beside me knowing she knew how to bring me pleasure. And I knew I did the same for her.

“Do you ever miss it?” Beth asked as she kissed my nipple.

“Miss what?” I asked.

“You know, what you told me about, when you were young.” She said tracing a line across my nipple with her finger.

I lied, “no, you are all I need to make me happy.” I wondered where the question came from but ignored it as I knew she had not seen me at the dresser. Then my heart skipped a beat, I had not refolded the panty. I didn’t want to lie to her, but I was fighting off the urges anyway.

Beth kissed my cheek and said, “I need to get out of these cummy panties” and dashed off to the bathroom.

When she returned she was in her cotton panties and a nightgown and we lounged on the couch the rest of the evening and no further questions. I was relieved.

Beth went shopping on her own on Saturday as I mowed the lawn and puttered in my shed. I didn’t hear her return and headed to the shower again, retracing my steps from yesterday. I noticed a damp towel and knew Beth must me home so I called out to her.

“In my office,” she said, “supper in a bit.”

As I got out of the shower I heard pots clanging in the kitchen and walked naked to our bedroom. I made sure I was in the right drawer this time and as I opened it I saw a pretty pink panty and a matching bra. Attached to the bra strap was a note, “I expect you to be properly dressed in these for dinner, love you girlfriend.”

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