Is She Safe, Or Will I … Too Late! *splat!*


Is She Safe, Or Will I … Too Late! *splat!*Should We? Shouldn’t We?Is She Safe, Or Will I…. Too Late! *splat!*Sometimes making no decision, makes the decision for you… I wonder if I planted a seed tonight?Started out innocently enough with my wife flirting with one of our friends on the couch. Both ladies were quite comfortable, and cuddled up in one end against the arm, sprawled and twined together.One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was watching them suckle hungrily at each others breasts, grabbing and groping. Suddenly I’m watching frantic groping and deep, urgent fingering. And then our friends wife is laying back on the edge of the couch with my wifes face buried greedily between her thighs, coming hard and wet on my ısparta escort lovers lips.When they switch positions, I got the invite to come on in and get my dick wet. No hesitation on this one folks. Just one problem…I’ve stripped off, and our playmate is face down in my wife’s pussy hungrily working on the second of a series of mind-blowing orgasms for the little lady, while I line up and start to slide into her from behind. All of a sudden I feel her tense up and ask me if I forgot something.”uh, no?””the condom, y’know?””I don’t use ’em.”All this time I’m slowly sliding in and out, a little further with each stroke.I can feel her pussy clenching around me, and she’s rocking her ass back against me to meet each thrust, but what escort ısparta I hear is her telling me how she shouldn’t really risk it.I tell her it’s her decision, and if she wants me to stop….But I guess she didn’t hear me, or decided anyway, because she’s face down and tonguing my wife’s clit while the wife grabs a double handfull of hair and pulls her hard against her.Watching this happen, just a body length away, well… I’m not made of stone folks, I started to fuck her HARD while I still had the chance…We all finished within a few seconds, almost in order… First our friend, clamping down tight around me and starting to shriek and thrash against my cock and my wife’s pussy all at once. Next up, I let myself go and popped ısparta escort bayan a nice warm sticky load of cum deep up inside her completely unprotected pussy. I was balls deep and shot hard right up against her womb.It felt awesome, and I could feel her pushing back hard, keeping me deep… As we’re both coming down and regaining some idea of what’s going on, my wife spread her legs just a hair wider, reached down to thrash her clit almost frantically, and sprayed hot, wet, and long all over our friends face and dits.As we collapsed to the floor in a heap, I can’t help but wonder if I might have knocked her up. Her and her husband are both wanting a c***d, and they’re generously open, so that part isn’t really a problem. And I for certain have no reservations about planting one deep up in her belly. I’d just hoped to breed one on my wife first, before someone elses… Although, since we’re not checking, and she’s been late / inconsistent for weeks / months now…Maybe I already have. 😀

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