Invitation to the Party


Invitation to the PartyThomas fretted. He shouldn’t fret, he told himself, but he did. The course of his fretting was his wife Suzanne.In the five years of the marriage he had no need to fret, or to worry. It was more troubling therefore to fret now. Not that his wife had not been anything less than the perfect wife. Loving, caring, understanding and supportive. Scarcely an ill word had passed between them in five years. She was as lovely now as she was when they had met seven years earlier. Her skin was the same soft white, not quite creamy complexion. Her brown hair, short and smart, not overly fancy. Her waist was slim in relation to her build. His wife was not exactly slim, but was certainly well rounded and shapely. Junoesque might be the word, but perhaps that would give the impression of her being larger than she was. Her derriere was a constant source of delight. Tightly packed in jeans it would turn anyone’s head. She certainly knew how to wriggle when she walked, and yet she did so with a natural grace that belied the sexiness of the round trembling cheeks of her bottom. Her bust did not appear large, until her top was removed. Then the firm, round, jutting, pink tipped breasts could fill any man’s fantasy. Her eyes were blue, though two years unemployment had deadened them a bit. Those two years had been hard but she had stood by him, with no criticism. Who would have thought just 4 months ago that he would be working again! Not just working but in a senior position.That it was in Africa was the icing on the cake.But he fretted. His wife was dancing with another man. Another man’s hands rested of those lovely round hips. Her arms rested on his shoulder as they gently moved together. It was not just any other man. She was dancing with his boss.His boss!Peter Thorenssen was a masterful man. He was charismatic and powerful in the sense of influence and in his presence. As Regional Party Chief for Zanu-PF he had used his connections to purchase Thorenssen Electrics. Forcing the previous owner into sell though a combination of ‘created’ bankruptcy, bribery, and backhanders until the previous owner had broken down and died. Some say Peter did more than buy the business. There were dark rumours, but Thomas tried to dismiss them. People loved to gossip in Zimbabwe, especially matters sordid. The local whites may not approve of relationships between Africans and white, but that did not stop them gossip mongering. Thomas did not believe the rumors.He had worked for Peter Thorenssen for two months now. During that time he had found him professional, competent, sharp, and very able. Masterful yes. He knew what he wanted and got what he wanted. Any who crossed his path were punished in no uncertain way. You may think you had scored a point against Peter in a business deal, but there would be a price exacted for that point, later if not immediate. If the truth were told Thomas had a certain fear of Peter. While he recognized his ability, that underlying wildness was just below the surface.A lion that would eat any prey who got in his way. Perhaps a bull would be a better description. Peter was very physically powerful, almost repellently so Peter thought. Huge bulging muscled arms, broad shoulders, thick neck. He looked at first glance like a professional heavyweight boxer. The smart Saville Row suits, and silk ties from Burlington Arcade bought on his annual trip to London, together with the heavy gold cufflinks allegedly made specially for him by Garrard’s, the Queens Jewellers served to provide a sophistication that impressed most who met him.Had very much impressed his wife, who danced with him now, slow and close.After two months working with him Thomas had almost forgotten that Peter was black. Very black!Watching his wife dance in his arms brought to the surface buried primitive fears. The rumors of the Thorenssen take over were dark. The original Peter Thorenssen had not been willing to sell. Kizeki had tried lots of tricks to ruin the company in advance of his bid, but the owner had refused. A week before Kizeki bought the company, the owner had died of a massive coronary. He had no previous heart history. His grieving window had submitted to pressure and signed the Sale Agreement. Within a week she herself was dead. Food poisoning was the official reason. More straightforward poisoning according to others. But that did not ring true. The former owners two c***dren had received the monies from the sale. Rebecca,16, and Julie,17. Kizeki, had adopted them as his own, ensured they received proper advice on investing the monies. Indeed they both now worked for Thorenssen Electrics in Marketing and Public Relations. Though Thomas had never seen them. They seemed too young for marketing. He had asked Bukei Farang about the girls. Bukei had looked at him incredulously.’Marketing … yes marketing.’ He had roared with laughter. Then trundled off down the corridor mumbling about marketing and giggling to himself.Thomas sipped his drink. It was a Pimm’s No1 served in a pint Jug.He glanced at his wife. She was happy at least. After two difficult economic years this job had been a godsend. They needed it. Suzanne had started to blossom again in the last two months since their arrival in Zimbabwe. He was not going to make a scene and cloud that happiness.Watching his wife dance with Peter, he did not see a simple matter of his wife dancing with his boss at a quite get together for the senior company’s managers. Instead he saw his lovely, gorgeous wife dancing with a black! He struggled to combat the sudden prejudice.After two months they had both grown used to the casual determined gropes that Suzanne’s curvy derriere received in the supermarket. The sudden press of bodies in a crowded mall followed by a hand darting in and squeezed one of her breasts. They both knew what to expect from black men in Africa. Now his wife danced with one. Though Peter was a world apart from the African men who thronged the shopping arcades. All of Peter’s sophistication and wealth could not hide the fact that Peter was black.Blacks lusted after pretty white women like his wife Suzanne!Thomas fought back his fears. He was being irrational he told himself. Peter was a professional, a cut above the rest. He was his boss, a man apart. Someone special. Thomas fretted.He sipped again and glanced around the room. His wife was not the only wife dancing. The four other wives of his fellow expat manager’s who were present were also up and dancing. Sarah was dancing. She was the wife of one of the Engineers. She was not dancing with her husband she was dancing with Faria, the African Accounts Director.Likewise Pamela was dancing with Bukei Farang, the Engineer Director, though Peter had yet to discover any engineering ability in Bukei. He certainly had the ability to create fear in the workforce. Peter doubted he had even a basic understanding of calculus. Pretty little Diana was just 19, and only married for six months. Yet the way she was hugging close to Robert Mushedi, you would be mistaken for thinking her besotted with him.’Hi honey.’Thomas jumped at his wife’s voice at his shoulder. He flushed canlı kaçak iddaa guiltily at being caught by his wife just as he was ogling the girl’s lovely bust. He turned to his wife. His face felt very red. Suzanne did not seem to notice. Her eyes were alight with a fire he had not seen in a long time. Her face seemed to glow.’Here, honey. I’ve brought you a new drink.’ She handed him a new Pimm’s. He sipped and gasped.’You have made it pretty strong!’Suzanne grinned and gave him a hug. She held him close. She smelled lovely. Her firm breasts pushed into him. She kissed him lightly.’I love you, ‘ she whispered. Thomas felt his heart leap at the words. He leaned forward and kissed her gently.’I love you, too.”Honey, can we have a little chat?”Of course, what’s on your mind?”Not here, let’s go into the kitchen.’Suzanne took his hand in hers. Her hand seemed soft and caressing as she led him into the kitchen. She flashed a flustered smile at Peter as they passed. Thomas allowed himself to be led by the hand into the kitchen.In the kitchen she put down her drink on one of the marble surfaces. She looked flustered, unsure where to start. Thomas put down his own drink and took her into his arms.’I love you, ‘ he repeated. Suzanne smiled. She looked a little nervous.’I love you too, honey. I’ve always loved you, and still do.’ He smiled back at her, their eyes meeting.’Honey, do you remember when we got married?’ Thomas smiled.’Of course, how could I possibly forget?’ They smiled at each other Suzanne looked radiant, almost glowing. It reminded him of their wedding day.’Before we got married … I was not sure … I had some doubts.’ Suzanne was almost whispering.’But surely not now, honey?’ Thomas though nervous about where this was leading could not believe that Suzanne felt any different. If anything the last five years had brought them closer. Removed doubts.’No, not now.’ She smiled at Thomas. ‘No doubts … I love you … and only you.’Thomas grinned like a schoolboy. Suzanne frowned and flushed. It was going to hurt, and she did not want to hurt him. ‘Before I accepted your proposal you made some promises.’Thomas felt his heart stop. Surely not! Not now!Suzanne could see the consternation on her husband’s face. She flushed, but it was too late now. She remembered Peter, dancing close, she remembered.’He’s huge, honey, I mean Huge Huge!’ Her eyes seemed to light up again.’At first I didn’t realize. I thought he was trying to embarrass me, but … but … God it’s huge.’ She looked at Thomas who looked stricken.’I thought it was a joke, that he was playing a trick on me! I thought how stupid, a grown man putting a cucumber on his trousers and then rubbing it against me.’Thomas swallowed.’But … it was incredible honey … it was a real … a cock. It was soft! But now it’s not so … soft. It’s very definitely a cock! Honey, honey, ‘ her voice was soft coaxing.’I still love you … I … I just have to find out.’Thomas was in turmoil. He had indeed promised. Five years ago he had promised. He had thought Suzanne might not marry him. Might go out and find someone else, and that he would lose her. So he had promised. Five years of happiness, through some difficulties, but the strength of their love had held through. He had forgotten.He had promised if she ever met a man with a really big cock, he would not stop her from discovering what it would be like to try such a cock. He looked into her eyes. She was troubled, excited, concerned, and there was a fire in her eyes.’I did promise.’ He swallowed.’He … he … he really is big. God big is not the word. He is fucking huge.’ She released Thomas from her hug and held up her hands, at least 12 inches apart.’God and he is thick too.’ Her fingers circled, she had to use two hands. Thomas looked sceptical. Suzanne grinned at him.’You will let me then… ‘Thomas struggled to speak. His stomach was lurching. His mind was in torment.’You promised.”But honey he’s my Boss. Couldn’t you find someone else?’Suzanne shook her head.’Everyone I work with will know… ‘ Suzanne just smiled at him.’What do you think it will be like working for a man who has slept with my wife?”Perhaps it will be easier for you, after all it might be said that he owes you a favor, if you give your permission for him to bed me.’Bed me. The words rolled around his head. Bed me. His glorious lovely wife with that Black Bull Peter Thorenssen, the image was disturbing, shocking, but at the same time erotic. His lovely wife with a huge black cock stuffed up her! He had promised after all.He nodded.Suzanne squealed and bounded forward to squeeze him in a bear hug. ‘Oh thank you, honey. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.’ Her eyes met his. She was flushed, a rose pink hue. Her eyes flashed with passion and excitement. She looked into his eyes.’I’ll do more than just make it up to you. You just wait and see.’She turned and headed for the door. Then paused. She seemed to think for a moment then turned back to Thomas.’I made you a promise too.’Thomas looked confused.’I promised never to remove my knickers for another man, or allow another man to remove them.’Thomas smiled in memory. It seemed so long ago now, so pointless. It contradicted his promise. Suzanne stood looking at him, her legs slightly spread. She looked speculative. Was she not after all going to go through with this?’You will have to take them off.’She said it so casually.Thomas nearly fainted. Suzanne grinned at him.’Come on, honey, take them off.’Thomas lurched towards Suzanne, suddenly unsteady on his feet. Suzanne reached to steady him, and then pushed his shoulders down.He dropped to his knees. Suzanne watched him, an expectant excitement on her face. He reached under her skirt. Sliding his hands up her shapely bare legs. His hands reached her panties, and he paused. He looked up at Suzanne who grinned excitedly at him. His hands circled her bottom, cupping and slightly squeezing her resilient, soft, and curvy bottom. He paused again.Could he really do this?His turmoil could not be greater. He was kneeling at his wife’s feet. His hands poised to remove her panties so that another man could fuck her. He must be mad! He imagined her lovely full thighs parted. Imagined the huge, monster, black cock she had described probing and sliding inside his precious wife. Her full white breasts grasped and squeezed by a lust filled Peter Thorenssen.’If you don’t take them off … I won’t do it… ‘Thomas swallowed. He had promised. He looked at his wife. There was such excitement in her eyes. If he did not do this, would she always live with that regret? He would break his promise, and he had no wish to ever break his promise to Suzanne. He did not want to live with reproachful looks. He trembled.His hands slid the silky French knickers over her the soft curve of her bottom. They caught briefly at her vulva, and he paused again. If he pulled them away no it would be to allow another man access to … to…He delayed no longer. Suzanne’s panties slithered down her legs.Thomas took some time to recover himself and gather his thoughts. He finished his drink and poured himself another.Eventually canlı kaçak bahis it seemed like forever, he rejoined the ‘party.’His wife was still dancing with Peter. There was no sign of Pamela, Diana, Sarah, or Penelope. Roger and Viscount Lennox continued their chess game. Rick watched sipping his drink. Thomas turned to look at Suzanne. Perhaps she had changed her mind after all. Peter saw him looking, and with a casual nonchalance slid his large hands cupped Suzanne’s bottom and squeezed. He seemed suddenly surprised. His hands caressed that lovely, curving derriere as though exploring. He had discovered she was no longer wearing panties. He turned to Suzanne and whispered n her ear.She looked up and nodded, she glanced briefly at Thomas and then nodded.Peter looked across in surprise at Thomas and grinned. Suzanne could not see that grin. It was simply a lusting grin at Thomas. All the time he caressed Suzanne’s lovely round bottom.He turned to meet Suzanne’s gaze. Lowered his lips, and kissed her. Oh No! Not in front of his work colleagues. Thomas nearly groaned, but the others were studiously ignoring the scene. Except for Rick. Rick was enjoying watching Peter grope Suzanne. Thomas felt affronted, but at the same time helpless.Peter slid his arm around Suzanne’s waist and led her from the room. Thomas started to follow, stopped, started, and dithered. Eventually he followed the pair out of the room. He was just in time to see one of the bedroom doors close. He followed to the door and stopped.His wife was behind that door. Behind that door with another man. A Black man. With a huge … so huge cock!His hand reached for the door handle, but his hand fell back to his side. He had promised. He reached again for the door handle. His mind was full of confusing images. His stomach lurched. His hand dropped back to his side again. She would not forget if he interrupted. He had promised. Let her get it out of her system…He turned and with a heavy heart, and racing mind returned to the lounge. He needed another drink!He joined Rick in watching the chess game. Viscount Lennox gave him an understanding look. Young Roger looked upset, fighting back tears and trying to focus on the game. Rick spoke.’It’s always the same I’m afraid. If you work for an African employer, it is best not to be married or have attractive wife’ Thomas grimaced.Rick looked at Thomas, there was amusement in his eyes.’It’s always like this in Africa. Once they have had a black cock up them white women just won’t say no to the black bastards.’ His voice seemed more humorous than angry. ‘Just something you have to learn to live with if you want to be successful in Africa.’Thomas did not want to be successful, but he could not afford to lose this job. ‘I was unemployed for two years before this job… ‘Rick nodded. ‘It was 18 months for me. With Mike it was three years.”Never worked a day in my life before this job. Damn Inland Revenue! Just grateful Peter wanted a Viscount working for him… ”That’s what Peter looks for in his recruits. Dependency. A desperate need for a job, but with a pretty wife. The fact that we have been unemployed for two years probably makes it easier for him to seduce our wives. Now if you have a pretty daughter or two he will offer more money.’It was an hour before Suzanne appeared. She positively glowed.’Hi honey. Can we go now.’ Her eyes passed to the other men briefly. Wondering how much they knew.’Of course.’ Thomas was relieved. He had heard rumors about the staying power of Africans. Perhaps it was just another of those idle rumors. He put down his drink.The car journey home was strange. Suzanne was embarrassed, concerned for Thomas, and very excited. Effusive over Peter’s size and thickness and how wonderful it had been.As they arrived home Suzanne instructed Thomas to leave the gate open. Thomas looked at Suzanne with surprise. They always carefully locked the gates at night to discourage burglars. Suzanne flushed.’It’s Peter. He will be calling around later as soon as he has sent everyone home.”But … I thought … surely … haven’t you already done it?”Well … sort of … but he hasn’t finished yet.’ She paused for a moment.’He said he was so impressed with me that he was going to send everyone home so that he could have a real special time with me.’She strolled into the house. Leaving behind a stunned and troubled Thomas.’You had better clean up the villa. Can’t have your boss finding it in this state.’Suzanne headed for the bathroom as Thomas looked around. What did she mean? The villa looked fine. They had a houseboy for clearing up. He scratched his head. At this moment he was not quite ready to gather his thoughts and discuss this rationally with Suzanne.’Honey.’Thomas turned form his contemplations and headed for their bedroom. Once inside he stopped and stared. Suzanne was sitting at the dressing table, putting the last touches to her eyes. In just a few minutes she had made herself look stunning. Not that it needed much. She was a lovely woman. Her face was a delight to look at. A touch to her lips, a touch to her eyes and she could make any man feel weak with desire. She was sitting in her bra alone. It was a thin lacy thing that did little to hide the firm, thrusting flesh of her mature jutting breasts. Her panties lay by the bed. A lacy frivolity! Nevertheless she always looked ravishing to Thomas. Tonight she was preparing herself to look ravenous for his black boss.’Here, honey, I need some help.”I’m feeling a bit sore, will you lick me better.’ There was a sexy sultry tone to her voice, that set his heart racing.’Come here honey, I want you to kneel in front of me by the mirror so I can watch you lick me in the mirror.’Thomas swallowed and headed for Suzanne. He never knew when his wife was teasing but now was not a moment to question. Her impish mischievous grin melted him. She was k**ding him. She wouldn’t ask him to do that after she had been with another man. Perhaps nothing had happened after all. Perhaps Peter was not coming and she was preparing herself for me.Thomas dropped to his knees in front of his wife.She did look a bit red and puffed. Her hand gently stroked his hair as she urged him forward.’Lick me good and then I’ll be able to put these on.’ Her hands dangled the lacy panties.Thomas moved forward and commenced licking. Nervously. She tasted sweet. Her usual taste. He licked again and Suzanne gasped. It was not a problem he realized, and licked all over her moist vulva, lapping up her juices. Susanne’s passion was rising. She grasped his head and pulled him close.He liked when she was forceful when he was licking her. It added to his excitement. This was a total reversal from his usual role. So when she became more demanding the change excited Thomas.His tongue darted inside her, then recoiled in sudden worry. He relaxed she tasted normal. His tongue darted in again. Suzanne gripped his head hard. She pinned him between her full shapely thighs.’Lick! Lick! Deeper. Shove your tongue right in!’Thomas licked harder and deeper. His own excitement rising. Suzanne started bucking her hips.’Hold still.’ she demanded.’Hold bahis siteleri canlı still.’ Thomas froze in position. His mouth open, tongue extended. Suzanne’s hips seemed to buck as she squeezed her muscles and thrust her wet centre backwards and forwards across his tongue and open mouth. Something spurted.He gagged.Suzanne wailed, and a flood of juice seemed to pour onto his tongue and into his mouth. This was not sweet. It was pungent, thick, and masculine.He struggled to free himself, but Suzanne seemed to have gone wild as she bucked against his face.’Oh God, ‘ she gasped. ‘Oh God, so sexy.’Thomas did not think it was so sexy. His mouth seemed to fill with the juices now pouring out of his wife. Against his will he could feel the pungent, viscous liquid slide down his throat.’Lick!’ Suzanne demanded.Her hands tugged sharply on his hair. Her thighs clamped his head tight. He swallowed, struggled and his tongue shot out. It was the only way he was going to get air! His tongue dived into her pussy. She eased her grip.’Keep licking!’ He had never known her so demanding.His tongue was coated now in a mix of hot male and female juice. He lapped, afraid to stop. Suzanne was gasping her hips still working. Thomas reeled from the pungent smell, the mix of juices coated his face. He was shocked. He was disgusted. But he was swallowing. He was accepting this shocking realization. To his surprise and confusion he was turned on and erect. He knelt at his wife’s feet and lapped and licked at her pussy.Ashamed, excited and confused. He was erect.He knelt at his wife’s feet licking her clean of another man’s come, and he was erect. Confused.Suzanne pushed him away.’God that was so good! He spunked so deep I thought it was never going to come out… ‘Thomas stared at her. A loud pounding on the door made him jump.Suzanne jumped, and squealed.’That’ll be him! Go and let him in!’ Her face was wreathed in excitement and pleasure. Her hands were drawing on her panties.Thomas jumped to his feet as the pounding at the door recommenced. Almost without realizing what he was doing he had rushed to the door. He opened it just in time to prevent a third onslaught. Peter Thorenssen shouldered his way. It had restarted raining outside. He glared at Thomas. Then his face beamed. He thumped Thomas on the shoulder.’Good man! Good man! You’ve cleaned her up for me then!’He shouldered his way past Thomas who had been standing between the front door and the bedroom corridor. His face was a mix of shock, horror, and confusion. His hand shot to his face, which was still coated with the juices leaked from his wife’s pussy. Oh God! His boss had seen him with his face covered with spunk and female juices.’Don’t just stand there man. Get me a beer.’ He threw the words back over his shoulder as he stomped his way down the corridor to their bedroom.Thomas stood and stared at the receding figure before Peter passed into his bedroom slamming the door shut behind him.Thomas hurried to the kitchen and recovered some beers from the refrigerator. He paused unsure at the closed bedroom door. This was ridiculous he thought, but he dithered. This was his villa. This was bedroom, but he dithered. Peter was on the other side of that door with his wife. In his own bedroom…Timidly he knocked.He had to knock a second time before he got a response.’Come in man! Come in. It is your bedroom after all.’ Thomas he could hear Peter chuckling to himself. He opened the door and nervously walked in and froze.Peter stood in the middle of the room. He was completely naked. Suzanne kneeled at his feet, trying to suck his cock. Trying was the right word. Thomas was dumbstruck. His wife was right. IT WAS HUGE.Suzanne at last managed to get her mouth over the end. She had to twist her head round to do it as Peter’s cock was still soft.It hung, black, and thick. It was easily twelve inches long. Peter could put a horse to shame.’Give me that beer then. Don’t just stand there!’ Thomas started, and rushed across the room. Opening the beer for Peter. Peter took the beer and grinned at him.’I must admit Thomas. You have a good taste in women. Doesn’t your wife looked just gorgeous?’He nodded down at Suzanne. Thomas followed his gaze down. His wife was kneeling. Her eyes closed. Her mouth covered the end of that huge cock. She was struggling to get a few more inches in her mouth. It was a fat, black sausage, and it stretched his wife’s lips!She did indeed look gorgeous.’Open your eyes woman.’ Peter demanded.Suzanne’s eyes flicked open. She looked briefly at Thomas, then she shifted her attention back to Peter. Thomas watched as her eyes stared up at Peter and became glazed with an adoring look. Thomas could see Suzanne begin working that cock with her tongue.It did not stay soft long.Thomas wanted to shrink into the carpet as this huge cock stiffened, thickened, and seemed to go even longer. Suzanne was struggling to release her bra. It fell to the floor and she leaned forward, brushing the hardened, darkened pink tips against Peter’s muscular thighs. Peter lifted Suzanne and casually pushed her backwards onto the bed.Suzanne squealed, then quickly struggled to remove her panties. She lay back on the bed. She looked radiant. Full of passion and excitement! Her full breasts jutted upwards without a hint of sagging. Peter advanced on the bed, and Thomas looked with awe and shock as his wife parted her lovely, full, and shapely, white things. As Peter climbed on to the bed Thomas was rooted to the spot.That thick black cock hung down, as though already lining itself up on his wife’s receptive and eager womanhood. He nearly cringed as his wife’s slim, white hands caressed it’s length and guided it closer.Directing it. Aiming it.Peter’s big muscular frame hovered over his wife’s lovely white body. It was a stark contrast.With his beer untouched Thomas watched as Peter lowered himself. Hips stiffened and thrust, as inch by inch, he worked that great cock inside of Suzanne.Suzanne seemed immobile. Her hands gripped the sheets in a white knuckle grip. Her legs were taught. Trembling with suppressed energy. Peter worked himself deeper. Suzanne, shook and whimpered. Her whole body seemed to be shaking. She was having an orgasm.Having an orgasm just from him entering her!’Like that honey?’ Peter’s voice was low and coaxing.Suzanne’s head bobbed her agreement. She could not trust herself to try and talk.’I’ll introduce you to my friends. They will all just love you.’ He grinned. He heard Thomas make a gurgling sound and turned to stare at his newest employee.’Don’t worry Thomas. Suzanne mentioned your promise. I can assure you that my friends all have extra large cocks!’ He turned back to Suzanne, grinning.’Big … and Black.’ He thrust.Suzanne screeched in pleasure. Her lovely white legs shot out and wrapped around Peter’s muscular black bulk.’You can go now Thomas. I’ll call you if I need you to prepare her bottom.’Thomas walked weakly from the room.In the next bedroom Thomas lay on the bed. Grunts and squeals came from the next room. Peter and Suzanne were taking their pleasure in no uncertain way. His mind drifted to the others at the party. Had Peter really bedded them all. Pamela, Penelope, sweet Diana, buxom Sarah, little Kim.He lay on the bed. His mind in turmoil as his wife was pleasured in the next room. His hand drifted to his erect cock. At least he could get some pleasure from this…

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