Internet Dream Come true


Internet Dream Come trueInternet Dream Come true Follow me on : onlyscarlett.blogspot.comToday is that day Hailie has been watitng for. She tied her hair into messed up bun which made this blonde gurl look irresistable. She wore her favortie perfum and left the house.” Hailie where are you going. asked one of her roomate””i’m, going to pick up a friend at the airport””oh is he the guy you mat on the internet?”” Amy! he is a guy and he’s my guy. so don’t do anything stupid. He’ll me staying at our house!””Chill down girl. i was just asking.. i bet that you will loose your virginity tonite””I am not i am just going to get to know him better and he’ll leave in a week so i don’t want to start any deep relation and she rushed out of the house on to her motorcycle. She arrived at the airport and waited for a while. She saw people walking out of the lobby. And there he is. 6 feet tall, nice brown hair and blue eyes. From what he told her. He wroks out every day and he’s not lying. He got the nicest hugable arms in the world. She seeked up behind him and covered his eyes. HE jumped a bit but when she let go he turned around and couldn’t beleive who was standing infront of him. “Hi, omg i don’t know what to say.. you look way better than the pictures did” He can feel his cock swelling a little bit “Why thanks” ” You are really cute too” he blushed a bit and began to walk to her motorcyle. He put his bags in the little compartment in theseat and hopped on to the bike with Hailie. ” Put on the helmet and we’ll go back to my place first and we’ll go out for dinner since its alread 8. She started the bike. ” she tured around and asked him what’s he doing holding the bike. He said that he doesn’t want to fall. She giggled and took his hands off the side of the bike and strapped it around her wasit. He can kaçak iddaa feel her tiny waist and the bottom of her breast. As the ride went on. His cock stiffened from rubbing it agaist her nice shaped ass for the whole ride. How much he wished she did not feel it. They arrived at her house and unpacked. Hailie showed him where he’s sleeping.” Ray you either sleep on the floor in my room or on the couch outside” He didn’t know what to answer so she made the desicion for him. which is sleeping on the floor in her room. They went out for dinner later on. After dinner. Hailie took Ray to the quitest place near a cliff. There they lay and talked. Hailie asked Ray if what he told her on internet was true. and he shyly nodded. and she whisper in him ear and said she really meant what she told him as well. She got up and took off her tank top and then her jeans. He sat there with his mouth opened and and cock about to ezplod out of his pants. He tried his best to hid it but it was no use. She saw it already. Now in the bikin she wore under her cloths, she reveled her size c brest. She stood up while he was still sitting on the ground with his mouth opened. She lean and bent forward ans stuck her tongue in his mouth giving the most breath taking kiss ever. She hold him up and walked closer and close to the edge of the cliff. She whipered his is ear ” I think you need to cool off a bit” giving Ray one stroke on his swollen member which made him moan. Then she suddenly turns and jumps down the cliff and info the water. giving Ray a heartattack. When they landed in the water. Ray couldn’t see Hailie. The moon was shinning but he still couldn’t see her. Suddenely Hailie jumps out from the water putter her hand around Ray’s neck and looked deep into his eyes. ” I think you are the cutest and the most bahis siteleri adorable thing on earth. How much i wish i can have you forever” He couldn’t resist anymore. he grabed her by her wasit and began to kiss her passionatly and to her neck. She stopped him and told him do it when they get out of the water. They ran home as quick as possible climbing through the window and into her bedroom. He carried her on to the bed and layed on top of her. His cock is ripping through his pants. She flipped over sitting ontop of him. First she didn’t take it out. she teased it a bit by feeling it and tickeling it from outside his jeans.” Hailie are you still a virgin?”asked ray in betwwen a moan ” yea i am. promise you’ll be gentel to me okay!” He smiled and she began taking his pants off and ripping his boxers apart. It was the biggest and thicketst thing she’s ever seen. It was hard erected 11′ cock hanging infront of her. She slowly stroke it and placed half of it in her mouth. She greedliy try to take in more but she knew she’ll chock. He is moaning loudly and took his hand and rubbed her hard nipples. She moved in and out. Using the tip of her togune and tickeling his head and then massaging his balls. and she ate is more for 15 min. She went faster and faster taking his cock in her mouth. Now the cock much me fully ercted which was 12′” Awww. Baby i’m going to cum soon” Can you take my load and swallow it. She didn’t stop she keeps on stroking and licking his balls and playing with his head like if it was a new toy she found and exploded on her. The cum went all in her mouth and some went down her bikini. ” Engouh teasing Hailie” He held her down, the water in his hair driped onto her tits ” Honey i want you to eat me and then when you think you are hard stick it in and fuck my brain out!”HE güvenilir bahis was about to cum rite there hearing those dirty words> He went down and began touging her moving it in and out. He can hear her moan and scream. She is have the best orgasms ever. Then he began to fingar fuck her. he took one of his hand try to open up that wet tight pussy. She relaxed and he took his fingar and try to stick it in. Then she heard her to stop and told him that she wants the real thing. HE obey her and took his think hard rod and slowly inserted it into her virgin pussy. He can feel that he have reached the cherry and needs to break it. “Babe this is going to hurt and bit. but the pain will soon be over” ONe Two Three and pumped his rod in and Haile screamed. He thought he hurt her. so he stopped and looked at her.She was okay.She began to moan louder and louder. To prevent her roomates from hearing Ray kissed and explored her mouth with his touge. He pumps faster and faster. Breathing heavliy the kissing stopped the moaning grew louder and louder they reahced their climax ” Jesus Christ i think i am going to shoot a large load in you” “JUst keep on fucking me don’t stop she demended” He pumps and pumps working at the spped of light. His legs are shaking his cock is so hard and the can’t hold his cum in any longer. He shot it onto her pussy lips an all inside. Her cum was spilling out of her pussy in a loud scream that could be heard miles away. He took his rod out and lay ontop of her.pething trying to catch their breath. He feels sweat running down him and all over hisbody. Then she said” Ray you are the meanest person in the whole world” ” WHAT!!!” “you are goping to leave in a week and i can’t live without you what am i ever going to do?” They looked into each other’s eyes for a long while and he began kissing her again. and this cock rubbing agaist her thighs. “He whispered in her ears> I can’t live without you either. You are coming with me where ever i go. He and I needs you !follow me on

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