Internet acquaintance


Internet acquaintanceWhen I once again was bored and surfed the internet looking for some fun, I found the following ad: “Experienced and dominant master is looking for a young, unexperienced and submissive TV. You should be slim, shaved and very feminine. If you are interested, fill out the added form and send me some pics of you.” I found the text a bit short and I was disappointed that there were no photos of the man. Nevertheless I became curious. The text exactly applied to me. Already a bit excited I filled out the form, where I had to state my body measurements and sexual desires. I attached some slutty pictures of me and asked for a meeting. After a while I got an answer: “In two hours, my place.” The address was attached. It was not even far from me. Now I became more excited. Should I really go there? Yes! I went to the bathroom, showered and shaved once again. When I was finished, I had only one and half hours left. I rushed to my closet looking for my prettiest lingerie. I decided to wear a black lace bra with a matching string, a black garter belt, fishnet stockings and a black lace top. I also wore a leopard print mini skirt and 4” high heels. After I put on some slutty make-up and my blonde wig, I called a taxi. Ten minutes later the taxi came and brought me to the address. It was a normal district with mostly family homes. The man also lived in a single family home. When I stand in front of the door and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rang the bell, my excitement almost killed me. Then he opened the door. He was a tall and strong man in his fifties. His hair was short and he was dressed very well. After he let me in and closed the door behind me, he smiled and said: “I’m happy that you came. Follow me in the living room.” His living room looked like a normal living room on the first view, but then I saw the table. It was full of sex toys. Dildos in different sizes, butt plugs, lubricants and many things, I didn’t know. We were standing in the middle of the room. Speechless I looked on the table and then to him. He smiled and said: “You are beautiful.” Then he came closer and started to touch me. At first my whole body, then he concentrated his hands on my butt. With his big hands he reached under my skirt and alternately massaged and spanked my cheeks. It turned me on and I started to get an erection. When he saw the little bulge under my skirt, he stopped touching me and went to table. He came back holding a chastity cage in front of my face. “Do you know what this is?” I nodded. “Girls don’t get erections. It will help you to control yourself.” Then he reached under my skirt and put the device on. It hurt a bit, but I didn’t complain. “Your asspussy is your only sexual organ from now on,” he said.Then my master took a seat on güvenilir bahis şirketleri the couch and told me to lay on his lap. I followed his instruction and he started to massage my ass again. I felt my little penis pressing against the walls of the cage. After a while he pulled down my string and began to caress my asspussy. Then he put some lube on my hole and slowly started to me with his fingers. First with one, then with two and finally he penetrated me with three fingers while I tried to moan as slutty and feminine as I could. After my pussy was stretched a bit, he took a butt plug from the table and shoved it into my ass. I groaned loudly. “Now kneel down in front of me and show me, if you know how to suck a cock.” Immediately I stood up, kneeled down, opened his belt and pulled down his pants. Wow. What a great cock was waiting there for me. His weapon was only half stiff, but already so big. For a short moment I just kneeled there and admired his prick. My mouth was watering and I started to realize that compared to this my own cock was nothing than a clit. Suddenly I got a slap in my face. “Stop dreaming and start to suck it!” Shocked by the slap I immediately started to shove his glans in my mouth. With one hand I massaged his testicles and with other I stroked his dick. “Nice”, he said smiling at me. Now his cock was fully erected. It was so big that I had to use two hands to stroke canlı bahis şirketleri it while I sucked the tip. “Bitch, you are a good little cocksucker”, he moaned. The compliment made me happy. After a while he said: “You know how to please a man with your mouth and hands. Let’s see, if your pussy can take my dick.” Hereupon I stopped sucking, stood up, turned around and bent over. He also stood up, pulled the butt plug out of my pussy and put his cock in instead. I screamed, because his cock was much bigger than the butt plug, but he just laughed and said: “Relax, baby.” I tried to escape from his big cock, but he hold me by the hips and I couldn’t move. After a while I got used to the big intruder in my ass and he began to fuck me slowly. I moaned like a cheap slut and he became faster. I thought he would spray his cum in my ass soon, but he suddenly pulled his cock out completely, waited a second and then shoved it in again completely. I screamed. But my screaming didn’t keep him away from repeating the procedure many times. Then he was fucking me very fast again. Again I thought he would cum in my ass soon. And again I was wrong. He pulled out his dick, turned me around and pushed me to my knees. “Open your mouth, bitch!” he ordered stroking his cock. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and looked him into his eyes. Now he also moaned very loud. Then he came. The first splashes landed on my mouth, tongue, nose and forehead. Then he put his dick in my mouth where he continued to release his sperm. I tried to swallow all of it, but it was too much. Some of his man juice landed on my stockings. After he was finished, he sat down on the couch watching me collecting his cum from my face and legs and eating my dessert.

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