Inter racial MMF


Inter racial MMFTHIS HAPPENED IN 1997My good friend, George, had come to visit, he was a big Negro, massive but he was all muscle, worked in a gym and obviously used it himself, after saying that you couldn’t meet a nicer guy, he was so laid back it was unbelievable. He’d come down to ours to borrow some porn tapes, we used to swop tapes all the time and I had some new stuff.This day he had his friend with him, shaft, a nickname he lived up to whenever he could, he was a Negro also but not as bulky as George was, even though he was still in good shape. I was going up the park with my boy and his friend who was George’s boy, as I left I saw a twinkle in Donna’s eye. She had always fancied George.I’d been gone about ten minutes when Donna and George were laughing and flirting in the kitchen, Shaft asked for the tapes and Donna said I’ll go and get them, as she went upstairs she trailed her arm over George’s shoulders and he and Shaft looked at each other. She was wearing a summer dress and white underwear.A few minutes later she called downstairs for help reaching the tapes, we always kept them high up on the shelf away from the c***dren. As the two of them entered the bedroom George went over to the shelves and took them down, Shaft was watching and Donna was stood by him. Suddenly he moved over to her and kissed her neck.She turned around and put her arms round his neck as their lips touched each other’s, as they snogged away George bahis firmaları moved closer and slipped his hands onto Donna’s ample tits, she grunted. Shaft was quicker than George and soon turned her around to face George and was fondling her tits himself, then he unclipped her dress and it fell to the floor.Donna was stood there in matching white panty and bra set kissing George. Shaft unclipped her bra and rolled her nipples as he felt her tits, she was moaning. Pulling her over to the bed and sitting her down on the edge Shaft sat next to her and began kissing and sucking her 44DD tits. George who was now stood in front of her was having his cock rubbed.A few minutes later Donna unbuttoned George’s jeans and had soon discarded his undies, he had a massive 7 1/2” uncut cock and Donna was wanking him, whilst running her tongue up and down his shaft. A few more minutes past when Shaft stood up and changed places with George who carried on sucking her tits. Shaft took his own clothes off to reveal a good thick 7”As George licked Donna’s tits she dipped Shafts cock in her mouth, her pussy was saturated in juice as George found out when his hand crept up her thigh, as it got closer she parted her legs to allow his fingers access to where she wanted them to be, as he rubbed her slit through her knickers it was soon very evident she was coming.As George rubbed her she unexpectedly let go of shaft’s shaft and in grabbing hold tipobet of the bed quilt she screamed out her climax. When it had subsided Shaft lifted her up and pulled down her panties, moving her into the middle of the bed he parted her legs and ran his cock up her gash, she looked at him and said “Fuck me deep big boy” and with that he slotted inside her.As Shaft fucked her slow George was at her face and she didn’t disappoint, taking virtually his entire length in her mouth she licked and sucked his thick cock. As she groaned with the pounding she was getting from Shaft, George was moaning that the blow job was probably his best ever. Donna fondled his balls as she licked his cock.Ten minutes had past when George said to Shaft “My turn” and the two of them changed places, George laid on the bed as Donna straddled his cock, as it was pushed up deep inside her wet cunt she moaned, she soon was bouncing up and down his length as her tits swung in George’s face, he didn’t disappoint her either licking and sucking them.Shaft was stood at the side and Donna was licking all her juice off him and then proceeded to give him the awesome blow job that only she does best. After another five or so minutes had passed Shaft pulled away from Donna who was now moaning in the way that another orgasm was approaching as she rode George faster.Shaft got on the bed and rubbed the tip of his cock up Donna’s ass, as he fingered her ass tipobet güvenilir mi she moaned out and climaxed again, only this time she squirted her juices all over the bed and all over George and some splashed onto Shaft. Shaft didn’t waste any time at all he brushed the entrance of her ass with the tip of his cock again and this time with all the juice it slipped in easier.Shaft started to fuck Donna as she rode George, she screamed half with pain and half with pleasure as the two black men rode my wife. Only minutes had passed when both lads were close to coming themselves, Shaft pulled out and Donna slowed down riding George as she fed Shaft’s cock into her mouth, very quickly he grunted and his seed was soon pumping down Donna’s throat.As she emptied his balls it was soon apparent to George what was going on as soon as Shaft was going limp she started to bounce on George’s cock again, he screwed his face up as she was also coming again, her head banging form side to side as she moaned and cried out, then BANG!!! A massive orgasm ripped through her as George was spurting his cum into her.The ejaculation of George’s cock tipped my wife over the edge as she screamed out as her cunt was been filled up, she carried on jumping up and down until it was obvious that George was going limp. She got off him and sat on the bed breathless and sweating with spunk running down her legs, she went to the toilet as the two lads got dressed.As they went downstairs she was still recovering and sat in the kitchen visibly knackered as Shaft and George sat with her as I came back from the park. “You Ok” I asked and she nodded, I knew then she’d had them and when she told me later I fucked her again.

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