Indian Wife’s Humiliation Day


Indian Wife’s Humiliation Day”Impossible!!” I bluttered out…My name is Veena and was happily married to my husband Vivek. Ours was an arranged marriage as it still happens in India. Our initial days of marriage went passionately, sex 3 to 4 times a day. I really enjoyed it as it was the first taste of sex with a man that I was experiencing then. I was a virgin when I married and the sexual experiences before marriage were just masturbating, which too started late, as late as, when I was in college.In college it started with my roommate, Archana, bringing in a porn movie and we watched it on my computer. I had that sensation in my pussy, while I watched that porn movie and wanted to badly touch my pussy. Then, in the middle of the movie I saw Archana putting her hands inside her pyjama and rubbing herself. The room was dark and I too wanted to do the same, but was quite afraid of doing it in front of Archana and in the open too. That’s when Archana voice startled me, “Why are you sitting simply there? Don’t you want to rub yourself and come?” Archana’s word encouraged me.Though I was too scared to reply anything and I just made a small yes and started to put my hands in my pyjama and started rubbing my clit. Oh! That was ecstasy. On seeing what I was doing, Archana got up and came close to me and took her pyjamas off. I saw that she was not wearing any panties, well neither was I, as it was summer and lesser the clothes we wore, the better. I saw that her pussy was well shaved and smooth. While I was admiring her pussy, Archana was staring at me, and finally frustrated she said, “Arre, remove your pyjamas, I am waiting to see your pussy.” I was shy but did not want to be left out and slowly stood up and removed my pyjamas. Archana smiled when she saw the bush of dark pussy hair and sat down beside me and removed her top as well. She had small beautifully shaped boobs. This time, I did not wait much, I too removed my top and let her admire my bigger than her boobs. Archana was pleased to see them and then continued rubbing her clit and inserted her finger in her pussy and continued watching the porn. This was the beginning of various such encounters in our room.”Well, I won fair and you need to honor our agreement. You cannot say no.” It was Vivek. I was woken from my day dream, by Vivek’s voice. We just had a good passionate sex and were lying naked in our bed. We lived in a two bedroom apartment on the 7th floor and both of us went to work Monday to Friday. We had two sons and now they were at their grandparents. As per Vivek’s own words the c***d birth had only done well to me. My boobs had grown larger, my butt was also larger and I had become a bit plump as well. I was in fact really sexy with the right amount of flesh in the right places.”You have to do it, there is no other way!” Vivek was continuing his argument, “I can give you a concession though, you can pick the day you want to do it”. I was in a tight spot here. With the k**s gone to their grandparents, we had the apartment to ourselves and were role playing on most Friday nights to Monday mornings. I loved Vivek and he loved me dearly and we played out our fantasy from time to time. The vacation time was our favorite as we did not have to worry about the k**s and wait till night to have to sex.My fantasies involved mostly about dominating Vivek and he loved them as well. I usually tease him so much to a point that he may not be able to hold himself back from coming. This was one such time, 2 weeks back when we were playing a strip card game. My starting attire was a night robe and I was wearing my bra and panties inside with a slip inside. So in total I had 4 pieces to nakedness. Vivek was wearing his usual clothes, a dothi (it’s a traditional male bottom wear, which is tied by the ends around the waist) and a T-shirt, with no underwear inside. So he had 2 pieces to nakedness. The game was a simple card game and you had to pawn a piece to continue playing. So I started and pawned in my bra first and Vivek his t-shirt. I lost the first hand and my bra along with that. Now Vivek pawned in my bra and I put in my panties. I again lost this set and lost my panties as well. Now I pawned in my night robe and Vivek pawned in my bra, again saying that my bra has turned out be lucky for him. I lost again. There I was sitting in my slip, cross legged. I could see Vivek staring at my pussy from time to time and I used to cover it with my free hand. I wanted to tease him a bit, but I also knew that Vivek was losing focus and will lose the next hands, only if I had something extra to pawn. So Vivek, said lets continue. So now I removed my slip and pawned it to the game, Vivek put in my bra again.”Ring…Ring…” That was the calling bell at our door. “Oh my, I had totally forgotten, the milk man is here”, I started to take my dress to wear it, that when Vivek said, “Not in the middle of the game. You know the rules, you made them and last year you made me open the door without my T-shirt, Don’t you remember, I had to chat with Mrs. Valsa, the secretary of our building, without a shirt or baniyan. Now it’s your turn, Ha ha ha ha…, The Milkman will have a beautiful sight today.”I got scared and pleaded with him to give me my robe atleast. Finally after so much of pleading, Vivek said “Ok, on one condition, you need to remain naked for a full day, any day. Do we have a deal?” I had no choice, if I did not agree; I knew he would humiliate me in front of the milkman in some way. So I agreed. I did not know then that this was going to be my worst mistake.I was surprised, when Vivek did not bring this up the anytime soon after. We went on as usual and I thought he had completely forgotten about it. As I told, I liked teasing Vivek, most them are in form of games. There was once, when we played massage parlour. Vivek was the masseuse and I was the client. So I stripped down to nothing, the only pieces on my body was my toe ring, my anklets and my waist chain. I lay down on my stomach with just a small towel covering my ass. I knew that if Vivek, looked up from my feet, he could see my pussy. I lay there feet together, so the anticipation to see something will have Vivek teased and horny. He started massaging me with warm oil, from my feet upwards and as he came around my shoulders, I realized he was wearing his dothi only and no t-shirt.I in a commanding voice asked him, “What is this boy? why are you clothed? don’t you know when I have only a towel to cover me, you should be naked.” Saying this, with one yank, I pulled away his dothi. He did not anticipate this and was left standing naked. I need to highlight one thing at this stage; Vivek has a small circumcised penis, infact his dick is only 4.5 inches when hard. I had checked once when he was sleeping naked after completely drained from sex, only his mushroom head could be seen poking above his balls, about 1.5 inches.In the initial days of marriage it did not matter, but after our first k**, this was not exciting for me, but I continued to allow him to have sex with me. One day, I started teasing him about the size of his penis and said I could not feel it inside. He was so humiliated and started to pull away. But I was so horny. I pushed him to start licking me from my feet; this got him so excited that by the time he reached my pussy, he was dripping pre-cum. That was the day when we started the dominating play, with me being the dominant one. I made him lick every inch of my body, from my feet, my toes and when he was done licking every were else, I told him “Your penis is small, I am naming it as kunji (meaning smallest)”. “You have licked to my satisfaction and as reward, you can now lick my ass” He had avoided licking my ass and I have not permitted him to lick my pussy. He was craving to lick my pussy badly, I could see that. He just stood there with his small 4.5 incher kunji penis pointed straight, about to come, if I just looked at it. Say this, I got on all fours making my ass cheeks spread to full display. “wow!” was all Vivek said, I knew now he had a good view of my asshole and my pussy, both open to his view.He started to put his tongue on my pussy lips, I immediately gave a push with my feet, and unfortunately my feet had hit his balls. When I turned around, realizing this, he was lying on the floor curled into a ball, holding his balls in his hands in pain. It was funny to see him naked and curled on the floor. “What are doing down there?” I said not letting go of the dominant position, “I told you not my pussy, lick my asshole, boy”. He got up hearing this and with reluctance, brought his tongue to my asshole and started licking them. The way I came that day was amazing. After he finished licking my asshole, I made him lick my pussy. Both of us slept like a log completely drained that day.But now he had me, and he was demanding that I spend the day of my choosing naked for the complete day. He now gave me a concession though, that I could pick the day.Here I was, asked to pick a day when I had to stay naked thru out the day. Being the person who usually dominated my husband Vivek, I was now being dominated by him. Since there was no way I could get away from this, I decided to pick a day. We had a maid servant, Suja, who came in every day from 8 AM to 1 PM. If I was to remain naked, I had to give her a day off. I did not want to roam naked in-front of her in my house and let her see my humiliation. Luckily for me, she asked her day off on Saturday and I was happy that way, so now I did not have to pay her for that day. I cancelled the milk man as well for the day.On Friday, as I was sitting with Vivek and watching a movie, he popped the question “So have you decided the day to be naked?”I replied confidently “Tomorrow it will be, no changes. I will be go to bed naked today and remain like that till I go to sleep tomorrow, I honor my deals, my boy with a Kunji.” I wanted to tease him and rub it on him that he had a small penis.”Ok, I will make my plans…”Tring…Tring… It was Viveks, phone ringing as soon as he said about some plans. I heard him talking over the phone to someone, about office work. “No way, but tomorrow is Saturday. Are we not entitled to a day off? Ok, I will do it. Bye.”I could sense Vivek was angry. He came and sat down. I looked at him and he was furious.I asked “What happened?””I need to go to office tomorrow, for half day.” He said.”Ha ha ha…” I started laughing from relief. If he is gone for half day and with the to and fro from office, he will be lucky if saw me naked at all tomorrow.”Well, your loss. I will be naked thru the day as I promised.” I was relieved now that he will not be able to make me do any humiliating things now.I was now feeling sleepy and suggested we go to sleep. Vivek followed me into bedroom, I could see that he was actually angry, but I was happy that things were going my way. As we got into the bedroom, I removed my robe and all my clothes, teased Vivek by doing a few stretch exercises in-front of him naked. He was getting horny and I could see that on his face. I got under the sheets and said good night to Vivek. As he approached to squeeze my boobs, I pushed his hands away. He understood that he was not getting anything tonight. I thanked my stars and went to sleep naked.I woke up around 7:15 AM and saw Vivek was already up and talking on the phone. He was looking happier than he was yesterday. I was naked, except for my anklet and my waist chain, with the loose end of the waist chain hanging on to my thighs. This waist chain made me look even sexier to Vivek. It was hard sometimes to maintain the waist chain as the small beads at the end of the loose hanging end got into my ass crack at times, but I loved to wear them to tease Vivek.Vivek finished his call and looked at me and smiled. “My sexy bitch, I have you today. I don’t need to go to office.” He had that wicked smile on his face, which made me draw the covers over my boobs, which was on full display.”Not so fast, you know the rules, no clothes for you today. You told them yourself.”After all, not my lucky day, I thought to myself. I was wondering what plan was Vivek scheming for my humiliation. I slowly got out of my bed, slowly went to Vivek and put my hands thru his dothi opening and started rubbing around his pubic region as if searching for something.”Where is your kunji (my name for his tiny penis), my boy?” I teased him as I got hold of his balls gently and started stroking his dick. He got into mood immediately.”I will give you so many more of this, just be gentle and don’t make me do anything. Ok?” I was half pleading, half pleasing and teasing Vivek.He immediately understood what I was upto and pushed my hand away saying, “I want to be in full mood, so I can think of new ways to humiliate you today. Ha ha ha…””Ok, go and take your bath now. Have you thought what you will do when the maid and the milk man come today?” Vivek asked as he was not aware that the maid was on leave and I had asked the milk man not to come today.I said “Lets see as they come.” Saying this and leaving the look of surprise on Vivek, I went into the bathroom.I was taking a long time in the bathroom, partially because I wanted to reduce the time Vivek had, to play with me. That’s when the calling bell rang. As I was wondering who could that be, and wanting to hear who that was, I closed the tap. What I heard sent shivers down my spine, it was Suja, our servant. What was she doing here? She was supposed to be on leave. I realized with shock that, she must have cancelled her leave to earn the one days wages as well. I should have given her day off with pay. I didn’t know what to do now.”Veena, Suja is here.” I heard Vivek, knocking ödemiş escort on the door of the bathroom and announcing Suja’s arrival.”You can’t stay there for ever. Come out now.” Vivek continued.I thought, Suja must be wondering what Vivek was upto. Suja is around 45 years old and a widow. I always kept her on a tight leash, and shouted at her if the work was not done properly. I had to be the boss, else I knew she would not do the work properly. I had in-fact made her cry once as well.Suja wore a long blouse, no bra as it was not a practice in the village, a long skirt. I had once seen that she wore no panties as well. Her clothes were thick and not transparent, so nothing was visible, except for her belly button, as the blouse stopped short of her belly. She was a tan brown, with flawless skin. A bit plump and a good ass and boob. She continued to come to work for me, in spite of my being hard on her, because she needed the money.I heard a click on the bathroom door, it was Vivek. He used the spare keys to open the door of the bathroom. I pulled the shower curtain to hide myself. He came to me with the towel and started pulling me out of the shower tub. I came out and took the towel and dried myself up, all the while trying to see if Suja was anywhere nearby.”Come out now, Suja is here. Give her today’s work.” Vivek was stern in commanding me.I started drying myself as Vivek walked out of the bathroom. I tied the towel around my boobs, it was just wide enough to cover my boobs and fall to thighs covering my ass and pussy. But if I for any reason bent down, anybody standing behind would be able to see my ass and pussy. I thought Vivek was being kind by giving me my towel to cover up. I walked up and not wanting to push my luck any further went to the kitchen, where Suja was about to sweep the floors. She was a bit surprised to see me wearing only a towel. She had never seen me like that. I was in no mood to take up the issue of her coming today and spend more time discussing that with my servant with me wearing only a towel.That’s when Vivek walked in. He said, “Suja, you see, Veena and I had a bet and she lost, so she has to remain naked today and obey my commands.” Suja smiled and nodded.Vivek continued, “Veena, you will sweep the floors today. Suja, you can cook the food and later check if the cleaning is done properly. Ok?”Suja was happy hearing this. I understood what Vivek was upto, he wanted Suja to humiliate me and he wanted to enjoy seeing my ass and pussy while I clean the floor as I will have to bend to do the sweeping.I did not want to make a fuss, fearing if Vivek took my towel away, I can’t even imagine facing that situation. Atleast he was not mentioning to take my towel away. So I took the broom from Suja and started sweeping the floors. I had to bend to do so, but I avoided showing anything to Suja. Vivek, though had a feast, and he was enjoying my distress.Suja got into preparing the food as I was cleaning the house. Time flew and Suja completed her work quickly. I was also near completion. Suja, came to the main room, where Vivek was reading the paper and I was finishing the cleaning. The cleaning was slow, as I was not used to doing this and more over, I had to adjust my towel every time it felt like falling off.Suja said to Vivek, “Vivek sahib, the cooking is over, what should I do now?”The bitch was going to my husband now, she understood he was the master today.”Ok, inspect if the cleaning is proper in every room and tell me” Vivek replied to Suja.Suja immediately got into inspecting every corner of the rooms and came back shortly to Vivek. I had completed cleaning the hall as well and was waiting for the verdict from my servant. I was totally ashamed to look up to Suja and Vivek.”So, how is it?” Vivek asked Suja.”Sahib, it just ok, there are places on the top ceiling with dust, Memsahib (it is used to call the boss lady) did not clean them.” I didn’t know what now. There I was with only a towel wrapped around me to cover my nakedness, standing in the hall, listening to my servant criticizing my cleaning to my husband.Vivek, looked at me and said out loud, “Veena, didn’t you hear what Suja said. Go and clean the ceiling as well.”I walked slowly to the bedroom, where the ceiling had dust. Standing on the floor I would not be able to reach the ceiling, so I got on top of the bed and started dusting the ceiling. I did not realize Vivek had come to the bedroom to inspect until he called out to Suja,”Suja, come here.”I stopped what I was doing and tied my towel tightly and continued to dusting. I heard Suja come inside the bedroom,”Yes Sahib.””Veena is slow in cleaning, why do you think it is?” Vivek asked Suja, to heighten my humiliation.”Sahib, Memsahib has to clean and also take care that her towel does not fall off. That’s why she is slow”; Suja said in low whisper voice, probably because she was afraid to say it aloud and didn’t want to make my partial nakedness felt to me.Vivek came beside me and asked me if that was true. I said, “Yes, and also I am not used to this, that’s why.””Ok, ok, Veena, I understand, don’t stop, continue dusting, finish your work” Vivek said understandingly. I again raised my hands to clean the ceiling. I knew, by the position in which I was standing, with my hands raised above, my towel had raised a bit and Suja who was standing behind me at the door way to our bedroom could see a portion of my ass. I was thankful, that she did not see me when I was cleaning the floors, when I had to bend and my ass and pussy was visible.Suddenly, Vivek, pulled my towel off me. For a moment I was left totally naked as the day I was born, holding a broom and my hands raised. I heard Suja laughing in the background as I tried to snatch any piece of clothing I could find to cover me up.Vivek, held me back and said “Complete the work, I allowed you the towel, but it was slowing you down. So no towel.” When I still continued to search for a cloth to cover up, Vivek shouted “No clothes get back to work.”I slowly got up on the bed and went to cleaning the ceiling, with Suja behind me smiling at me. I was now on full display to the people in my house, one my husband and another my low class servant women. It was totally humiliating, but I didn’t know then that it was just the beginning.I, Veena, well-educated, high class women was now working naked in my house in front of my husband and the low class maid servant, Suja. This has been my plight since morning. The only towel that covered me was taken away by Vivek, my husband, and left me to suffer the perils of losing a bet.I continued naked in the house, cleaning all the ceilings and trying hard not to come in eye contact with my servant. Being seen by Vivek was ok, but being seen by Suja was so humiliating for me, even though Suja was a woman in her 40’s. As time went by, I could sense Suja getting bolder as she was always in the same room as me. Suja by now had completed her work and was free to go home, but Vivek had stopped her and said that she still had to inspect the cleaning. I completed the cleaning shortly and went to Vivek, who was now watching TV.”Have you completed cleaning all the ceilings?” Vivek asked me.”Yes.” I could not utter more words as I was now feeling really shy in front of Vivek and Suja.”Suja, come here.” Vivek called out for Suja, who was standing near the bedroom doorway, from where she could see me and Vivek. Suja came close to me and stood beside me facing Vivek.”Yes, Sahib, Memsahib has cleaned all the ceiling.” She said without even Vivek asking her.”Ok, thanks Suja.” Vivek replied.”But, she forgot to clean the bathrooms”, it was Suja continuing and that’s when I realized, what the bitch Suja was up-to. I had once made her kneel in the bathroom and clean the toilets. That day her dress had got wet and she was even more late to leave for her home. She was taking revenge for that.”Is that correct Veena?” Vivek asked me. I nodded a yes, as I was too humiliated to answer anything.”Since you accept that you have not completed your task yet, I will have to punish you”, it was Vivek again. I knew immediately that it was going to be something really humiliating.”What should the punishment be for this, Suja?” Vivek was now asking Suja, the low class servant girl about the punishment I should get. What more punishment can they give to me, when I stand naked in front of them?”Sahib, in our village, depending on the crime, the village elder varies the punishment. For disobeying and not completing the task, usually the husband is given permission to beat the wife on the naked ass inside the house.” Suja told Vivek.”Oh, that’s interesting. If the crime is more bigger, then what?” Vivek wanted to know more.”Sahib, the worst punishment I have seen was when the girl was stripped naked in public and her hands were tied to the tree branch and she was beaten by every male in the village on her ass with their bare hands. Some actually did not beat her; they just groped her pussy while beating. It was really humiliating for her.” Suja gave out the village custom punishment.”Interesting, and thanks, I will go with spanking Veena on the ass inside the house for now.” Vivek decided on my punishment.”Ok, Veena, come and lay on my lap.” Vivek ordered me.I walked slowly to his side and bend down and lay on his lap. Vivek started pushing my ass in-order to position my ass directly above his lap and for clear visibility. I was now adjusting myself to the most humiliating position one can be, that too in-front of the servant. It was not a comfortable position for me, one because only my toes were touching the floor as I had been raised that much on Vivek’s lap and another because now Suja could see my asshole clearly as my ass cheeks were spread open in front of her in the position I was in.Fattak… I put my hands on my ass as the first slap came on my ass. It was painful.Fattak, Fattak, Fattak… 3 more followed in quick succession.”Am I doing it right Suja?” Vivek was checking with my servant if he was administering the slap on my naked ass correctly, how more can one be humiliated.”Sahib, this is ok, but position can be corrected a bit more.” Suja replied.I did not understand how more can the position be corrected! Here I was laid on my husband’s lap, naked and my ass and asshole in full display to my husband and our servant, and getting spanked.”How?” Vivek asked Suja.”Sahib, Memsahib has a round plump ass, but her ass is a bit hanging as it is big. So she will not get the full effect of the spanking in this way. If we can spread her legs a bit, you will hit the right spot on her ass.” Suja explained a way to humiliate me further and also display my pussy to her.”Suja, can you adjust Veena’s legs the way you just said.” Vivek asked Suja to do with me what she wanted.Till now Suja had not touched me, although she got to see me naked. I saw Suja walking towards my legs and she knelt down right in-front of my ass. Her hands were rough from the work she has been doing for so long, I could feel them as she took hold of my ankles and swiftly spread them apart. I had to hold on to the floor to not fall from the sudden change in position. I now knew that my pussy was fully open and on display to Suja. I was now laid on Vivek’s lap, naked and legs spread apart with my pussy hole and ass hole on full display to Vivek and Suja. The thought of this humiliation made me pull my legs together. On seeing this, Vivek, immediately gave a spanking, Fattak right on my ass.”No, Veena, don’t close your legs.” Vivek commanded.”Vivek, I can’t balance myself with my legs spread.” I was pleading with Vivek to me let be.”Ok, I then have an idea” Vivek told me.”Suja, can you get the rod of our mop from the kitchen?” Vivek asked Suja for the mop rod!I got a bit scared and did not know what to expect. Suja came back with the mop rod, which was about 5 feet long and sufficiently thick in size.”Suja, can you also get me the rope as well?” Suja went to our store room and got the rope as well.”Suja, now spread Veena’s legs apart and tie both her ankles to the end of the rod using the rope.”Oh my, now I will have to remain spread wide with my asshole and pussy-hole on full display. Quickly Suja spread my legs and tied my ankles to the two ends of the rod.Fattak, Fattak, the spanking continued. The difference now was that I had Suja staring and enjoying seeing my pussy and asshole, my legs spread apart and tied to the rod, my ass fully positioned to receive the spanking. I had lost count of the spanks that I received from Vivek, but I think it was about 25 when he said”Ok, get up Veena, that’s for now. You can go and clean the bathroom.”I tried to stand up, but with my legs tied the way it was, it was difficult to stand up.”Suja, please help Veena to stand up.” Vivek was asking Suja to assist me in standing up.Suja came up in front of me and held my two hands and started pulling me up. I was wondering, why the rod was not being removed. Suja, helped me up on my feet. I was now standing with my feet apart as possible, with my ankles tied to the rod. I suddenly felt shy to be standing like that in front of Suja and involuntarily covered my boobs and pussy with my hands.”If you do that, I will have the rod tied on your hands.” Vivek remarked.I immediately took away my hands and became again in full display to Suja and Vivek. Suddenly, Vivek put his hand on my pussy and inserted a finger inside my pussy.I gave out a small moan, “Ahhh…”I could see Suja smiling and feeling shy on seeing my state of humiliation.Vivek took his fingers out and said “hmm, you are enjoying right? Your pussy is already wet”, saying this Vivek again inserted his fingers inside my pussy, but this time he inserted ödemiş escort bayan two fingers.”Ahhh, I will cum Vivek.” I pleaded to Vivek to stop. He just continued.”Suja, see how your memsahib is a bitch in heat. She is already ready to cum in front of you. Why don’t you check her pussy?” Vivek was now encouraging Suja to make me cum.Suja as if waiting for the invitation, immediately put her fingers inside my pussy and started stroking my clit with her thump simultaneously. It was the most exciting sensation to be humiliated like this and no way to close my legs as they were spread and tied to the rod. I was feeling completely under the control of Suja stroking me.”Stop!” It was Vivek, telling Suja to stop.I knew why Vivek stopped Suja at that point, it was because I was about to cum.”Untie her ankles.” Vivek again said to Suja.Suja untied me and due to all the excitement and me being on the verge of cumming, I just sat on the floor heaving heavily.”Ok Veena, now you can go and clean the bathrooms. Suja will monitor you.” Vivek took the rod that was used to tie me and handed it to Suja.”Suja, I think you know how buffaloes are made to work in the village farms.” Vivek asked Suja.”Yes, Sahib. We beat their ass or poke them in the ass when they don’t work” Suja replied.”Think Veena as you buffalo, and she is given the task to clean the bathrooms. You have to monitor her the way you monitor the buffaloes. Ok?”Vivek’s instruction to Suja was clear, it was to beat me or humiliate me by poking in my pussy or ass hole with the rod. I intended not to give Suja a chance.”Memsahib, Sahib has ordered no type of clothes for you, Sorry!” was Suja’s reply to my pleading with her to give me a towel to spread on the floor so that my knees did not hurt.I was naked and bend on my knees and on all four hands scrubbing the bathroom floor with a scrub. I was denied the mop and had to do it with my hand, a punishment given by Suja. As I was on knees and in the dog position, my asshole and pussy was on full display to Suja, my servant woman. She had a rod as was instructed by my husband Vivek, to treat me like a farm buffalo. Once I was tired and lifted my hands to wipe my sweat, Suja actually poked me in my pussy with the rod, and it nearly went inside my pussy hole quite a bit. I was angry to be treated like this, but I did not show that on my face to Suja, as I wanted no further humiliation from this servant women. Suja was not interested in beating my ass, she was interested in poking the rod in my asshole or pussy hole and waiting for an excuse to do so. I was inclined in not giving her one.Suddenly I heard the calling bell to our house ringing. I got afraid, because if it was some visitors and I could not imagine what dirty plan Vivek would come up with. I was in the master bedroom attached bathroom and so would not be visible from the main door. I heard Vivek open the front door.”Veena, the milkman is here. He is asking if we need 1 bottle or 2 today.” I had cancelled the milkman for today, but that asshole must have forgotten. I could not go there on my because of my state.I just yelled back to Vivek, “1 bottle is enough, please collect the bottle as my hands are dirty.”Vivek, who was well aware of my state and wanting to humiliate me more said “Veena, come and collect the bottle yourself, I am working on my laptop and have a call now. Or should I send the milkman inside?”I didn’t know what to say. Vivek was scheming to display me to the milkman as well. I was really nervous. Then an idea struck me.”Suja, will you please collect the milk bottle? I beg you, please” I pleaded to my servant to save me.Suja thought for a while and said “Ok, on one condition, you should treat me like the memsahib for the rest of the day and be my slave today and do whatever I say. Agreed?””He is coming to you Veena, you take the bottle from him directly.” It was Vivek yelling to me from the hall about letting in the milkman.I had no choice and agreed to Suja’s demand to be her slave for today. Suja immediately ran from the bathroom to bedroom and to the hall to avoid the milkman entering the bedroom and collected the milk bottle there. She came back to the bathroom after few minutes and said that the milkman had left. I was relieved, at least one more humiliation was avoided, but now I was Suja’s slave for today. What could go more badly for me than what it was now, were my thoughts?”Memsahib, please move away from the toilet.” It was Suja ordering me to move away from the toilet.I was knelt down on all four and naked and cleaning the floor of the bathroom. I was actually scrubbing the tiles near the toilet and Suja was ordering me to move away, though I did not understand why. I moved away from the toilet and sat there on my leg in the kneeling position and looked to see, why Suja wanted me to move away from the toilet.Suja came close to me and with the rod poked my pussy from the front, and said”Continue your work you bitch.”She was now more confident and was commanding me around. I started again to scrub the floor. Suja walked to the toilet and lifted her skirt and sat on the toilet seat and started to pee. It was disgusting to see my servant’s hairy pussy and I gave a look of disgust. Suja saw this and suddenly stopped peeing and came to me, still holding her skirt all the way up. Since I was kneeling, when she came close to me, her pussy was so close to my face. I could smell her pee and also so some pee dripping to the floor beside me. I crawled back in disgust.Suja came closer to me and said “Don’t you like my pussy, bitch? I have been seeing your pussy and asshole since morning and didn’t show any disgust. I even gave you enjoyment with my fingers. Now you are my slave and slaves don’t have a choice.”Saying that she started peeing on my face, it happened so suddenly that I was not able to move quickly and moreover I was backed up on a wall. I was drenched in Suja’s pee by the time she finished.”Show me the scrub.” Suja asked me casually after peeing on my face and body as if nothing happened. Her pee was in a puddle on the floor that I had just cleaned. It was stinking badly too. Suja took the scrub that I gave to her and started inspecting the scrub.”You don’t need the scrub, lick the pee on the floor and clean it with your tongue.”I started crying and called out to Vivek.Vivek came to the bathroom and seeing me drenched and a puddle near me guessed that something had happened. I narrated the whole story including the fact that I was made slave for Suja collecting the bottle and how she peed on me and was asking me to lick the pee of the floor.”Well if you have agreed to be slave to Suja, then it was your decision and I can’t help on that” was all Vivek said.Hearing this Suja knew she had full control over me.Suja ordered right in front of Vivek “Stand up bitch. Let me inspect you.” saying this Suja came to me and kicked my ass from the side urging me to stand up.I stood up, drenched in Suja’s pee, naked as the day I was born. Suja came near me and started pressing my boobs and said”You got good boobs and your pussy is not bad either. But you behave like a bitch and a bitch you shall be today” saying this she pushed me to the ground.I lost balance and fell into the pee puddle on the floor. Vivek left the room and left me to be handled by this bitch Suja who was my servant. As soon as Vivek left Suja went and closed the bathroom door and started to remove her clothes. She first removed her blouse and as I knew she was not wearing any bra inside. Her boobs were hung and she had pretty large boobs and bit bigger than mine with black nipples like mine. Then she proceeded to remove her skirt and her hairy pussy came to display. Her pussy was so hairy that I felt she must not have shaved her pussy for like more than a years.”I always wanted to have a clean pussy like yours, memsahib (she did not quit calling me that, although now it was to mock me). But I never could do it and the last time my husband did it for me. I want you to shave my pussy clean and leave no hair there. Understood?” She was commanding me.I nodded and took my razor from the shelf and asked her to be seated on the toilet seat and spread her legs. She did as was told and I took some water and soap and cleaned her pussy first, with my hands. I could feel her clit and vagina I washed her with water. I also realized that there was some pubic her in her ass as well. I slowly lathered the soap on her pussy and ass. And using the razor started shaving her pussy. When I completed her front part, and not wanting to do her ass bottom part lied that I had completed the task of shaving her. She started feeling her pussy and realized that I had left out her ass region. Suja got angry on this and kicked me, since I was sitting in the crouched position, I fell backwards. Before I could get back up Suja came and sat on my face. Her pussy was on my mouth.”Since you could not feel the hair with your hands, feel it with your tongue bitch”, Suja was commanding me to lick her pussy and asshole.I started trying to free myself from Suja’s grip, but she was strong and held me down. She was actually sitting on my face.”Put your tongue out or I will make you feel more pain.” Suja was threatening me.I slowly opened my mouth and brought my tongue out. Suja spread her pussy lips with her fingers and inserted my tongue into her pussy. It was disgusting and tasted salty. I was used to drinking Vivek’s cum. But this was different. I was made again and again to lick her pussy hole and then she made me lick her asshole. Finally she spread her ass and made me shave away any pubic hair I had left out in the first attempt. She then started to rub herself and came on me, I was now drenched in her pee and cum.She started to take her bath while I had to clean the bathroom floors. She washed herself and made me dry her with my towel. She then wore her dress and looked at the cleaning work I had done.”You have made me very happy today, so I will now tell Sahib that you have completed your work.” Saying this she gave a playful slap on my ass.We walked to the hall together, I naked as the day I was born, drenched in Suja’s pee and cum and my servant Suja fully clothed. Vivek knew something had happened inside, since he left, but did not mention anything or show any signs that he knew.”Is the cleaning over, Suja?” Vivek checked with Suja.”Yes Sahib. Memsahib has cleaned the house.” Suja replied.”Ok, you can now go Suja. Hope you enjoyed your day here today!” Vivek was humiliating me with his words now.”Yes Sahib. This will be a treasured day for me.” Suja said smiling at me.I stood there in the hall, silent, naked and wondering how long more this day was going to be and what more was in stock for me.”You stink like a toilet, Veena.” Vivek said to me as soon as Suja left for the day after her set of imparting humiliation.”Go and take a bath now, we may have guests.” Vivek continued.I was happy to hear this; my ordeal was coming to an end. I immediately rushed to the bathroom and started to take my bath. I even sang my bathroom song as I was really happy. I as I was soaping myself, I touched my clit and the memories of being humiliated today in the open by Vivek and Suja came to me and I started masturbating hard. I rubbed on my clit and gradually progressed in fingering myself. Oh the sensation was really awesome. I came so hard like in my college days. It was so good; I was taken back to the sweet memories of our college hostel humiliation days.It was the first year of my college and our hostel was far from the boys’ hostel. But unlike the boys’ hostel, where first years had a separate hostel, the girls’ hostel was all mixed between first to final years. There were two girls in one room and my roommate was Archana. I immediately liked Archana as she was a bold character and was a city girl. The first week was spent getting used to the hostel and college rules and timings.Once when I and Archana were returning from the hostel mess after dinner on a Friday night, we were stopped in the corridor by a senior girl.”First year?” Was all she asked.”Yes.” Both of us replied together.”Ok, go to room number 340 on the third floor.” The senior girl told us.We didn’t have the courage to ask why, because we understood it meant only one thing, introduction to seniors! We had to go to the room 340 or else the seniors were bound to find us out and it could be worse then. We slowly walked the steps to the third floor and reached the door of room number 340. I was wearing a white top and pyjama and Archana was wearing a shirt and an ankle length skirt. We saw a lot of foot wear outside the door and realized we needed to remove our foot wear too to enter. We removed our slippers and knocked on the door.”Who’s it?” A strong voice from inside greeted us.”First years, Veena and Archana.” Archana replied.I don’t know why Archana stressed First years. But the door opened slightly.”Remove your footwear and leave them outside.” Someone from inside commanded us.The door closed as soon as we squeezed thru the space between the open door. The room was dimly lit, infact the lights were switched off and only a red zero watt bulb was on. It took me some time to get adjusted to the lack of lighting in the room. When I finally got adjusted to the lighting, I saw that there were about 16 people in the room. The senior girls were all seated facing the standing students infront of them. The junior girls were afraid and it was evident even in the dim light. I noticed that there were about 6 senior girls and about 10 junior girls. Now the count became 12 junior girls, which included me and Archana.”Why were you late?” One senior girl asked us.”We, eh.., we just got escort ödemiş called.” Archana stammered a reply.”Doesn’t this one have tongue?” Another senior asked pointing at me.”Yes, didi (we call our seniors).” I replied.”Stand in line you two.” It was the first senior again to both of us.We immediately joined the other junior girls.Another senior got up and said “Do any one know, why we are gathered around here? Did someone in your batch who had gone thru this initiation tell you?””No.” All of us replied together.”Good, we are gathered here to know each other fully. All of us come from different background, have different likes and dislikes, and look different. We are going to explore these differences and be one.” She continued her speech.It was comforting to here such a mild tone, unlike the one which greeted us initially.”Since we are different, there is a uniform for all junior girls when they enter the 3rd floor of this hostel. Two of your batch mates who came in early are already dressed in their uniform and will show you the designs. He he he…” She stopped with all the senior girls laughing aloud.I did not understand the joke at that point, but we all kept quiet. That’s when we heard another knock on the door.”Who is it?” one of the senior girls inquired, without opening the door.”First years in uniform and ready.” We heard a not so confident, low sound outside the door.”he he he…, someone let them in.” It was the senior girl who was addressing us.Suddenly someone switched on the lights and opened the doors. The sudden lighting blinded us and we could not see the girls that entered for some time.”Aah!” It was one of the junior girls among us on seeing the so called uniform.The junior girls that had just walked in were naked as the day they were born. They had no clothes and wore a headband on which ‘first year’ was printed. Now we understood why the seniors were laughing when they told us about our uniform. They wanted us stripped naked, whenever they called us to the third floor. I could see the fear on the face of the other girls among us.”Ok girls, this is your uniform. Now please pick your head band from the cupboard and get into uniform or the lack of it now.” It was the senior girl who had been addressing us till now.We just stood there looking at each other and not moving at all. All of us were so afraid to even ask any question, when suddenly a shivery voice from us said;”Please madam, please! I am from a village background, reputed family. Please don’t make me do this.””Who was that?” It was another senior girl. “Come here.”The girl who spoke slowly walked towards the senior. She was wearing a short kurtha and a skirt. She had a good body shape and we could see she was skinny underneath all that dress.”First rule, do not disobey your seniors. Since you spoke first, you will remove first. Get naked now.” The last sentence came like an angry order rather than the usual calm tone.The first year started sobbing and started to remove her kurtha and then came off her skirt. As she was standing in her bra and panties, well we could not call them panties as they were more looking like underwear and nothing fancy. She was hugging on to the last pieces of her clothing as if not wanting to let go.”Off with them girl. By the way, what is your name?” It was the senior girl again.”Nah, doesn’t matter. You will be skinny for us for now. Let’s us see the rest of it too.” After saying this to ‘skinny’, the senior girl signaled the other senior girls.The other senior girls stood up and started walking towards all of us. They were now getting into action.”Off with your clothes, let us see you all naked. He he he…” It was another senior girl from the gang.All of us started to remove our dresses and started stacking them besides us. Most of us were now in our bra and panty, except for one girl who was not wearing any panties. I think she was called for when she was preparing to go to bed. Anyways this caught the attention of one of the senior and she pointed out to the others and said “looks like this one is in a hurry. He he he…””I don’t have all day. Remove them fast skinny.” It was the first senior shouting at the skinny girl from our group. She was still in her bra and underwear.The yelling by the first senior made most of us remove our remaining clothes faster. There we were first years to the college, a group of 14 junior girls, naked as the day we were born. The skinny girl was also now stripped and was naked. The skinny girl also joined us as our clothes lay in heaps near us. One of the senior girls came and took away the heap of clothes, whilst we all looked on scared to even ask were our clothes were being taken to.If it were not for this situation, it would have been a wonderful site for the dominating type of girls. Though I was naked, I could not stop admiring most of the first years besides me. There was this one girl, who was really fair and nice boobs. Another one had a clean shaven pussy, I think it was waxed, rather than shaved, because it was so smooth. As I was admiring other naked females, our seniors were also admiring us.”Ok bitches, split into two rows. One’s on the right with hair and the shaved ones to the left. Quick, we can’t waste time; you ladies got lot of tasks to be done.” It was the leader senior again.I realized that this division was to heighten our humiliation further. We slowly started moving to right or left basis, if we had pubic hair or not. Although the room was small, there was so much care being taken by us not to touch each other even by mistake. Once we were in two rows, there were six shaved girls on the left and eight with pubic hairs on the right.”Ok, shaved bitches off to your tasks. My friend here will explain to your tasks.”One of the senior girls started giving away tasks to the six girls one by one. Three of them were asked to go to separate rooms on the third floor to clean the respective rooms. The seniors were making us do chores in the naked. We were also going to be supervised by the senior girls. I understood that this night was a night of total humiliation. two others from the shaved category were asked to wash clothes in the bathroom. The only girl left was the cute one that I had noticed earlier. She was standing there scared and naked.”Ok dear, go to the cupboard and fetch us the razor from there. Since you are an expert in shaving pussy hairs, you will now shave these hairy ladies clean. This is your task today.” The senior girl gave her the task. I later learned her name was Elveena.Elveena took the razor from the cupboard with trembling hands and came to the first of the haired girl in our group. The other shaved girls had left naked from the room to do their tasks. I think the girl who was to be shaved by Elveena had not shaved for atleast 3 months, there was so much hair on her.”Start with her underarms, Elveena.” It was the first time we heard a senior address anyone of us by our name.”Ok hairy babe, lift your arms and let Elveena shave them dear.” It was the senior instructing the hairy girl.The hairy girl slowly raised her arms and Elveena, sprinkled some water and started soaping her underarms. Slowly she then started shaving the girl’s underarms and cleaning the hair of the razor in the water mug. Elveena efficiently finished the underarm of the girl also. Now it was time for the pubic hair. The hairy girl had been standing all while, with legs together. There was silence in the room from the junior girls; the senior girls were meanwhile enjoying the show. Elveena slowly started shaving the pubic hair, with the hairy girl still in the same position.”Spread your legs, hairy or how else will she see and clean you?” The senior girl instructed to the hairy girl.”Or do one thing, sit on the floor and spread your legs. And when she has shaved your pussy, lie on the floor and lift your legs and spread your ass.” The instructions followed.It was humiliating to see one of us lying on the floor with her legs straight in the air and another girl shaving her ass for any hairs. Elveena completed the shaving of hairy girls and stood up and looked at the senior girl. Elveena had to kneel down inorder to clearly shave the hairy girl as she was lying on the floor.”Come here hairy, oh sorry, not hairy now. But I like to call you hairy.” The name fixing was done by the senior girl.The hairy girl walked to the senior girl who was seated on the chair. The senior girl took a pair of gloves and wore them and started rubbing the first year girl who had been just shaved by Elveena in her pubic area.”Spread your legs!” The senior girl wanted to inspect thoroughly.The senior started inspecting the ass and suddenly inserted her fingers inside the girl’s pussy and started rubbing her clit. The girl in all the excitement gave a gasp. The senior girl finally released her said”Go to room number 344, you will get your task there.”On hearing this, the hairy girl slowly walked and opened the door and left the room. We were all now waiting our turn of humiliation and knew that it was going to continue the whole night. Many more of us was shaved and sent to different rooms. Finally there were only myself, Archana and another of our classmate, whom we had met in our class yesterday. Her name was Sanu. It was her turn to be shaved and she went to Elveena to be shaved. By now we were used to the shaving the process as we had been witnessing Elveena shaving the girls before us. The routine was simple, stand in front of Elveena, then sit on the floor and spread your legs. Elveena would shave between your legs and then get up, bend over and spread your ass cheeks. Elveena would shave there also, even if there was nothing there. I was beginning to wonder if Elveena was enjoying her task.Elveena slowly put in a new blade in the razor and lathered up Sanu’s pubic area. She did the first stroke on the left side and when she about to do the 2nd stroke, the senior’s mobile phone rang.”Hello. Hmm… ok, sounds fun.” We could only hear the senior’s side.”We just have three now with us, all others are on their room tasks. Ok, fine. Bring them. I will get these three ready.” The senior girl continued over the phone. But it did not sound anything good for us.”Listen, my dear naked juniors, it seems to be your lucky day today. The others will miss this, but you get to enjoy.” The senior was addressing us, and we were listening without a clue of what was in stock for us.”It seems the senior boys have discovered a new game for their juniors and want to know if we would participate. As you would by now have understood that I am happy to participate in any fun games, I have agreed.” Saying this, the senior girl asked one another senior girl to fetch her three handkerchiefs from the cupboard.The senior girl then continued, “I will give all three of you a handkerchief each. Each of you can cover your face or anything else with it. And you see those windows there, you need to stand there. That is your task. The senior boys are bringing their junior boys by the window downstairs, so all the best.”This is was the ultimate task of humiliation we would endure. We were given a handkerchief to cover ourselves and display ourselves to the boys now. The kerchief was a tease, so that we are given the option to cover our face which would be our identity or our nakedness meaning our humiliation.”Get ready now, go to the windows. Elveena, you can stop shaving and since you did a good job of shaving, you can start giving me a leg massage.” Saying this, the senior girl stretched her legs on to the small table infront of her and Elveena proceeded to massage her legs.We got to the window and stood there facing to the road below. The windows were full size windows with glass and faced on to the road outside. Our girl’s hostel was in such a fashion that one side faced the college while the other side faced the road outside. We looked at each other. I was at the center window, whilst Archana was to my right and Sanu to my left. That’s when I saw some people walking on the road from the left side approaching below our window. I immediately covered my face and seeing this Archana and Sanu also did the same and covered their faces. We could hear the senior girls laughing their hearts out behind us.”So you bitches are interested in displaying yourself to the boys.” Some senior girl said in between laughs.”Di, the junior boys are naked as these girls di.” One of the senior girls was telling the others.The other senior girls also came rushing to the window and started laughing. We could not see anything as we were covering our faces with the kerchief and displaying our nakedness to the boys below.”I know that lad in the center; I met him in the morning today. He got a nice dick.” It was the senior girls admiring the naked boys downstairs and commending to each other.”It’s no fun like this, look the boys don’t get to cover anything, and then why should these girls cover their faces?” We got scared hearing this and held tightly to our kerchief.”Leave it, the boys might be their classmates and we should not encourage first years to mingle.” It was the senior leader girl.This gave us some relief. That’s when we heard the whistle from security guard and heard running steps. The boys must have been found by the security and they must have run to their rooms to avoid being caught.We heard the senior girls laugh and pull me along with the others in a sitting position so that the security did not us and our state of display. After this we were also shaved, but this time Sanu did the shaving as Elveena was busy pressing the senior’s legs. We were then sent to different rooms with tasks to be done.”Veena, are you not done bathing? The guests will be here in 15 minutes.” I was woken from my day dreaming by the voice of Vivek.He was reminding me about the guests. I was so endorsed in my thoughts during my bath, after all the morning humiliation. But little did I know what was to come now.

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