indian mom and her 2 sons


indian mom and her 2 sonsHi I am Abhay, 21 and have a brother Vinay, 20. Although we have a age difference of 1 years, we are very much like twins by our behaviour as well as looks. My mom Ravina is a 42yr old fair, typical Indian woman with the perfect layer of fat at the right places. My dad Rajesh works as a civil engineer and often remains out of town for projects. We live in Kolkata.Last November we were invited to our relative’s wedding in Mangalore (Karnataka). As dad was out of town, it was decided that me, my brother and mom would go for the wedding. We couldnt find any reservation on any direct train to mangalore hence we decided to break our journey at Hyderabad and take another train from there to Mangalore the same day. The stay for the wedding was also decided to be for just one day (the wedding day) as I had my semesters coming soon.As planned we boarded the train to hyderabad. Since the stay was just for one day, we decided not to carry too much lugguage and take just one dress (which was to be worn for the wedding). Kolkata to Hyd was abt 20hours journey and from Hyd to mangalore was 5-6hrs. We were supposed to get down at Hyd at 4pm in the evening and board the train to M’lore at 9pm the same evening. Everything was well planned. The train to Hyderabad was almost on time. We reached Hyd at about 5.30pm. We waited in the waiting room for our next train which was scheduled at 9. But by about 7.30 pm news trickled in that the train to mangalore will not leave at night that day due to a maoist threat and will leave early next morning at 4am. We were completely fazed as our entire plan was thrown out of order. It was already 8pm and we coudnt spend the whole night in the railways waiting room. We decided to move out and find a hotel nearby.We moved out and started looking for a hotel. We didnt want to go far from the station as we had the train very early morning. We found a hotel near the station named Hotel Shaurya. As we were just 3 of us and had only a night to spend, we booked a single room with a large ataşehir escort double-sized bed. The manager gave us the keys and a helper guided us to our rooms. We went inside, kept our lugguage and locked the door. It was already 9.30pm and we decided we should go to bed early so that we can get up early. Now, as mentioned earlier, we did not carry any extra dresses as it was just a single day stay. Mom was in saree and me & b*o were in jeans and t-shirts.Mom was not comfortable in sleeping in sarees. At home either she would sleep in a nighty or just in a blouse-petticoat. That night too she decided to sleep in blouse petticoat. As for me and b*o, we were also not comfortable in sleeping in jeans. Mom said we could sleep in our underwears if we wanted. I had no problems with it and i quickly pulled my pants down. I was in my boxers and the shape of my tool was outlined.Then it suddenly dawned upon me that I was gonna sleep in this state with my mom on the same bed under the same bed sheet! This thought started giving me an erection! My b*o was still in his jeans and was hesitant to open it. I said ‘oh come on vinay, there is no one stranger here’. After a bit of hesitation he pulled his jeans down. He wasnt wearing a boxer but a brief! And his penis was already semi-erect! Mom laughed and said ‘Oh so this is the reason you were hesitating’. We all laughed and mom said ‘Dont worry boys, you are my c***dren and I have been naked in front of me for your whole c***dhood. Now come on to the bed the and lets sleep’.We stepped onto the bed. There was a single blanket which was to be shared by the three. Mom was in the middle. Now with my mom just in blouse & petticoat & sleeping so close to me I had full erection! She was facing away from me and her neck & the bare portion of her back was almost touching me. The blanket was not very large, it was meant for max 2 people. Mom noticed it and urged both of us to come even closer! I moved towards her and now the entire front portion of my body was in contact with her escort ataşehir back portion. My erect dick sticking to her ass and i was so horny that i didnt even cared if she realised my erection! Vinay on the other side almost had his chest touching mom’s breasts! It was a slight wintery night of late november and by both the boys coming in direct contact with her, she felt the warmth. She started liking the coziness. Suddenly Vinay put one of his legs on mom’s thighs. She didnt react. This gave me the urge and I grabbed her soft waist. Oh it felt like heaven! I grabbed her stomach and pulled her towards me which made my penis enter her ass-crack over the petticoat! Mom gave out a slight moan ‘Abhaay…’. It completely made vinay out of control and he planted a deep kiss on her lips! Mom loved the kiss and they both were locked in a smooch! She looked like a sex goddess filled with desires. I was getting mad to satisfy her as well myself. I moved my hands up and unhooked her blouse. She assisted me in it and threw the blouse away as soon as it was unhooked. Now she was only in a bra and petticoat. Vinay pulled his underwear down and oh man! he was having a rock hard erection just like me. I unhooked the bra and out came her perfectly round, 36+ sized milky white breasts with light brown nipples! Before I could do anything, Vinay held her boobs and started sucking them madly! Mom held my head and pulled me towards her lips and locked her lips with mine. Our tongues rolled against each other and in that very state I pulled my boxers down and threw it away. Vinay was stilling busy sucking her nipples. I untied her petticoat and in the same breath removed her panty. Ohh! It was a clean-shaved pink vagina! I was just mesmerised by it and vinay too looked at it hungrily. Mom was now lying full nude on the bed with her two naked boys by her side. She was now in full-swing too. She moaned: ‘Come on boys, do not stop, your mom is yours..’ Before vinay could proceed I held mom’s thighs and pounced on the pussy. ataşehir escort bayan I started licking it vigorously. Meanwhile mom pulled vinay to herself and took his penis in his mouth! I couldnt believe that mom being a typical Indian could do such a thing. It clearly showed how hungry she was for sex in absence of dad. After a few minutes of licking I was getting out of control, I wasnt able to delay the penetration any further. I sat up, put my penis in position at the tip of mom’s pussy and while mom was busy sucking Vinay, I inserted my cock with a thrust and there moaned mom ‘Aaaaaaahhh’! Her pussy was hot inside and was tightly hugging my penis so as to give me a warm welcome.. I began thrusting in and out. Vinay was getting impatient now and was desperate to penetrate too. Mom signalled him towards her ass! I couldnt believe she was asking for double penetration! Mom turned to a side and parted her legs wide so that both of us brothers can drill her holes from the two sides. I kept pumping her vagina and vinay entered he ass with which she gave a louder moan ‘Aaaaaaaah’.. It was a dream scenario for us… After a few thumps vinay wanted to swap positions, I also thought he should also be given a chance to pump the place from where he was born. I went behind mom and vinay came in front. I held mom’s both boobs from behind and entered her ass-hole. Oh it was so soft. Vinay on the other side penetrated her pussy with his lips locked with hers. After about a few mins of double penetration mom reached her orgasm, with one hand she pulled vinay closer so as to have his penis deeper inside her and with the other she pressed my hands over her breasts. Her muscles started contracting and I could feel this on my penis. It made vinay reach his climax. He called out: ‘Mom i m going to ejaculate!’. Mom replied ‘Inside me beta.. deeeeper’… The next moment vinay shot his cum inside her and feeling its warmth they both moaned ‘aaaah’.. It made me reach my climax too. I brought my tool out, mom held it in her hand, brought it towards her face and i shot a load of cum on her lips and neck! I bent forward and licked my own cum from her lips and vinay came forward to lick those that were dripping from her neck towards her nipples. All three of us went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves.

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