In the family


In the familyIn the familyBridgett was going through a bit of a rough time of it money wise, so her niece, Charlotte (she’s my other half) suggested the idea of being an escort. Charlotte explained that she didn’t have to do the sex bit and besides, with Bridgett’s looks, it might be quite lucrative for her. What happened next came as a great, but wonderful shock to me, when Charlotte relayed it to me after the event.One day, when I was out at work, Charlotte arranged for Bridgett and Victoria (Charlotte’s sister) to call around. Bridgett had decided to take up the escort idea, but wanted to try it out first and wanted to experiment, literally, with her niece, Victoria. The three ladies sat in the lounge and Bridgett wore a pair of sheer black stockings with matching corset and elbow length black satin gloves. Charlotte, who was just hosting the event, was in comfortable clothing and her sister was in typical office attire of black heeled shoes, black stockings (she preferred stockings to tights) and a grey business suit with a crisp white blouse. Bridgett explained her proposal to her youngest niece, Victoria. Bridgett wanted to see how far she felt comfortable in going with a familiar person, to see if “escort” work was for her. She also explained that Victoria, she felt, needed loosening up, so as they were all girls together, Bridgett would like to enlist Victoria’s help. Victoria agreed and so Bridgett stood up and removed her coat to reveal herself in her outfit.Asking Victoria to stand up, Bridgett lead her niece upstairs and into a bedroom. Here, kocaeli escort she delicately helped Victoria out of her jacket and blouse, to reveal her niece’s ample bossom underneath, encapsulated in a lacy black bra. Placing her hands around Victoria’s waist, she unzipped her skirt and slid it gracefully down her legs. Victoria stood there in her underwear, as Bridgett called Charlotte upstairs. Charlotte led her sister to the door of the main bedroom and led her inside. The bed was adorned with black lycra and nylon stockings tied to the four corner bed posts. Asking her sister to lie down on her back, Charlotte proceeded to tie Victoria’s limbs with each of the restraints, before blindfolding her with a satin scarf. Calling her aunt into the room, Charlotte explained that all that she needed was on the chest of drawers. Bridgett strutted into the room and informed Victoria that she was going to remove her underwear first (cutting her panties off of her!) and then fell silent.Picking up a hand towel, Bridgett asked Victoria to lift her hips up and then placed the towel under her. She then picked a flannel, moistened it in a bowl of warm water and proceeded to very delicately at first, wipe the cloth over and around her niece’s crotch. First, it was the merest touch, just teasing the flesh and Victoria’s pubic hair, letting the young lady sense and anticipate what was to come. Slowly the passing of the cloth over her young body grew closer and more intense as Victoria felt the warm material near her most intimate area. As Bridgett wiped her escort kocaeli young niece’s body with the cloth, she felt strangely comfortable with her actions and could feel Victoria’s comfort too.Placing the cloth down, Bridgett ran her slender gloved fingers over Victoria’s mound. Her niece’s face was a picture of contentment at the feel of familiar fingers around her groin. Victoria hadn’t had a man for so long that she’d forgotten what someone else’s fingers around her vaginal area had felt like. “Hmmm…that’s nice…” she purred.“I’m going to shave you now, Victoria,” announced her aunt. “Being shorn around your vagina is more hygienic” Bridgett was not one for being shy with her words.Knowing that it was useless to protest, Victoria said nothing, but yearned to be touched again by her aunt’s gloved fingers. The brief hiss as the shaving foam escaped from the can into the hands of the user could be heard, as a foreign touch smoothed the foam into the area between her legs. “It’s me, Vicky”, soothed Olivia. Victoria couldn’t see Olivia through the blindfold, but was not alarmed at the thought of her close friend seeing her spreadeagled on the bed like this. Victoria lay still as she felt Olivia’s hands between her legs administer the foam. All these fingers between her legs made Victoria quite relaxed and welcome to the attention she was getting. She made welcoming noises as she felt Olivia’s touch.“Hmmm…go inside me, Olivia, pleeeease”.Olivia couldn’t resist her friend’s request, so she slid a finger over Victoria now creamy cunt, before pressing kocaeli escort bayan on it gently to part her lips. Sliding her middle finger into her friend’s pussy, Olivia and Bridgett heard Victoria giggle as she felt the invasion into her pussy. “How’s does it feel, hun ?”“Oh, just great!” cooed Victoria. Olivia looked to Bridgett for any word, “May I ?”“I did want to shave my niece first, it’s not very hygienic if you are not tidy around the vagina,” replied Bridgett. “Your aunt wants to shave you first, Vicky”, Olivia told her friend, “then we can have some fun in a minute”.Olivia withdrew from Victoria so that Bridgett could get to work and tidy her niece’s pubic hair. Bridgett took the razor and gently but swiftly slid the blade across her niece’s young fair skin. Slowly the shaving foam disappeared to leave a clear, fair skin with a pair of swollen lips that clearly wanted something to please them. “Ok, now you may pleasure your friend,” Bridgett informed Olivia.The feel of blades had stimulated Victoria’s nerves between her legs.“Oh, please just touch me.”Bridgett waived Olivia away, further up her friend’s body, as she stroked the young naked lips before her. Victoria’s lips felt on fire with the gloved touch of another’s fingers between her legs. Suddenly, she felt Olivia on her breasts, as her friend bestrode her and offered Victoria her own shorn pussy. As the feelings of sweet anticipation welled up in her pussy, Victoria instinctively reached out with her own tongue to lick Olivia’s well trimmed lips. Bridgett stuck to this slow rhythm of just stroking her niece’s pussy, whilst Victoria licked her friend out. Gradually, as Victoria’s feelings of sexual ecstacy rose, so did her rate of licking her friend until Victoria squealed with pleasure as she reached that longed for orgasm….

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