Imagine That


Imagine ThatImagine that..I got home earlier than I expected from my meeting, I find your not home yet so I strip and get in the pool. As I float around in the pool, I can’t help but think about earlier this morning as I was getting ready to leave for my meeting. We had showered together, I had washed your hair and dried you, then I had sat you up on the vanity to dry your hair, after drying your hair you spread your legs, I entered you slowly, I began to brush your hair standing there deep inside you. It was an incredible feeling standing there feeling your warmth surround me, you pressed your face against my chest while my hands roamed over your back, you looked up at me and smiled, I felt you squeeze my cock with your pussy, a warm feeling surged through my body, I slowly pulled out and helped you off of the counter. We embraced for a few minutes then I set out on our bed the clothes I wanted you to wear today. I have made arrangements for you to get a pedicure and manicure at the mall, I know you enjoy doing it. Normally I would be going with you to the mall but today I have an appointment and expected to be home at 3 PM. Naked in the water I can’t help but be aroused thinking about you and that feeling of being inside of you something both of us enjoy.It isn’t long I hear the door open you step out on the patio and a big smile on your face and without hesitation remove your clothes and dive into the pool. I can’t help but admire your naked body in the water; you quickly swim to me and wrap your arms around me. A very passionate kiss then you wrap your legs around me and impale your self on me. Then you say let me tell you about my trip to the mall, I know something interesting has happened. You tell me about walking in the mall after your pedicure, a gentleman of daddy age was sitting with his wife and saw me coming, he kept looking at me as I got closer and closer I couldn’t help but think he was undressing me in his mind, it felt good his eyes all over my body. As I walked by him I winked when his wife wasn’t looking then my nipples were very sensitive knowing what I had just done.Not too much later there were two guys watching me, obviously talking about me, one of them kept rubbing his pants and I couldn’t help but think he was becoming aroused looking at me, I began to feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. I wondered what it would be like to have brought them home with me, if you agreed, what would they do with me, what would they feel like in me, oh God baby I had such nasty thoughts on the drive home. I reach down and take the cheeks of your ass in my hands squeezing gently but drawing you tightly against me, you moan as I feel the head of my cock against the bottom of your pussy, I hear oh baby I could use some more of that, I have been thinking all day about this morning on that vanity feeling you in me not moving just holding it there driving me wild, then you pulled it out and left, I know what you were doing and it worked.I feel how wet you are inside now so I pull out of you giresun escort and lead you up to the pool deck, placing several pads on the deck the two of us stretch out kissing and fondling each other until I hear you say fuck me now. My manhood is throbbing wanting you, this time I will need to fuck you hard and deep; I will not be able to get away with just pushing it into you and holding it there. I feel your fingernails on my back digging in ready to accept my hard meat into your wet love pit. I raised you up on your knees spreading your pussy open until I can begin to see into you then kneel behind you and use my tongue to circle around your pussy opening. You moan loudly as my tongue penetrates you; my thumbs spreading you open so my tongue can get deeper and deeper with each probe. Wasting no time I rub the head of my cock over your opening to get it nice and wet then firmly sliding it deep into your love pit. I hear you say oh baby yes oh God that feels good. My hands are on your hips as I slam against your ass then grinding against the bottom of your love pit so you feel the head of my hard cock rubbing against the bottom of your cunt. I get into pounding you hard and deep until I feel you cum on my cock then I roll you onto your side and straddle one leg while holding the other up so I can get deeper. I watch your face with the expressions, I listen to you feeling what I’m doing to you, I see your hands grasp the pad then feel you arch your back wanting to feel me deeper in you, your pussy stretches as I drive harder and deeper into you. The fantastic sensations of your wet pussy brings me near orgasm, I jerk it out bend down and kiss you, I hear you say I’m ready for it, fill me up with your warm creamy jism. I roll you over on your back and put your feet on my shoulders pushing forward raising your ass off of the pad my cock plunges deep into your pussy. It isn’t going to take much to make me cum; my balls are tight and ready to unload in you. As I look into your eyes I feel the pleasure building then that twinge that tells me I will not be able to return then that pulsing sensation feeling the warm cum being pumped into my shaft then that incredible pleasure when it spurts from the head deep in your warm wet pussy.You wrap your legs around me to hold me in you while you take my face in your hands and kiss me passionately, slowly we layover on our sides and as we lay there kissing and snuggling with a blissful after glow. While we are laying there I ask if you would like to go see if we can find the two guys from the mall, you smile and grasp my cock with your pussy then ask do you think I need more, I smile and say I want you to be happy you know I love you. I feel your hips begin to move; I have the answer to my question so I suggest that we get a shower get dressed and go out to see what we can find. I can tell my suggestion is your desire so we shower and dressed and headed out on the town.We go to supper at a nice restaurant, several possibilities but we decide to try elsewhere escort giresun and end up at a basketball game, I notice the guys watching you as we find a seat. As the game begins two guys sit in front of us, both of them start turning to look at you so I have you raise your skirt up enough to make it interesting. During the first period of the game guys are bouncing up and down and I notice the one in front of you begins to lean back against your legs. You look at me and smile, I think we have found our two guys for you. At the end of the first period, they get up and ask if they can get us anything from the concession stand, one of them notices you are not wearing panties, he quickly gets his friend to go to the concession stand with him. When they return I ask if he liked what he saw, at first he just stammered then nodded his head yes. I tell him you have very soft skin and it’s okay to touch you if he would like to, we look around there are a lot of people milling about, I take out the blanket we carry and have it placed on the side of you so it would block a side view. You sit there like nothing is happening while he starts at your ankle and slowly works his way up the back of your leg. I see you close your eyes as his hand gets within inches of your pussy, his friend is next and has you squirming on the hard bleacher seat. Just before the second period begins I ask if they would like to go home with us. At first they think we’re k**ding, one of them asked if they could play with you some more, you smile and say yes if you would like to.Out of the parking lot I ask if they would like to sample what you taste like both jumped at the opportunity so I had you lean back against the car while they knelt on the ground and lick your pussy, both of them make you orgasm and they had your pussy juice all over their faces. They followed us to the house and went inside, they didn’t know exactly what to do or what to expect so I held you in my arms kissing your neck fondling your breasts as I slowly began to undress you. They were obviously very aroused as they watched me strip you holding your breasts in my hands and offer each of them one to kiss and suck on. They wasted no time getting on each nipple, I had you spread your legs and they quickly discovered how wet you are. I brought a pad out into the middle of the living room floor and had you lay on it, the guys looked at me seeking permission for what they wanted to do with you.The guys were obviously very nervous because this was their first time doing something like this however they certainly don’t need encouragement to get hard because both of them were standing there with above average size and ready to drill you with them. I laid down next to you and began kissing you, my hand slipping down between your legs my fingers spreading your lips open, I hear one of the guys say look at how wet she is, I hear a moan from deep within you as we kiss, your legs opening wider with anticipation of what is to come for you. As my fingers are exploring giresun escort bayan you I feel your legs being pushed up then a face being pushed into your pussy, you stop kissing me and taking a very deep breath I feel your hips move then your body tremble. My fingers moved inside of your lips next to your clitoris one on each side then I feel a tongue lick up and onto your clitoris, your head thrust back as I feel the tongue licking at your clitoris, I pull my fingers away and hear him sucking on your clitoris, you take my face in your hands and kiss me, your tongue slipping deep in my mouth, a sense of what you’re feeling I feel in your kiss.I feel your legs being pushed up, I loop my arm around your leg then see the other guy pull your other leg back raising your ass off of the pad, I look into your eyes and say are you ready for it. At almost the same time your eyes widen and you take a deep breath, I know now that he has penetrated you. The look on your face tells what your feeling, I look down to see his big cock being pulled out glistening with your pussy juice, then your entire body shakes as he rams it very hard in to you followed by a pattern of irregular thrusts very deep, your body reacting by twisting and turning. I place my hand on your mound and feel him thrusting into you then realize how hard my cock is, throbbing with desire for you as the stranger is using your pussy for his pleasure. Without warning he pulls out and as quick as he pulls out the other guy plunges hard into your sloppy wet pussy and begins fucking you so hard you begin to squeal. I hold you as this guy fuck’s you so hard your fingernails dig into my arm and draw blood. I would stop him but he is making you orgasm on his cock, your body trembling with the pleasures you enjoy so much. This guy’s relentless with his incessant pounding then suddenly he begins to moan, pulling his cock out spurting warm jism on to your tummy. He moved away and the first guy returns for more this time he is rougher. I stopped him and have you get on your knees, he quickly mounts you driving so deep into you you scream and grabbed my arm. Oh God I want you so bad, I could stop them and take what I want but decide to wait until they are finished with you. This guy is thrusting so hard into you, your legs collapse so you are flat on the pad, he straddles your ass continues the incessant pounding into your pussy until he grunts, he pulls it out and spurts jism all over the cheeks of your ass then rams it back into your pussy resuming the incessant pounding until he cums again this time deep inside of your pussy.Both guys want more of you so I tell them we will do it again and soon, after they are gone I help you off of the floor and to our bed where you insist on being on top. You impale yourself on me and begin kissing me, your pussy feels so warm and wet as you sit up on me and began slipping back and forth on my cock causing the head to rub back and forth in the bottom of your cunt, a very intense pleasure is felt by the head of my cock and soon it explodes against the bottom of your pussy. Without getting off of me you turn facing my feet, the cum beginning to leak on to my balls as we slip over onto our sides snuggling together falling asleep my cock still in your pussy.

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