I’m the Mistress!


I’m the Mistress!I walked into the candle lit living room & stood still for a momentto adjust my vision. Just then she moved out of the shadows & quicklywrapped a blindfold around my head & eyes. She whispered to me as she boundthe blindfold, “You are my prisoner now & you will follow my commands tothe letter or else.” As she spoke I felt the heat rising in my loins, I gotvery excited when she grabbed my hands behind my back & handcuffed themtogether. I spoke in a low taunting voice, “Or else what?” Mistress walkedin front of me & stood for a few moments, then without warning, she slappedmy left breast so hard that I cried out. She responded in a firm voice, “Orelse, you will be severely punished…” With the tone in her voice beingnew to my ears, I felt more heat rushing through my body. Mistress then puther hands on my shoulders & guided me down to a rather low chair. As I wasfidgeting to get comfy in the chair, when I felt a breast brush against mycheek “Suck my tit you nasty little slut!” I was dumbstruck. I felt theelectric jolt spread through my erotic zones at her words.I was loving this, I eagerly suckled as much of her breast as Icould fit in my mouth. I suckled the sensitive flesh surrounding the areola& drew the nipples deep into my throat. I gobbled at her chest with such aferocity that she had to literally rip her breast away from the seal mylips had formed on her breast. “Oh yes…that’s a very good start youbad…bad girl.” Mistress panted, as her head slumped against my shoulder.We both took a few moments to catch our breath, then abruptly Mistresslunged at me, kissing me deeply, roughly, feverishly. Her hands ranimploringly across my chest, my neck, my hair & finally my tits & alreadyhard nipples. I began to resist the bonds now, yearning to run my handsacross her body. She pulled her head back & laughed at me, “I know it’skilling you to not be able to grab back. But this night is all about mypleasure & you are my little whore toy. Nod if you understand this.” Shepaused as I nodded. “Now stand up.” I stood as Mistress began caressing myneck, then starting to undress me as much as she could around my handcuffs.Mistress pressed her naked body firmly against mine, rubbing her breastsacross my own. I was still blindfolded, but could see this sight in my mindof her round bullet like dark nipples, pressing into my flesh. A soundissued from my lips as I felt her furry mound pressing hard against mine ina slow deliberate motion. We begin to grind, arch, press, smash & push ourincreasingly swelling pussies across one another. Just as we get into arhythm for this frontal dry humping, Mistress pulls back swiftly & ordersme to my knees. I comply awkwardly, trying not to fall forward with thehandcuffs still securing my hands behind me. As soon as I have my balanceon my knees, I hear & felt her leg lifting on to the chair I had justvacated.I felt the heat from her pussy at the same instant I smelled herexcitement approaching my awaiting mouth. Mistress roughly grabbed ahandful of my hair & hissed down to me, “Suck my cunt like a good littlewhore. This is your one chance to get me really hot & wet. If you give myclit the attention it deserves, I may let you stick your filthy tongue upmy tight puckered little ass. You’d love that wouldn’t you? You just can’twait to lick my ass can you slut? I bet your getting sloppy wet justsmelling my sexy bud, aren’t you?” I was in agony, she was so close to mymouth, but I couldn’t reach her.My head was straining forward, my tongue stuck out in front as a probe. Iwanted to suck her alright, I NEEDED this Bitch’s pussy in my mouth, at mymercy. Mistress taunted me again by sticking her own finger in her pussy &wiping my lips with her cream. Mistress gently rubbed my lips & inside mymouth she d**g the finger over my moist tongue. I sucked gently on herfinger at first, until I felt her balance sway a bit. When I knew Mistresswas swooning a bit, I sucked her finger hard & deep, she let out a longsigh & pulled her finger slowly from my mouth. “All right Wench, open yourmouth so I can fuck your pretty little face.” And with that, Mistressmashed my face into her pouty pussy lips & I began to suckle her clitobsessively. I sucked her clit deep into my mouth, taking the thin skin inever so slowly so as to not hurt her, but enough to stretch that clit justa little bit further. I ran my tongue repeatedly & lavishly over the topover her pearl as it engorged against my cheeks. She moaned audibly & herhand began eryaman escort to run through my hair, grabbing handfuls & then releasing themin short jerky motions.I continued to suckle her clit until I felt the size of it grow between mylips & her hips had begun to sway against my face. Once I felt her hipssmashing harder into my eager face, I began to run my wet lips up & downthe short clit shaft, sucking dramatically at the base. Mistress wasmoaning nearly in a song by now. She is using my hair as a steering wheelto guide my mouth on her as she smashes her pussy on my face to please herpulsating crotch. I felt Mistress’s thighs tighten on my cheeks & neckarea, her muscles flexing as she rode her hips up & down. This went on forseveral more minutes until the sweat was adding so much lubricant that Icould feel my teeth pushing hard against my lips, threatening to lash outat her precious flesh. Mistress pulled her pussy away & yanked theblindfold off of my head all in an amazing display of self control.She was wearing a little white lacey top, it was a sheer one, thatstopped just about half way down her beautiful round ass cheeks. She was astunningly erotic vision, her face was crimson & radiant from all theactivity, her breasts were red & heaving, poking through the sheer. Herdark hair tousled & gorgeous in the candlelight. She looked at me coyly, asI followed her hands running down her chest & sides. As my eyes continuedto fall, I could see the hooded clit peaking out from between her swollenpussy lips. She came to me looking me straight in the eye. With only asmirk she wordlessly turned around & bent over in front of me. She lookedover her shoulder as she took tiny steps backwards until I could reach theoffering of her luscious ass to my approving face. I gazed adoringly uponthese globes, as her hands came around & spread the cheeks wide open. Ifelt a swooning of my own at the full view of her puckered little anus,contrasting the swollen, bright red, covered in sexy wetness, constantlymoving, pussy. Her scent was strong & intoxicating, I blew air on themoisture of her exposed sex, she made a sound & wiggled her ass slightly.I knew what I was there to do & my tongue began slow flat motionsaround the edge of the sensitive skin & Mistress began to move beneathme. My circles began to get tighter & tighter until I was slowly rubbing mywet tongue over all of her ass. She was writhing against me, up on her tiptoes, desperate to drive my face between her ass cheeks. As I let my tonguemake another long pass across her tightening anus, I let my tongue dropdown to the edge of Mistress’s hole. She gasped & began to roll her hips tobetter accommodate my actions in this capacity. I circled my tongue all theway around her soaking wet opening. Mistress pressed her sticky cuntsolidly around my chin & pushed down. I knew she wanted me to open my jaws& give her yearning hot little box a bit of pressure, but I simply slid mytongue quickly across the opening & pulled my head up. She grunted, waiteda second & tried to smash her opening bud against my mouth, this time Islid up in a faster motion & slammed my now pussy juice coated tongue intoher tight little ass!She cried out in surprise & frozen trying to adjust to it. I gaveher no time, I immediately began to rock my head in & out of her plumpcheeks. I made my tongue as long & hard as I could & pounded my tongue sofar into her my nose hurt from the assault. Mistress yelled “JESUS FUCKINGCHRIST!!! OH…OH..OH GOD…Yes Slut, that’s it, pump my asshole you dirtyBitch! OHHHH…” I slammed my face deep into her ass, my tongue was buriedinside her dark hole when I felt her fingers rubbing vigorously against herharden nub. I picked up the pace then, I bob my head as fast as her fingerscould stroke her clit. It didn’t take too long. “Yes Cunt, fuck mybutt. Fuck my ass with your tongue! I knew you loved it, you are nothingbut an ass slave. FUCK YEAH!!…FUCK ME HARDER YOU FILTHY WHORE!!!AAGGHHHH…” Mistress crumpled to the floor in front of me once heramazingly violent orgasm had subsided. I climbed back up to the chair &breathed through my mouth for several minutes.Mistress rolled over on the rug & looked up at me mischievously”You have two infractions that you must be punished for before we can moveon to the next level. First, was earlier when you looked at me, yes dearone I did see you do it. And the second is for attempting to regain controlduring my pleasuring sessions. You see, I love the escort eryaman discipline almost asmuch as I love having my slaves for my sessions. Mistress came over &motioned for me to stand, which I did. She then unlocks one handcuff, thenrelocked them together in front of me. “Now bend over the chair & get yourass completely into the air.” Mistress began with her hand, she swatted mybare ass for several long, painful moments, send hand sized waves of eroticheat through my ass & straight into my pussy. When Mistress grew tired ofswatting me, she moved her slender fingers down to my throbbing clit. Imoved my aching crotch against her hand & she responded by grabbing myswollen clit between her pointer finger & thumb. My breath caught in mythroat as she began to roll her fingers in up & down motions. I waswhimpering as she began to literally `milk’ my essence from my now pearlsized sex. Her timing increased, I began to gasp in time with her strokes,the erotic pleasure of it was truly sinful. She pulled her fingers awayruthlessly, I groaned loudly in true sorrow, “Ohh.. noplease…please…please Mistress..”Once Mistress had put the blindfold back on me & reset thehandcuffs to be in the back once again, she explained the next level tome. She was going upstairs in our suburban home to spread herself acrosssomething & I was to now find her by using only my nose. Mistress said asshe left the room turning up the stereo to cover her movements, “Count to ahundred, then use your noses most recent memories & sniff out sloppycunt. Then maybe you can help me Fuck it.” I must have reacted visiblybecause Mistress giggled as she left the room & my desire had reached afrenzy at the thought of fucking her. Hell, Mistress had me so hot by then,even just watching her fuck herself was enough to get me off now. Count,shit I should be counting. As I top the stairs, I immediately begin tosniff, all I can smell is the candle on the kitchen table. I move to theliving room, I move across all bits of furniture, slowly so I don’t jam mytoes. Nothing. I move to the bedrooms, the junk room first, nothing there,I am trembling with anticipation when I enter the spare room & near thebed, I actually catch the scent. I stopped & sniffed the air, causing agiggle in response & verification that I was smelling her sweetfruit. Mistress then came to me & undid one handcuff, all the while she wasrubbing her hot sheer covered body against my weak flesh. I was nowresorting to internal chanting to maintain self control from simplyravaging this cold blooded Bitch!”Put this on.” Mistress said as she slides the blindfold off &handed me a large dildo set into a leather strap on. I quickly attached itto my hips & through my thighs, as I was doing this Mistress had climbedback onto the large bed & lifted her ass to the edge. “Come here slut!”Mistress commanded. I was standing so close to her that the head of thesilicon cock was lined up perfectly with her now gaping slit. I inchedforward so that the head of the extension was less then 3 inches from herdelicious box. “I will instruct your timing by squeezing your hands, do youunderstand?” I looked at her puzzled, she then took my hands & weaved themthrough her own & at the same time Mistress put her heels against my asscheeks. She whispered as her eyes began to blur, “Like this,” she said &squeezed my hands, pulling them forward slightly & pressed her heels hardinto my ass, forcing my phallic extension to enter her. “OOOHHhhhhYyyyeessss…” She hissed. We stayed in this position for several sensualminutes, her heels pressing my hips into her open crotch, with a mere 3inches of the strap on’s head inside her. I was struggling to hold still,my pussy had blood rushing through it with such velocity I thought I mightgo blind. Finally, Mistress’s grip lessened & I pulled my hips backwardslowly. She squeezed my hands again & once again her heels dug into my ass,a little farther in this time, but still holding on to it for long moments.Was she testing me? Taunting me? Can I keep this up? Will I go to jail for**** if she already consented to penetration? My mind is swimming with theendorphins & becoming more insistent each stroke of the silicon cock. Hertiming has picked up slightly, she is not holding as long now, I can feelthe leather pulling & pushing against my swollen clit head. The sensationsthe strap on was causing me led to my body acting on it’s own. Before Icould even think of it, I reared my hips backwards & looked Mistresssquarely escort eryaman in the eye as I rammed that cock all the way into her with oneforceful thrust! “OOOHhhh…” We both cried out as it slammed deep insideof her. I could feel her pussy contracting over & over again tryingaccommodate the large cock. Mistress laid still for a minute, then shestealthily wrapped her foot through my handcuffed arm & pushed me off ofher.I staggered in surprise, then Mistress sat up & slapped my tits with bothhands over & over again, until my breasts were bright crimson red. “Iwarned you that this was my show & that you would bepunished. Tsk..tsk..Are you ready to try again?” Mistress asked with herdisapproving look.”Oh yes Mistress, please don’t stop, I’m sorry, I promise I’ll be a betterslave. I’ll do only what pleases you Mistress.” Mistress laughed at me,”Only what pleases me huh? The fact that by fucking me, your rock hard clitgets the polishing of a life time, has nothing to do with why you are soeager to please me does it?”I couldn’t respond for she was absolutely correct, the act ofsticking myself into her in any way, awakens dangerous arousals withinme. Mistress then reached down & began to gruffly jerk & pull on thesilicon phallus attached to my live sex. ” Can you even feel that, Whore?!”I could feel my own wetness sliding down my inner thigh as Mistress wiggled& yanked on the strap on, stimulating my clitoris underneath, to the verybrink. “Yes Mistress”, I breathed, “I can feel you, very well.” Mistressthen stood up & climbed back on the bed, “Climb up here & lay on yourback.” She commanded.I obeyed quickly, she wasted no time in straddling the cock betweenher cunt lips. She remained poised over me with her lips & the beautifuldelicate inner folds, clearly irresistible visible to my mesmerizedeyes. “Do you like what you see?” I nod without looking up while she beganto lower herself onto the dildo, the vision was stunning. Mistress glidedher muscles up & down the thick, slick shaft, the sounds of friction &moisture adding to the overall senses overload. I was torn between heralluring bouncing breasts & the enticing sights & sounds of my clitextension being enveloped by her mysterious flower. Mistress slowly slideherself up & down on top of me, until she had the whole thing buried insideof her. I made my hips rise ever so slightly to meet her hips. She closedher eyes & sucked air through her teeth as she settled on my lap. “Now holdstill.” Mistress said sharply. Then we held the position for several longpleasurable minutes. Soon Mistress’s hips began a slow grinding, thatpressed the flesh into my now enraged clit. I didn’t think I could hold outmuch longer, the waves of impulses flowing from my sensitive nerve endingswere overwhelming. Her smooth hands began to play with her nipples, as Iwatched in silent enrapture. Then my eyes followed her right hand as itdipped low & slipped across her clit. She jerked slightly once she madecontact & that jerk caused a deep twitch inside of my crotch. Soon herfingers were playing across her swollen clit like she was strumming aninstrument.Before I could take it all in, she began to raise her hipsslightly, then she dropped back down on me viciously! “Ugh!” I groaned asthe first few blows hit my vulnerable clit. “Is your poor abused clithaving a hard time?” Mistress taunted me. Suddenly she raised herself allthe way to the top of the clit. The sudden pulling of the strap on causedmy clit to reach out in desperation. I knew she would do it, even beforethe Mistress slammed her cunt down quickly on my clit. “Yeah Baby! That’sit Fuck it! FUCK MEEE!” Mistress cried out loudly as she savagely fucked myengorged clit. She fucked me fast & furiously, without pause & withoutregard for me. As I watched her fingers move so quickly across her clit,that they were simply a blur, I knew we would both climax soon. As waveafter wave, began to crash through my now aching body, my hips rose evenfurther upwards. Our bodies were mashing against one another in tremblinggrunts & thrashing with no regard for anything! The orgasm was a fantasticblock of time, chiseled out by the Gods themselves.We came into, on top of & completely through one another, time &time again. She wrapped her hands in my hair, she wrapped her arms aroundme, she scratched her nails across my skin, she bit into my flesh, shesmothered me with her chest, she smashed as deep into me as she could,until eventually the orgasm began to subside & the Mistress collapsed ontop of me in sheer exhaustion. The Mistress laid across my chest for solong, I began to fear she had fallen asleep, “You were a very good fuck,even if you do need some work as a prisoner.” She smiled as she kissed me.

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