“I’m not Gay or Anything.” PT2


“I’m not Gay or Anything.” PT2″Based on this here hotel confirmation in your wallet, looks like you are headed towards Salt Lake tonight too,” he said.”Uh, yea,” I replied, obviously useless of me to lie at this point.”OK, then let’s hit the road,” he ordered, tossing me my car keys. “But I’m gonna keep these for now,” he said as he took my clothes and shoes and put my wallet in his back pocket. Chuckling to himself, he left the restroom and headed for his rig.Nude and without clothes, I staggered to my feet and poked my head out of the restroom door. “I can’t go out like this,” I begged after the trucker.”Stop being such a goddamn crybaby,” he shouted over his shoulder as his big boots crunched across the gravel parking lot. “If you want your things back, get your faggot ass in your fucking car and drive. I’m gonna follow you and don’t even think about trying to get away. We’ll make another stop in little while and when we get where we’re going, you won’t be needing these clothes anyway.”He opened his cab and tossed my clothes into the back. I made a mad dash to my car and jumped in. I had a suitcase in the trunk, but I didn’t think twice about crossing that fucker. He had me over a barrel and to be honest, based on the fact that my cock was rock hard again, I think I was enjoying being bossed around by that dominant bastard. His cum was still dripping out of my ass hole and my leather seats were soon sopping wet. I started the car, cranked up the heat, and pulled back out onto the two lane highway, heading east toward Salt Lake as the eighteen wheeler accelerated right on my tail.Here I was driving down the highway, bucknaked, my no-longer virgin ass dripping cum, being tailed by my tormentor as my boner raged. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? And why couldn’t I get my mind off that fucker’s big cock?We drove for a couple of hours, passing through some tiny, two-bit country towns. Luckily I had a full tank of gas and didn’t need to stop for refueling. The big rig stayed right on my ass the entire way, the symbolism not lost on me.As we approached another rest stop, the guy blew his horn several times and turned on his blinker, clearly indicating that I should exit. Pulling into the gravel lot, I noticed three other big rigs already parked. bahis şirketleri Although I should have been relieved that we weren’t alone and I was probably safe from a repeat performance, I was actually disappointed. For over a hundred miles, I’d been fantasizing about getting that big dick back in my empty ass.The trucker parked his rig and sauntered over to the car. “Get out boy and get your ass over to the toilet.””But there are other people here,” I implored. “Fucking right there are,” he laughed. “I couldn’t keep that sweet ass of yours all to myself. We truckers got to stick together. I gave my buddies a shout on the CB and a few guys just happened to be in the neighborhood and in need of exactly what you got to offer.”Shit, now the bastard was going to pimp me out and I was the entrée for a trucker gang bang. Could this day get any more bizarre?He yanked my car door open and grabbing my arm, pulled me out. “Hustle on in there, boy. Show them fellas a good time and make me proud of how I done broke your supposedly straight ass.”When I hesitated briefly, the big fucker punched me in the gut, doubling me over. “I ain’t fucking messing around with you, son. Now get.”I stumbled over to the restroom and walked into the dimly lit, foul smelling place. Three guys were milling about, smoking cigarettes and talking. When I entered, nude and shivering, they started whistling and making cat calls.”Yea baby, look at that horny little fuckslut.””Nice ass, honey.””I hear you like squealing like a pig?””Buck tells us you are a real whore for trucker cock.”So Buck was my tormentor’s name. He had my wallet, my clothes, my cherry, pictures of my family and the confirmation for my hotel room tonight, but at least I finally had his name.After they stopped laughing and slapping each other on the back, the mood changed dramatically as the first guy put out his cigarette, unzipped his jeans and pulled out a long, thin cock, already glistening with precum. “What are you waiting for bitch?” he barked. “Get on you fucking knees and show me how you suck cock.”For the next hour, I was assaulted by the three hard, horny truckers, as they took turns fucking my throat and ass. None of the guys was hung like Buck, but they weren’t small either. By the time I had taken freebet veren siteler a load from each of them in my ass and my mouth, I was drenched in cum and sore from head to toe. They tossed me around like a rag doll, fucking both my holes at the same time as they used and abused my body for their pleasure.During the assault, I was aware that Buck was looming at the door, but he never tried to enter the fray. Only after the last guy blew his second load on my face and the three guys finally put away their exhausted tools and started to leave did I notice that Buck held a video camera and had been recording the entire gang bang.Buck entered the restroom and placed the video camera on the sink, pointing it at me. “Fuck, son, I never seen anybody put out like you do,” he said as he unbuckled his jeans and pulled out his massive schlong. He sat on the edge of the urinal trough, his huge erection sticking straight and proud from his groin. “Climb on boy,” he ordered. “This time, you gonna do all the work.”Beyond exhaustion, I moved robotically and sat back on Buck’s lap, feeling his huge rod plow right up my now thoroughly stretched and lubed hole. I bounced up and down on his fuckstick, riding that trucker like a bronco as the video camera documented my continuing spiral down into a slutty bottom fucktoy.He fucked me for thirty minutes before unleashing another nasty load deep in my ass. I collapsed, completely spent, my body and face covered in dried cum. Buck grabbed the video camera and started towards the door. “You’ll find your clothes and your wallet in your car, boy. I’ll be in touch.”With that, he left. I heard his big rig fire up and pull out. I stumbled out into the lot, now empty except for my car. I didn’t even take the time to try and clean-up. I pulled on my shirt and pants, fell behind the wheel and headed east for Salt Lake. I needed a hot shower, room service and a soft bed in the worst way.It was nearly 7pm by the time I arrived at the hotel. I’m sure I was a sight to see as the desk clerk checked me in. I still had dried cum on my face and in my hair but I was too tired to care.I took a long hot shower and as I was drying off there came a knock at the door.”Sir, a package arrived for you,” the bellhop deneme bonusu veren siteler said as he handed me a plain brown box.Opening the package, I found a note from Buck.”Hey slut, enjoy the enclosed dvd of your little performance today. Don’t forget I’ve got all your important information (home address, phone number, employer, e-mail, credit card info, wife’s name, etc, etc.). It’s amazing how much of a guy’s life he keeps in his wallet. If you don’t want your wife to get a copy of that dvd, keep your fucking mouth shut, at least until next time I’m ready to stick my dick in it. I’m heading back to Nevada tomorrow (turns out I only live a few miles from your house) after I drop off my trailer, but I think I’ll need one more for the road first. I’ll be at your room at 10am in the morning and I want to find you wearing everything in this box. Leave the door open, bitch. Hope you don’t mind but I bought it all with your credit card.”In the box was a pair of black lace panties, a fat butt plug, a pair of handcuffs, a huge bottle of lube, and a lace teddy. I opened my laptop computer, put in the dvd and watched mesmerized as I was roughly fucked by the three truckers before Buck busted that final load deep in my ass. It was obvious from the expression on my face throughout the scene that I had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the intense action. No way my wife would believe I had been ****d against my will. My voice unmistakably begged those jerks to fuck me over and over and the way I devoured each load they shot in my mouth left little doubt that I was now a cumloving, cockcraving whore.The trucker had me over a barrel, but strangely enough, I didn’t care. I had never so thoroughly enjoyed a sexual experience in my life. The thought of my wife or my friends finding out about today’s escapades was horrifying; I’d be ostracized and branded with a scarlet letter for life. But damn, I couldn’t stop thinking about Buck’s big dick and the way he dominated me. I had a perpetual hardon and I knew getting my man-pussy filled with cock was the only thing that could cure my horny desires. Before going to bed, I lubed up my aching ass and inserted the butt plug. The initial pain quickly subsided and having my ass again filled with a fat object had me already counting down the hours till Buck would have his way with me. I slipped on the sexy panties and the teddy, putting the handcuffs on the bedside table and fell asleep with dreams of being Buck’s nasty little cockslut. 10am couldn’t come fast enough. But that’s a story for another day.

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